Monday, May 28, 2018

The Lazy Blogger's 2018 trailer Master Post pt.1

Yup, you see the title I still do what I always do at a movie: I buy my hot dog and EITHER the accompanying cup(I got Chewie AND Han for solo. Deadpool and Avengers were sold out DOH) or else a blue and red mixed slush. I then silence my phones, make my posts to social media, and THEN I wait trailers to roll across the screen. I type the title of each into my phone and send it to myself so that IF I so decide to blog about the movie or the TRAILERS of said movie, then boop I don't have to rack my brain. I haven't done them in a while BUT I still know what trailers went with what movie and have the lists, which of course does provide me with an interesting Opportunity, this MASTER POST.

Yup I can go through put up the trailers attached to each movie, and THEN say if said trailer was repeated at all in any of the SUBSEQUENT movies I saw later in the year. I will figure out how long to make this and exactly how detailed. I MAY include a different trailer if a later one dropped or I might attached a different trailer later on in the description with the other movies the trailer played in. Now most LIKELY movie I saw the trailer in will come up later since I have been going to the movies all year long which means movies I have seen recently were probably preview in movies I saw earlier. Nothing wrong with that, hell may actually add to fun... So without further adieu...

Sunday, May 27, 2018

For the THIRD weekend in a row I have gone to the movies

And yet, no reviews(semi haven't been feeling them), No trailer blogs, Nothing. I will ATTEMPT to rectify that today as tomorrow is a holiday. You can hold me to it, I just might let you down. In case you are wondering, I went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. Yes the movie about everybody's favorite blaster packing scoundrel, with the Giant Furball co-pilot, and the Quirky ship we all want to fly. Wasn't that many trailers, but then again Unlike say MARVEL Studios they don't have another movie til most likely NEXT year.

But yeah I am going to attempt to do a trailer Mash up post and see how far I get through it. If I get done it will post sometime tomorrow most likely while I am on the grill. If I don't welp it will just be another quiet day now won't it. Writing slumps are hard to break, especially when you don't even touch the keyboard for anything besides Youtube or Googling who was in what. It has been a bad year for writing as far as my moods have been concerned, even this is typcrastining. I'm typing out this thoughts but avoiding really saying or doing anything. So yeah IF I can get through it, I will make some type of TRAILER post or 2. If not, WELP can't miss what ya wasn't looking for now can you.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Why Fighting with your Grandkids NEVER works

Dear Owners of the NFL,

You are DUMB, you are SO DUMB. You basically just walked into a wall and full speed and DON'T even realize it. But allowing your players to STAY in the Locker Room if they wish to Protest during the anthem, you have basically given them Free Reign to use social media against you. I am protesting, I can record a QUICK 2 to 3 minute video(a portion of the time set up for and performance of the anthem usually takes), add a few quick pre-thought out hashtags too, and set it for delayed posting, and then run out onto the field while the coin toss is going on. Cause lets be real, you ain gone LET me be a Game Captain so that I can run out for the coin toss now are you. It sounded good right, but this AIN the 50's, 60's, 80's, 9-'s or EARLY 00's. It's 2018, every one has 2 HI DEF cameras on their smart phones(especially Athletes you are playing 100 of thousands PLUS to), they have Social media accounts, THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS, and people who are ONE highlight reel play away from SEARCHING for their name AND social media accounts.

Yup that's right, you just gave them EVEN more exposure. I still follow some FORMER EAGLES on Social Media(Shady, Djax, and Jmac), as well as our CURRENT QB(injured), and will probably Follow Nelly since I talked so bad about him in 2016. I Googled them, found their names and have been following them SINCE THEY WERE ON THE TEAM. If they are a favorite player BOOM you know it is going to be retweeted. And most people have their social media accounts linked(EVEN if I PERSONALLY find it annoying as hell. Not everything is for every account, but I'm weird like that), so if you drop a video on twitter, it is probably hitting the gram, FB, Tumblr, YOUTUBE, and what ever the new hot social media site is(I'm in my 40's I ain even TRYING to keep up no more). You took away the TV cameras, WHOOP DEE TV is chasing social media. I have my phone in my hand way more than I am watching my TV. Portability is king, and if they DELAY the release of it until say 15 or 20 minutes later REAL TIME so that they are already on the field and HAVE POSSIBLY made a big play, then what? SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH yup every one who wants to know more about them, see where they came from is gonna see that video. By the time the SECOND interview of their AWESOME play comes about interviewers will be asking you about their protest video.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hurry up and wait

Did I use this title before? I think I used this title before. Everyone Remembers the FIRST Boondocks Christmas Episode right. Riley Vs Santa, right. That is what I am thinking about Eikichi right damn now.
 Dear Eikichi, where the hell you at? If I can get up at the BUTTCRACK of DAWN after having a decent night Gaming playing Sea of Thieves where the hell are you. Whats the lie you told LAST TIME, just get here you can sleep in the car? BRUH, BRUUUUUUUUH why you playing with my emotions KICHI!?!?!?! it's a damn 3 hour drive I don't want to go either but lets make this money and get home DAAAAAMN
Nah seriously, DUDE if your balls require an hour and a half of scrubbing you don't need a bath you need a surgeon. I don't care, I don't you got me sitting in the car for over a damn hour.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Hilarity of my LAST post about football

It was in October, ah yes sweet sweet October. My Eagles were Flying as high as one might THINK they could for it to be the regular season, doom and gloom had not yet struck, and of course we never knew how awesome a "Philly Special" could be that didn't include: Fries, a Coke, fried onions, and cheese whiz or provolone. Most of you know I am a gamer, including SPORTS games, and yes including THAT Sports game, you know the salve for every hungry football fan who has yet to resign himself to "Maybe Next Year." Which as I think about my Madden Experiences, ESPECIALLY in the Carson Wentz era apparently it is prophetic. I will of course get into that after the jump, because as EVERYONE knows by now(Unless the are under a rock or in DEEEP DEEP sweet denial)


Yes at times that STILL seems surreal to me, I waited 43 years to be able to say 3 Chips and X bowls(now ONE and hopefully counting). I mean yes technically it is 4 chips, but even though for EVERY OTHER storied franchise NFL championships(Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Cleveland, yadda, yadda) count because we hadn't won in the SUPERBOWL ERA, all the sudden a chip wasn't a chip. But since they brought up Bart Star and Vince "I can't stand those damn birds" Lombardi umpteen times during the Superbowl to describe the GREATNESS of Brady and Belicheck I GUESS we can speak on those again. Ahem, but I digress back to my Madden experiences

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas Eve has dawned and the sun has set, your boy is another year older. More gray hairs in the beard and a few other places, there MIGHT be a stray one on my head but for the most part the mane is still dark brown, I'm sure they are coming but I have a few years left. Of course I hit the routine which will be discussed after the jump, and I came back to have Cheese Steaks, Cake, and ice cream (mint chocolate chip if ya please), if was a mildly chilly day started out gloomy and in the 40's dropped to the mid 30's later on. Another year another non white Christmas. Granted it isn't like I am a HUGE SNOW FAN, I'll play in it if it's available but I don't like the cold(But your born in December, what does that have to do with LIKING cold weather hmmmm). Anyway enough stalling

Monday, October 2, 2017

I'm gone need my Eagles to be a little stronger down the stretch

4 weeks in the books, my Eagles are 3-1. one tough loss, one strong victory and two "it doesn't matter if it's ugly as long as you win" games. Now to be fair this weeks win was wire to wire. We got up by 13 on the Charges and never looked back, they got close, acted like they wanted to take the lead, but never got over the hump. Which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't coasting into the fourth quarter before the floor drops out. Now I don't know if it's due to injuries on our defense(because we have lost a few players, especially in the secondary), I don't know if they are just wearing down as the game rolls on. But this is the second week in a row that we have given up double digit points in the fourth quarter.

Now I am not just going to complain, I know that versus the Chiefs and the Giants I complained about how much we ran the ball, even though last week we had 193 yards rushing which was more than we had passing. WELL this week Doug Pederson decided that you know what, the RUSH kind of worked last week. Maybe I should try it again, and he did to the tune of 214 yards on the ground. And what do you know the LEADING RUSHER wasn't Carson Wentz, it was the Bruising "Short Yardage Back" you picked up during the off season. Yup Legarette Blount had 136 yards, no TD(because of ONE HELL OF A TACKLE), and a few yards receiving. Some might said his yards are artificially inflated because of a 68 yard run, but ahem if you ain want him to chew up the field ya should have tackled him.

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