Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's kinda funny

I have this blogger account, I use it to read some of my friends blogs, I'll comment on their blogs and yet I won't roll over here and blog myself. Now the why is curious I mean, I've kinda slowed down on my blogging period for the moment. Need to get my mind working though I don't know why I have felt so exhausted lately but I do, off track for a sec but lets look at this.

I have maybe 6 blogs, I say maybe because a few have been eaten by the "site no longer exists" monster, others I got bored with the sites because well either I grew and those on the sites didn't or else nobody is really showing up anymore so anything I might have enjoyed there is no longer there, but I know that ain it either.

I mean I blogged the other day, about what hmm nothing really one blog was me whining about getting put in twitter counter jail, and it was a swear fest, another was me talking about the fact that I had been too busy to blog and guess what, there was swearing in there too. So that has me thinking, have I gotten to the point that having to police my language so that I can say what I want and not worry about putting a bunch of #'s, @'s, !'s, *'s or other miscelaneous symbols in place of the curse words I so like to use? I mean I easily have conversation all the time where I don't curse, oh I might let a hell or a bastard slip but I mean a full on conversation minus any "colorful metaphors" as Mr. Spock so aptly put it. Now I remember why I went back to using colorful metaphors again. When you take the time to flex your vocabulary and use long drawn out sentences to tell somebody they've pissed you off, folks tend to miss the point. And I hate repeating myself, I also hate people trying to continue to have a conversation with me after I have decided I don't want to talk to them anymore, and honestly 4 and 5 letter words get the message across for that purpose.

But when I think about it I ain the only one, I mean yeah yeah we all like mature content. But when we get around our friends, folks we're not trying to impress or else people who we feel are comfortable enough around us and we them that we can let our hair down and whoa buddy we start swearing comfortably. I mean yes at times of distress, especially unexpected distress we all make excited utterances. I'm not talk about the damn because you stumbled, had a drink spilled on you or something else so unexpected. I'm talking about the get together you have that you controlled the guest list where you talk about your shrew of a boss(insert other 5 letter word there), how stupid your coworker is, how under appreciated you are at work.

So maybe part of my problem is I have yet to get comfortable in this blog yet. My first blog I think for the first two years I had it, I was sporadically posting and then out of no where I hit my stride and just started posting away. So maybe part of it is yeah I can't say as much as I wanna say here because I'm trying to be on my best behavior but the other part is, well I just haven't reached my comfort zone. It happens to the best of us. Oh well we shall see going forward

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I won't lie

I keep forgetting the hell out of blogger. Not that I have been blogging much on any of my social sites lately, especially with how busy I have been at work. I have gone to almost every part of memphis in the last month and a half, as well as a few trips in and out of mississippi and AR. The why is well thats what the job entails.

Now granted I don't think I have put in half as many miles to this point in time as I had last year, I felt like that Motel 6 commercial I'd been everywhere and was gonna be going almost every where else. Been to so many places from pine bluff to jackson all the way down to past tunica in MS(I can't remember the name of the town it's just faaaaaaaar away) I had made a few trips past tupelo.

And in these hard times people are really starting to buy surveillance systems so we are getting more work. Of course more work means longer hours, as well as more fights with some folks who think you should give them a $10,000 for either $100 or else completely frackin free. Which you know if you asked them for something free aw man the theatrics it's like you threatened to kill their mother or steal their last dime or something. And man don't let you go ahead and want to charge them because they screwed something up, somehow some way they wanna believe that you know their screw ups are supposed to somehow be covered by you. You give them a virus free computer and they take it on the internet and get every piece of spyware, malware, virus and worm on it, all the sudden your supposed to fix that for free. Psssh why? I gotta come out here spend my time to fix something that isn't supposed to be a toy, I mean some of them use it like one but damn this is supposed to help you protect your lively hood.

I don't know about you, but if the piece of equipment that was supposed to help me catch an employee rippin me off or some vendor drinking the beer his is supposed to be bringing me in the cooler, or maybe the idiot who broke the front window of my store and drug out the ATM machine(yes we have had a customer who's ATM machine was ripped out from the front of the store) it may not have stopped them, but when the cops wanna know what vehicle they were driving and possibly some useful descriptions of the perpetrators why would you go to websites that might jeopardize that. Maybe it's just me though. So all those miles leave me a little road weary at times so when it's time to start blogging some times ya boy just doesn't have it in him.

But I am trying to change that. So blogger I plan to visit this spot more often read more, blog more and be more active. And if I happen to cruise past your spot remember to wave.

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