Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wow over 2 months

I've been busy, I don't mean oh I've just been laying around goofing off no I have actually been busy. Most nights I get home get a bite try to relax for a sec and off I go, tonight not so much.

I hit 10k on twitter and kinda disappeared, again BUSY. Quite a few things I wanna touch on(wouldn't mind touching on a few people either) but while I have wanted to blog, have had subject matter to blog one I don't have the follower base on this one(the non cussing randomosity does not come as freely as the cussing randomosity does)  Plus my mind has been on other much more important(to me) things.

Luckily things have come up smelling kind of rosey, Sometimes just getting news is good news to hell with whether it's the news you wanted or not.

So hi again it's primal I am still around, and no I have not been blogging anywhere, period. I need to fix that, like seriously but we shall see

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