Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's after Miiidnight

Okay Technically it's only after midnight on the east coast BUT thanks to the genius of me leaving this PC on eastern standard time(to commemorate where my head resides, yes I'm an old softie what can I say) it is after midnight on this blog. After not blogging for a good 2 or 3 months (even though a couple of the blogs I completed this month may appear to change that view slightly) I damn near blogged every day this month. When checking my blogger post spot earlier under the published list I notice that there were 23 out of a possible 25 slots filled up with submissions from the month of October. And that's just wow, under normal circumstances I only remember to blog once every few days or weeks. Hell I know I say I ramble on and have a head full of thoughts but my problem is usually getting those thoughts out.

Have I posted any earth shattering life altering information um no, I've run my mouth given my opinion POSSIBLY showed people a glimpse into my rather erratic world chucked the deuces and kept it moving, I mean even with all of the blogs I have posted this month(and while it had 23 for the month of October I know that I also published some blogs from other months I just forget to change the dates for their publishing) I still haven't said everything that was on my mind nor have I cleared every clutter thought out. In my own way though, I've made progress and with nary a curse word uttered(okay maybe on twitter a few times because I just had to get them out) but even my twitter has seen less profanity than usual. I have also noticed a large uptick in traffic here on my blog and I welcome all new visitors granted some folks were looking for other items and just happened to trip over my blog but I hope you enjoyed your stay anyway.

Only thing I gotta work on I guess is finding a reason for some of yall to respond(granted those who had responded previously and I just hadn't looked are probably saying to me PBBBBBBT! yeah yeah I already apologized and I apologize some more I wasn't trying to be a bad host as a matter of fact to show my previous responders the deepness of my regret I will start posting pictures and recipes of some of the alcoholic beverages I am known to consume) what good is a blog without import. Input drives content, and if not content at least interaction I mean if I know what ACTUALLY interests you folks instead of just what tricked you into coming here(through no fault of my own, I'm an old ham so the titles just come out of me when I start typing and the rest is history or at least becomes history when I hit publish).

It was a kind of boring halloween for me we had one bowls worth of candy I gave it out and killed the light. Pretty much the basic costumes though one little chubby cheeked kid did come as Mario. My saturday fantastisucked for reasons I will not get into and my sunday was dull and boring(which actually I liked), as posted earlier I did some photoshop tutes, I watched a little anime to catch up to the current week, I'm current trying to watch some episodes of Smallville, hmm I may make a blog giving the CW a piece of my mind afterwards. I didn't mind the one comercial every few minutes to pay for the cost of hosting the video but come on the whole point of watching it on line is to shave off a few minutes from what watching on TV would do. Again that MAY come later,

Oh to all the folks who completed the 31 days 31 blogs challenge I congratulate you, one might think me posting so much content this month was in preparation or as catch up but it wasn't it was completely a mistake. That first blog I posted on the 15 I expected to be like the previous one I posted. Me coming in with the intent to blog and then shuffling off allowing the floors to collect dust. I have other blogs collecting dust I don't know if I am ready to be a content machine like I had been previously talking my fingers off with different subjects for different areas just to be. My life has been interesting as of late, really interesting some good some bad some just well some. For the bit of the journey I have shared I thank all who have watched for what is to come I hope we all can hold on for the ride.

Yeah Yeah it's a little egomaniacal

But for at least today this is my new blog background me in my timberland hoody with a light scary green glow infront of a fleshy background. I decided to do some photoshop tutorials today since I haven't don them in years I had put a few up on blogs(hell I even have on as my twitter background which I am about to change) but I had given them a break for a while and now I couldn't redo half that stuff if my life depended on it, and they were fun at first. So in my free time along with blogging you may see me pop one or two up here or there, maybe trade out a background or two. I'll try to leave the reading areas visible but I may get a little funky with things here or there.

I hope everyone had a good halloween, that your kids got good candy(what kid is gonna read this blog, big kids maybe and then you probably went to an adult themed party not trick or treating) nothing was poisoned or tainted and that innocence was preserved for one more year. Never got why people poisoned candy in the past, I mean just turn your light off? meh light one I may do another I may not

It's sunday

Normally I'd be jacked because it's sunday in October which means it's football season(American Football for my European and asian visitors, what I check my stats now I told yall I would be more attentive) so my favorite team The Philadelphia Eagles NORMALLY would be my main focus buuut it's their bye week. For those not familiar with AF the bye week is a week where a few teams aren't on the schedule every team gets a least one bye week during the season USUALLY no more then like 4 teams are off at any one time. the byes usually run from weeks 3-9. Now every sport hear in america has a bye week or a "break" basically all that means is that there is basically a rest longer then the normal span between games. In basketball you could have 3 or 4 games in one week or you could have a span of like 2 games over a week. Baseball is the same way, so is hockey. But football is 1 game per week for like 17 weeks then whoever makes it to the playoffs. Also unique to football is that their pro/allstar game is AFTER the season not, well not as after as it used to be before it was after the Superbowl but not its the week before.

Anyway again before I run all the way down this is my teams bye week so while I do like football this should be a productive sunday for me, now watch not a DAMN SOUL call for nothing today. I swear the last 3 weeks while my team was playing all hell was breaking loose, people were having issues, it was an emergency "PLEASE PLEASE MR. SURVEILLANCE GUY YOU MUST HELP US!!!" all while my team was playing some good football(granted LAST week I should have left how you give up 27 straight points in !!!4 minutes!!! *breathe breathe* anyway that was last week, we were 2 men down so the bye week will allow them to heal, yes it took everything I had not to do the whole Robot bit from lost in space

It's because well I'm mad we lost but our starting QB was down and our No. 1 receiver was down so hey we weren't at full strength and a little inexperience showed. It happens next week is another week (granted the colts are coming to town so that ain good so we better be at full speed) plus the other team had a wide receiver play the game of his life. Again things happen it's a 16 game season and we are above .500 so I'm happy about that plus I could be a dallas cowboys fan 1-4 talk about lame, though I will give them props for beating the texans they are a much improved team this year. Aiight I might blog more later I guess I can get a heads up on my wife's fantasy players for her real quick

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's saturday aaaaaand I got a thing

It's another weekend, I think my dawg has something poppin but first things first gotta get the work out of the way. But as I see that the mobblogging is awesome sauce I can add more randomosity (little red squiggles I den told you if I WANT TO INVENT A WORD DANG NABBIT I WILL INVENT A WORD, wait you don't have NABBIT in your dictionary some of you net folks suck nabbit is like Looney Tunes old). *screeching tires* You rotten so and so's have wabbit in the "~~~~~" dictionary but you don't have Nabbit what kind of mickey mouse operation are you running? You know what all you Elmer Fudd fans can eat me, the Fudd was only cool cause Bugs made him cool.

(we will not get into a looney tunes argument, we will not get into a looney tunes argument) And the fact that you didn't have "looney" in there makes yall suspect, I'm just saying how you gonna have "wabbit" which is Sooo a WB term and not have the correct spelling of "Looney" you guy suck.

Okay back to my saturday of work and toil and hopefully fun later, hmm I wonder what came out in the movies today. I swear when we have these extra long days I am sooo lost, oh well I hope everybody has a safe and happy weekend. I'll pop in later with more random occurrences hmm I wonder whats happening on twitter by the way follow at your own risk, I speak when spoken to, randomly answer insanely, and I may tweet about anything and thats when I don't have a lot of time, let me be riding in the passenger seat. I think I'm a good 100 tweets from 20k(I don't believe it has taken me over 2 years to make 20,000 tweets. You would think with as long as my AVERAGE blog is I would have made that in a day or two) this will me my attempt to commemorate that awesome achievement. Cauuuse I'm gonna miss it when I actually do it, I have missed everyone since 1,000. I probably also need to set up a whitepaper account one of these days but meh it can wait. Dang it this was supposed to be a short blog oh well it's me when do I ever do anything short.

*Wave* Hi to anybody who trips over this blog by mistake. Stay a while enjoy my crazy antics and if you have any critiques leave them in the comments so I can laugh later, I need a good laugh every now and then.

Deadpool Wins! Friendship. 0_o Friendship?!

My local Comic Shoppe

Welp the order I placed monday has arrived. Two copies of the latest deadpool storyline the prelude and the actual first ark. The covers look amazing I may have to sock away 40 bucks and buy two that I'm NOT gonna open. Cause these two beauties(photos to be provided later) are soon to be defiled by these two hands right chere.

After checking my first moblog from e-mail source me likey. I'll still leave them in draft mode while that requires me to come back later and post them to my blog it also allows me to make adjustments, do final spell check and add the photos that I referenced above. So why deadpool? Because the "merc with the mouth" has only been around a good 15-20 years(I'm pissed I used to own the first appearance of Deadpool he had potential but never did I realize he would grow up so grand ; ; oooh how much that first would be worth now and when the movie comes out) {hmm that little aside will have to be shortened} But he is trying to match spidey pun to pun in half the time. And ladies and gentleman Wally Webs(sorry he called spidey that in shattered dimensions and it was epic) has 50 years worth of quippage under his belt and still counting. Deadpool boasts that he is the best there is at everything wolverine does(and truth be told he damn near is, hell has even disembowled the old Canuckle head a time or 20), has two razorsharp katana's, grenades, twin pistols, twin smg's, an M-16 with a laser scope(see itsjustsomerandomguy for any and all deadpool theme songs, hell I may adjust the url later to the song about said M-16).

Now you may be asking me exactly who is involved in these Deadpool corps, why I'm glad you asked that(not that I was actually listening to you but come on how often do I get a chance to use that set up, yeah yeah my blog like everyday SHUT IT) Well you have the original Merc with the mouth Deadpool, then you have Lady Deadpool( Boobs see prelude), Kid Deadpool(Tito), Dogpool(Cujo), and Headpool(Shorty no pockets) so far I have read the prelude and it's awesome.

Quick aside the reason why I love going to your local comic shop versus say wally world or even a big box book store to get your comic books is because in a big box store, the comics are there because they make money, but nobody knows diddly about them, at your local comic, cards and collectibles shop(most shops will call themselves that because you can usually find turn based card games as well as Merch there from various pop sources) usually the proprietor is himself a comic fan one of the more famous ones being some fat dude from New jersey(yeah yeah I've seen my gut actually I think Kev is awesome love most of his work) you can get your comics, some quick convo have them ordered and if you're REALLY NICE you might even score some acid free bags to store your comics in(if not just buy them or buy an extra set of your comic order and ask that they be placed in the bags probably be a buck or two more, but WORTH IT)

So my first official Deadpool comics, they appear awesome if you wonder why I am doing Mortal Kombat references for him look at this awesomeitsjustsomerandomguy video Aaaaaanyway enjoy my fellow true believers let me post this bad boy and get it over with

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Friday, October 29, 2010

First moblog attempt via E-mail

Man this is a annoying day. I've picked up 3 PC's so far am waiting on a call back about the 4th, my phone is getting its normal crappy reception and I need to hit the ATM but my pockets are light.

Somedays it amazes me how I'm vocabularicly balleting through my normal thought processes to translate "me" speak to "ponder acceptable" speak. That whole floor routine up there you wouldn't believe what I was thinking as I typed. This is another post for 2 fold reasons. I wanna check how this blogging version works and I'm bored as hell sitting in a car with nothing to do and no one to harass.

Back to sitting and waiting I'll do another update soon, may need to hit the facilities soon just to drain my bladder
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The realm of paddy and laffy


This is one of my favorite liberal blogs, yes I know about FDL I don't go there that often I probably need to. Again lack of laptop land when I hit the sheets thats it I'm going to bed, I'm not writing blogs I'm not watching videos, I may be tweeting if my phone is close, but I'm definitely not responding to blogs. And I'm not keeping up with Rachel, Keith, or Ed like I used to, I remember watching them nightly but I either get home late, I'm not in the mood to stare at the tube or else somebody else is using it. Usually though even if I don't get a chance to check the tube if I go to The Political Carnival (thats the sites full name) I can get caught up see a few vids, a few great articles and she links out to other sites. I may have RECENTLY started to link out of my posts but she always provides the source material, as well as linkage, wait I'm saying she it should be THEY, Gottalaff and Mz Paddy(I don't think she has a twitter if she does I don't know it) keep it pretty light but cover all the days various political happenings.

And before you think she is some above the fray blogger understand you come to her site with stupidity she will political kick you teeth in with the facts you are trying to ignore. She isn't the speak softly type and calling her a liberal is a compliment not some charge that needs to be defended. I'm speaking of Laffy this time, she's the one you interact with the most on the site and yes there is the liberal bias others will complain about. Trolling is not welcomed (by her if I catch them in time I like to poke them with pointed sticks and pelt them with rotten tomatoes before she tosses them) but spirited debate is. I probably need to take a class from her on widgetry (shut up little red squiggle I know I made that up and I'm now adding it to the dictionary so nyaa nyaa new word invented) because her site is very cleanly put together, no clutter and it's pretty easy to get from one post to another, hell she even has a good inter blog search feature(hmm thinking I might need one of those in a year or 3 when I get enough content) and her post rate is through the roof, some days she has to post at least 12+ stories a day. I'm a hobbyist SHE's a blogger don't ever think we are even remotely on the same level.

And if you follow her on twitter she will respond(just don't be stupid please I SOMETIMES feel sorry{why do I hear giggling} for some of the conservatrolls who try to annoy her on twitter SOMETIMES) she's usually pretty nice to me even though I'm like a shadow now you see me now you don't. So you like liberal bias, somebody who does their fact checking, and IF on the rarest of occasion that she is wrong will immediately post a retraction or an update please give TPC a try I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy it

Grrr I'm being a douche

I have at least 4 blogs sitting in draft right now and I know I need to work on like two of them, hell two of them would probably be easy to write if I just sat down and did it, so what am I about to do, thats right watch some anime and force myself to hit the sack again. Actually I just told on myself so I am going to TRY and at least work on them some more. Hell this has been at least a blog a day since I started again(hell a few days more then one blog a day) now no none of it is serious, deeply research world changing fare.   This is me, if I change the world it will by showing folks that yes there is someone who will still be a human being to them, who will still give you that morning greeting that may brighten your day in hopes that on his darkest day someone will brighten his.

It's silly I seem like a child with a comic book, so what is it so wrong to want to live in a world where people are nice to each other? Is it wrong to want to wake up in the morning(bwahahaha okay be FORCED TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING) and just hear a "good morning and how was your day", or that "hey my day isn't great but I'm gonna make it okay". I've said it a millions times before, you get more than you put out when you put kindness out into the world it always bounces back. A smile could brighten up an otherwise dreary day, a small gesture of kindness could replenish anothers hope in humanity. Sometimes it isn't the huge grand standing things that make a difference it's all those small gestures on the way to the ledge, that kind word, that "hey I had two whatevers drop you want the spare I'm not that hungry/thirsty", or that kind person willing to give you a ride, who holds the elevator/train/bus.

aiight this is a ramble and a half and this time would be better spent working on some drafts. I hope everyone who traipse past is having a good night and is ready for a great weekend

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And Netgear to the rescue

This one will have to be REAALLY quick and REALLY dirty, meh maybe not I type pretty fast. Okay well if I just bashed the hell out of belkin for it's craptastic adapter and I am able to post on the internet it must mean I found someone with a much better hassle free adapter. And that would be Netgear I am now happily surfing on a Netgear Wireless N-300 usb adapter WNA3100 and the main reason I am happily surfing on this netgear? the included a WIRELESS NETWORKING UTILITY I mean how simple is that, one piece of software, yes the device cost me an extra 20 bucks over the Belkin I'm blasting in the previous blog but hey it works, it works pretty easily too, hell I was actually putting in extra unnecessary effort to log on. Just leave it on any and viola I'm on and surfing.

I almost got the n150 but lets be real I do surf alot and I do sometimes game on here. I plan to save the box and CD just in case we get a new pc later and it's not next to the router either so that I can have the original software. Now I may come back and revisit this software in the future to see if there are any problems but for now the Netgear is getting flying marks from me. Stick in the CD, let it run, plug in the adapter, hell the little cradle is even perfect for sitting on top of my monitor so it's nicely out of the way and most likely won't get knocked over(I have a tendency to be like a bull in a china shop sometimes so I won't say won't). If I have an issue with it(of course this issue only comes up if I CONSTANTLY try to connect to a newer router) it's that it doesn't really offer you a choice on if you WANT to use the WPS set up routine, I mean yes wireless protected has it's advantages but seriously if he router is neither close nor in a common area not really kosher to just pop up any ol' time of night and be like "hey pally could you hit the button for me real quick?" Because let's be real my fellow netizens most of us are late night surfers. We get on at times of convenience maybe after work, or on lunch, the bus ride home whenever we have a free minute and a connection for our digital device. now if I use the "Any(first available network)" setting and not a particular SSID no problem(just putting that out there for those who run into a similar problem like I was at first) it connect to the router I wanted to connect to anyway and bounce between the two if ones signal is either weak or I get bumped thus constant surfing. And of course "That's what I waaaaaaawawant, that's what I like"( told yall I talk in pop references and songs sometimes what) so for now the belkin is back at wally world(though its saga is not completely over), I'm back on the net (Go team Venture), and all is right in my seedy little world. I hope everybody has a great hump day, hmm this was quick and dirty even with linkage I Rock

The Belkin Basic Wireless USB adapter

Under no circumstances should you EVER buy this product. As a coworker of mine would say "it's a piece of poop", and that is actually an insult to poop. This thing didn't seem to know that it needed it's OWN wireless utility to connect to the internet. It was constantly fighting to try and get on the net and I figured okay I have other belkin utilities on here maybe if I remove them it will work out smoothly, Nope. As a matter of fact probably the only reason I had gotten on the first time is because my original Belkin adapters settings kicked in. I may not have been able to adjust the new Wua (wireless usb adapter) but for a BRIEF moment it did go on the internet and THEN crapped out. The adapter in question was: Belkin model f7d1101 v1 Basic  wireless usb adapter that's its official name and model number. Now the FIRST belkin wireless adapter I ever owned(let me pick up it's poor pieces) was also a belkin the the Belkin Wireless G Usb network adapter model f5d7050 it lasted 5 years wasn't perfect but hey you've seen the various posts and mischief I have gotten into with it (damn I really need to finish that googling myself blog got side tracked due to net issues obviously) over the past 5 years, I think it cost me like 60 bucks at the time. So with everyday usage over 5 years that original $60 buck investment was so far in the black I don't have a single damn complaint.

And of course due to the fact that my first belkin adapter was a belkin and lasted 5 years hey I figured go head back to the trough it should be okay it appears if there is one thing Belkin can get right it's a wireless adapter. Whats that old investment world saying "past outcomes do not predict future results" yup that's EXACTLY what happened here. It's as if while the mentioned the ability of their desktop unit to work for a desktop they only gave you the necessary software and equipment to get it to work as if it was on a laptop. Going through all the trouble shooting and the various information in the manual it seems this adapter (model f7d1101 v1) really was JUST optimized for vista/windows 7. If anybody has bought a "windows post xp" laptop you will notice that it's network settings area is a little different. It is built like a combo between they old networks details screen and the WZC(wireless zero configuration) device from laptops, which is cool IF you have windows 7 or vista on your PC if you don't pffft you SOL(and no I ain describing a car or shortening Punky Brewster's first name, I was almost cruel and called her Punky Boobster since basically she didn't realize huge knockers ran in her family, or maybe she did and just thought you know maybe they wouldn't happen til she was 16). So after a long night and an early morning of fiddling around and trying to find a way to get it to work(I even went to Belkin's website to try and download the software there STILL no wireless utility, yeah smooth move there brainiacs) I decided to just take it back and of course MORE hilarity ensued tuesday was just one of those days. But as even in wrestling you have a heel(belkin) and as I am now back to posting their must be a face( face is good guy in wrestling terminology and in this case it's a netgear news at wow that 7:30 crap was supposed to be a joke, dunno when I'll get done with the Netgear blog this one was already started in notepad)

Yaaay internet issues are fixed, I think

Aiight I got two blogs to finish on that since I'm just learning how to use el Netgearo right here (news at 7:30) but the short version, I accidentally stepped on my 5 year old belkin wireless adapter the other night and basically put it out of it's "just toss me in the fridge for a minute and I'll be right as rain boss" misery, okay fine it was in the freezer and it was for more like 15-20 minutes. I've known for 2 years now that I needed to replace that wireless adapter, it was a G(ie 802.11 a/b/g) and when I bought it basically it was good enough to grab the signal from the other side of the house. Which was fine with me I wasn't the rocket man but I was on the net, since after moving the router when from in my room(and thus giving me constantly on Rocket Speed, due to the ethernet cable) to having sometimes spotty, grr plug and unplug okay it's settled in now signal with the adapter.

Obviously as I am posting ^ this that issue is resolved, those who worked well will get a gold star *, those who were damn near useless will get a "shot in the pins, babe" everybody have a great wednsday

Monday, October 25, 2010

A quick thank you

To whomeva was reading my Optometrist blog, I had kind of forgotten about it. When I say I write blogs to get the clutter out of my head I mean it, I usually forget all about them it was a thought bothering me, that either touched my heart at the time or was the reaction to some stimulus I bumped into out in the real world. So as those thoughts broil and stew ideas form, and not droplets no, my head wouldn't be cluttered if they were just droplets streams form going on their own journeys and ending in deltas of either understanding or imagination. But just like most regular dreams once had usually they vanish never to be experienced again.

With my blogs UNLESS you respond or comment I kind of forget about them and just leave them there in the ether yes if you are new visitor they are new to you, but for me it's an old thought something that was precious when I had to express it but is not a part of the ever growing tapestry that is my digital presence. Like I said my name is my address so if you see ALL of the various things I have put out on the net you will see a picture painted it is fragmented, choatic, fast paced and stoic but it is also entirely me.  And when I see that others enjoy my work agree disagree comment or read I am proud because obviously it is something that drew your attention. I don't do it for praise, I have always admitted that I probably will never win a popularity contest to me though knowing someone appreciated the work that was created by the various inspirations life gives me is the ultimate joy. I'm a bit narcissistic when it comes to what I put out on the internet no not in its spelling but in it's message and its tenor. If I am expressing a vision that I wish people to see I really do try to make it as crystal clear as possible. And rereading that blog reminded me that it's a good thing, it also made me think maybe I need to loosen up a bit perhaps be more willing to put an entry out there and come back later to refine it, so I may be making use of the draft feature more often. Or even going back to old blogs and revisiting the topics with a new understanding or maybe a few more months to let it stew.

As they say hindsight is 20/20 and the further away you get from something USUALLY the more objective you can be.  So again you have my deepest appreciation for bringing that blog back up into my consciousness. For a blog I don't promote the amount of hits I have gotten and the number of people who have come through is amazing to me. Whether its the titles that I choose and it just so happens to pop up in your search request, or the fact that you want to see what else this loudmouth of mine has to say on my own domain. Keep on coming through I appreciate the visits and for those few who have spoke thanks for the feedback keep it coming, and for the rest join the fun

Afternoon malaise

I'm running a scan on 1 pc(which is gonna take all day, literally) and another I am doing some trial and error on to see exactly how deeps it's problems are and what I may have to recommend is the routes to fix them. welcome to all who have tripped through today as always you're welcome to leave comments, subscribe, and even contact me per le contact page(I'm too lazy to look up the actual french so yes I am doing a bad Pepe le pew right there). I hope all are having a good day. If you have any questions about some of the various crap I may be doing at the time(trust me I am captain road dog if it's interesting I'll probably head there with you, which means I have a ton of stories just never know which ones to type out at the time), I do a lot better with responding to folks then I do just rambling on, because if you have read a post or two once this stone gets rolling Look out below cause I'm heading to the ocean floor. Now of course I have mentioned on OTHER peoples blogs(yes if I read your blog and I think the topic is interesting I will respond to your blog, see my blog roll, can you smell it's eccentricity yup pure me right there I am a varied person) that the whole "Blog month Challenge" thingy isn't my bag it's just not.

I mean part of it is my random nature, probably part of the reason I love Deadpool and Spiderman so much is because like me their are so random, will talk a mile a minute(we do happen to get things done) but it's not really scripted or along a timeline. So to tell me YOU HAVE TO BLOG EVERYDAY, like thou art the voice of god man I would type some crap out and just not post it BECAUSE you wanted me to daily. Yes it's a little juvenile but part(s) of me do have a rather youthful nature. I never gave that up it's part of what makes me a great friend I have the Optimism of one 20 years my junior.

By the way I ORDERED Deadpool Corps Prelude and trade 1, grr it's hard cover and I prefer soft but meh I'll get to read the "Merc with the mouth's" advetures with his multiversal incarnations. It's been a while since I bought a comic because my tail is always busy. So PART of my weekend plans were done, gotta finish those blogs still but I did do a few blogs so see content production is humming along.

I think I will look at see if RED came out recently, the movie with the old CIA agents with targets on their heads, I love pretty much all the actors in the cast so I will sit through it. Plus it's based on a comic, I know I didn't go see predators or Expendables but that wasn't my fault that was schedule related. I am planning to pic up predators on DVD though A-team, The losers and probably Legion too. Like I said BUSY, but in a few weeks BLACK OPS hits shelves and I have my preorder and some of you little newbs are going down, can we say "Shots to the Face" yes boys and girls yes we can. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes that was me doing an #EVL laugh and yes I am going to be my evil self in a FPS, you do not play FPS' for the story my friends no it's to hear grown men and little children complain about your newbishness for lighting their HEINES on fire(and I don't mean the imported beer in the green bottle either) "I love the smell of C4 in the morning!"(and the afternoon, and evening, and midnight and dawn *holds back evil laugh*mu *cough cough* almost escaped).

Okay back to work this was just a quickie to update what I was doing because I hadn't posted yet today, maybe I should dash off and get me some subway or something too(what I might still goof off and, are you reading this blog right now instead of doing YOUR job, right thought so, so as you were)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This one hurt

Now I may not have had to physically watch the game unfold the way it did but following it as I did on the 3 websites: I started on my old faithful cbssports , then they started acting up so I went to foxsports , but for some odd strange reason they had this really tiny game tracker box for me to try to watch the game on so I decided after dumping them like waaaay back in 04 because well back in 04's game tracker sucked, the updates were slow, the stats were always off, and all those ads popping up but NFL was where I was finally able to watch the game deteriorate in peace. If you are wonder yes I know ESPN is SUPPOSEDLY the world leader in sports but usually their java is the crappiest, the guys they have doing the updates can't keep up and somehow someway the Game tracker always seems to go on the fritz. Out of the Major sports websites for the longest time CBS was the best, yes every once in a while they would have a hiccup or two but it wasn't for the whole game.

Back to the game, the entire reason we shipped Donovan Mcnabb off was because SUPPOSEDLY he couldn't hit the little 5 yard dinky passes, couldn't handle the game with the lead, and couldn't get the ball to our (at the time lousy, sub par, piece of crap) receivers. Now yes he kinda went back in time with washington those guys have potential but as Jason Campbell showed they don't really have the drive yet, in watching highlights of redskins games I see plenty of plays where the wide receiver just didn't make the decision that would have helped him catch the ball, diving from 5 yards out when the ball is still in the air and if you run another two steps you could probably catch it over your shoulder or at your knee. Dropped passes galore(I know that was damn Deja Vu didn't he just leave that in philly) but hey "We had the future" and the future was Kevin Kolb. There was a problem with the future though in preseason he couldn't find the end zone now I don't know about you but for a pass happy team that is a BIG CONCERN. And I made the preseason prediction that "Mike vick will be phillies starting QB by game 6" I figured we'd be around 500 and at 4-3 we are so that held up. We played okay and our talent showed up on offense we had a good running game the first few(which with andy reid is a blessing because he refuses to run the ball), our two all star caliber wide recievers were lighting up the scoreboard.

Thing is Kolb didn't hold up in game 1 by half time he was out with a concussion. Hey nobody wants a guy to get injured especially if the guy starts for your favorite team. I may have said he would get benched but I expected it to be due to lack of performance not injury, so in walks Mike Vick he plays well the second half, leads us to victory in the next two games and in the 3rd game of the "Mike Vick era" he goes down to injury. Aw man come on, okay so Kolb plays out the second half doesn't stink up the joint just also doesn't put a lot of points on the board. It's okay the next week he does fantastic we win all is right with the world, then the week after that he plays great again, now we lose another player to injury but the team pulls together and plays well.

Then we have today. Man I'm sorry but you cannot win the game by getting into your opponents red zone constantly and kicking field goals, I believe we were 1/4 in the red zone today and I'm sorry but that's on the coach and the QB not only that but Kolb throws 2 interceptions AND gives up a fumble. My problem to this point with Kolb had been he had more INT's than TD's on the books he appeared to be changing that, this 2 int day scraps that thought process. It seems to me if the SPECTER of Kevin Kolb being The Philadelphia Eagles starting QB is brought up it's like his mind fries and he forgets how to play football. He stares down his WR, he rushes throws, he takes sacks instead of throwing the ball away. Today he threw two picks(one that was taken back for a touchdown at the end of the game so while we needed the score it was kind of prayer time anyway with :22 seconds left), and dropped a fumble on the opponents 3 yard line.

Then to allow 27 straight points to be scored on your team by never taking more than 35 seconds off the game clock per possession because you keep going 3 and out. I'm sorry as the QB your job is game management and if we need a score you need to scan the field quickly and get CHUNKS in critical situations. I mean hell he ran for a 15 yard gain one time then seemed to forget with the game on the line that he had legs. Yes he was one weapon short, but he had weapons hell as he was getting the ball out and finding people you could see that. But the most telling stat is that before the titans started scoring heavily he had about 226 yards, he ended with like 230~ish. Where as the other QB had 91 yards through the air for most of the game and ended with 260~. And no that guy isn't some Super bowl winning Qb, his coach may love him but I suspect he and his coach will be out of a job next year. We should not have lost this game we had them beat, we had them under control we should have been cruising through the finish line.

But this Game should prove some rather pertinent points while Kolb has potential he is either NOT starter material or else he is not ready to start now. He is far from a franchise QB at this juncture, as for Mike Vick he did his time, if you can't forgive him than you know what thats your issue not his. People make mistakes all you can hope is that they really do learn their lessons, but you cannot ask them to repay them over and over until YOU are satisfied, because lets be real that satisfaction will never come. He was a franchise QB before he went to prison, he reminds me of Randal Cunningham Rocket arm quick legs run first if there ain nobody open. Though as of late he runs to buy time for someone to get open.  So it seems spending a year with Donovan helped.

I know some may come in here screaming about Dog Killer, and animal, how kolb is better, you are welcome to your opinion, you are welcome to leave your opinion here, you get rowdy and you will be shown the door

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hmmm seems blogger does not accept mms, guess I'll have to e-mail photos and the like to it in the future. Yes I am just doing this to see if and how this would work for future blogging. I know how often I tend to be in jacked up places this will allow me to empty my mind of cluttering thoughts, comeback, and edit them later.

I just hope this one works or else I did something craptastically wrong. Oh and I need to reevaluate my stock holdings that one is Waaaaay overdue

Saturday October 23 2010

It's saturday sometimes a light day sometimes a long day for me. It's also usually the day I try to clean things up in my digital domains. I have some replies that need to be addressed on multiply(you think I had a long hiatus on here I think the last thing I posted there was about The last Airbender), I have some blogs I started on here this week that are still in the draft phase that need to be finished, one about Googling myself and the rather wacky twists and turns I got in the response comical. I plan to go out and get the Deadpool corps trade at some point today, yes I still buy comics, no I don't do reviews on them and yes in my advanced years I hate buying issue by issue so I go get the trades that way I can read it in huge bunches. Now my thoughts on Deadpool are two fold I loved the Ryan Reynolds portrayed Wade Wilson in X-men Origins: Wolverine but hated the "deadpool" character that they showed in the final fight because well that wasn't the deadpool I know(yes thus the insult of not capitalizing his name). As a matter of fact my full feelings about that dead pool(of fecal matter) can be see here(I'm posting the link I didn't make it but I completely agree with it. Okay I will post the link if itsjustsomerandomguy on youtube sends me the link to the vid, if you love comics his parody vids are awesome).

Supposedly I am working today dropping off pc's (wtf yaaay me one of these days grrr) and who knows what else, late in the day which means a late day, caddy acting up so I'll still be doing my do, just waiting forever and a day(jeez I may have to do another expletive filled rant on twitter, remember the other day when it popped up on the side of my stream yea thats why somedays ME wants to explode on the keys, and it's not cause I'm watching porno ;) ). Aaaah I wonder if any good movies came out lately, wouldn't mind doing a decent review I guess I could review my iron man 2 release purchase. As my review showed I loved the movie, I may go more in depth on the DVD since A) with the special features I have more of an idea of the mindset behind making the movie, and B) I have had a chance to rewatch it like 4 or 5(okay fine like every weekend since I got it okay, my cousin has my actual iron man dvd so I can't do the full awesomeness marvel marathon weekend, now with more marvel. What I told yall I have issues) times thus maybe pick it apart a little more as well as get a better appreciation for how much detail and respect they paid to the original character and storyline while they adjusted it for modern day.

Past that hmm dunno I guess I would see what the day holds, I guess I could do that blog about why I follow what blogs I follow, the people I follow on twitter and the youtube channels I follow. Which I ain been on youtube as much without the laptop again since I was a kid I kind of either enjoyed my movie viewing sitting back kinda of tilted up(like in a theater chair) or else laying flat on my stomach. My desk chair and me ain vibing right now, thats okay I'll either get a new chair or a new laptop soon.

So let me know what ya thinking, drop me a line, tell me you think I'm insane and need help no problems with any of those Just don't come in here stinking up the joint with a bunch of unnecessary links to hawk crappy products. You can still randomly reply to my blogs I just added disqus so it would be easier for me to track the responses without me having to moderate every last comment

Thursday, October 21, 2010

See my old belkin is really starting to...

Morning, this ill be an extreme rarity. Not me blogging but me blogging in the Early hours of the morning you know post sunrise. Pre sunrise I'm always up any way so thats why you see so many things from me in my various digital destinations, but post sun rise yeah I'm usually sleep as all hell. I mean to write a blog last night(actually I owe myself like two so I need to get cracking) about you know why I follow a blog or somebodies tweets. I will do that at some point in time today, as USA says Character Approved yes I'm a character and I follow characters I call them the #rogues because basically we're all wild and are known to say or post whatever. It's for grown folks now my pimpins so if you gonna start that virgin ears crap keep it moving we ain got time for that.

Anyway, digression number one right there, the belkin I am referring to is my belkin wireless ethernet adapter. It is really showing it's age I mean it's like 5 years old I bought it way back in like 05 after a move where our PC was no longer next to the cable modem and wasn't close enough to get a wire run to it. It's the wireless G edition so it's kinda short on range anyway which is another reason why I'm a little toasty but not sitting here flippin furniture, basically if I didn't get my money's worth on this thing after five years man something is wrong with me. 5 years worth of daily surfing(or almost daily surfing I have been in different venues over the years with this desktop and sometimes I did have a wire) this thing has probably averaged out to have actually cost me like ~$1 which I say is perfect. It out lasted my $450 laptop from a company I will not name as not to blast them(but that lasted less then 2 full years), it's out lasted who knows how many pairs of glasses, a lot of my clothes, hasn't out lasted the timbs though what can I say timberland makes some good boots.

And to my folk out there really that is how you should look at any purchase, check how long you have or plan to have it versus how much it costs you. If it's not something long term that you can see not replacing for a couple of years you might want to rethink the purchase if it's a vanity item. I mean if you got "money like toilet paper" fine be my guest, but if that "toilet paper dough" status is only temporary you might want to save more of your extra dough for a rainy day than trying to floss and impress folks who are gonna be broke like you in the not to distant future trying to show out.

Just my two cents because what do you know this is the space for my two cents. I hope everyone's day is on and poppin. If ya see my on twitter holla at ya boy, I'll get back as soon as I see it, like, love, hate, participate I don't care just do you baby.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My problem with the current black male stereotype

As this has already been covered yup I'm: black, male, straight, a booty enthusiast, married but separated(for now), opinionated, nice(or so I have been told), a gentleman(or so I hope I have shown), and somewhat of an geek/gamer. Has that been recovered? We all got it? So we ain gonna have to keep coming back to this in the post as I say what I got to say? Yall sure? Sure you Sure, aiight I'm saying check the top will be a valid remark then for the rest of the post, cool COOOOL.

My own personal being aside the main picture most people get of a black male is devious, unintelligent, misogynistic, unfaithful, neanderthal who is as apt to run to a white woman as he is to abuse his beautiful black sisters like it was second nature. Black men are flashy, dead beat dads, who don't want to earn an honest living and save the black man in the white house aren't really big on education. My problem is simple some of these things are true, not just true but for some of these I may be making huge understatements. Now yes I know I am an exception and I know many other exceptions, but no matter how many of us exceptions there are there are way more of the stereotype. And let's be real while I remember someone complaining that I used whites as an example first off this is American and I guaran damn tee you if I held up a picture of what someone thinks is an american I could get 7-8 out of 10 on it being the white face in the group. Second off to complain about me using another group is not DISPROVING what I am saying about that other group. I know the tactic of change the subject, I just don't fall for it. Now I know to be honest if I bring up Italians somebody could just make the honest and obvious observation that well technically they aren't Anglo Saxon and protestant, and I couldn't deny that valid point. Shoot they could disown the Irish too, because basically yeah as far as history is concerned both of those groups of people were only good for boosting caucasian overall numbers but they couldn't date your daughter. And while things change a little bit look at italian and irish stereotypes in movies, either drunks, gangsters or criminal types.

Now even if you tried that I could point to the french, english and germans (WOW really spell check the french can be small letters but those germans and english folks better get they caps, thats just sad really are we gonna do for the freedom fries thing too?) the french with how they did poor Jeanne De aarc, the english with henry and his wives(as well as salem but you know that would be more english descendants but I slightly digress) and the germans with their porn, what come on this is me I can't slip a joke in there(plus how could you NOT see that coming Germans have some of the wildest porn around, *cough cough* not that I have of course watched a lot of german porn that would be deviant behavior and if we know anything about me *rumble rumble* moving right along). No group is without deviant behavior and while you know I could use that as a defense I'm not I mean yes as I am milk chocolate not blue black I have somebody else running through these veins except the folks who could tell me who "massa robinson" was either died or I have yet to meet(I have a large family what can I say).

Back to the subject:in talking with many of the lovely females I have met in the cyber world I have found that many have in some way shape or form been molested in their lives. And as much as, just like when you hear about a stupid robbery you secretly hope {please don't be a black person} *bbm angel face*, I hope it wasn't a black person who perpetrated the crime yup it's either a black male or female. It kinda crushes a part of my heart because its like "damn how can you hurt someone who looks like you, how can you hurt family", and yes many of them have horror stories in their own past thus just continuing the cycle. And it burns me up because no matter what, exactly how do you take that pain away from someone? How do you tell them they should be comfortable when a face that looks similar to the one they see in the mirror or else similar to mine not only took their innocence from them, but may have made it a ritual of possession, did it to punish some weakness in themselves by showing this poor innocent child exactly who owned their world.

I mean yeah I understand the don't talk to strangers rule I do,. I was a kid once. But the only way say I can redeem the image of black men going forward is to what, why be the nice stranger you meet, be helpful, be kind, be chivalrous(even though chivalry is not only unappreciated but sometimes spit upon), be the anti stereotype. Yet the first thing I am going to hear when it comes to a conversation:ALL MEN ARE. Damn, really so why not when I was holding that door stop yourself and say, look I don't trust you please let the door go. Yes I'd be hurt because you know I did you no harm, but at least I could respect that up front you displayed your distrust of me. I'd wish you a good day, and safe travels and move on. But if you accepted the kind gesture, as well as some help and then STILL went in on all men, yo damn could you take the knife out quickly, it hurts. Because the thing is the ONLY way to reverse the negative male stereotype is to one person at a time show what a decent black man COULD be. Oh don't get me wrong I HOPE I'm a good man but I do not walking around beating my chest with that title. I think being a good man is a life long aspiration you have to keep working at it, you have to punch that clock even on days when you are sick, beat down, worn out and drug under. Because in my mind a good man would do that, even at his worst he would refuse to give in and continue to stand up for that which he believes in.

Because it is an ideal worth fighting for, I have my flaws, many flaws whew I'm sure if you ask a few folks the list would almost be as long as most of my blogs lined up word to word back to back single spaced. Flaws are not an excuse, I can get heated in discussions on the subject of the lousy treatment of black women by black men. Extremely heated mainly because I believe the woman devalue themselves by looking at how the guy treated them to base who they are on. Pffft some dudes are just out to use, they could care less if you were a 30 kt diamond or a piece of gravel all they wanted was the skins, possibly some ends, a place to rest they head then it's on to the next shawty rinse and repeat. It's abhorrent, I could sit here and DENY that men act like this but it's untrue, I could try the other method which is to claim well they only do this to the EASY girls, thats an even bigger lie.

Now while an unpopular sentiment there is one truth they do it because they are allowed to do it, call it vanity on the part of the women who continue to allow them to share their beds, or good game but these dudes are only out here doing what they do because they find women who at least for a short time will put up with it. If a man cheats more than once and you let him back in your door he will continue to cheat(same as a woman but I don't have a vagina so ain going into that too much further), hell if you were the mistress while he was in a previous relationship you just fully condoned cheating. It's okay if you wanna rent that good ding a ling(wow yup just slid that in)(oops damn and a penis pun man this is hard *doh*) you know the "hey baby you ain getting enough at home, or you just want something new every once in a while" relationship some women get into. Call it friends with benefits, cut buddies, whatever as long as you stay (you know what all you down low brothers I hate yall for stealing the term down low why ain yall just accept being openly bi BAAASTIDS) hush hush with it and don't try to take it to another level everybody will be okay. But the second you start catching some feelings for this dude start saying to yourself "mmmm see he doing her like that but me, nah I know how to keep my man at home".

Now let me make this clear I will not deny that SOME women have a better skill set than others when it comes to doing what they do. And  I don't mean current or former porn stars cause um I look at some of them and I go, meh nah I wouldn't even be enjoying that. I mean some porn stars just like regular, average every day women, don't go past that inch behind the tip either I believe @lethallippsxxx said it best "how you gonna talk about how good you give head when ya got all this hand motion" now no you don't have to be the deep throat diva up there but if you got a dude with double digits and you fitting both hands over it and you go to a guy in the singles and still are getting both hands over the shaft yeah you ain doing nothing. No offense yes the head needs love too but it's also about the Balls and Shaft(yes that was a PCU reference the movie is awesome and if you haven't see it #killyoself okay a little harsh don't kill yaself but go buy it at Walmart or best buy). So POSSIBLY you are doing it better than the last girl, don't mean he'll stay any more for you than he did for her. Sometimes it ain about sex its about the fact that ain no consequences for stepping out.

And ladies PLEASE do not pull the "he cheated so I will cheat" game, one you will feel guilty and two the one dude or two dudes you do as revenge will be used forever to excuse the 1 or 2 girls you catch him with out of the 10+ side chicks he has infinitum. If he was worried about your fidelity he would be making sure no man could EVER take his place, it wouldn't just be about the bed room, dude would make sure he was ya partner in the house work, ya partner in the finances, in the planning for your future. Next dude would have to put in so much work just to earn the right to touch ya mans dirty draws that he would probably just be like nah shawty bruh handlin his.

Cheaters rules are not the same as regular peoples rules. George Carling used to tell a joke about a guy driving his friend in a car(gonna screw it up sorry george)"guy and a friend are driving down the street and the light turns red, guy runs the red light. His friend is like um man that light was red, yes it's okay my brother runs red lights around here all the time. So they continue down the street and come to another red light, same exchange yeah it's okay my brother runs red lights around here all the time. so after about 3 more intersections they come to a green light and the guy slams on his breaks. His passenger after pulling his balls out of his mouth asks:why did you stop? My BROTHER MAY BE COMING" I say that to say, if somebody is breaking the rules while no they usually don't want you to also be allowed to get away with it. They also usually have a mindset of "if you ain cheating you ain trying", the problem they have with you isn't that you cheated, but that you were dumb enough to get caught.

Now this is Domestic violence month and as I have never been the type to make it a HABIT of hitting women, I will defend myself if no other outlet is left. My dear I may love you as a women and feel you need to be protected but if you decide that you have the right to be a threat to my life MY life trumps your overblown sense of your fighting skills. If your right good, if you ain hey like any other test you can pass it, you can squeak by on it or you can fail miserably. Now look I got the don't hit a woman speech, I got it many times, Dad was ADAMANT about not hitting women. In this day and age 1 dad ain always there, and 2 some folks mommas are just as #ratchet(yeah yeah I am using hash tags if your on twitter you can look them up if you wish) now as there were when they were your age, and just like you feel you should be that bad motor scooter(NAILED IT) and should show dudes who's boss and who ain gonna take no mess. Well just like you she loves her baby, and just like you she feels her baby shouldn't take no mess, so most likely just like you she told her baby "a chicken head steps up and thinks she a man, knock her on her tail and let her find some balls." so just because a guy SHOULDN'T hit you don't get it twisted in your head that some REAL MAMA who was kickin rocks on that block before you was even born ain decide her baby ain have to take it. Cause if you lose guess what we ain built the same, even the most BUILT female I'm talking ripped out the wazoo ain as big as the biggest man. So sometimes walk away and just say enough is enough if you really think you're too good for somebody roll off and show them.

Now that is a sad state right there, I personally don't think a man should hit a woman, in my younger days when I was bouncing if you did something and your lady hauled off and nailed you one, she got the free shot and you got the eyes of death. You was stupid, you got caught, let her go, move on with ya life and don't retaliate. Yeah you MIGHT wanna get her back, and maybe you could show her a thing or two, but to get to her in MY EYESIGHT you were gonna have to go through me. And while people who get to know me may swear I'm the sweetest guy, and wouldn't hurt a fly, lets just say there are some flies that would beg to differ with them. Being nice is a choice, a choice aimed and trying to make a positive change in the world, but to make a change you have to be strong, you have to be willing to withstand the test if that test is given. And you must ALWAYS be ready, folks ain gonna hit you when your ready for them to hit you, hell then it ain that they hit you its that you wanted to be hit. If you see somebody standing and waiting for you, and you walk into the situation unprepared and you get your head knocked off, well thats on you. They shouldn't have done it, but I'm sorry if you see danger in front of you find another path period I'm just saying some things are self explanatory shouldn't even have to spend a lot of time on them. I mean we do because folks are so big on themselves that they get caught out there often, but really it's your life and the only person responsible for maintaining it til death is you.

I mentioned being loud and flashy but that I will not separate us from the pack of the rest, dude look at the country we are no worse than any other group, a lot of us were brainwashed and have the whole credit, debt and asset model TWISTED. An asset is a possession yes, but if you have an illiquid possession(say a house or a car) you ain BALLIN' a liquid possession is say MONEY, maybe a stock yes it would take you a few days to get the money from the sale but a stock could be sold and QUICKLY converted into money, car and house are usually gonna take time and preparation. If you don't mind visiting the pawn shop Jewelry can be considered a liquid asset. But looking around I don't care what color you are or what social status you thought you belonged to peoples realities ain safe right now. So yeah maybe black folks need to learn about assets, but so do the rest of our fellow americans that class will be full and look like the melting pot we are supposed to be, with chairs all out in the hallway trying to make sure they don't miss a syllable.

Again I understand there are MANY examples of the black male stereotype yes some dudes are out there being exactly who you think they are. But as silly as it sounds, if you don't have hope of meeting a decent guy like me, one who will hold the door, help you with a bag(yes I may stare at your behind I'm male doesn't mean I'm going to beg you for your number, or expect sexual favors I can appreciate that you look good, did whatever you had to do to get where you are physically, and are happy or ok with it), or just do some other HUMAN stuff. As vain as it may sound please give the memory of an experience like that a little more weight. Remember the more people scared of the "deadly black monster" the more often it's okay for cops to fire shots at people who look like your fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. If your father didn't molest you why would you want to perpetrate an image of a monster that looks even remotely like him. So that when somebody says I feared for my life, all those in attendance can knowingly nod their heads because hey, even their woman say they are savage animals.

We need to do better, but the incentive to do better won't be there if "we're gonna be treated like animals anyway" as you know when people have a ready made excuse, they are definitely gonna use it

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update post(last published on 10/19/2010)

As I cannot find my book on CSS and other html, xml code I am gonna do this blog about changes to 1 blog that I am going to do as well as mention that I am going to do a blog about some of the non blogger blogs that I follow thus do not make it into my normal blog roll list as I figure out how to add another blog roll list. What can I say when I get bored I get creative and a little more dedicated to something I am doing and FOR NOW(remember I went a good 3 months without a post) this blog is it. The changes I'm going to make in the blog is to change tracy and ripps names into links to their twitter accounts. As well as will link one of the blog maintainers of the site I am about to speak abouts name to hers, and possibly her back up account because she is one of my twitter buds who on a good political day could be up in the twitgow. While I'm really not talking about anything earth shattering(though I do need to do a blog on my current financial picture or at least a loose overview based on positions I own not the actual amounts) churning out more in two days than I did in 3 months is an accomplishment.

So once again welcome to Primal's Ponderings stay around a while, pull up a chair, pick up a glass and please feel free to add to the commentary. I will try to find a way to be cleanly raunchy as that is also a part of my mental decor, I love a good dirty joke, anecdote or dalliance just gotta find a way to express it without sounding like a 8 year old, cheating or completely ruining the thought by watering down the language.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Okay and now my blog has grown up a little bit

Though it was done with a whole lot of grumbling and tooth gnashing I have added disqus commenting to my blog. I like disqus I see it used on a lot of blogs and it seems to keep the comments well ordered and the conversation flowing nicely. Plus the "reply" feature saves a lot of unnecessary "are you talking to me" incidents. And as I am paying more attention if you flag a comment I will get an e-mail I hope we can all play nice but honestly if you make me start restricting words I will. Be respectful of each other while trying to get your point across(yeah like I get that much traffic, this is just a IF somebody decides to come over here and there is a flame war my booty is covered line. But I will delete your detritus and you if you try to get ornery), I understand a little disagreement but this isn't grade school let's try to stick to the subject at hand(or at least two digressions, what MY BLOG I get UNLIMITED DIGRESSIONS MUAHAHAHAHAHA, okay sorry power trip I'm back now muhah, *ahem* fully back now) and while I will not complain about books being written this ain the senate, do not try and filibuster the subject matter, I will read your ENTIRE RESPONSE, delete it and then in a response to your deleted response tell you why. So please don't be douchey it's not necessary.

Oh and hey you wanna tweet me, "Robins 8th and Walnut" rule again, IE my name is my address it's primal(primadata to be exact) and on twitter its PRIMALDATA hell most places it's primaldata. Thus it can be a good old fashioned "where's primal" episode if you like MOST TIMES it's me as was mentioned in a previous blog I did notice one time when it was not. Speaking of me hmm it seems until I get an old X box 360 to transfer my original profiles over with to a new style xbox 360 I am no longer primaldata 2005 nor primaldata 2007. Blows, big time, I have MASHED (grrrr DAMN YOU NO CUSSING RULE) bones(grr you know what word I want to use something about ya mama and how ya got here lol) on 05 I think I was a little notorious. I ain playing there are games on that system if you saw me coming you knew to 1st duck and then scream for help "mercy will be given at your funeral", I am sure I opined somewhere about the death of my poor month after launch 360 it was a trooper. The red ring of death ain have crap on it, I think it woke up from like 5-10 of them yes it had some issues, yes there were some games I could not play. But man the ones I could we were off and running. SO the king is dead long live the king, if I can't get the original primal back I will make a new one, cry profusely and then go take it out on some unsuspecting victims I know black ops is coming out soon though I doubt I will have a new 360 by then but maybe by the time the new RB6 vegas is out or gears 3, that would be sweet.

I believe I have attached everything about myself to the disqus so now you should be able to find my loud mouthed tail anywhere I respond, and I will respond. If it's too long for you(hey I'm a dude this are about the only penis innuendos I'm gonna get away with on this blog) they don't read or answer it. It won't hurt my feelings, if you do respond expect me to respond back(a lot more swiftly than I have been, ahem already apologized for that), if you don't like my response rinse repeat, either respond back or don't.  And again just because I disagree with you does not mean in any way shape or form I can't get along with you, this world takes all types to make its rotations each day. If I admit that I myself am an acquired taste how can I expect you to be swiss miss, if your a double expresso kinda gal, or a red bull cola kinda guy hmm? Again the drinks ain important I'm just saying we are all different sometimes we will agree, sometimes we won't agree and I find you no less a decent human being if we have yet to reach that agreement point.

And now we have a better chance to monitor said trek to an agreement, welcome to the world of DISQUS and mild comment moderation, you post it I'll come back later to see it and we'll make it do what it do baby

Whoops, I goofed

It seems in my infinite wisdom I was being a bad host. I'm used to multiply what can I say and ANYBODY who has a multiply account will tell you when you get responses, they pop up on your main interface when you first sign in. So here I am looking at my dashboard seeing no alerts(which is of course because I have no comment moderation on who knew) and thinking okay basic boring blog nobody is out there reading. So I delve a little closer into my profile today to see why it is that my blog doesn't always show up to the people looking for me. And low and behold what do I see, why that people have been talking at me for a while now. Probably think I'm a great big doody head too because I never so much as gave them a hello(what part of no cursing, the A-team blog got a pass because well BA is BA and you can kiss it stuffy pencil pushing types).

Now that I understand how blogger does comments I promise to check for them more often in the future. Hell I have some pretty knowledgeable responders Sope(you know how you say that weird non word it's like you were just gonna say so but at a P at the end of it, just me oh well) I will be paying more attention to the comments tab in the future Mea Culpa, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it look ma 3 blogs in 2 days.  I appreciate all those who have come 3 (way more than I had imagined as I really hadn't talked about much of anything) and again feel free to drop me a line anytime hell you feel I'm waaay off on something I say thats why the comments are open you don't even have to sign in with your blogger account if you feel you need anonymity, use it.

Ta ta for now I think this might be close to the record for my SHORTEST BLOG EVER, woo hoo. Tweet ya later

Nice guys: a revisiting pt. 1

Waaaay back in January I wrote a blog This one now in that blog I did my little lament about why it sucks being a nice guy. And it still does, trust me it really does. Then a few weeks ago a friend @tracyreneejones wrote an article on the blog IoM&R (which is one of my favorites by the way, I love the various topics from political commentary to social issues in the various minority communities, it's run by the always passionate @rippdemup a fellow memphian and good online buddy) which struck a few cords for a multitude of reasons, it was about abusive black men and how they treat black women now as I am wont to do, I mentioned a few disagreements I had with some of the premises in the blog. And as usual I got some of what is a typical mistreated females response, one of which is untrue. I know exactly how it feels to be harassed when walking down a hallway getting unwanted attention from people you either barely know or really don't feel like interacting with.

Little thing about thinking ONLY you have had a hard life, you don't realize when you are pissing in someone else's face. Now this would be a great time for an anecdote about how and why I completely understand how the women feel sometimes, thing is I don't feel like sharing it. See part of the reason I am so patient, compassionate and comforting is because I understand, that leaves us a little problem though. If your entire stance towards me is that you should be as aggressive as possible because I won't see the stupidity of some people, that I will not understand the pain of being verbally accosted, physically assaulted, and preyed upon by groups of people you have done nothing to. Then when I try to explain to you a solution all you are going to do is treat me like something you stepped in. Which will bring out the less than nice side of me, again being nice is a choice, a hard life choice because if you look around at the world "nice guys" don't last that long. This isn't marvel or dc. There are no super heroes, when you come to the rescue people rarely remember that past you pulling their buns out the fire. So if you push Mr. nice, Mr. Compassionate, Mr. Professional one time too many the guy who has been pushed many times through out his life, spit on, and belittled wakes up.

People don't just target you for teasing because you are of the opposite sex. They don't just target you for aggressive interaction if they find you attractive. They target anyone they feel is weak or vulnerable. Now yes WOMEN for the most part have that stereotype stamped on them at birth, but if you are shorter, skinnier, fatter, taller, you have a slightly abnormal feature well away we go. Though we lie to ourselves (and our children) when we get older about how the world is, and what it takes to get along in this world, the truth that would set us free is pounded into our heads on a regular basis. Ladies and gentleman "Bullying" the new hot political topic of this cycle isn't new, women being treated as sexual objects, nor intelligent people being ridiculed, nor attractive people being thought of as air heads. Sexual orientation, non existent,  high or hyper sexual desires, quirks, eccentricities, abnormalities you name it the world has seen it before.

The issue is, because we like to pretend that it USED to be so great, we fail to fix the problems we already know are there. As I said it sucks being a nice guy because when you try to NICELY inform people of a better way to do something, you are going to get attacked. Then as you try and civilly maintain a discourse with them of course as they THINK they see weakness they pounce. And when they pounce just like anything else in nature if they were not correct in their assessment of the situation they leave themselves open, and survival of the fittest demands you attack this unprepared soul.

I like being a nice guy because I think it makes my mother proud, I think when my aunts and cousins see me they think wow thats a pretty good guy we are related to. Now no they don't know everything about me, they aren't privy to my love of large reared women, or pornography(or at least I hope my mom isn't that would be creepy), erotic literature, how deep the depths of my curiosity goes, or how cold I can be. So the "my mother/other matriarchal figure thinks I'm blank" defense is not to about be used. Now I personally think I am a guy they would be proud to meet in the streets some where. While not physically with me now, I would like to hope my wife thinks back to our many years together and says "while he has his faults, my husband tried to be the best man he could no matter how hard the situation". Would be a great time to mention how proud my dad is of me, but in truth we butt heads more often then we heap praises on each other. I think we have the stereotypical male relationship I love him, he loves me but you know what that dude right there pisses me off(I am speaking as both of us right now I'm sure I piss him off with the way I try to weigh all sides and approach a problem with different angles being discussed before hand. And I so LOOOOVE the way he just looks at a problem says what he thinks will work and walks away.) and he needs to remember who I am.

I would like to think that while when we were all together and still developing into the people we would become that those who went to high school with me saw a young man who wished to give more to the people around him than he wanted to destroy or take. My harsh tongue was developed under their unyielding tutelage, my thick skin tanned to perfection by their dislike of the weakness they saw in my heart because I wanted to be me and not just like them. And that me was someone who could be your friend even if it wasn't popular, who could work together with you even if socially we didn't get along, and could speak with you civilly even if just moments before harsh words had been exchanged if the current moment required cooperation and concentration. Thing is, for now that is not normal oh no! If I don't like you then every second I am around you I'm supposed to make it my SOLE FOCUS to make your life miserable and make people take sides. I'm supposed to be irresponsible with my actions, unthinking with my interaction and ignorant of my responsibilities to the group and situation I may be involved in. Hey I've got a rectum like anyone else and if it is feces or mud slinging time trust me I have nice sized hands we can get the party started(you would not believe how much mental yoga it took to create that statement without an expletive slipping out, and I've been drinkin how ya like me now).

I was the lone wolf when younger, the cub moved from his pack to be added into a new one, surrounded by those who's initiation rituals he had not been privy too, who's defining moments he had not be there for. Who's hierarchies he did not yet know, armed only with a "be nice to people" and "treat people how you want to be treated" mentality I walked into the lions den with no armor on. I mean we're all kids right? It's supposed to be fun and games and learning right? Why do I need armor, I'm gonna come in here and get to know everybody and we'll probably become friends or at least most of us will.

Except you don't get that same love of just walking in the door to warm faces when they have no clue who you are. They don't know your mom makes the bomb peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or that she makes those gooey chocolate chip cookies from scratch that you love and SOMETIMES will be willing to share(what I love chocolate chip cookies so eat me). That you had some nice toys you would love to share with them, well but you guys live sooo far away and I can't walk to your house(YET) and my parents get home so late from work in this commuter society. So for the longest my classmates were not my neighbors and as such I stayed the perennial outsider far longer than was normal. Oh I did make some friends, but I made far more tormentors kids can be cruel and I learned that early, my big hearted tail who's eyes would gush at any moment because I could feel someone else's pain(I still remember my SNAPPING turtle who I was crying because it bit my finger but bawled louder when my cousin shot the poor turtle for biting me) was not ready for those who just saw my friendliness as something to be exploited.

Okay that's a SEMI anecdote, wasn't planning on it but the sake' had other ideas. Anyway as I come forward in life I realize okay no people really DON'T treat people how they want to be treat, and they aren't really nice. But you know what I kind of like it, yes I earned plenty of scars, welts and bruises trying to be THAT guy, you know the one willing to swim against the current because well IT'S GOING SO FAST BECAUSE OF THE WATERFALL, or it's going so fast because nobody has stopped to look where we are going, it's they are going that way and well I guess we should be going that way. Well most of the time I didn't want to go that way, things people were scared to admit they liked, you know what you don't like me no damn way and I do like that. "Nah that ain cool to me, no I don't want to try, sure I can help you carry it, but nope no thanks I don't need it."

Another thing, maybe you don't have anything that I want or else don't have what the service I provided you with is worth meh let me go on because I really did get more out of it than you did. I did something nice and have the memory of it, BUT YOU have this lasting memory of that scrawny, stocky, tubby chocolate kid who helped you out for no reason at all. And it will probably be stuck in your head for a minute, or maybe you scream SUCKAAAAAAH the second you think I'm out of earshot(which is a lot farther than you think) and feel you got over, only to not have anybody to help you take it back when you get done and thus have that lasting feeling of damn I wish somebody else was as nice as that guy. I've got a LOUSY memory, but it gets better the further out from the incident we go(yup weird like that I know) but leaving a good impression means by the time I do remember it, most likely in your mind the grace with which I acted will be exaggerated and I'll seem even nicer than I really am.

There's still this thing though, I am the guy who took all those lumps to get here, which means I probably have a chip or two stuck to my shoulder pounded in over the years for not being exactly like the pride after leaving the pack. It also means that I have more than one pattern by which I can attack you OR the problem. And again, who respects a nice guy huh, yup nobody which means if I have made it this far I must not have a problem getting dirty when the need arises. Hell getting dirty I must not have a problem increasing the depth of the pit. Remember I'm the odd one out here, I'm the respectful one to start, I'm the one NOT going along with everyone else which also means I'm the first target. To stand out is to stand alone until you find others with similarities to you and the go along to get along or else not be the target folks are many, they strike quickly as not to have their loyalties doubted, and they strike hard because otherwise they may be seen as becoming weak and thus a target to be whipped back into shape by the herd they are a part of.

I plopped a part one on the back of this, I think I'm gonna stop here and come back on a different post to finish. editing time woohoo

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's just stuff

I'll admit it, I do like my stuff. I'm the oldest and since my little sister was like 3 the concept of me having something of my own was like foreign to me. From the first time she took my toy robot and said "mine" just because while she didn't know why I was playing with it or what distant world me and my mind were on I had made that robot look like the greatest toy on the planet. To me it was, I have a great imagination I may never be satisfied with the way it transfers from my minds eye, through my fingers to whatever medium I am putting it on but that is because my mental pictures are so vivid. Hell even my tongue can't keep up with me half the time and as you see these key strokes and the average length of my submissions I'm sure you think he's exaggerating:but I'm not.

I was piloting that robot off to help han solo and luke skywalker stop the super star destroyer from killing the ewoks. Or maybe I was outside helping scottie get those dilithium crystals stabilized. I never know, my mind races along so fast that if mentally I blink I'm in a whole new world. And it is probably because I'm the oldest and thus subject to sharing my material possessions with every one else that I am so narcissistic about my mental possessions. They have to be perfect because if I am sharing it with you I want you to understand how precious it is and how wonderful.

My mental possessions though are  not the reason I am writing this blog. I lost something today, hell it is mine in name only I had long since bequeathed it to the pot because well my room is not as large as it used to be and honestly my TV would not have fit in here. So while out at a job site returning somebody's computer my LCD tv was cracked. Now anybody who owns an LCD device knows you never know how bad the damage is until you turn it on. And yes it's bad you can't even see anything on the screen it's only one small corner thats cracked but it seems the WHERE is the most important factor in this because instead of being a spiderweb sitting in the middle of the picture we just got a huge web and running flashy color. Now I won't lie 20 years ago I would have been pissed. Pissed actually is an understatement what I paid for that TV when I bought it MAAAAAAN, Remember the lovely Madeline Kahn(I think thats how you spell it) from all those Mel Brooks movies and Clue, clue is the important one in this instance remember how she described the feeling when she found out her husband had been cheating on her. Yeah that and a conniption fit are just the tip of the ice berg of what I would be feeling. Because once again when big brother shared and turned his back for a minute: snap, crick, chink, smash, boom, ZZZZZT, crackle. Oh yes don't think it was just GI Joe's with the Kung Fu grip(okay technically I never owned a REAL GI Joe with said kung fu grip, I had them miniaturized knock offs fine they were the real thing but I wanted the full size one, just like I wanted the millenium falcon or the ORIGINAL Optimus Prime Big rig, granted I'd be doing life right now if I had gotten either of those out the box and I came home to find them broken) I'm a kid of the original analog to digital transition. You ever see pictures of those old apple 2's yep I first started playing on those with all the other grade schoolers. Had an Atari 2600 too, and the 7800(my god sister had the 5200 with the original BIG BRICK CATRIDGES) I have lived through the creation of EVERY gaming generation so far. I never owned ET but I played that in store demo so when I tell you thank god for land fills, trust me I'm not kidding. ET the video game is a level of suck NEVER to be experienced again.

Even The Last Airbender didn't ET the video game us, did he try yes. But as he got SOME things right I can't call him ET the movie maker(but MAN did he try) now that was 20 years ago, that would be about the christmas we rolled home to find our house had been robbed, Happy birthday to me(my birthday is christmas eve yes I share my birthday with the happiest day in every childs life, that day Santa comes to make their dreams come true). We learned quite a few lessons that year. And yes for a while I was the Troll under the bridge, if parents were not around touching my stuff got the evil eye and a swift pop on the hand. Especially if it was something that wasn't age appropriate for you anyway. I think it took for my little brother to start playing baseball for me to be more mellow about my stuff.

Huh why would a sibling playing a sport make you more open with your stuff. It was a Louisevill Slugger 36. I loved it, that bad boy was the first brand new bat I had ever bought for myself all the rest had been from flea markets or yard sales(and hey I will NEVER down flea market bats or yard sale gloves already broken in leather is hard to pass up). So anyway again my brothers would watch me and my friends play and they would see us having fun granted both are double digit years younger than me. But hey older brother and his friends are out there enjoying themselves can we play. Sure whatever go chase the balls when they fly way out.(nice part about my old neighborhood on elm street up the block and over the tracks was a baseball field we actually had two within child transportation level distance ie walking or a bike ride). Now both had basketball courts attached and other enjoyable amenities but the baseball field is the important part. I am a firm believe in playing baseball like you know how to play baseball. Go down to the wire, you can't hit my best pitch, you can't get that over the plate past me baseball.  And thats how I taught it to my brothers, you want me to pitch to you no lobs uh uh your gonna hit a real pitch. And call me a purist but I like WOOD hickory or ash if you please. So there we are J just started his little league older brother went all out, bought 4 brand new balls each weekend so that when we played on the field real leather was flying. So as we are getting ready I pitch to him to let him build up a little arm strength, and being a younger sibling you know what he goes for yup the 'Ville. Dude I love ya given time you MIGHT be taller than me(unfortunately life loves irony scratch might out of there and put in DEFINITELY) but thats is way to much bat for you. He he I can hear life to this day "you of all people are telling YOUR little brother HE CAN'T". I made him a deal he could get a few swings with the hickory and if he couldn't get it around to make CONTACT, he'd pick up the lighter aluminum to continue practicing. I can still see that brightening smile on his face, I was being a douche I knew he wasn't gonna make contact especially on that first day. And no he didn't but the determination he showed(especially as the bat did more swinging of him then he did of it that first time) kinda filled an older brother with pride. I probably should have only given him 1 at bat worth of swings but I let him go ahead and miss 9 pitches(not in a row I've never had that kinda control on my pitches). He got tired picked up the aluminum and made contact with a few.

Now being that he failed of course he would give up right(hey life, I will kick you in the nads, seriously it's been like 18 years or so quit laughing, punk grrr) Nope not my little brother, it took him like 2 or 3 weeks but he made contact. didn't go far but that Thunk! when leather hits wood got him hooked too. Unfortunately I didn't know how hooked he made contact a few times, then he actually started getting dribble hits then decent past the pitchers mound hits(what I told you it's baseball you are either gonna hit a pitch or sit down) I even had some of my friends pitching to him. One day (I worked so I never made his games) I get a phone call the coach would like you to stop letting your little brother bring your bat to the games. PAUSE first off little so and so when you ASK to borrow my bat, second off how the hell did you get so good at putting it back. Problem was this was a few weeks in and before the game where the coach relented LIKE I HAD and decide "Hell let the kid swing the bat, get embarrassed and learn his lesson". Yeah um Coach next time ask me, I would have told you not only can he swing that bat, but unless you got a kid on the other side with an arm like a 16+ year olds he don't stand a CRACK! See the kid I heard tried the slider. Or at least at his age a baby slider, problem is Old J Kirk he loves to throw sliders, and high fastballs (I shall have my revenge, but they are soo pretty). At the time Joel was probably 16 or 17 and J had made connections with a few of his sliders. So not only did he know what a slider looked like he also knew the outcome if he made contact. Even more if he shifted his weight behind the contact, and better still if he got more than just the tip of the bat on the ball.

See the nice thing about aluminum besides that TINK! is that the ball kinda bounces hard off the bat. and the bad thing about aluminum is that the ball bounces hard off the bat. You loose a lot of power making that tink, oh yes all that vibration that means the bat not the ball absorbed a lot of that force. So: young kid throws a slider, and a kid of similar age using a wooden bat and you know what that spells on a kiddie field right, no oh I forgot you pain in the butt sore loser parents changed the game so you wouldn't have to give a pep talk and actually PRACTICE with your kid and share some BONDING TIME. Okay fine THAT ladies and gentleman spells HOME RUN, yes I Mr. High fast ball chaser himself(I'll chase a middle one and an outside one too but as the saying goes "Starts High STAYS high") had told him you see a slider coming lean into it and watch it sail, And sale it did and Lil J was allowed to keep using that wooden bat(though with a noogied shoulder, next time ask BEFORE you borrow my bat) and keep getting those extra base hits. Hmm if I show them how to appreciate my stuff they would take considerably better care of it(that boy kept that bat in good shape while he used it, never had to wipe a lick of dirt off it he was so mad when I broke it, what I swing hard as hell too you know I've broken a few bats in my day). So I decided instead of hoarding MAYBE I should show them the value of taking care of it.

So thats what I started doing, oh it didn't always work out for the best but as they got older they got better. We are still all human beings though and accidents they do happen, so here we are we're all grown and my 5 year old LCD is busted, meh damn needed a new TV  anyway this one was showing its age, yes mildly pissed but the former brat(my baby brother) did call me first himself to let me know, gotta respect that. Off top. unforced. HE called me, second its a TV I can get a newer better one for a quarter of the price I paid for that one. Now he's sulking, which you know okay yeah he's gonna have to shell out some green backs, just not buy himself he has two brothers we ain gonna let the homey go out solo like that.  But again he was a man and spot up when he screwed up, and it's just a TV, hell it was a 5 year old LCD TV those things don't live as long as those old panel TV's did you should read the number of HOURS each of your colors is supposed to be good for, I think most tv's blues are supposed to run out in about 5-6 years worth of use.

So is this about my journey as a person, nope it's about a simple fact, it's just stuff. Something that has traveled a few addresses with me, I've enjoyed my time with and I will have no problem replacing with something newer, shinier and with more bells and whistles. Because a lot of things have and continue to change in this past 5 years, and baby VIVA LA DIFFERENCE

Friday, October 15, 2010

What is it about me lately

Every time and I do mean EVERY time for the last year and a half that I have said okay I am going to start blogging more, make an actual blog saying I am gonna blog more. Make a plan to blog more hell actually go out and do things to blog about. Do I get home, play a few browser games(look at my blogger dashboard), maybe go plop in front of the TV or Gaming system(come back look at my blogger dashboard), bring up a browser window to view porn(and while it is queing up look at my blogger dashboard), even just sit in my chair and veg(like I was doing for a good portion of the night with my sore throat) do I not just click the new post button and type SOMETHING. What did I do today, I went to east Bumble MS, got told a tall tale, or a short tale, a whopper or a minnow about what went wrong.

Or I stretched Line A to point C, around the bend and back again twisted on an end or two and viola bubkiss (is it bub kiss or bup kiss I always forget) nothing happens I always love that occurrence. And who knows who walks through the door. So I always have material, even as of  late I have a sore throat, a monster sore throat really it ate my normal sore throat for breakfast with it's scratchy toes, and I lean back cough up a little phlegm(even the spelling of the word is nasty looking) and sit up quickly nope not hitting that new post button. (okay I did it this time doesn't mean I'm gonna hit the publish post button), I mean I have been to the A and back since my last blog entry(which was in august), now yes no laptop means I am less likely to be able to type up random thoughts as I traipse through various bergs either in the passenger seat or just kicking back doing a long distance reload. I realize now that it caused me to be more prolific because I could pound away in bed(yup I had to let that innuendo laced reference go), sit at the console, just be anywhere not stuck in my cave of solace but no privacy and still be connected to the World Wide.

I mean I tweet more, mostly flirtation a few political comments the odd sarcastic whimsey here and there(really spell check Whimsical is in your list but whimsey is not FOR SHAME) mainly because it is easier to access twitter ala my smart phone then it is to blog, at the moment. I'm sure if I was HIGHLY motivated to do it I could bang out a rather short utterance here and there. But what about ANY post I have ever done here or on any other blog every Screamed SHORT UTTERANCE to you. Hmm I wonder if I'm compensating for a limited vocabulary or a lack of speaking outlets. Anyway okay YAY I did it chalk one up for the man with the randomosity plan. I might be back, might not be back(stolen from an LL cool jay song of course I'll be back nobody else blogs on this page but ME) so til then just like the old jingle "Our name is our address) Primal signing off

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