Monday, December 27, 2010

I did say I get flakey this time of year

And with all the added disappointments of where I ain and what I can't do sometimes these pages are more like a weight than a release, but there on some things I wish to get off my chest, some fantasies I wish to type out so I won't be gone next longer and no this blog is not see you next year(yet) whether it will be tonight or tomorrow I will start cleaning up old business I'm not sure, but I will.

Each year one should reflect on who they are, where they have been, and where they want to go I'm going to do that, as the sang go fear don't leave here, and regret was drunken away so long ago that all I have left is reflection. Whether it be the mirror, the bottom of the glass, or the front of my mind it is what it is. What is yet to come I do not know, what I have already gone through I can appreciate, dark times have past and more will come but until I don't tomorrow I will wake up and face the day anew. Not bright and shining but determined to move a few steps closer than I was yesterday.

For those wondering where I have been, just staring out the window watching the clouds go by(or teeth chattering in a sheet as the heater broke thats another story that needs to be told), I'm here, there and everywhere. And I will return I talk to much not to ;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Happy holidays, I'm not going to be grinchy and not say anything at all. I don't know if anything hit the movies yesterday so I may head out tomorrow if something did. I know yesterday was my birthday I will do a blog about that tomorrow(damn tron is still sitting in draft gotta do that too), but today is the day little kids have been dreaming about all year(retailers hope that you were busy little bees over the last few weeks too).

As we're all grown christmas isn't the same as it used to be, a few presents are exchanged, food will soon be eaten and the day will hopefully be a laid back success. Thats all nothing extravagant, nothing mindboggling, just family, together for Christmas.

I hope if you celebrate Christmas(or kwanzaa or Chanuka) that you and yours are also enjoying this great family time.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the first of many

I'm on my droid phone the motorola backflip now as many of you know I complain about my fat fingers and touch screen phones. Well the back flip has a flip out keyboard, I am actually going to do a blog about the backflip(on my curve, hopefully my bold will be here tomorrow) with pictures and all as soon as I get back. I gotta get used to the blogger app on that droid phone though cauuuuse I never actually sent this, sokay I can fix a blog later on no biggie. But now I have the Droid option to blog and of course my blackberry e-mail blogging option so I can once again be a blogging fool.

Whether or not I will do my much maligned birthday blog past midnight I have not decided yet, technically I have all day tomorrow the question is will my heart be in it.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season to duck and cover

Not that the TV newstations aren't about to do this holiday warning their damn selves but I just wanna say be alert. Its Christmas, times are hard, and some people will see you with something nice and decide life was unfair in allowing you to be able to afford such items when they can't.

Be alert, holiday cheer is nice but if someone is tagging along I doubt they mean you well.

Be calm, if something goes wrong ITEMS can be replaced your life cannot

Travel in packs, some people are bold enough not to care but it is much easier to control one person that a group.

Don't be out late, unless it can not be avoided try to get in before it gets too late.

If you are hitting multiple stops don't get anymore than can fit in your trunk:outta sight outta mind.

I just got done doing an incident CD for a customer who was held up at gun point(shotgun) and it reminded me that folks need a holiday warning

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Monday, December 20, 2010

I know I'm overdue with the review but....

If you are living under a rock and do not understand what just happened in Philadelphia Eagle land yesterday afternoon, I feel sorry for you(Almost as sorry as I feel for my Giants fan friends who I already know not to talk to right now). As a football fan what happen yesterday is something that ONLY happens in video games. If you are down by 21 points with less than 10 minutes to go in the final quarter NO WAY IN HELL do you come back and win the game in regulation, especially if your OFFENSE has to score the points. If you get 3 defensive scores and one offensive okay that MIGHT be expected. But 3 offensive td's and then (nah we will get to that later).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The trailers of Tron:legacy

Cowboys & Aliens
I've heard about this movie Jon Favreau's baby he has an all star cast, looks wild. Cowboys vs aliens. He gets props just for getting Harrison ford back in a movie, on a horse, wearing a fedora. 

It's the wild west and a stranger wakes up with an odd device on his arm and no memory. It seems he's pissed a few people off and they want restitution, when all the sudden in the skies a bright light. All hell breaks loose as aliens come down in the wild west, and the only person who seems to be equipped to handle it is the stranger with no memory of whats going on and his strange device.

Real steel
A robot fighting movie. Big metal butt kickery, it looks (baby bro says it looks like Rock em Sock em Robots) interesting. I dunno I'll have to look it up and get some more info about it. It looks like its kind of gritty so I might like it, basically an old boxer/fighter (played by hugh jackman) has a huge robot he is trying to take to the highest heights(I've linked to the IMDB and the movie trailer for this one)

Pirates of the Carribean:on stranger tides
Jack sparrow, Barbosa, one of Jacks ex girlfriends, and Blackbeard the pirate. The full cast that made the first 3 movies work is not together but I guess they wanna try one more time. Might be comical who knows

Everybody is after Jack Sparrow, as you remember from the ending of "At worlds End" jack sparrow has the mystical map and is off in search of the "Fountain of Youth", the thing is EVERYBODY wants to get to the fountain so now once again everyone is after Capt Jack sparrow. High seas High jinx ensue as the Pirates of the Caribbean sail on stranger tides

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On the way to see Legacy with the bredren

I'm rolling in the back seat(yeah yeah what happened to walking, the brothers said NO) on our way to the Paradiso to watch Tron:legacy with my two brothers. Lank, Jelo, Logan, Afro I've called him a lot of things he's my taller cockier younger brother(he hates me saying little brother) and Brat, Panda Bubba, Ero kitsune the baby neither of whom were alive when the first Tron came out.

Now yes this is the last Mega Hyped movie of the year, I've had a good year of movie watching. Yes I've seen some horrid crap, but for the most part I like the movies I chose to spend money on this year. This one right here though, I've been waiting ever since the first hint dropped in July. I don't know what I'm gonna do for the trailers, I'm may switch the letters to tron green in honor of finally seeing it(granted I'll be pissed if it sucks, it shouldn't Disney has waited this long to sequelize this movie).

We're coasting to the sounds of MF Doom both of my brothers are fans, I think he's cool but they actually go on missions to find his music. If he ever comes to Memphis near one of their birthdays I'll buy them tickets. I can't wait to get a pic of the Deez, I mean usually when we lived out east it was always about hitting the majestic. Nice seats plenty of choices, not far from the house that's all you can ask for.

We've seen a lot of blockbusters since they've been grown. I guess you can say its our "thing" now, it used to be playing video games together if I ever get my 360 back and I can save my old account I guess we can go to the online and start BOMBING on each other. While we love each other, our best Halo memories were mercing each other. Lank is usually absent as of late but hey, I was at his age too I'd just be out.

But the 3 of us together going to see a movie at least this time I won't be sitting here knocking at midnight to get in the door

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After the credits rolled

There was:nothing

Yup I stayed after the credits so you didn't have to, it would have been nice if there was something at the end of Tron:legacy but it was a good movie all by itself, blog to come later. Trailer blog and "omw to the movies" blog to come whenever my E-mail posts on the blog's draft section WTF this is like 18 hours late
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Friday, December 17, 2010

*Ahem* 1+1=2 and if the sign says 3.75 thats what I'm paying.

!!Alert this is a comment directed ONLY at the Subway in the Pilot Travel Center at 1100 MLK blvd in West Memphis. I happen to like the rest of my Subway's here in the mid south but I would like to alert folks to some shady dealings that isn't distinctive to just Subway but that if you walk off before doing the math might cost you!!

Anyway on my way back from running a few errands for the boss I was a little hungry now it was like 3:50 and today is pizza day so I wasn't going to be starving long but I've been pecking all day and my stomach was grumbling. So on my way back from west Memphis I decided to stop at the Subway housed in a Pilot that is like the stop before it's straight highway to the bridge. Now as I said in the alert I love me some Subway, there is one right around the corner from me on Austin Peay that I go to all the time. And because I go to subway all the time I know what my usual subway meal costs(a $5 foot long oven roasted chicken sandwich with my preferred fixins) it's usually between $6.89-7.15 depending on the state and sales tax. I know this I had my local owners either a 5 and 2/3 ones or a 10 and know that I getting change back. I also know that if a sandwich is a $5 foot long than the 6 inch version is 3.75, no it's not exactly half but so what they are charging me a 1.25 not to make them slice the bread in half and potentially waste supplies. I can feel that MOST nights, again this was pizza night and I would be getting pizza in like 3 hours plus, I also know how much my cookies cost. Yup that's right I get a 5 dollar foot long and some cookies every time I hit subway. Do you know how much 3 cookies(two macadamia nut 1 chocolate chip, you know just in case we EVER bump into each other at a subway and you want to have the perfect ice breaker, just sayin) cost?

$1.39, always $1.39 the sales tax may differ but that part is steady so I know that if I order a 6 inch sub for $3.75 and 3 cookies for $1.39 then my initial ticket before tax should be $5.14, I mean that's pretty basic math right there. No we haven't gotten to the tax yet but for the basics that's less then 6 bucks. And PRIOR to the payment for my foot the server was great, she tried to upsell me to the 5 dollar, didn't want it, offered me double meat(nope costs too much for what I was getting), Offered me bacon(I have been eating healthier so bacon not made from turkey tends to skip my food now), asked me the bread I preferred and my cheese double toasted it like I liked.  So up to the payment phase we was cool, we was buddies and then she told me my bill $6.55, 0_o.

Now yes in my head I am adding it up because I was handing her 6 bucks quick cause I was like yeah this should be less than 6. I didn't cause a scene though I mean I'll get the receipt and can go ahead and see where the error was. So I look 6" 4.50, 3 cookies 1.39. whoops here's our problem. "Hey you charged me 4.50 for my 6 inch it's supposed to be 3.75" her response "yeah the sandwich costs 4.50 thats why I was trying to get you to buy the foot long". Me" yeah um no on the sign this sandwich is 3.75 see right there", she proceeds to point to the sandwich NEXT to mine that says 4.50(mine was the only sandiwich on that particular advertisement that was 3.50 so it isn't like I could get confused). "see look mine is supposed to be 3.75". Then(and I really love this move) a coworker of hers walks up and says "yeah but you have tax"

"okay I feel the tax but the tax will not change the INITIAL price of the sandwich"(and her next response tells me A they pull this gag all the time and B she thought I was slow)
"yeah but you know there is double tax"
"Even if there is double tax it doesn't change the PRE TAX RECEIPT PRICE of the sandwich" 

Okay now that tweedle dee and tweedle dum realize you ain gonna get me to walk away without returning the difference for the price of my sandwich they call the manager. She looks breaks out a calculater hands me my 86 cents and I roll out the door(after picking up a bottled water from pilot proper).

I know what they expected to happen in this situation:I pay, I get my change I walk off and I don't look at my receipt. Maybe because there are at a truck stop they figure they won't see folks that often and they can get away with pulling that. I live across the bridge I make this trek all the time, I have EATEN at this subway before. And like I said subway isn't the only place that tries to pull that, I've had folks at Taco Bell try to overcharge me for a burrito, I've had folks at Mickey D's hand me a medium soda when I paid for a large. Some folks try to get over, as they are standing right in front of you preparing it at subway RARELY do you get the USUAL food abuse that we all hear horror stories about(and that if you know the employees they will admit to some of them), but USUALLY it is directed at bad customers. But then there are also bad employees and that's what I ran into. It may have been slightly less than a solid dollar but I counted up how much my meal was supposed to be, less the 8 bucks since the bottle water at pilot is a little higher than the circle K near my house(1.29 vs .75 at circle k). 

It's one of those bang bang situations you know how we all check our bags before we leave the drive through and our receipts before we drive off, yeah this little "tricks" catch the folks who don't do that. And by giving me some BS story about TWO taxes(yeah um the sales tax is at the bottom NOT added in to the price of the sandwich and then taxed again), which would sound very official especially in this age of HATING TAXES they probably got plenty of folks to walk out there grumbling about the government bleeding them to death NOW by double taxing their food. Thing is I can read, and I can add(and do some quick subtraction on the fly, I knew there was a .75 discrepancy in the price of my sandwich) so blowing smoke up my crack isn't going to work. I didn't go off on them, no need it was like .75 cents hell with the extra like 9 cents for the tax I paid on it I still couldn't buy that bottle water(unless I was at circle k near the house) so why blow up. No matter what they were trying to pull a customer dispute about their receipt REQUIRES them to call the manager. I could talk to her, unless she plans to remove that sign then my sandwich is LISTED where all can see for $3.75, if you don't give it to me for 3.75 that's false advertisement and really lose customer goodwill for less than a dollar? What sense does that make? Though to be fair after hearing frick and frack try to convince me that my math was off I don't care how hungry I am I'll drive to the subway near my house or to one of the other MILLION and a HALF subways on the way home from where I am before I will ever eat at that one again. I'm just saying of all the BAD CUSTOMERS I see out there to try and flim flam a decent customer who just wanted to make sure he wasn't over charged nah I'm good your sandwiches are okay but your customer service is severely lacking

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow who knew

Tom's(no relation) BBQ

Hmm I've ridden past this place a million times when me and my dog gotti used to work for Fedex  (actually it was Fedex Trade Networks to be exact) and he was staying off tula. I'm looking at the posters with Guy Fieri on it like wow now I still haven't eaten here(the boss waited til AFTER I ate lunch to tell me I was coming here, Thanks Dad) but I guess this wraps into more famous places I've only gone to because I'm working.

Its sad really I'm probably living a few tourists dreams hitting all these famous Memphis eateries and rarely am I there to get a plate or have I tried a single dish. I mean the Mesquite chop house I'm always there (just rarely when they are open so nope have tried a dish), Papa Pia's(good pizza, I wanna try the calzone though), Pig on Beale(great BBQ there I had some before they won memphis in May), Kings palace(never ate there), Rum Boogie(great chicken), Handy Park(always working I ain even heard a note played there).I've also done some of the bars between King's Palace and Rum boogie(never been in those "after hours" either, if I ever get bored I'm gonna start taking photos in these various memphis hot spots downtown.)

I MAY buy dinner from Tom's BBQ since I have to go back, hopefully I can leave it in the fridge without it being attacked(I know who my siblings are a fridge play is fair game regardless of what you write on it). Like I said I just ate so my stomach is full, not super full but enough that I'd just feel bloated if I ate anything else.

Tomorrow is Tron:Legacy day, yes it will be epic yes its in the run up to my birthday it is Disney Marvel's present to me, not YOU ME(hey sometimes you gotta claim stuff as your own when there's no party). So I'm going to enjoy myself baby bro MAY walk with me we shall see. I'm wondering who will be a trailer for TRON (I'm hoping since Marvel is now disney's that I get some Marvel trailers you know Thor, maybe Cap) can't wait til I see it that blog will be epic.

I wonder if Disney is running Tron on the the Disney channel today, I gotta check that out. Hmm oh well quick update "how's it hangin" style

Catch ya later on tonight

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My "fiiish lips" food of the day

Now some days you walk into a store and see something for lack of a better word WEIRD. Now I know I'm a carpet bagger, somebody who left the north came to the south to make a living for themselves(though in my case it was to marry a beautiful southern belle and do all the rest of of that up there). Come on though Pork Jowls? And did you REALLY need to add COUNTRY to the pork jowls? Are there some suburban or urban pork jowls? I've seen pickled pork lips(please don't make me post the picture cause damn), pig feet, mountain oysters, pig ears, gizzards, livers you know what I'm starting to turn green.

There are weird foods all over the world and country but walking up and seeing one sometimes is like Whoa!

I mean I often wonder what a weird food is from say cali, or oregon, texas, florida, or boston. I guess I could get international with it and ask Germany, Russia, Croatia, England, Australia, Trinidad what stuff makes you grab your mouth.

I'll be waiting with an air sickness bag at the ready
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I've changed the title of this post from the original title of the picture name to "Fish lips" food of the day named now in honor of a McDonalds commercial I saw way back in the day for either the mcdlt or something else waaay back in the day. I remember the commercial was going through all the things Mickey d's could have on a burger or in restaurant and the last things said(by I guess supposedly an asian voice) was "Fiiiiish Lipps" to which followed the narrator going "wuaaaaaaagh" I guess to imply he was know hurling his cookies. it was comical and kind of the way I feel when I see some of these odd foods, so that may be a new primal blog


Semi bored so I'm sitting here writing and I'm bored blog. I'm back at the site we were working at yesterday but we had some power issues so now we're trying to resolve them.

Its drizzling today so no outside work is going to get done PLUS I have to go to Marianna again so I will be out of signal range(yaaaaay me). But hopefully it will be a quick run and back. We have to drop off a monitor in Hughes(which is on the way) pick up some mail at the old PO box and come back. We've got 10 out of 13 cameras working and have to find a missing 3 from before.  I got the other 3 up and working it was a bad plug up front, couldn't get his puter on the internet but I'm gonna let the other tech handle that

Mom's birthday is in 3 days and she should just be getting back in town. Now what should I get her for her B-day hmm I happen to like my budding blu ray collection so that's out(what, they get grippy with the movies they like), Baby bro wants to get her this collectors edition scrabble set which sounds cool(not that we've played scrabble in like ever I'm captain typo and lord of bad spelling scrabble ain my bag). Now as for Christmas I have no clue what I am getting anybody

Maaan this shawty is so lucky I ain have my phone out to take a picture of her crack headed self. Who out of nowhere just starts SCREAMING "Purple Rain" and ain wearing head phones. And ONLY "purple Rain" no other words. I ain gonna say its an advance stage of crackishness, but it is crackish and I wish I could have documented it. Oh well my day is like that sometimes I come to these weird off the wall places and see crazy things.

Two stops down, mostly successful trips and one to go. "Go Team Tech" okay technically there is not "Tech Team" its two people baby bro is along for the ride because rarely to me and the other tech roll together to a site. I let bay bro do all the work on this one it was just plugging up a monitor and doing a site evaluation. He's got a bad camera, we unplugged it, we'll order him a new one and bring it back.

Now I'm trying to go so we can hit Marianna and come back, but not him nooooo, bay bro takin his sweet ole time. And with no signal I can give him the ol "ey make it snappy". Saiight it was a pretty quick trip
Marianna quick, clean no fuss. A quick stop for lunch those double XXL chalupas are okay messy not as filling as one would think with all that puffy bread. We're back in Memphis now hit Aldi's for some cheese(pepper jack and provolone), and walmart for some more steaks(walmart has this great value brand cause they were out of steakumms, what I'm from philly/south jersey) and some cheddar cheese. Oh and two things of wheat hoagie rolls. Hey sometimes you want a taste of home and nothing says philly/south jersey like a cheese steak.

So about to make the steaks, saute the onions crack the rolls and do the damn thing. I hope everyone had a great day

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The end of an Era

September of 1992, it was the fall before I graduated high school
1992 it was the year I got my drivers liscense
1992 it was the infamous "senior trip" where I won the 300+ in a poker game with other high schoolers, bought the Indiana Jones hat and showed some of my more extroverted nature.

It was also the first game Brett Favre started at QB for Green bay. it wasn't the first I had ever seen of Brett no I remember him sitting on Atlanta's side line one of many Qb's the Falcons tried out. I think of running backs no longer doing it started AFTER 92, I think of some of the QB greats no longer doing it. 19 years I mean there have been old QB's who you keep on the roster just in case your main guy goes down, journeymen like Vinny Testaverde, Jeff George, Gino Torretta you know guys who's arms are still strong but you aren't gonna turn the game over to them if your regular starter is healthy.

To say the old gunslinger was one of a kind is an understatement, he has passing records galore(as a matter of fact thanks to him continuously playing it's gonna take years for Peyton manning to get the all time passing yards record) I mean the next closest guy has 204 consecutive starts. There are only 16 games in an NFL season that means to catch up the remaning 93 games Peyton manning has to finish out this season and keep starting for 6 more, yes like the movie 300 if he could have done that in football, made it a full 19 seasons(and maybe a few more next year, I mean he's 41 years old his body has to be a series of cracks, but you already know if you got him to come back this year you could probably have rung up 16 more games on that record, 20 seasons total) this is football 10 years is thought of as a long career in football, Jerry Rice played 20 seasons and yet even he didn't start every game for his 20 years. His first 5 seasons he didn't start(which actually isn't that odd for some positions you may be a vital player but not in on every down) yet still posted high numbers of yards, receptions and td's(if ever anybody told you jerry rice played a full season and wasn't productive laugh in their face). Two positions you are pretty much guaranteed to get hit every game QB and RB, even if you don't get sacked as a QB players can still hit you RIGHT after you release the ball(it's like a step and a half or something), they even tally that stat during the game sacks, hits, hurries, batted(for passes batted down if the defensive player didn't get the qb but got to the ball), and fumbles. And Brett Favre played in an age BEFORE they were all protect the QB, the whole no going for a qb's knee's "pffft his knee was a part of his body he needed to stop being a sissy". No shots to the head, "his head is a part of his body he needs to learn to duck", no spiking the QB into the ground, "oh please this is football stop treating them like girls".

In the age of Brady and Manning yes they have decided to protect their star players a lot more, but before that concussions please as long as you could stand up they would put you back in there now if you started throwing nothing but int's(interceptions) yeah then maybe they would sit you if you got your bell rung. Hell we've all had our bells rung once or twice, until recently a rung bell just meant you sat out a quarter or two. I mean until 5:50 eastern time came and Brett didn't take a single warm up stat it was almost a foregone conclusion Brett Favre was gonna start last night, it's BRETT FREAKING FAVRE before last night there were like 3 givens in football:The packers hate the vikings, The Steelers hate the Ravens and if it's a Sunday or Monday night Brett Favre is gonna start a football game. For 19 years 297 consecutive starts thats just how it was, Brett Favre was breathing he was going out to start a football game, broken angles, broken thumbs, calcified feet, Sprained this, bruised that

So it's a game today and my team needs me. I can't say I wonder how many times we counted him out, because I know every year at least 4 times a year it looked like yup brett favre is done for blank(the season, 3 weeks, 2 games whatever) and sunday rolled around and first the green and yellow, then the green and white and now the purple and gold had ol' number 4 under center. To call him football's iron man is almost an understatement every game for the better part of 19 seasons, damn it doesn't even feel right saying "the better part of". I just wrote an "all good things must come to an end" blog about us and peyton manning(he hadn't lost to the philadelphia eagles in his entire career until this year) so I guess I should have realized that even that "streak" (to hell with streak STANDARD) could come to an end.

Brett, I thank you for making me shake my head all those years with those amazing plays both good and bad. I thank you for showing me there is no such thing as you can't keep going if your heart is in it. Yes I'm mad I'm not gonna see you get to 20 season 316 games, another 2-4000 yards passing, who knows how many more touchdowns and amazing plays, but honestly you can't blame me or any other football fan. You have made it look so effortless over the majority of our adult lives that it's common place, we have come to expect it, it's like Micheal Jordan and beating the cleveland cavaliers in the play offs it isn't a wow anymore it's an "okay thats supposed to happen".  So Brett thank you for being that clock work for the entirety of my adult point up to now, I tip my hat to you

Due to technical difficulties

Yesterday's blog about Brett Favre not playin for the first time in almost 2 decades had to be put on hold. Basically my internet was tripping and I didn't want to lose it to the ether.

Running up and down the highway a lot today so I've made up for yesterdays laziness. This isn't gonna be a long one. Of course the plan for the weekend is tron the sequel I have been waiting damn near 20 years to see. I will link to Geektyrant's website so you can see that in house CGI special ending to Yogi Bear it was comical and unexpected, but I'm still going to go see tron.

I hope everyone is staying warm, comfy and safe and I'll catch up with you all later either here, twitter, facebook or wordpress

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Monday, December 13, 2010

While schedule sometimes requires it

I truly hate going to the movies Saturday night during football season. I'm a fan, a die hard Eagles football fan so on Sunday I am trying to do my laundry, relax and prepare to watch my team play football. Now granted nobody forces me to write my movie review blogs, but I do like to write them while the information is mostly fresh in my brain. Like leftovers I want to see what I still have a hankering for the next day after watching the movie so I can't do it that night. I do the trailer blogs the night of because they were trailers and whatever impression they left after I got done watching an hour and a half plus movie I want to get out there. The movies themselves again "how much of the directors world has remained".

This may seem a bit whiny, and I will admit for a none paid, unsponsored, unaffiliated blog I can do what I wish when I wish. And I do, but if I'm gonna do that I want to do it as best I can, even if it's sometimes forces time constraints later.

If you are reading my blogs I hope you enjoy(and when you find your voice speak up) I don't think December will see as much blogging as November, mainly because this is like my "vacation month" I like to kick back in December and recharge, kind of let my spirit soak up some human kindness and come back the next year raring to go. I will blog some this month but I doubt I will keep up with last months 70+ blog pace.

On the high seas with the dawn treader

The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This book marks the last official adventure for the youngest two Pevensies, Lucy and Edmund. The next 4 books of the Narnia series kind of go into the actual first induction into the world of narnia but that comes later.

In this book Susan and Peter are in America with their father, WWII is still going on and the Pevensie children have been separated by the Atlantic ocean. The movie starts with Edmund trying to sign up for the war effort(like many other young boys of his day, it was a common occurrence in America too where young men would falsify their ages) and Lucy walking up and basically ratting him out. As has been the case through the first two books The Pevensies are staying with relatives. This time their Cousin Eustace, Eustace seems to be a "logical" type, kind of Ebeneezer Scroogish. He does not seem to be too interested in flights of fancy, he is a rather neat little boy(brags later on in the movie about winning his schools hygiene award 2 years in a row), who collects bugs and has a thing for sweets. Our first introduction to Eustace has him writing in his journal complaining about his annoying cousins and wishing that he could treat them like he does his bugs.

After an argument between the cousins Lucy and Peter adjourn to an upstairs bedroom where they speak about missing Narnia, when Lucy notices a ship in an ocean painting. She remarks that it looks like a Narnian ship with brings Eustace into the bedroom to complain about them constantly talking about their insane fantasy world. Eustace is tired of their prattling on and him and Edmund start having a row while Lucy continues to stare at the painting, all the sudden water starts running out of the picture. Lucy tries to get Edmund's attention but of course he and Eustace are still going at it, that is until the water splashes onto he and Eustace. Eustace panics, so they fight over the painting it gets tossed on the floor the room fills with water over their heads, they swim up out of the water only to be on the open sea. Now any who have read the books or seen the previous movies know once the impossible happens you are of course in the land of Narnia. They come up for air in front of the ship Lucy and Edmund had notice in the picture.

Now there are usually rules for the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve coming to Narnia, usually it means Narnia is in need of help. Except this time when the are pulled onto the ship by King Caspian and crew well it seems that Narnia is in pretty good shape(or at least as far as the king knows). It seems that Caspian has been running successful military campaigns to reunite the many countries of Narnia that were broken up when his uncle started his wars against the magical folk. Caspian has decided to go on a Voyage to find the 7 lords who had run off when his Uncle took power in fear for their lives. They arrive at the Lone Islands to see what seems to be a deserted land, Caspian, Eustace, Edmund and Lucy travel inland while leaving some of the crew members and the brave Reepicheep the heroic talking mouse(from the prince Caspian story) to secure the boats. They enter a large tower where they are set upon by bandits, and while they appear to be fighting bravely against them(and possibly winning, Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy are used to fighting battles against overwhelming odds) until Eustace is brought in as a captive(this is Eustace's first trip into Narnia so he has yet to be trained with a sword and is not the world's most apt fighter).  Edmund and Caspian are put into the dungeon while Lucy and Eustace are most likely going to be sold by the slavers.

The next day comes Lucy is auctioned off and Eustace is on the block, Edmund and Caspian are being moved when the crew comes to the rescue, but while the crew has come to the rescue Narnia's rulers now realize why they are all here, there is some weird green mist that is kidnapping people and they must travel east in the Dawn Treader to try and find the causes of this great evil. For those who do not know the children are brought into Narnia when the land needs them and they need to learn a lesson or two.

The basic premise of this book is that Edmund, Lucy and also Caspian have been doubting themselves Edmund his worth since he is the younger brother. Peter was always in charge, Peter was the one everyone looked to when decisions needed to be made, and now coming back the king is Caspian he may be High King Edmund but he still has to answered to the much younger Caspian(I say much younger because time moves differently in Narnia than it does on earth, between their first foray into Narnia and meeting Caspian I think 400 years plus had passed in Narnia.). Lucy does not feel her value and wishes to be her older sister Susan, as she is starting to become a young woman the beautiful Susan is her idol. Caspian the young King misses his father and doubts his role as king and this seems to be just the mission to show them all who they are and how valuable.

There is a mysterious evil far to the east almost to the land of Aslan, and they must place seven swords at Aslan's table to break the spell.

This book would be the one where folks could really point to and say this is the proof that these are books basically using christian doctrine/mythology to tell a children's story. I really like the way the directors have stuck so closely to the books with these movies(I haven't read the books in at least 3 years), I noticed a lot of silly almost unnecessary moments in these movies that help you fall in love with characters in a book but are often left out of the movies because of well the attention constraints of the audience. The building of the relationship between Eustace and Reepicheep, Eustace finding his courage, the whole further quest to Aslan's country.  These books have endured for decades, I say the subject matter speaks for itself let the movie draw people in the same way.

This is a good movie, I was ready to be hard on this movie because of the last few "aimed at children, from successful childrens franchises" movies that have come out where basically the adults turned them into merchandising fests and ignored the story. Once again though I have been pleasantly surprised by their dedication to the story, and the characters. yes some things have been cut out, things are always cut out, some things were expedited slightly, but no so egregiously that you can't enjoy the story whether a newbie or someone who has read this books from early childhood and is seeing the movies in their 30's. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe has been animated many times, acted out in live action as well. As I own a compilation book I of course know how the story ends. IF they do all 7 movies I will be happy, it was a good story and I love how it is all wrapped up in the end.

If you have a problem with magic, mysticism, mythological creatures and fantasy settings don't go watch this movie with your closed mind, you will not understand it. Hell by the time you got to the last book and realized what this story was really about it would have been such a waste of your time to have to backtrack and apologize for your tunnel vision that I'd rather not even have you begin the journey. If you have an open mind, are a fan of CS Lewis' work, or enjoy entering fantasy worlds go see this movie, hell take your kids.It's a good story, with a decent message, and a plot that will keep you guessing til the end

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The trailers Chronicles of Narnia

Marvel is putting out its second big Avengers character's movies Thor, or The Mighty Thor if I want to tie it in to the comic. Now I can't give the trailer full props NOR can I ridicule it because THE THEATER had issues playing it. The basic Synopsis I get from the trailer:

Thor Norse God of Thunder the Odinson in his arrogance has peeved off his dad. In punishment for his transgression Odin takes his mighty hammer(Mjolnir), his Godly Mantle and sends him to Midgard(earth he said earth when someone talked to him so this may be Norse mythology lite). On earth the god of thunder tries to make his way while some major catastrophe is afoot caused by whatever mistake Thor made.
The shield agent from Iron Man is here so it seems to tie in to the finding of the Hammer after the credits in Iron Man 2. As far as "storyline" is concerned it seems to be meshing Ultimate and Regular. In Ultimate Thor is Thor has his powers some weird hyper scientific looking armor and a slightly futuristic looking hammer, Normal Marvel U he's got his enchanted stone looking hammer odd looking armor and a strange way of speaking.

They also seem to be using the

Whosoever holds this hammer,if he be worthy, shall possess the power of.....THOR
Mythos. Because in one trailer I saw the recently disgraced Odinson finds his mighty hammer and is unable to lift it. Yeah not anybody can lift Mjolnir pretty much gotta be of stout character and noble heart. I'll do a blog about Thor later though.

Gulliver's Travels

Jack black as gulliver a mail boy who wants to be a journalist is giving a story, lost in a storm, and washes up in the land of the lilliputians. An update of the story as there are hydraulic creatures use, jack black has a cellphone(droid or iphone for those who wana know). Gulliver is a rather short guy who tells tall tales to the lilliputians about his great life back home, promises to be their protector, is exposed as a braggart and then has to not only prove to himself the kind of man he can be but also redeem himself in the eyes of his minature hosts.

Looks like it could be a funny romp, but we shall see.


Another animated cartoon story about repopulating a species. Similar to Alpha and Omega. This time it is a story about two Macau, the last of their breed. The male is from america the female is in Rio. The female appears to either be wild or else in a preserve. The male is domesticated, living the good life.

Looks like there is a lot of high profile comedy voice talent. Thing is though, meh its kinda becoming rote here. The best of the breed and you know the mid to bottom of the barrel have to save the species. I mean a bird who can't fly isn't that like stretching it too damn far?

Oh well kids movie, not going to see it I'll wait til it hits cable. Plenty of funny actors but nah not feelin it.

Okay ready to bed this one, I'll add in the links and post it in a little while

By the way for those who noticed, no I did not link to gullivers travels simply because I've seen that trailer like 7 times now I'm tired of linking to that site hit one of my other trailer blogs, it's IN THERE, trust me

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Feeling like the white rabbit

"I mustn't be late, I mustn't be late"

I was a bad boy, I got sucked into "Push" and forgot to charge my phone BUT as baby bro has the Torch now I'm using his half charged battery for the walk up and will use my half charged battery for the walk back.

As I'm walking I believe I will check out "the Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader"(almost lost this blog forgot I started it on the camera). Now I used to own a book of all the collected Narnia works, as I have often said I read a lot as a child. Being a latch key kid with not a lot of friends or near by relatives books and TV were how you got by. I mean yes Nickelodeon had started while I was a child but NOTHING like it is today, and Cartoon Network the stuff of dreams I tell ya.

It was just your 2-3 hour after school block and maybe a holiday special. Rudolph, Charlie Brown, a Muppet something or other who programmed for kids we didn't have money, we didn't buy anything aah how times change.

CS Lewis is said by some to have been a christian story teller. He crafted his love able stories with a central Messiah like figure (Aslan) who may not have been there with you EVERY moment

Okay made it to the movie theater with time to spare I'll expand on my CS Lewis thoughts later

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Friday, December 10, 2010

The beauty of promising a "chicken in every pot"

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty smart guy. Give me a book/manual/decent training class and I can get damn near anything. Those wonderful charts and figures that get put up when people discuss:deficits, tax cuts, government expenditures if I can see them full size and read the key on the side I can usually get the gist of what you talking about. Any term I don't understand I will hit google, websters, investor words, how stuff works, bing or whatever other source I may need to so that I can follow along with your argument/topic of discussion.

That's me though, see if something piques my interest I'm like a dog trying to get his beloved toy from under a chair. I'm gonna dig and scratch, try to get my shoulder/arm in there, run to someone seeking help, keep trying to find a way. That's not most people hell, I have come to believe that people have started creating lipper charts, Feng zwei curves, out da back door averages and you don't need to know so don't ask me reports JUST so they sound intelligent to the average person and you will stop questioning them and leave them alone if they seem to buttress your own position. Its 2010 most people in my age bracket have seen the results of Reaganomics from kindercare to adulthood.

We have seen our neighborhoods go from nice friendly places where we could play outside til the lights came on to desolate scenes from old westerns. Ghost towns where the lawless rule and the average persons goes about their day in fear hoping to stay under the radar. You hope to avoid the big rancher out to own every acre his eye can see, the drifting cowboys bored with the monotony of the trail so they have "just one night" to spice it up a bit.

When those at the top are allowed to ignore the rules(or buy them as they see fit), justice is based not on the incident but on your ability to pay for representation, a permanent "unclean" class is present and always decried as the "unstoppable" enemy while the people run around "defending" themselves from the enemy the haves keep all the spoils for themselves. As for the ne'er do wells hey all they need is a shadow to hide in. When justice is blinded by dollar signs who wants to call the law? Every negative encounter re-enforces the idea that they won't help us.

Look around now, isn't that what you see? The world going to hell while you and yours just try to survive? You don't have time for high minded ideas now do ya? Taking the time to research every last claim by somebody living in a gilded cage, eating off a silver spoon he doesn't know what your life is like. So let's say somebody who looks kinda like you tells you how it ain your fault, how if you just leave these folks over here (who by virtue of their past successes obviously know what their doing) alone that their success will lead to your success. And that as they are more successful you will see things improve for you, why they'll get so good on your side, if you put these folks in charge, that there'll be "a chicken in every pot".

Now you don't know who lipper is, or S&P but you know who chicken is. Hell look how many chicken proprietors are out there:Tyson, Purdue, The Colonel, Churches, Zaxby's, Popeyes, Mrs. Winners, Chic-Fil-A. Think of how inexpensive a chicken dinner usually is, its good, its quick all kinds of great memories for MOST people. Hell thinking about it can you name a bunch of "beef" companies? I mean you could name me a "burger joint" but even burger joints sell chicken. How about an actual brand of beef, you've got your super market meat department, might even be able to tell me who makes ya turkey sausage or your hot dogs. Ya steaks and pork chops though uh uh, not too many people in that game.

So you pick a cheap yet delicious item, an item that most people have dealings with on a regular. No nothing extravagant, nothing that's actually gonna put you out a few dimes, not Filet Mignon in every oven. Or a pan full(remember its only one chicken singular, might be able to feed a family of 4 2 days on 1 chicken) of Minions, NY strip, Prime Rib nah not that stuff that costs money. How about a pot full of lobsters? Yeah let's all be ballin, let's all be eating good give me that King Crab, that Caviar(beluga baby), Dom Peri in the glass, Private stock in the cup pimpin.

Nah, that's too much can't pull that off without people getting suspicious huh? KISS keep it simple stupid, a message people can understand and comprehend. Things that seem tried and true nothin fancy, elaborate or invasive. While not every chicken pusher sells it to you cheap, ain nothing like some tender, juicy chicken now is it.

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How I would map out the "Spiderman" reboot

Now look I know they ain askin me, I know I don't have enough ducketts in the bank to even tickle the hair beside their ear lobe BUT, if I were to be in such a position to influence the reboot of the movie franchise for my all time favorite comic book character(I used to own Spidey PJ's, yes there is a picture I severly doubt I will post it) this is how I would map out the progression. And I would have some set in stone, non reversible, no change banks, no time outs, no skipsies rules that had to be obey.


Save Kraven(and for a short time Doc Ock) spidey villians don't die, they fake their deaths, the fall off the grid for a while but they don't die. Like all super heroes some started out with lame(or at least with lame looking costumes say like Shocker and the original Mr. Daisy Electro man was electro's original costume gay, you couldn't pay the guys from Will and Grace to wear that costume) villains. Maybe some new "threat", disease, or weird phenomenon popped up comics being pop culture usually runs with some new issue and makes it work in their medium.

So yeah I know you may wanna kill off the lame villians or hell some main ones no axing ANYBODY unless it was in the actual main story line.

Keep the Girl friends in order

Mary Jane Watson is Peter Parker's reward for always being that stand up guy, ALWAYS living by his credo of "with great power comes great responsibility"(and for Stan Lee pounding him into the sand EVERY other issue, Spidey rarely wins in the first meeting, hell sometimes not in that issue it's always Spidey in gravel, Spidey half conscious for Stan's most SUCCESSFUL CHARACTER EVER he sure beats the hell out of him regularly and the marvel universe has kept that them intact, just saying MJW is a great reward but so would not making his life suck 50% of the time). Spiderman came out in the 60's but his woman of tomorrow strong female love interest(Lois Lane started out the typical damsel in distress, MJW was the consummate whirlwind and firebrand from day one) I think didn't come around til the mid to late 70's.
I remember reading about how for like 3 issues and up til like the last 5 panels of the issue she was introduced in she was just a voice. They knew who they wanted her to be but hadn't decided fully how the fiery red head would look. And MJ wasn't a pushover oh no she was a Tigress she was on the prowl and when she finally caught the scent of our shy hero, man was her iconic "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot" an understatement(look at the pictures name me one book nerd who wouldn't take every wedgie and melvin if thats what they were gonna end up marrying after college)
To my recollection the girlfriend list went:

Gwen Stacy(who was later killed by the jackal)

Betty Brant(it was actually more of a work place crush as she was much older than peter)
Felicia Hardy
And then Mary Jane Watson.

Yes I know those ONLY familiar with the ultimate universe will say but Mary Jane was there all along, no she wasn't but if you remember the ultimate series of marvel comics is a condensed, sped up version of all storyline putting the most BLARING character identifiable traits early to bring newbies up to speed(by the way Kitty Pride the X-men's Shadowcat would also be on the list if we added the ultimate universe since they dated) .

Adherence to basic costume design

I say this after calling Electro's costume gay(if me using gay in that way offends you, I accept that. I have nothing against gay people I just feel this situation fits that description) yes some costumes could get a mild color and "design" update, no Gobbyizing.
The Green Goblin's(Norman Osbourne) costume was god awful in Spiderman, yes I know the "imp" motif might have been a bit much but go with it.

Doc Ocs (Otto Octavius)costume was pretty simplistic just a green jumpsuit. So the trench coat and basic clothes worked.

For Electro(Maxwell Dillon) I say borrow from Infamous, some cargo pants, a bike messengers jacket done.

Sandman(Flint Marko) I mean his outfit in the movie was fine. Striped green shirt brown pants.

Venom(Eddie Brock) meh that's kinda his costume but brock was supposed to be the jock to Peter's nerd so not really feeling Parker lite in Topher grace.

Scorpion(Eddie Gargan) there have been a few successful updates of the scorpion suit so I say keep him buff, keep him simplistic, and let him slap around with the tail that shoots acid

The Rhino(Alex O'Hirn) now this one I wouldn't mind a switch to the Ultimate version. A mechanized cyber suit of destruction, yeah go with that.

Who's next who knows.


Comic books thrive on them, I mention Felicia Hardy as the eventual black cat. Also if you add Black Cat do the Fox kids version of her origin:her dad "The Cat" was tricked into learning the super soldier serum, has a photographic memory and is black mailed into giving the CORRECT formula to The Kingpin by him threatening to test the formula on his daughter first.

And as all the Marvel heroes are NORMALLY based in NY you can stumble over anyone DO SO. Maybe even test a few "low tier" heroes who might be good for a test movie. Blade was an out of the Galaxy Home run for marvel. He NEVER worked as a comic and was Cameo King you have PLENTY of second or third tier heroes you can give minor screen time to and if you get positive feedback expand on him later.


Most comic book movies fail because you get a writer who decides he has a better idea of how the character should act, a director decides he doesn't need to obey umpteen years of fan dedication and you get a train wreck: The last Airbender, BloodRayne, Dragon Ball Evolution, Elektra, THE HULK.

You change so many things that the character is unrecognizable and pisses off fans, then newbies see a hodge podge effect and possibly get sucked in by special effects but they aren't going to go long term with buying Merch. Respect the fan boys, they budget merch into their pay checks.

Wow this got longer then expected okay I will revisit this subject sometime this weekend. I'll go into more actual story depth instead of just the rules for what should be(which I think most spidey fans would agree are some pretty decent rules)

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just had a JN moment

By JN I mean Jimmy Neutron(yes the cartoon character). Since this is "sequel, remake, reboot time" I think I'll start doing some blogs on:what would primal do.

Now some of these characters I'll be like "Duh" on, I'm a comic book geek but mainly a marvel comic book geek with a minor in some DC main stays. I've read some Dark Horse, Image, Milestone and one other but I'm not all super comic book geek. And I rarely read Manga's so I can't get all deep and in depth with manga characters(that would be baby bro, possibly would give him some manga chat time if I felt that folks wanted to discuss manga).

But yeah marvel, DC, TV I think as news comes out and stories are in the writing, green lit, pre or production phase and not yet release I'll say what I would do IF I was in charge. I mean what else is a blog good for if one doesn't opine right. So yeah the one I'm currently working on is about spiderman, hope to finish that by the end of the day(KNOWING I STILL have finished the black ops blog, tsk tsk tsk SLACKER).

Hope your having a great thursday as always feel free to chime in agree, disagree, leave a suggestion, I'm all ears

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why I'm still against the "home ownership as wealth creation" philosophy

I've said it before and I will say it again:you want to show off how much money you want people to think you have "buy a house", you want to build up assets and wealth buy liquid items. What are liquid items:stocks, bonds, treasury: notes, bonds, bills;options, SOME commodities and raw material precious gems and metals.

Yes those things have fluctuating values but they are a lost faster and easier to sell than a house. Those who have read some of my past blogs talking about my portfolio will see what I mean. I talked last year about selling ford, now with a bank account attached to my brokerage account its at most a 5 day turn around between me selling the stock(if I do it at market value not a stop order which of course would require the stock to first hit my target sale price up or down) and the money being in my bank account ready to spend.
Also with stocks and other "smaller" liquid assets you don't need as much down and credit isn't that big an issue. If you have enough money to start the account they let you. While its better to buy in "round lots"(usually a stock order of 100 shares or multiples of 100) you could buy 1, 5, 10, 50 etc(and anywhere in between or above one of those numbers) as long as you have the money for the shares plus brokerage fees. Usually the brokerage fee is added per every X shares purchased PER order, so if you go over that share amount even by a share tack on another brokerage fee, if you make another stock order whether it be the same or a different stock tack on another brokerage fee.

Is it perfect no, I mean yeah gold, gems etc if you had a vault you could see and visit those but for most folks you log in to see your stock certificates. So yes if you wish to parade around your wealth you have to have a house or a car. What's wrong with saving up for those things? I mean what good is putting all of your money into something you don't actually own yet? Most trade able vehicles as long as it doesn't crater, expire, or self destruct whether it goes up or down you still own it. Miss a few car payments they take the car back and you don't get a dime. At least if a stock, right or warrant(different names for trade able vehicles) implodes if nothing else you get the tax write off.

I mean yes if you wanted to you could just hoard the cash in various bank accounts. Cash is always good and always king, so yes if you aren't worried about playing the casino game of investing its hard to argue with just keeping the cash on hand. Hell even IF you invest part of your portfolio should always be cash, money market account whatever always have cash on hand.

Yes you could also show off the piles of cash all Scrooge McDuck style if ya wanted to but flaunting isn't always safe. I mean hey I've never been one for flaunting so some of this is my own personal philosophy on life and the way this should go. I still say you want to accumulate something then accumulate it. Just you know lay off the debt for a little while, I could look up numbers and charts but I'm pretty damn sure anybody in america(and even a few of my international readers) knows someone who has lost a house or car. So some abstract number or series of numbers is unnecessary all you have to do is look around. Repo men and foreclosed signs are all around. Bigger isn't always better if you can't hold on to it

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little reminder from the MPD

If a police officer shows up at your house or place of business unless you are under arrest you have the right to ask questions, if you are not the owner you have the right to call the owner, if you are shown a warrant you will be given a copy of said warrant and be asked to sign off on any searches done if you give PERMISSION for them to search when they don't have a warrant.

Just like the army there are stores that sell police equipment out there so just because it looks like a cop and gives you that "I'm a person of authority don't question me demeanor" doesn't mean it is a cop. It could just be someone casing your house or place of business for a later break in attempt.  Yes many of us complain about the attitudes of police officers and some of them can be a little harsh(remember this is my non cursing blog so I know the joke about what most police officers were in high school, just can't say it here) but they are not above the law. As a matter of fact if YOU didn't call the police and the "police" show up at your establishment from an officer I was talking to yesterday while I was creating an incident report for a break in "call 911 so that the police can really show up", if you have an alarm press that, have one of the employees, family members, guests walk away and dial.  And if your english is a little weak DEFINITELY DIAL 911. Now I'm not saying get all up in the "officers face" and be belligerent, nah if it is a cop you'll probably end up in hand cuffs if it isn't a real police officer you may end up in hand cuffs and hurt somewhere, because if someone is running a scam on you the authority of the police is what they were counting on to keep you and the others around you in line, if you threaten that they'll need to subdue you in order to keep the facade going.

During a search you have rights, if they seize property you have rights(you have to sign off on what it is they took) there is no such thing as an "open ended warrant": a warrant must tell you WHAT it's for, WHERE they can search for it, WHO it is for(now if it's a gang member it may be for said gang or affiliated tatts/aliases), and WHY they are looking for said item or person. Yes you can get damn good REAL badges but not be a police officer, but you can't get damn good fake warrants that won't get the real police all up in that backside if you leave a copy.  And if it just so HAPPENS to be a real police officer who is overstepping the authority of his office, that is called a lawsuit(again from the officers mouth) because now he/she, the city and possibly the county are on the line for their wild west activities.

Now I know being darkly complected and looking at the news one might say "how can you say that police aren't above the law when we see some get away with heinous acts", because it wasn't that the police were above the law, many times they had their day in court, they had to plead their cases, and they had to wait for the juries decision. What failed wasn't the law it was the people who were supposed to make them accountable to it.  The law is clear, the people can be fallible. Sometimes our fellow human beings can be biased, petty, scared and unthinking when it comes to another human life or persons property.

Justice is supposed to be blind, but unfortunately PEOPLE can be biased and many times those biased people skew the distribution of justice.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is the story of a sad flute, a laughing baby and a weeping sword

I will admit this is cheating when I heard this in the opening narration I immediately pulled out my phone and typed it in, I knew it would be my title for the review. Opening lines like this is why I used to tune in to Kung Fu theater every Saturday afternoon to watch this epic tales of martial artist on quests of vengeance, self fulfillment or for honor and glory. It's a story of a soon to be hero who may not be perfect but he will grow on you and make you happy to have come along for the ride, so to the movie:

The Warrior's Way

Man am I sleepy

I actually sat down at this desk last night prepared to do the review of "The Warrior's Way" and I was dog tired. I couldn't do it so I will do it this morning. Now I fully admit that I came up with the title for that blog while in the theater, it is actually the opening line for the narration. I would have been pissed if the movie sucked, but it seemed to foretell an epic tale(which it did). So yes my everyday blogging streak has been broken finally(well technically as I did finish the "trailers" blog after midnight during my walk so truth be told I did do A blog on saturday but not by my usual standards. Saturday was a boring day though without much to report or even make me "giddy and bloggy". So no blog for yesterday proper. Sokay I've still got a pretty good clip going.

Hope everyone is enjoying their sunday(I of course could sleep in for the majority of the day because my team played on thursday so no football for me and I wouldn't be mad for missing anything.) and I hope all got a chance to rest for the upcoming week

Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the combatants path

Walking to go see "The Warriors Way" which I expect to be an awesome movie. Cowboys, ninja's, swords, the wild west and martial arts action.

Yes that is a lot to cram into one movie, yes it looks like a comic book geeks wet dream(yeah like I've ever denied being a comic book geek), and yes there are lots of ways this can become an epic fail. I'm still psyched to be walking to go see it, mad props to @thinkhero and @geektyrant for having the trailers of this movie up on their sites. First place I saw them and it wet my apetite for the movie.

And I want to be honest I hope its an over the top movie, martial arts movies are best when its over the top. Mysticism draws me in, so what if I can't figure it out, or I have a hard time believing it. If I'm spending major amounts of time debunking what happened in your movie, you win. For me to have to "debunk" something that happened in a movie means it captured the hearts and minds of millions. The fact that 30 years after the original Episode IV a new hope scientist are still doing "scientific debunkings" and discussing the practicalities of lucas' epic let's you know the power of that work.

When people just brush you off, you are a fad, a trend maybe a slow growing movement. But when they start discussing you outside of your medium, they start trying to lower the expectations of us reality because: why hasn't science or industry given us this, man you kicked some tail. I don't care what it is at some point in time if its advanced now it was an irrational fantasy of someone who thought outside the box.
Even if its magical, how many times have we heard tales of magic, might and triumph? So the fact that you have capture peoples imagination with you telling, made them want to be a part of your vision is outstanding.
People can always tell you how to do what is expected, what others have done before and made common place. To be extraordinary or exceptional that takes a lot of personal effort. At the theater again I'll take another pic do the trailer blog and cya after the movie.

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The trailers for "The Warrior's Way"

The rite

This is the new age exorcism movie again. Loosely based on supposed recent event Anthony Hopkins as the head exorcist up against a new "scourge" or demons/demonic possessions. He has a new young assistant/apprentice who is skeptical about the "veracity" of this slew of possession claims.

It looks decent, it looks like its not so much in the vein of the blair witch/haunting in where ever but the older school movies. Where while some may have been skeptical debunking was not at the top of the agenda. Probably a good date movie if you date is jumpy and is the "hold me close, keep me safe" type might not be for the faint of heart.

Drive angry 

Now let me say this first some people are gonna hear the opening narration, look and Nick cage and scream "ghost rider rip off". Let me say this to those folks:not unless they wanna pay Disney/Marvel a crapload of dough.

Nick Cage plays a dead man who escaped from hell to save his daughter or his daughters daughter(its a little murky). Some cult murdered two of the women that survived the punished soul and he didn't take to kindly to that. He does get one hell of a one liner though this demon tracking him says "you better hope the devil doesn't find out" to which Cage replies "Or what he's not gonna let me back in?". Love it might have to watch this movie iy looks a little cheesy kinda "Memphis Reigns meets The Spirit of Vengeance" since in Drive Angry its cars not a motorcycle from hell(aptly named the Hell Cycle). UnGodly(slight pun intended) weapons, big explosions, a femme fatale and some possible demonic butt kicking. Could be fun.

Season of the witch 

Second time seeing this trailer the exact same trailer I saw last time I'll hit imdb to give you character names. Same synopsis well known storied hero is charged with taking an accused witch to some distant land to have her powers broken and them be burned at the stake.

Behman(Nicolas Cage) is not sure all is what it seems and a battle between two armies and POSSIBLY metaphysical good and evil may be about to commence. Is she an evil witch or demonic concubine or some other strange empowered female. Dunno again swords and sorcery if done right tend to make a lot of money.

The fighter(the mickey ward story)

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale star in this Biopic about Mickey Ward, the Boston prize fighter known for his huge heart. Wahlberg plays ward showing his rise from his early days as a stepping stone, a hard nosed fighter who didn't finish his fights well and thus made his opponents look good. Anybody who owned Fight Night Round Two has probably heard the intro about the wars fought between Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti.

Ward is a pretty decent fighter so actually I might watch this one even though I'm not a huge mickey ward fan(hey I'm sorry but the more you made Gatti bleed but couldn't get the ref to stop the fight the more likely you were about to lose. Gatti was like a real life Rocky Balboa the second you counted him out you were on the canvas) but I have seen him fight a few times and I respect the mans hustle.

Okay around the corner from the house time to bed this one add the links and the edits and post it

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Friday, December 3, 2010

On the trail of "The MooseDog"

You see that big, annoying, overly energetic, playful, goofy looking piece of dog flesh right there. Yeah that huge black and tan monstrosity that has the leash stretched taut tryin to rip my arm off(anyone else in nesbit part yes that's me screaming "I hate you" every few minutes) uh huh the one with th "waggily tail" and Cerano nose, that's Brute.

He is holding me hostage on this long pointless trek(with plenty of pics we found the bike park a minute ago) this is the longest walk I have takrn him on in some time. And now I remember why he just keeps walking, if it were more fenced in I'd take the leash off and let him run to his "lil" hearts content, but I ain chasin him "over the river and through the woods".

Now if I find a huge gingerbread house back here me and moose dog gon have a long talk. To say we are lost as hell is an understatement. I know what trail we started on(red) but some how we got on the white one(I don't know why he keeps raising his leg he's been pissing dust for 20 minutes). If I thought I needed cardio today I have gotten it in spades I see houses so if nothing else we can just walk the tree line out of here.

Okay turning around I think we out walked the trail. Next time I bring supplies, we've been walking for at least 20 minutes easy. I'm not dripping or drenched but I feel myself perspiring. Big nose up there those like a rock, he wants to keep going hasn't slowed down at all. Now if I send off an instant message update that means we're screwed. I'm probably sucking wind, he escaped his harness and I'm too tired to chase him.
Wow I started this blog at 8:41 and its now 9:52, this dog has been dragging me along for over an hour. Hell I didn't think I still had hour long walks in me, so yay me. Of course since I have yet to reach the car we'll see just how much walk I really have in me. It gets filed under "only as old as you feel" though cause even I would have bet against me if you asked me that off top.

You may wonder why this is my most focused blog date its because big stinky dog has me bustin my hump. So my main focus is my tired feet and the cause of their condition. Need to get some wayer soon though last thing I need is to get dehydrated in the middle of the park(woo quit footed maneuver right there I almost tripped).

Uh oh we got turned around on these windy trails somewhere so the adventure continues. I see cars now we are near the road. Billy maher and saint elmos loop, yup never heard of them. Just found this weird warped bridge. Yup there is an even wilder story in here somewhere(no gingerbread house yet) and it seems me and the bru meister here are destined to find it.

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Started and ended with 10

Man what a second half, we started the second half with a 10 point lead and we ended the game with a 10 point lead. I think all that smack Arian Foster was talking came back to haunt Houston, yes the Texans took momentary control in the 3rd quarter but don't talk trash if you haven't put us away yet, we'd been driving on you all day, and again MISSED TD PASSES were killing us. They gave a Texans player credit for a great play on the ball only on the replay to see "HIS CHEST DEFLECTED IT", as a team we are gonna have to do something about that, all those damn dropped TD passes cost us in the chicago game, damn near cost us in this game and when we go to the playoffs will definitely cost us then.

You can see it on the field, we take teams breath away when we go on some of these drives they do their best and they see the ball coming in, but instead of us catching those passes we keep dropping them, giving our opponents hope. "Whew they are too hyped up, they aren't even handling their fundamentals", and for a wide receiver it doesn't get more fundamental then follow the ball into your hands, then you chest and HOLD ON. Desean got 84 yards receiving, but no TD's(which of course for me hurts because I want him to do well being an all star wide reciever) Maclin Didn't get any TD's either so he is stuck at 7(but for a second year player to be damn near at 1000 yards, again since Desean did it last year, and 10 TD's thats just awesome) but this season has to be considered a success.

Of course while we won the game after such an amazingly bad third quarter where we game up 14 unanswered points, to the fourth where we took them right back, the closer we get to the end of the season the more 2 questions are starting to become REALLY LOUD, what are we gonna do about all of our young speedsters. Desean is about to be a free agent, Vick is about to be a free agent(why did we give Kolb all that damn money yeesh) and I can guarantee you if we let the season end, it will be a bidding war for those two players.  If Desean focuses and basically catches some of those mental mistakes drops he has whew NOBODY can cover him, it looked like all night Houston had a policy of "Focus on a leg and do not let that leg go" and the punter man please, um if it ain in the rafters this ball ain going near him, I like my cushy job and it's "DO NOT LET DESEAN JACKSON CATCH THIS FOOTBALL IN SPACE", I've noticed teams kick it out of bounds, they (if the punter has the leg for it) kick it high, they kick it away from him but nobody wants to just let him have a free touch, free touch are you crazy do you see how hard it is to stop him in coverage?

Then we have the issue of our defense I know from madden that over the next 2 years a lot of our defensive players contracts expire(a few O lineman too) and I'm talking staples too, guys who get after the ball, strip it and make life hell for opposing offenses. Speaking of the defense Nate Allen for a rookie is playing awesome, yes he makes a few mistakes here and there but he is our starting safety that sack and strip near the end to basically put the game out of reach I know our defense, it is extremely complicated so for him to be A) starting and B) damn near having a pro bowl year. I mean you hear his name damn near every week and not because he got torched either. And we won the turnover battle this week(something we didn't do in the Chicago game) save for the 3rd quarter hiccup every facet of the game was pretty much perfect, Houston NEVER had good field position I think their average start was about the 19 yard line so that means special teams was hitting too.

8-4 still at the top of the NFC east, and 4 games til the playoffs I wanted the Chicago game, 3 losses and we could be talking home field especially with the tie breaker over Atlanta , but we've made some mistakes and vick with 1 turnover for every 7 td's he is responsible for is awesome(he has 15 passing, 6 running, 1 fumble lost and 2 interceptions  so even if you broke out running and passing TD's 1 out of 6 for running and 1 out of 7.5 for passing it's still awesome). And the Eagles showed poise there were some phantom flags, some invisible flags and a few inopportune penalties and we still won. That's what winning teams do, that's how you prepare yourself to hoist a Lombardi, but you can't just do it one week you have to do it week after week.

Even though we lost in Chicago we showed the ability to do it, we just have to catch what is thrown our way

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Up 10 but can Vick hold up

Dropped passes are killing us again, but we do have the lead houston gets the ball if we can hold them I think we can run it out and get the victory. Mike Vick has a touchdown pass, he has over 150 yards passing 34 yards rushing.

For my wife the fact that Lesean Mccoy has two TD's in the first half and akers has 2 field goals is doing great for her fantasy team. Unfortunately her opponent has Desean Jackson on his team so basically he may help to even the score up so she hopes Mccoy does all the scoring.

Oh well hopefully we can hold them on D in the second half. But this is looking like a long game

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The remnants of this mornings carnage

You see those two containers, yeah it wasn't cute. Like most of my fellow northeasterners my taste buds are used to many different cuisines. And when you have a taste for something you have a taste for something
Today in my case it was sushi, I had to drop my mom her phone so I stopped by Lee's fresh sushi and deli to see what he had up. Yes Sharky's is just down the street, but Lee's is $5.99 for a basic premade container and I didn't have time to wait on sharky's for double that price THOUGH for a larger selection. I got a container of crawfish(crawfish doesn't really have that strong a flavor) and Shrimp tempura. Some who know me might be surprised, no BBQ eel, I know it was hard it was staring me right in the face but I wanted to try the crawfish. So I left my staple eel to its own designs. One never knows when they will find a new favorite so I gave it a shot, like I said I tasted everything else but the crawfish was too subtle. I like the way the eel has bite to it.

It made me think how much I would love to go to Japan and just chill for like a month and experience the culture. I have travelled many places in these united states but I have yet to cross a border. Not that I really had too many places I wanted to go, I mean being African American my "old country" is pretty much down here in the deep south where the trail gets murky.

There isn't really a "place of my ancestors" where I can definitively say yes I am standing in the land of my forefathers and am walking along trails they once did. Basically it starts with the ship and comes forward, hasn't stopped me from appreciating that which has come before me, just leaves my "wish I had gone" places list short of a completing the "circle" destination.

I mean I guess I could pic one of the coastal Sub Saharan areas and be like "motherland to my ancestors I am home" but its not the same as actually gong back.

Anyway(that tangeant wasn't preplanned I ramble and go with the thoughts take me sometimes) yeah Japan, Rome, Egypt, parts of england and maybe some parts of south america. I'm a sci fi/fantasy fanatic, a lot of those themes have played out in those areas. I'm sure the italians and the greeks are tired of us american tourists constantly visiting those grand marble monuments to a history long past.

Its great for tourism but I'm sure it clogs the street. But those testaments to human ingenuity in the past. Now no this will not go into the metaphysical. I do not care what you believe, how you believe or what came first. Those who came before found ways to build great structures that have lasted Millenia, let's go credit where credit is due and appreciate the fruits of determination.

Wouldn't mind seeing the highlands of Scotland or the plains of Ireland either. Maybe London, but FIRST it would be Japan. Okay work must be done let's stop the Rambley and get to it

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life goes on

This is gonna be hilarious, writing one desktop and then flipping over her to write this one.

My wife asked me today what was wrong, there is a lot of things wrong just at the moment nothing I can do about them. My vacation plans are smashed which means no anniversary, birthday or new years with her. Extreme downer after experiencing them all again for the first time in years. To say I felt a little holiday magic was and understatement. We danced when the ball dropped(well the peach in GA), we kissed, we were in each others arms couldn't be beat. We went out to dinner together on our anniversary like we hadn't done in 3 years. If I had an 09 memory that topped all others it was the end of the year with my wife. It was a moment that for a while seem lost to the distant past, maybe I was kinda greedy last year and soaked up more than my fair share of holiday cheer and am payin back the deficit this year. If so I may be sour but I wouldn't trade christmas 09 in for anything, its what priceless moments are made of. So a few uncertain days and perpetual boredom may suck but it doesn't suck as much as last year was awesome.

I'm kind of run down, we've been running a lot of hours and miles at work so I wouldn't mind the downtime vacation would have offered. The money went to a good cause and while I have a few untapped outlets I said last year would be the last time I sold a good performer for quick cash(that being ford). So monetarily I can't afford to go on vacation anyway. I'll probably have to take a few days around christmas but it won't be the 3 weeks with my wife. That's hard to beat, don't care who ya are 3 weeks with the woman you love, sleepin in her arms every night, sharing simple moments unforced just living.

There are a few items, baubles, pittances I wanted but again things happen, money gets spent, plans get changed. You deal and you move on, I mean what am I supposed to do just sit still and wallow in self pity(I mean yes that is an option but its soooo 1985)? What's that gonna change, yes the days are running together and I could tell you the day and not the date, but so what? I'll get a break soon and when I do I will restart my brain in a manner that is more productive(look at my blog last month talk about therapeutic), so why wallow, why focus on one point in the present and stay there? What good will that do me, will it make my dreams come true? Will it make magic appear in front of me? No, then let's keep moving forward and get on to the next thing.

2 days til "the warrior's way", so I'm psyched about that, I was researching phones to see what my new one will be, I'm gonna do it I'm flushing the Curve and getting the new Bold. At first I wasn't liking parts of it, I mean the screen space is the same but its always looked blocky to me, but that 5 mega pixel camera screams awesome to me. Plus it has 3g capabilities, so better and faster surfing. I'll snap pix of it when I get it and post it on the blog. It also has that new "optical" pad instead of the scroll wheel, which you know I like my wheel but maybe that will be better, its not the torch(which I heard has bugs but the large screen PLUS the qwerty is drool worthy, mmmmm porn, what 0_o!? Like I'm the only one who'd watch porn on it, filthy hypocrits) but hey its better than this craptastic wonder I'm using now. I mean my original one with the bad "wheel" was love when I got it but this one has been nothing but a headache.

Aiight I got cleaning to do so I'm bedding this one running to the other one and I'll catch ya later

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Another snoozer

Today was another laid back day in the world of Mr. Data. I ran into some new malware/spyware something that basically ate someones camera system. Funny thing is this one won't allow me to scan it, the scan keeps breaking down, I've tried to run a scan on it 3 times now, next option is the portable cd-rom drive after that WIPEOLA, yup it's late the scan itself would have taken anyway from 7-14 hours(depends on how I set it up), but since it has now crashed 3 straight times a reload will take about 2(if the boss approves). I mean I see ALL the data that is supposed to be there already on the puter, it's probably got a secondary hard drive so I could erase probably the main hard drives worth of info and move the guys data over. Again this is a talk to the boss moment if the scan doesn't work it already seems like this thing wants to get extra as far as the fighting is concerned.

My baby bro just got his new phone so he is running around checking it's features and being mildly annoying, but who cares a new toy is a new toy, we all act somewhat childish once we get our grubby little fingers on our new gadget. On black ops(yeah yeah blog STILL to be completed but hell now I have more info) I have hit PRESTIGE 1, which means I can now run through and re level up and re earn all my goodies, which is kind of annoying but then again I skipped it last game why not try it this one, I'll earn a little more dough but a few more items and them run out and do what I do, granted once I do it a few things will be lost:My beloved crossbow(sniff sniff), my nova gas, my beloved aug, and my shotgun.  Granted of all the things I am losing(the rest of the stuff can be bought back once I get the money for it) the shotgun I think is like 5 or 6 levels in so it ain that terrible. It's just the principle of not having my favorite customs anymore.

Oh well off to cleaning and to editing the blog I did while walking

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