Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a little help for those stumbling onto my page looking for a famous black personality

It's TAVIS Smiley, not Tagus, you got the Cornell West part right but the man's name is Tavis, hell let me help you out further and provide some appropriate links(no I am not a big Tavis Smiley fan, while sometimes his heart appears to be in the right place he also has a huge ego, but this ain about me)

One of his Websites
his PBS page
the Wiki Dedicated to him
his all Tavis all the time radio show
His Twitter
Huff Po Article
The Intersection of Madness and Reality article about them(yes rippa's site is awesome)
the Charlie Rose Interview with him and Cornell West

Now if this ain the Tavis Smiley you are looking for, I can't help ya. Yes I am a kind enough person to attempt to help send you on the right path whether I like the establishment you are trying to reach or not, it ain always got to be about my likes or dislikes sometimes it can just be about helping out your fellow HUMAN. I'm sure you can find quite a few articles about first Mr. Smiley(and I don't mean Rickey, this time), and Professor West if you go to this Google Page which is where I found the rest of this stuff. I know he has a weird name, I used to think way back in the day that his name was TRavis Smiley and that somebody was just mispronouncing and spelling it but hey normally you go for a name you are used too(and I knew quite a few Travis' at the time) instead of something new and different, I guess it's similar to Brendan Fazier(Fayzyour) going as Brendan Frazier for so long because he didn't want to argue with people screwing up his name.

Hope this helps

Sequels vs. Remakes and Reboots: Robin Hood pt 1

The English Highwayman and his jolly friends have been the subject of many an offering from comic books, cartoons, small and silver screen. He's been played by Errol Flynn, a fox, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Carey Elwes, Russel Crowe and many others. His tale is well known Robin an english subject, is an outlaw he steals from the nobles and the corrupt Prince John to help those less fortunate feed their families. Prince John is only ruling because his brother King Richard is currently at war.

The wars have changed a few times sometimes he's off on the crusades other times he's fighting Prince Phillipe of France. Robin is usually a former archer of the king back from the wars to find his life turned upside down. Depending on where we pick up the story he either gathers his merry men on the way or has been travelling with them the whole time, Friar Tuck is always a Jolly and USUALLY an alcohol enjoying holy man who attempts to bring the lords word to Robins wayward group.

The Legend

Sunday, August 28, 2011

No movie this week

Those who have come by frequently may be expecting me to post the trailers for a movie either tonight or tomorrow but as the only movie that I wanted to see didn't play at the theater down the street I decided to pass on the movies tonight. I wanted to see Columbiana that suspense thriller staring Zoe Saldana as the young girl who's parents were killed in front of her as a little girl and she grew up to be this awesome hit woman. What can I say I love those "spy" type movies. Hanna was good and so were the Bourne movies so another in the list why not. Unfortunately the Malco 12 at Raleigh Springs isn't showing Columbiana just Conan the Barbarian(on for a second week I guess it got enough ticket sales to remain), Don't be Afraid of the Dark(yeah didn't make my socks roll up and down either), Final Destination 5(*Ahem* you know it kid of defeats the purpose of saying FINAL Destination if you keep making sequels, and I will now sit down with my hypocrisy and play the next FINAL Fantasy game, what I admit i'm a hypocrite can you), Rise of the Planet of the Apes(good movie), and the Smurfs(Seriously, yall are still watching this movie? The Smurfs are in New York City HELLOOO they live in a forest, inside mushrooms way back in the time of kings and castles I just, something is wrong with yall).

This is NOT a review

I just want to say that after watching Captain America:First Avenger I was so relieved. I'm 36, do you know how many HORRENDOUS Captain America movies they have made in my lifetime. I think as far as my most hated goes it has to be The Beach Ball shield, I may do a write up on that one for the Sequels vs Reboot/Remakes series but just off top how on gods green earth did that crew get a chance to touch a marvel property. If ever you wondered why Marvel stayed away from the movies for so long it's because of crap like this

Friday, August 26, 2011

Live long enough and you will see it all

As a youngster I remember telling my mother "It doesn't snow in February" with all the confidence and pride that all of my 8 years of life on this planet at the time had filled me with. Yup in 8 years of life I had NEVER seen a single snow fall past late January and most likely similar to many of my other fellow 70's children thought that as I had never seen it and I had seen much that it must have been impossible. That very February I was witness to one of the worst blizzards in New Jersey history, or possibly not. It may just have been my mother deciding to give me a taste of my own arrogant medicine. Well it seems that in 2011 another mother has decided to scold her rather arrogant child.

Me and many other East coast natives have been known to joke that while we love sun and sand that we prefer our ground to be nice and stable thus we will keep to our eastern shores cause the terra stays firma, ahem well I guess the ground ain so stable after all. While it was only a 5.8 for a spot where in 35 out of my 36 years when we heard earthquake we were wondering if all the folks in California were okay for once I had to hit up quite a few of my hometown and state friends and ask "are you okay". And now as if a return to some form of "normalcy" Hurricane Irene is about to strike, which also makes me think back to a guy who I used to work with who SWORE that we didn't get hurricanes up in Jersey. And yet I remember being a Jersey resident and living through at least 3 hurricanes that made it all the way up the coast as well as one that had an almost iconic video of some of the Atlantic City boardwalk floating out to sea.

So in one week in 2011 there has been an Earthquake on the east cost that rocked from Dc, to NY, to parts of Sc and now a hurricane is blowing through to smooth out the shaken terra not so firma. As I was about to name this post "isn't it great to live long enough to be proven a fool"

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Trailers for Conan the Barbarian

Red Tails

The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black fighter group in the history of America who fought during world war II. This is not the first movie about the Airmen, but this does appear to be the first big screen telling of the tale. The name of the movie comes from the fact that the pilots painted the tails of their jets RED so that when people wondered what squadron escorted their bombers to their targets and backs you would know with absolute certainty who to ask for. In the end credits of the original movie it claimed the  332nd fighter group never lost a bomber, which has been disputed and it is said that the 332nd lost 25 bombers over the course of their missions which was an equally impressive feat as compared to their white counterparts. I don't know but I am putting both numbers out there out of fairness, it was an inspiring story then and hopefully it will continue to be in this new telling.

Since Lucasfilm is involved I know the special effects will be spectacular and I hope that the story matches.

Are you ready for some Football

It's been two preseason games, my Eagles are now 1-1 first was a win vs the Baltimore Ravens where the starters quickly marched down the field scored a quick touchdown and sat down, and the second was a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers where the starting offense posted a goose egg and the starting defense surrendered 21 points. Now to be honest in the first game it wasn't actually all of the starting offense because Desean Jackson was still holding out and Jeremy Maclin was still suffering from his then undisclosed but highly speculated disease. It turned out to be a virus and Maclin should be able to practice by next week and hopefully play on opening night. Jackson played versus Pittsburgh and in an example of what SHOULD happen for the rest of the year with no Maclin on the other side he was tripled covered on the opening play just in case the Eagles decided to go for their opening play quick strike(which they unsuccessfully did).

Monday, August 15, 2011

I know I know, whats up with the weekly posts

I don't know I can't explain it. I've been wanting to do a post about the start of football season, but as I have yet to watch a preseason game I guess it really hasn't clicked for me yet, and you would think with all the buzz about the Eagles I would be raring to go, but at the moment I'm not. As you can see from the few blogs I have done I've been to the movies a few times, and while it will probably draw the ire of my Geektyrant buddies I think I will hit Conan this weekend too.

Maybe it's my new coffee addiction but I feel so mentally sluggish lately, as I have no access to my preffered variety of mocha crack I will have to wait until later to see if that causes a spark. I also know that I am well overdue for a vacation, it's officially been a year since my last vacation, which really sucks yes I have gone long stretches of work before but I better than anyone know how much a person needs to take a break and defrag. I'm typing this out just to take my own advice WRITE SOMETHING, I always tell friends that who also enjoy expressing themselves via blog or twitter, and as of late I've only been doing it in fits and spurts. While stealthy at times I usually feel way more energetic than I do now, while whiny this is annoying. I don't know what I need to get some pep back in my step but if you got it hey send it to me I will be glad to take it. WITHIN REASON, I understand that was a clear cut case of giving somebody a chance of sending me some crazy remedy we laugh about when we here it in the movies or somebody to offer me an illicit substance NOT of my normal choosing.

Never that, I really just need a vacation it doesn't have to be surf and sand, but it does have to not include answering my work phone for more then 72 hours, it also has to include some pretty smiling faces and a lot of nakey time. Hey you vacation how you want, I'm gonna walk around butt naked in a hotel room or something until I decide to go somewhere. How can one recharge their batteries while restricted by clothing, a nice hot soak in a Jacuzzi might also be helpful.

okay now I'm just rambling anyway I'm around so leave comments, I think I have a messaging system if not there is always twitter or tumblr

trailers for Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Columbia Pictures takes their shot at the book trilogy by Stieg Larsson now this was already made into a movie in Europe back in 2009 and it's now getting the Hollywood treatment. I haven't read the books yet, and the one time I tried to redbox this movie it was scratched halfway through but it did have me hooked in the beginning so maybe I will give it another shot before this movie hits in December. This movie appears to have a lot of intrigue as they search for an heiress lost 40 years ago

Monday, August 8, 2011

Trailers for Cowboys & Aliens

Tower Heist

Ben Stiller plays an average joe who has worked all his life at New York City's most prestigious high rise apartment complex. Average housing cost 5 million, Alan Alda plays a multimillionaire financier who is about to be busted for defrauding all of his customers, including all the pensions of the apartment building workers. Angry that while they are trying to figure out what to do without their retirement savings the crook is stilling living in his penthouse apartment under FBI watch, Ben stiller decides to call on Eddie Murphy an old friend from the neighborhood and a career criminal.

The Goal? Steal 20 million dollars from the thief who stole their pension money. This comedy seems to be taking on the recent Bernie Madoff scandal where basically people found out Madoff was using fuzzy accounting and the new money coming in to pay those who wanted to get out. Can a bunch of hard working every day folks and one criminal steal their money back from the guy who has it all and is in the most secure place he can be?

Still no reviews

I know I know, what happened to the movie reviews. I dunno I just haven't been able to wrap my mind around writing them lately so I haven't anyway I decided to start adding the actual trailers to the blogs about the movie trailers I go see. I don't know if that will remain a constant I guess it depends on whether or not I feel it slows the site down too much. If I feel it's too much of a burden I will just switch out to links of the trailers.

Saw Cowboys and Aliens last night, I liked it I know I'm a good week behind on all of my movies but hey as I get to there I get there. Once November gets here there is no more walking to the movies. They are closing the Raleigh Springs Malco 12, its been a slow process as they close down theaters, take out games and cut down movie times. I'm just glad that for the most part it has gotten a majority of the movies I have wanted to see. Now that Summer Movie season is starting to wind down while I still want to go to the movies I will probably hit them less since well time is neither on my side nor will it be in my favor. It doesn't surprise me that they are closing the theater after the big summer blockbuster season but before the start of fall and winter breaks, get your last big hurrah of cash out of the site and then close it before it becomes difficult to close. Once the theater closes I have no clue what I will do for entertainment, I guess I can start walking to the comic shop which is only a little bit further down the street. It's about the same expenditure of cash and it's actually something I can walk home with. So one vice for another I guess, it has been a fun summer even if I wasn't able to keep up the blogging.

This is at the moment at best a hobby, and like any other hobby it requires time, sometimes I can make time for it others my time is best used elsewhere as I continue though to blog more hopefully it will become even more second nature so that the amount of time it requires to think up what I wish to put in a post takes less time. I haven't gotten to the "ooh I have to outline every thought before I go off on a tangent phase yet", but I may be near the "hmm lets write down a few things I definitely want to touch on". I think I am still fighting against such rigid constraints because at least for a while blogging would stop being fun and would require some work, mentally not there yet. I think I am getting better, could probably stand to proof read a little more than I do, but just like drawing the more you write the easier it is to write. So writing I am, even if it's fluff updates like this.

You can contact me on twitter, tumblr, or hell hit me up on google plus (button stage left) as soon as I find a contact widget I will gladly add it in if there are any questions one doesn't want to leave in a post but wishes to ask me directly. I get enough spam as it is not to want to release my e-mail address because who wants spam.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sequels vs Remakes/Reboots: Spider-man Pt. 3

Live Action

For any comic book fan live action has always been either feast or famine. Of all the characters who have gotten a Live Action version the most popular seems to be Superman, the Man of Steel has had 8 live action incarnations. From Movies to Broadway Plays and TV shows, Superman is to date the most successful Comic Book Character to be translated into Live action. Now to be fair I am not just talking about money made off of said property I also mean the dutiful translation of the character and his villains, If I was just talking about money Superman would still be up there but especially including recent box office success the list would probably be:Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Superman and The Incredible Hulk(mainly because of his long running TV series and made for TV movies). The problem with most live action attempts is that the medium of Comic book and cartoon allows you to create a world where physics don't matter, you can create whatever look you want and since it isn't "real" you tend to get a break on the look of things. With live action if it doesn't look right people will be disappointed.

The 1970's

Peter Parker got a live action TV show in 1978 called the Amazing Spider-man starring Nicholas Hammond
Okay, as a 4 year old at the time this show came out I would like to say as BAD as it looks now hey everybody looked like that back then. Those extra shiny costumes, the cheesy special effects, the bad wire work there was no cgi back then it was all rotoscoping, stop motion camera work, and picture flipping. As a little kid just happy to see Spider-man on my TV screen I ignored the fact that the webbing came out as a Nylon string or else a premade net, I also ignored that I guess Mr. Hammond had never done any rock climbing because it always looking like he had just bent over and dog walked up the sides of buildings. Nick Hammond had the look of peter parker though, yeah yeah those weird eye screens were always kind of silly but I guess back then it was the only way they were able to let him see. It ran for about 2 years and while today's standards relegate it to the campy-ness of the original Batman live action TV show or maybe a step below the Incredible Hulk TV show for believability. The Transformation from Bill Bixby to Lou Ferrigno worked because of the difference in stature of the two men even if since then live action hulks tend to be CGI and stay away from purple pants hood.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sequels vs Remakes/Reboots: Spider-man Pt. 2

The Cartoons

You don't hang around for 40 plus years, sell tons of merch, become a favorite of people around the world and don't sooner or later get placed onto the small screen. Spider-mans quirky mannerism, flippant conversations and determination has made him a beloved cartoon character for generations. For most my age the iconic images of Spider-man come to us from the 1960's cartoon Spider-man named after the comic book. The colors were a little washed out but the action was evenly paced and the stories were ripped right from the comics.

One of the most memorable things from this show was the theme song, every spider-man theme song since then as well as the in show music always tries to match the resonance of it. For the most part spider-man didn't really change in look for the better part of 30 years. Even in the 1980's Spider-man and his Amazing friends Peter Parker looked the same, the funny part about the show is that Iceman was and X-man and while for the show Fire Star was also an X-man in the comics she was a Hellion, a ward of the Hell Fire Club and one the X-men's biggest rival. It was also an interesting mix because Spider-man and Ice man are both seen as "class clowns" so the two were always playing off each other. There was also a running joke because Ice man and Fire Star can pretty much to quick changes anywhere where as spidey has to find a place to strip.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sequels vs Remakes/Reboots: Spider-man Pt. 1

As I am sure many have heard by now next year a new Spiderman movie will be released that is going to restart the entire Spidey Universe for Sony. The movie is titled "The Amazing Spiderman" after the long running comic of the same name. Now while there has been some complaining about the new movie I want to look back at how we got to this point, because especially for us Marvel Fans spidey was a culmination of years of wants, dreams and disappointments.

The Comics

Through the years if you were a spidey fan you have probably heard of the following titles: the Amazing Spider-man, the Spectacular Spider-man, Web of Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man Peter Parker has been swinging through the streets of New York in his red and blue PJ's for the better part of 50 years. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko brought us these wonderful tales of the Queens New Yorker with the extreme case of the guilties starting in 1963. Peter Parker is a straight "A" student, slight in build, high in intelligence, awkward, and seemingly out of place. Peter stays with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker, because something happened to his parents when he was a young child. One fateful night  Peter takes a trip to Empire University to see a demonstration of nuclear energy.

I guess it's better to write whats on your mind than to try and force it

While I have quite a few posts languishing in draft at the moment I am doing a post for  the "Sequels vs Remakes and Reboots" series focusing on Spider-man, one of my favorite comic book characters. For those who don't know Sony Pictures is Rebooting their Spider-man movie series starting back from the beginning with Peter Parker in high school. The name of the movie is "the Amazing Spider-man" after the long running comic of the same name. Supposedly it is taking a slightly darker tone more along the lines of the Ultimate Series, and one of the things I'm happy about is a return to the Web Shooters which are an iconic part of the Spider-man universe.

Geektyrant and Thinkhero as usual have great coverage with many different vids, images and opinions on the entire process from the initial news of Spider-man 4 being canceled for the reboot to the casting of the new Peter Parker, to high res images and video clips. Of course some people are upset about the change from Tobey Macguire and Sam Raimi to Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb. but in my eyes the reboot allows us to see some of the iconic Spider-man villians re-imagined, brought back to life, or brought into the timeline. I won't deny I have always HATED the Gobby costume from the first movie, I thought it look stupid and forced almost as if they were trying to upgrade not only spider-man's origin but also his villains costumes. For the first movie nah it didn't work not at all, it was just a disaster, I loved Doc Ock's costume in the second one, Sandman's costume was pretty good too, Venom Sucked and Gobby Jr, was meh. So as far as I am concerned Sam Raimi was 3-2 and 1  with costumes. Spidey's costume was good, Gobby's costume sucked, Doc Oc was good, Sandman was good, Venom SUCKED, and Harry/Gobby jr was in the middle he was supposed to be wearing the original goblin costume but in real life he probably would have had an updated costume with better functionality made. So I will let that one be a push.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I didn't mention it because I was hoping it would GO THE HELL AWAY

If you have been observing the weather channel as of late you will notice that the devil appears to be enjoying a nice long vacation. By that I mean down here in the midsouth hot is a damn understatement, it was 106 yesterday, let me repeat that it was ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES yesterday(yes for only like 2 hours between noon and 3 pm but ahem the 104 it was residing at for the rest of the damn day was no freakin' peach either) now I don't know about you but last time I checked this wasn't the Mojave and I was trying to enter the world of Rango. I know this used to be the doorstep to the old wild west but that was then and dammit this is now, Land of the AC home of the slushie. I shouldn't walk out my front door and immediately begin sweating like I just ran 2 miles.

There's warm

There's Hot

There's too hot

And there's "I'm not that idiot who doesn't believe in climate change, global warming or that we are damaging our planet so could you please quit playing and turn the air back on"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another lull

I could blame my lack of production blogwise on the heat, a heavy work load, even getting lost in the keys, it's no excuse though. Even with my new laptop unlike before when I would sit up and write until I fell asleep(or watch porn, it was a toss up  but writing usually got done too) I have not gotten myself fully back into that habit yet. It's sad but especially as of late I won't say I have commitment issues I will say my stick to  it tiveness is at an all time low.  I mean yes I have followed through on some things and yes, I am sure if I check I am well over 120 posts to this here blog. I also know that a good portion of those 120 posts came in may when I was a blogging fool(it happens when it happens), part of it inspired by the fact that thanks to that Tornado/severe thunderstorm that rolled through we had no power so the only thing I could do was blog to clear my head. No power meant no video games, no facebook, the barest of human interaction because in essence I was cut off from the digital world. 

Every little happenstance became a reason for me to write, cause for me to look back later and either laugh or shake my head. Hell I even have stopped writing my movie reviews(mainly because I am so far behind), I have seen Green Lantern, X-men:First class, Transformers, and Captain America now(I didn't get a chance to peep HP7 pt2 yet, but I will) done a few trailers posts for them, but as far as reviews go NADA. I actually have this long one written for X-men that I want to break up into a smaller piece but well at the moment my brain just isn't fitting the pieces together in a way that I'm liking.  While in the book I read a few weeks ago it mentions how "talking politics on a blog was a death knell", I happen to like talking about politics sometimes and personally the best thing about a blog or website that you produce the content for: You can do it your way. So yes my political views may scare some folks off but hey, if you disagree be brave enough to say it with your keyboard. I may moderate you out of here if you are off topic(my content is diverse enough that you could probably find SOMETHING that you can speak on without hijacking a post) too much but I'm not so heartless as to say "You disagree with me so you have to go".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The trailers for Captain America

Apollo 18

This seems to be a horror thriller based on "why we don't go back to the moon" when american astronauts for the Apollo 18 mission arrive they find the helmet of a russian cosmonaut and his tracks on the moons surface. The harrowing events that happen next are enough to keep all countries from coming back to the moon.

The Three Musketeers

Has it been 10 years already? It's seems like every 10 years there is a new 3 musketeers based movie. As usual young D'Artangan comes to Paris to join the musketeers following in the footstops while Malady Dewinter, King Buckingham of England, and Cardinal Richelieu plot to take over all of France from King Louis. It looks to be action packed along the lines of The Musketeer, but honestly I don't know if anything will be as fun as the early 90's version of The Three Musketeers. There may have been a high amount of cheese in that movie but it was still fun, and that cast was awesome, I'm sorry Tim Curry as the Cardinal was just great.

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