Monday, April 8, 2013

I know I took a hiatus, but damn really a tall can of spam for a brother

I don't know what I expected bouncing off of here like that. I've thought about blogging but then again I was like pffft "ain nobody got time for that," which really isn't true I could have made time I just mentally wasn't feeling it. I was too busy putting together baby bikes, changing diapers, tickling bellies and squeezing noses. I was trying out a few new mobile games, getting lost in the joys of TASTYKAKES in the mid south(yes I did dedicate a blog to that a while ago, but now they are here).

My twitter was dead save for a few random posts here or there. My tumblr pffft aptly named, and my no hold barred blog, I locked that in a cage and didn't step in a la the four horseman of old. Pacing around the outside with my thoughts cluttered, my voice masked, and my ideas fettered. I mean I have apps for this, a laptop, phones you name it. It was more than just plain laziness it was avoidance. I didn't want to do it. I mean yes of all the things that have happened lately I had something I wanted to say, but then it was like to hell with it. Why do I have to say it, why do I have to add my voice, I'm tired give somebody else a chance.

So I said nothing, I kept quiet, I didn't even pay attention to the comment notifications(they looked spammy, hell it wasn't like I had written anything since thanksgiving) but to actually come back and see the spam. I don't know how many of you are pet owners but you know that feeling when you have been gone from the house for a few hours (whether frivolously or for a valid reason), and you just know that whiskers or Buddy has taken it upon him or herself to have at your shoes, sheets, the trash, or the couch. Yeah I don't know about other bloggers but for me, that is the feeling I get when I haven't blogged in a while and I know spam is there, you almost don't want to come back to clean it up but you know you have to go back before your home becomes a war zone.

This wasn't terrible, but it did suck, I hate redirects. I mean it's almost like you think that I'll just leave you the ability to steal traffic, eye balls, or click thrus. I don't even get that much but I want what I get, I always complain about a lack of interaction(which is of course not helped by the fact I stopped blogging. Dunno why I keep doing that lately) so you hijacking traffic really does annoy the hell out of me.

Okay well I am back now, maybe I will do a "drive by entry" about what I think of all that has happened since I last blogged. Actually I know me, maybe I should make it a few posts so that I don't have a huge run on like this is becoming.

So yeah spammers burn in hell, actual readers thanks for coming by, friends who were wondering yes I am here, yes I'm alive, I have no clue what the hell I am going to talk about this time. Or how long I will be in the mood.

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