Saturday, August 26, 2017

Did you ever wish you were IN Mad max, just not out of the car

No, I am not playing. I've been playing a lot of Crossout lately, now granted part of it is because they have an ingenious "sales pitch" if you will. Stay on for 2 hours get a free crate of loot. But I am getting ahead of myself. Crossout is a game set in a post apocalyptic future where you gather together spare parts to build a death mobile, face of against OTHER human players death mobiles OR random puny but annoying AI death mobiles. Yes a lot of mobile killing machines. It is part driving game(arcade style mind you, but you do drive around). If you follow me on twitter you even saw one of my revamped monsters kill two unfortunate players who didn't realize I was not the one(at least not that time in a one v one situation).

Now there are many different facets to Crossout, it doesn't really have a story mode per se. It is all online play you are either in up to 8 on 8 matches, involved in up to 4 player co op to face the AI, there is a "free for all" mode, and Clan battles. There are groups of various NPC groups that you can choose to be a part of, which will grant you spare parts, the ability to craft various parts and weapons(each sect has it's own specialization and thus part access that they grant you) of various rarities, there is an area to "showcase your builds" which can allow other players to like or test drive your latest mad mechanic creation, and a market place to trade your rare or higher valuation parts.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Mighty 500

This post is 8 years in the making. It has taken me 4 moves, a separation, a divorce, and 4 gaming consoles to get here. It has seen me play hours of games, watch days worth of movies and TV, buy a TV or two, damn near lose an Eye, break a tooth, and get contacts a few times. I have joined, left, and forgotten who knows how many social media sites in the last 8 years, to which INITIALLY I was going to make this post about that journey.

But then, This blog was here for that journey. I mean you can go back and see all the Essays, bad poems, reviews, opinions, rants, anecdotes, ups and downs. I was about to spend a lot of time basically repeating myself when I could just thank everyone who has come by FOR coming by. I will admit it has not always been easy to right, and no it has nothing to do with the state of my relationship. I enjoy interaction so at times when no one responds my mind wanders elsewhere, not because I have nothing to say but because while I don't mind being somebody who is on their own side in a conversation I prefer it to be a conversation not speech prep if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Whoa, look what snuck up on me

For those reading (if any of you are left) this is my 499th post on THIS blog. I remember when I did my hundredth on wordpress and of course I did something silly(but it was worth it) because it allowed me to get it out of the way without too much fanfare but 500 is different, 500 is special it has taken me YEARS to get here. Mainly because I keep taking long hiatuses. Which I will try not to do to commemorate this occasion. I mean 500 should somehow someway reflect my "Journey as a Blogger " right, I mean anybody who has written off and on long enough to accumulate 500 posts in one place HAS to be different now then he was before right? I would hope so. I doubt it will get done tomorrow though, because I have a long trip ahead of me and my mind isn't going to be in it. So when I get back we will start planning the 500th post. It's hilarious it was almost a movie review(that I still owe) which would have been awkward because then I couldn't have done this warning post if I would have  noticed it. Lucky I guess that I looked at my posts today.

As we all know, blogging is a rhythm thing for me. I get in a mindset, my fingers hit the keys and out pops who knows what. Hilarity, insanity, mundanity, and yes I just started rhyming out of nowhere but I was running with it like a Vogon with a form that needs stamping. It's crazy I usually make a big deal about views(which I haven't paid attention to lately. Mainly cause I miss all the awesome numbers. 50,000 is coming up soon, I think), I would make a big deal about comments but there would have to be some. Maybe because I don't really say anything TOO controversial over here, I think, folks either just say "you crazy primal" and move on or maybe I didn't leave too much room on the subject for commentary except for those few random posts. And commenters I appreciate all of you.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Movie Trailers for: The Dark Tower

It has been a rather good Summer Movie season so far, I have been to the movies at least once a month this summer which is why it is kind of sad I haven't done a single movie review this whole time. I am trying to get my life together I swear but at least while it is a few days late I am getting the Movie trailers post out for a RECENT movie for once(woohoo), I may go ahead and do spoilerrific reviews for the older movies(if I can get around to them) while taking more time with Dark Tower. I hear it was the number one movie over what was the SLOWEST weekend of the summer, probably stings. I mean, it is a Stephen King movie, but if you didn't choose to read the books it may not have the name recognition as some of the others.

Enough about the movie itself though, that (hopefully comes later) this is about the trailers of which there were 5, hmmm I actually think I left one of these off of Spidey's because I wasn't as shocked at seeing one of these trailers oh well, I will fix it this time. Without further ado

The trailers for Dark Tower

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Primal's "L.A.H" Movie Trailers: Spider-man Homecoming

You had to know I was going to see this one, Spider-man is one of my ALL TIME favorite comic book and cartoon characters, I have DECADES of fandom in the webhead. So of course I went, Opening Night too(that was Eikichi's doing) and we all had a blast, Smooth didn't make it(or am I calling him MonkeyHand today since he didn't show up hmm) I know I have heard SOME people trying to call the Web Heads Marvel entry a flop it's been a month and has made over 294 million it still has some legs so 300 million is well within his grasp over 600 million world wide, it has also made more than each of the PREVIOUS Spider-man reboots(The Amazing Series) unadjusted for inflation of course, I think tickets were a dollar or two cheaper back then. So I am wondering if that was just wishful thinking, or were they trying to sell the super hero fatigue narrative and spoke too soon hmmm.

Anyway this isn't the Spider-man review this is the trailer review. Unlike the PREVIOUS Entry only one of these movies has come out(Dark Tower) and I will check it's opening weekend shortly. But enough with the stalling

The Trailers for Web Head

Monday, August 7, 2017

Primal's "Late as HELL" Movie Trailers- Wonder Woman

Needless to say, most of these movies are out, some have bombed, some are still on the way and the movie review WHEW that is so far in the ditch but I will try to get my behind in gear and pump these bad boys out. Since these are late I will add a little extra commentary for SOME of them. I was just in a blogging funk and couldn't get out of my own head for a little while. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer movie season so far we have gotten some good movies, a few movies have underperformed GREATLY(two are on this list) and we still have a few to come.

It was a nicely packed theater for the first Lady of DC comics, and most of us enjoyed the movie to the fullest, these were the trailers that greeted us way back on Opening Weekend(Before she raked in almost 400 MILLION dollars). If you haven't seen it yet "baby what is you doing?" We have to support the GOOD DC movies so that they realize who not to hire(People like Zack Snyder or Brian Singer) in the future, we love these characters because of THEIR stories, sometimes the director's VISION needs to take a hike. If you want to make a movie with a specific cast but they  won't give you the budget for it, that should tell you something BUT I digress so without further ado or stalling by me: Your Trailers for Wonder Woman(2017)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Get out the DAMN CAR!

The scene: A warm August day, sun is shining folks are going about there business. A young lady in a yellow shirt is about to enter the store,
"Shawty, hey you there damn you look good with your pretty chocolate skin. I don't mean no harm I mean do you got a man or something, can I get your number"
The "suitor" is a guy in a Bright Red(but clean) Dodge Nitro(no I'm not a car guy but I remember when Dodge introduced that boxy thing. While he did get her attention he didn't get a phone number, she turned around shook her head and went in the store. He continued to yell compliments about her as he pulled into a parking space, along with the words "hey, it might have worked." There are MANY things that can be said about the BEGINNING of interaction between the young lady and captain Nitro but "it would have worked ain one of them. I don't know, I think that if you are trying to make a POSITIVE first impression you have to put some effort into it. Yes Maybe he felt like today was his day, he was feeling himself he felt like he was in his groove, who knows WHY he thought he should attempt to get this young ladies attention today, but especially in that manner. Let's us look at his approach in further detail shall we

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