Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Movie Trailers for: The Dark Tower

It has been a rather good Summer Movie season so far, I have been to the movies at least once a month this summer which is why it is kind of sad I haven't done a single movie review this whole time. I am trying to get my life together I swear but at least while it is a few days late I am getting the Movie trailers post out for a RECENT movie for once(woohoo), I may go ahead and do spoilerrific reviews for the older movies(if I can get around to them) while taking more time with Dark Tower. I hear it was the number one movie over what was the SLOWEST weekend of the summer, probably stings. I mean, it is a Stephen King movie, but if you didn't choose to read the books it may not have the name recognition as some of the others.

Enough about the movie itself though, that (hopefully comes later) this is about the trailers of which there were 5, hmmm I actually think I left one of these off of Spidey's because I wasn't as shocked at seeing one of these trailers oh well, I will fix it this time. Without further ado

The trailers for Dark Tower
Brigsby Bear

I honestly have no clue what to make of this trailer. It looks like a late 80's early 90's live action toy tie in show. There APPEARS to be this at least close to human sized stuffed bear, in some type of space/fantasy adventure with kind of cheesy special effects and yet at the same time there appear to be people living a someone eclectic life here on earth. Sometimes it looks like the stuffed bear is having his adventures on an old CRT tv being played off of VHS tapes. The main protagonists may or may not live inside of a bunker with all kinds of Brigsby(I am going to assume for now that the stuffed friends is Brigsby Bear) memorabilia. This may be some kind of independent film it has some nice names attached to it(it has Mark Hamill can you ever go wrong with Mark Hamill in a role?) but honestly other than some sort of crazy romp I can't really explain this movie to you.

Watch the trailer, scratch you head like I did and decide whether or not you wish to go down the rabbit hole. I ain playing chop chop.


Some crazy horror thriller about a couple living in a house in some remote field when all of the sudden GUESTS start showing up out of nowhere. The wife/girlfriend knows nothing about these strangers and yet her husband/lover seems more than happy to have them here. Strange things start occurring, or is it all in her head. I have no clue, it's probably a twist/mess with your perception movie has a pretty well regarded cast but horror/thrillers tend to be hit or miss doesn't matter how well you do on casting. not really my cup of tea but if you are looking for an odd looking jump scare movie it might be right up your alley.

By not my cup of tea, I basically mean horror hasn't done it for me in a while. Way too many movies are trying to get that PG-13 rating and yet be scary, HARD R only really sell it or just leave it on the production room floor

Black Panther

T'Challa, the Black Panther warrior protector of the country of Wakanda, Son, former Prince turned king thanks to the events of Civil War. Wakanda is an African Nation that has NEVER been conquered. It is the home to one of the worlds LARGEST controlled sources of Vibranium an almost unbreakable metal that absorbs vibrations. Due to it's vibranium Wakanda is an extremely advanced nation that has allowed very few visitors, there is almost no disease in Wakanda, energy is plentiful, and technology is ubiquitous the closer you get in towards the capital city. The outskirts look as much like the third world country you would expect as possible, not that you COULD get past the outskirts without getting you behind handed to you by the Panther God(the aforementioned Black Panther).

We are about to see how hard it really is for a Good Man to become a Good King.

Only The Brave

The true story of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots. It's a movie about a group of fire fighters getting certified as Hot Shots and I guess saving their town. The Flaming Bear is a chilling yet amazing visual(all Cgi of course, and blatant CGI so that you know no bear was harmed in the movie), I'm guessing this is a historical recreation, stars Josh Brolin if your into these type of movies might be right up your alley.


This is a remake, back in the 90's there was this crazy Brat Pack style movie(had Kevin Bacon AND Kiefer Sutherland in it, trust me they were going for our bucks with it) about a bunch of College Students who were messing around with death. Constantly stopping each others hearts to see "their limits" everything old is new I guess a young up and coming cast, grabbing some thriller elements. I know I have seen this movie, but it really isn't ringing that much of a bell as to what happened or whether or not I really want to watch it again. I remember it sucking you in with all kinds of Rom Com elements before everything goes unbelievably south(which especially back in the day Keifer should have been a hint, somebody always days in a Keifer Sutherland movie it's like a law). I may watch the 90's version to remind myself whether I liked it or not before I rate this movie a theater, streaming, or wait for cable. I mean, it was a wait for cable for me in the 90's cause I couldn't LEGALLY go see it in theaters when it originally dropped.

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