Monday, March 27, 2017

The Trailers for Power Rangers(2017)

Yes, yes we went to go see the Power Rangers no it wasn't as fluffy as the after school TV show, we did enjoy it but of course the review comes later. This is the up and coming movies for the rest of the year, there were some animated numbers, we had a fantasy offering, a "kids/coming of age movie" but enough of the Jibba Jabba here are your trailers

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm not that guy anymore

James Howlett has had a hard life, it is obvious he is old but in his waning years all he wants to do is drive his limo and collect his pay. Unfortunately his nap is cut short by a few young hoodlums trying to steal his tires. He stumbles out of his car, and tries to ask the men to leave the car alone that they are just going to strip the chrome lugs somebody pulls out a shotgun and shoots the goofy looking old man.

Now NORMALLY that would be all she wrote, but surprisingly the old man stumbles to his feet and asks the young men to stop again. Well if we can't shoot him, let's beat him up. And that, my dear friends, is where they messed up because that shaggy bearded, weird haircut having old man used to go by ANOTHER name there are a pair of dog tags sitting somewhere that say Wolverine. And while the song warns you about tugging on Superman's cape it should also have a verse about pissing off the canuckle head. While baseball bats are weirdly clanging off of his flesh and bones a visceral growl can be heard and out of nowhere a slow sickening *schlikt* can be heard. Adamantium claws are loosed from their sheaths and men are sliced into like butter. One looses a leg, another an arm, and the survivors run from the crazed beast who appeared out of some beaten down old bum.

James then gets into his cab and drives to pick up his riders for the evening, some old Gambler, Some young men partying out on the town, a bachelorette party, and in the morning a funeral. While he stands away from the mourners a woman runs up and calls him by that OTHER name, Wolverine. He doesn't know her and goes back to his latest fare, telling the patron "I don't know who that crazy lady is, she confused me for someone else." Later on, while sitting in front of a hospital a strange blonde headed man hops into his car to ask him some interesting questions and calls him by yet another name:


Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Trailers for Logan

Yesterday was an early day for the movies, as the previous post states Eikichi had a baby sitter for Saturday, Smooth was trying to fill EVERY second of the day with "structure" and I was just trying to see a movie dog. It was almost a complete disaster, Smooth was late and Eikichi was grouchy but we got the movie in the review for which is now due Tuesday(two days, even for a Comic Book movie). It was a relatively packed theater, the lack of an after credit scene may not generate the need for constant rewatches like Avengers or even Deadpool did. That ain what we here for right now though.

So here they are your 4 and a half(I'll explain at the end) trailers/coming attractions I often wonder if they are the same for everyone or if it's just random but it all begins with those fateful guitar licks

Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's movie day Bub

Yes you read that right, movie DAY. Eikichi obviously has a hot date tomorrow so he asked that we go to the movies today, and Smooth is trying to jam everything into his Saturday possible.  So we are headed to go see Logan for the 4:30 show, like literally the second this posts I am headed out the door to get Eikichi. In the age old parental tradition of dumping your child off on the grands so you could get a moments piece the Moose(my nephew) is out with his grammy most likely terrorizing both his grandmother and aunt. He is a ball of energy, and that is probably an understatement.

Anyway I'll probably do an in/at the theater post if not you know movie trailers will be up tomorrow and the movie review SHOULD be up Tuesday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday(Non Traditional)

Since I have actually been writing quite a bit lately I don't have as many posts sitting in draft here or on Wordpress as I used to. So I decided to grab an old post from here for there and I guess I can grab one from there for here. I just gotta decide which one. The issue is of course THE CURSING, oh I let loose over there, it's my vent blog or should I say my FULL VENT blog I vent over here I just don't let it all loose like I do over there. So anyway since this blog tends to be PG-13 I will endeavor to:

  1. Warn you if the Content is above PG-13
  2. Make sure that I keep the Clip of the title I choose PG-13
  3. Pick a post that is hopefully worthy of the trip to vulgar land
  4. Give you a non vulgar synopsis over here
I have chosen the post, in my current state of employ we used to do a lot more work on computers and laptops. I am pretty sure this experience is similar for anyone who works on peoples personal devices and is most likely everyone's worst fear to find(to quote NPH) someone else's love juices on the device they ask you to repair. Oh yes, it's true I can't remember who gave me this piece of defiled electronics but I know for a full 6 months I was just like ugh. I ain even want to shake their hand no more, cause I don't care what you say you could have at least wiped off the screen.

  • The following Link is to a post that has content of a Mature variety
  • Image(s) on said post may be offensive in nature
  • Language in said post will be offensive in nature
  • Mind bleach may be required after reading

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An Apology is owed

If you have come by my blog the last few days you may have seen an odd, out of place ad. It used to be my "Social Media Bar" where you could share things to reddit, google+, facebook, and a bunch of other sites well now it was a bunch of Porn ads. Livejasmin, some kind of cute blondes ad, date hot chicks ad or something. Every once in a while in this blogging game the widgets or apps you use either expire, go old, or just get hacked. I had one expire(that was my Shelfari app) and the social media widget up there was either expired or hacked. So what did I do, I just got rid of them it appears that BOTH of those apps have been turned into redirects.

Redirects to where: one seemed to constantly send you to porn. Which I have no problem with porn, but if it is a porn redirect there is probably a virus attached. Again, I have no issue with porn but if you weren't actually searching for porn and got sent there unexpectedly you would be pretty upset right? Yeah me too, and as I try to keep THIS blog PG-13 for somebody to redirect folks to porn apps from here kind of slaps the rules in the face. Plus you are in essence STEALING TRAFFIC. It would be one thing if people clicked on the add to get to the porn, but since it was an automatic redirect that ended up hiding in a widget that I innocently left up because it still appeared to work you weren't giving folks a choice. And no I don't get any credit for those redirects hell they count as bounces IE people leaving my site because they don't like what they see. So if I am looking at the numbers for the night I might think you didn't like my layout, or you weren't interested in the articles this month when really somebody was stealing traffic most likely to get themselves ad money.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The New Blogging Process

Okay, so now that I have had 2 posts come up(the second of course took a lot of POST publishing code work) with pagination I guess from now on I type out a blog, use the draft of said blog to copy and paste between the content spots, and then post the content the next day(or that evening/afternoon if I type it up fast enough). It should make for some interesting blogs going forward now that I can be wordy but not have to worry about having a huge word wall. As previously stated I don't know if it will be a so many paragraphs per page thing, so many paragraphs plus media thing, or a how dense a paragraph a thing before I decide to break it out into extra pages. But I am going to keep working at it until it becomes second nature and the more comfortable I become the more I will go off on even wilder tangents. It's going to be fun recounting more stories of my past as well as creating short stories that I don't have to figure out where I am going to break it up to make the second post at first, I can just kick back and say "page X" which of course has been one of my biggest hang ups.

And as mentioned I may go back and edit some OLDER blogs to add the Html to them at least 2 pages worth. I don't think my reviews will be too far over a page an a half maybe two but my opinions on things(or X I want to see made) those will be a little wordier from now on and better formatted. I'm sure you have noticed some changes with the pages, some of the wording and spacing. Yeah that is on purpose, I often check back to see if the blog is user and vision friendly. And that really is my contact information so if you have a complaint you can hit me up there. You can also comment anonymously, I haven't had an issue with people bugging out yet so that option is CURRENTLY still open. If it gets abused though yes I will cut it off.

Happy Thursday to all, I hope you had a good one and if not I hope it ends in a great nights sleep and an opportunity to kicks life's butt tomorrow

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