Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 month check in

Back in April I wrote a blog about the stocks I had bought starting after January of this year(look at the date up top people for the geniuses who read it after the date changes). Now my 6 month check up period has come and gone, and while at the 6 months those stocks looked decent today most of them look a whoooole lot better. Thus why I say be patient when investing(which with one of my stocks is now becoming torture because it may not be full home run but baby you on your way to third base and I'm thinking of telling you to turn on the jets).

Now again investing is SUPPOSED TO BE A LONG TERM THING. So even with the gains I have gotten up to this point I am not selling, because first I am still in short term capitals gainsville and second nobody has really shot the moon and there should still be some growth to come.

Now back to the stocks I had purchased an update:

Ford Motor Co Del Com Par (NYSE:F) purchased @ 2.7076 a share on 1/09/09. Well at over 7 bucks a share today not a home run but at damn near 3 times what I paid for it I ain mad. Ford pulled the turn around a lot quicker then I thought. Now granted if ford shoots up into the 20's in the next 6 months I may sell and the reasoning is simple that's a lot of money. Once ya hit 10 times what ya paid for something unless you see a stock split on the horizon take ya money you've earned it.

E Trade Financial Corp Com (NASDAQ GS:ETFC) purchased @ 1.26 a share on 2/12/09. It's above a 1.60 a share so I've made a little money but you look up above this puppy and you go, meh it's gonna take some work. Which is cool investing is a marathon not a foot race. It was beat up for a while got under a dollar a share for a minute but it has been moving mostly up. I say if we start to see a big turn around next year I think E*trade will benefit. I mean over the last decade a lot of normal everyday folks have been forced to learn about investing. And in this last debacle the mysticism surrounding "experts" has been severely tarnished so do it yourself brokers who charge decent commissions should benefit. I mean while you may not have a lot of time, if your gonna spend your money you're gonna be a lot more willing to spend some of it after you see how wrong experts can really be.

General Mtrs Corp Com (GM) first off GM is no longer GM at least stock symbol wise it is now Motors Liq Co (OTHER OTC:MTLQQ). Now I purchased the former GM @ 1.80 a share on 2/20/09. Today it's under .80 but bankruptcy is hard, I just hope it can come out stronger and more streamlined hitting the ground running but hey ford more then makes up for what I am currently losing on GM. So I'm not gonna fuss I'm going to be patient, I still see GM cars on the road I know they have some new models coming out that should be better and more fuel efficient. I believe GM can come out and make some gains.

Sirius XM Radio Inc (NASDAQ GS-D:SIRI) purchased on 2/25/09 @ .13 a share. Wow reaching right, I mean who just throws money at something under a buck? I do if the company basically still has a good product, appears to have learned from their mistakes and technically has a monopoly in their industry. Their in radio broadcasting so it does have a radio monopoly plus with HD radio starting to get traction they do have newer better competition on the horizon. Well as of todays trading it's over .60 a share. over 4 times my initial investment, so no complaints here from me. I believed them to be a better investment I mean is Google at 1200 bucks today? I don't think so. Granted Google is in a stronger position, I mean they're Google they still have commanding market share as far as search engines go(and maps, are catching up on e-mail, instant messaging and who ever they set their sights on next). But for the money in a bad economy Sirius was just the better buy.and if they hit one or two bucks again I ain complaining.

Washington Mutual Inc (OTHER OTC:WAMUQ) purchased on 3/17/09 @ .056 a share. I admitted last time this was a long shot, everybody used to love Wamu, it was everyone's favorite thrift yadda yadda yadda. so I figured pffft it's 80 bucks, who cares about that 80 bucks thats going to the movies a few weekends in a row. currently at .16 a share not out of the park but hey 3 times what I bought it for ain't bad either.

Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM) purchased on 3/24/09 @ .82 a share. now this one was a slight chase there was more pain ahead in the future but hey easiest way to completely miss out on an opportunity is to always wait for "the bottom". I saw the price I wasn't upset about the price I got myself right with the price I bought it as of today it's over a 1.60 so it's like double hey double is good, double is money still waiting til next year.

Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE) purchased on 4/07/09 @ .70 a share. Just like his sister Fannie freddie had some more pain in his future as well but at that price who was gonna complain. not me today it's over 1.80 
so it's over double as well.

I said 5 month check in because the last time I posted what I bought this year it was april, I did my 6 month in june most of them looked okay wasn't perfect but save GM they appeared to be heading in a nice direction, what a difference a few months make from when I did my 6 months eval and now. GM is way under but so what everything else that I bought is in the money, some of them are even 2-3 times what I purchased them for so that when I decide it's time to exit said position for the most part I will be getting money in my pocket even after I pay my commission(which is important). I hope any who jumped in at the beginning of the year like myself are seeing similar gains. Just like the disclaimer I put in the April blog

This is simply a listing of stocks I myself have purchased I am in no way shape or form recommending them to you, I am not insinuating that you will match my results if you buy in today or that past gains in anyway will predict future movements. 

 This is me saying hey this is how I am doing with the stocks I purchased woohoo I've seen some gains(I haven't sold anything so I haven't made any money yet), I've seen some losses. That is all. If you were gun shy at first but wanna try investing because you hope to see similar gains in your investments. Do your homework, read up on the companies you are interested in buying, see how the stock has moved the last few months, and decide how much you can afford to lose. Because if you are wrong you will lose money. I won't sugar coat that, investing should only be done with money you can afford to just toss away. No you don't wanna toss it away yes you hope to get some return on your investment. But if your using rent/mortgage money, car payment money, kids college tuition money  basically bill money this is not a good idea. If you have to start small start small, trust me I didn't start out with 100k either, I bought what I could where I could in amounts that I felt at the time I could justify losing that much money, on this company if it went south(see my comments about Wamu). Again I trusted my research and instincts some of them panned out. GM I understood the strong possibility of them going into bankruptcy (which they did) I bought the stock anyway. So while I look pretty smart right now I'm not breaking out any PRIMAL DATA Super Genius plaques anytime soon(a parody of the old looney toons Wile E. Coyote Super Genius bit).

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