Friday, February 10, 2012

Trailers for Chronicle

Wrath of the Titans

As a sign of ULTIMATE AWESOMENESS for this movie the official site didn't want to work for me, yup that's right, they have a site, it is up and I can't see anything but the 3D advertisement for Divx. I'm not big on this movie only because the premise and the name sound a whole lot like the Percy Jackson
series of books. The basic premise as shown in the trailer is that the Gods are losing their powers and the Titans are returning, so since the Gods can not do it they need the Demi Gods lead by Perseus to defend the world against their assault. SO Perseus once again grabs IO and a rag tag bunch of other demis to show the Titans what for and hopefully save the day, because by being half human the demigods may be stronger then they think.

Now yes I know it took all 5 books for them to get up to the actual God+Demigod vs Titan War, but it was still the Gods plus their DemiGod children versus the Titans, and oh what do you know there is a son of Poseidon on the quest too. The trailer looks to have a lot of action in it, many people did not receive the first movie too well but it did make enough to warrant a sequel so this one might do well, I just think they should have found a different premise. They are other quests the could have undertaken, I mean Perseus is a son of Zeus couldn't they have him undergo some kind of trials of Hera, could he have assembled the Demigods on a quest to restore humanities faith in the Gods? I liked the first one I will probably like the second one, that just sticks in my guy a little that it seems that ripped off the running plot from a teen fiction novel minus a few character and plot points that would have been chopped down in the movie anyway(as a lot of them were chopped down in Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief) but enough going off on this movie, it's only one of the trailers I saw Wednesday night(yeah yeah I got side tracked).

21 Jumpstreet

Ladies and Gentleman I like Channing Tatum, I like Jonah Hill(I still need to see The Sitter), and as both a rap and movie fan Ice Cube is the man, I hate this movie. No I'm not giving it a chance, I'm not saying this because I was a huge fan of the show, meh it never really appealed to me even with Holly Robinson in it and Johnny Depp. The show looked interesting but the movie looks like a train wreck waiting to happen, it's almost like the said "hey we have this old TV show that did kind of okay, and while we haven't had much luck with movie to TV translations at all why not brush the dust off this one and give it a shot?" I am not saying the premise is unbelievable, I know plenty of people with young faces who could pass for high school students, I know plenty of places where some intervention may be needed when it comes to curtailing the flow of designer drugs in the schools, and I am sure the police would love to have some eyes and ears inside. Unfortunately the Hollywood approach is making this movie a farce, I don't buy either of these guys as high school students.

And the worst part about it is JONAH HILL IS FAMOUS FOR PLAYING A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, hello SUPERBAD that's where I first saw him, dude was hilarious he sold the kid who was amongst that whatever percentage of people who drew pictures of big veiny penises. And it introduced us to McLovin(come on twitter you know how many times you have used McLovin as a TT) come on now how can you take a guy who has the whole awkward outsider thing on lock, straight typecasting no matter what he tries and turn him into a joke in his signature role. And Channing Tatum is playing a jock role, that should be a cake walk too and he looks ridiculous, how could you screw that up? I mean how can you take two people who should easily be able to handle the roles and at least in the trailer make it completely un-entertaining, that has to be a talent, a skill, you had to mean to do that. Jonah's movie The Sitter had me dieing to see it, I just didn't get a chance, yes I called it "Adventures in Babysitting the redux" as a compliment, that was one of the movies that was a cult hilt when I was younger. It was that type of silly, mindless, unexpected fun that create cult classics so them remaking it isn't a bad thing in my mind nor something in that same vein.

Oh yeah the premise of the movie:two young undercover officers are sent to 21 Jumpstreet to go undercover in a high school to find a new designer drug that is making it's way around the campus. They get into ridiculous hijinx as they have a hard time fitting in as high school has changed so much in the few short years since they graduated.

The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is a child of The Seam, the 12th district on the outskirts of the Capitol. Everyday she climbs under the fence to hunt with her long time and partner Gale but today is a special day it is the day of the Reaping. Today all children between 12-18 will be gathered together and 1 boy and 1 girl will be selected to enter the Hunger Games. The hunger games is a gladiatorial contest where 24 children a boy and girl from each district fight for survival in a tournament for the pleasure of the Capitol. For Katniss this year was the worst ever her sister 12 year old Prim was selected, each year you get one entry and somehow against all the odds Prim's name was selected and the only way Katniss can save her is to volunteer in her place. And now Katniss has to enter the Hunger games and hope to survive against all odds with a boy who she must kill but really doesn't want to.

I loved the books and I hope to love the movie to. As I have already done a review of the Book I don't want to mix the two together so I am gonna leave it off here, I can't wait to see this movie and hope it can at least capture the heart of the books.

3 Stooges

This movie follows the Hijinx of Larry, Moe and Curly 3 brothers who were left on the steps of an orphanage as children and are now out making their ways in the world as grown men. Yes this is the movie adaptation of the Slapstick comedy troupe from the 1930's-1960's, unfortunately reading the synopsis they are getting sucked into the reality craze I was kind of interested in seeing this movie but the trailer and the synopsis killed it for me. Hell color me crazy but the whole "to save the orphanage where they grew up" plot sounds a lot like the original Blues Brothers, without the good music or the funny.


They went out looking for our beginning and what they found may be our end. Prometheus is a prequel/reboot of the Alien series once again we are about to find facehuggers, spitters and aliens on a distant barren world. In space No one can hear you scream

Impatience thy name is Primal

 Now you can say it and you are absolutely right: "Didn't you say you would hold on to buy the 32GB microSD card with the Adapter because the 16 would be fine?" and yes I did say that. Here is what changed as sometimes happens in my day to day travels I happened to hit a few electronic stores looking for various parts, and while there I decided to check out things that just hit the shelves that I might want later:Phones, Sd cards, Games, Gaming Systems, newer versions of the tablets coming out, new laptops, what have you. The reason being is simple if I know what a customer may be about to purchase I at least can get a heads up on any issues that may run into either from trying to get the it to do something it can't or because they didn't read the instructions on how it can. So while making these rounds I happened to look in the Sd/flash memory section, remember I really wanted a 64Gb but the highest I saw on shelves was a 32 and I was noticing a pattern.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A memory card in hand should be purchased DOH!

What you see here is the new memory card for my tablet, for now. I say for now because I actually want either a 32 or a 64gb Sd card, and I actually had a 32GB microSD card in my hand at a Walmart out in Millington when I decided to wait and see what they had at Best Buy. And What dear friends did they have at Best Buy a Full SD 32GB card for the same price($49.99) as the mirocSD at Walmart with Adapter. Now since I found it at one Walmart me with my BIG BRAIN decides "meh I can go to the other Walmart by my house and pick up a 32gb micro and be done with it," except the Walmart by my house didn't have one. What it did have was this 16GB for $29.99.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why I love those little throw away reloadable credit cards

Ever want to make a donation, make a payment, buy something online, but are wary that your information will get into the hands of people who will worry less about your altruism and more about running off to spend your money on whatever. Well if you give them your bank account number they have access to pretty much whatever they want, can cause you an overdraft fee and basically can make your life a living hell fighting to get your money back.

With one of those little Walmart, Rush, Nfinanse, Green Dot, Amex, etc cards you can make your online selection, if somebody  just so happens to get that number and want to go ham, cut it up never put another dime on it and call it a day. That's it that's all, unless they want to run and load money on it for you(which you either need the physical card for or else you need the password to log online and punch in the reload information) and of

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