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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Please pick one:a dictionary, Thesaurus and YOU(Dec of 2011)

Yo some of yall need to stop abusing language. Every word is not a catch all:
Desperation is not the same as thirst, on top of that THIRST is not a bad thing. Thirst is a warning that lets your body know it needs to hydrate. Desperation is an act when you FEEL you are at the end of your rope, are about to run out of opportunities or about to miss the greatest. And somebody who is a better wordsmith when they compose their compliments or someone getting more compliments than you is neither THIRSTY nor DESPERATE. Posting a pic when you are feeling yourself is not thirst trapping. And some of this language abuse is so transparent, so much a dance of banner waving, soap box transference and attention whoring

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Lost day pt. 2

I am sure that there are plenty of folks who are going to see this as someone being a sore loser, that is absolutely possible. I can be looking at my 35 years of CONSCIOUS observation of the world all wrong, I do wear glasses(glasses that need to be replaced, they are old and broken), and I can absolutely read a situation wrong. I may like to read comic books but I possess none of the clairvoyance that appear in their pages, nor that on the movie screen, I don't know the ancient art of scrying, am in  possession of no magics besides that of imagination, and have no skill whatsoever in divination. I observe people, situations, and I play the odds accordingly.

This is also not a "money is the root of all evil" kick, I honestly think evil needs no help it just needs opportunity. The previous post and this one are looking at how we have changed, and what those changes especially socially have caused to develop and fester in us. People with money are still people, their motivations are similar to ours sometimes the consequences just differ. Again I am not saying rich people are inherently evil, whether they scratched fought, and clawed their way to the top or else by luck of DNA were born into. Not even if by luck of DNA, Networking, and circumstance you MARRIED in to it honestly congratulations.

The Lost day

Let's just get it over with, Yes Donald Trump is being sworn in as president of the United States today. That means people will be unfollowing Potus on Twitter, as well as Flotus, that we go from Crazy uncle Joe to condescending Santa as Vice President and that pain is about to rain down from D.C. because finally the Foxes run the hen house, the wolves are in the sheep's pen, and the thieves have found your spare key. In case you can't guess no I didn't vote for Trump, in good conscience I couldn't allow myself too. Then again I pride myself on being a decent human being not a vulture or wolf, I may not like being begged but if I see that you need help I don't mind offering.

There has been a trend over the last 20 years that ADMITTING you need help, don't know or understand a situation, or acknowledging/respecting/and allowing someone else's experience whether it be positive or painful to stand without having to buttress or play understudy to our own. I know I wrote my "Brewster's Millions Theory" way back in the heyday of 09, and that a lot has changed since then(economically) unfortunately not socially. Well, let me rephrase that it has changed just not for the better we really really don't like each other.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Does X-men:Apocalypse spell the end for X-men movies for Singer(throwback from 8/10/16)

It's been 3 weeks, and while people love to blame underperforming comic book movies on Super Hero fatigue I think if we are honest we know it isn't fatigue it's crappy movies. When you make a crappy movie, it doesn't perform.

Deadpool a fan favorite, niche, parody of another comic book character pretty much quadrupled it's production budget.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a mash up of quite a few Fan favorite stories, that had a ROCKY delivery(if I am being generous) barely made it's money back and is seen as a flop domestically.

Captain America: Civil War has already surpassed BOTH Deadpool(the runaway success) and Batman v Superman(a movie that was pushed up a WHOLE MONTH so they didn't have to directly compete) by crossing the 400 million mark. Deadpool fell just short at like 373 million, Batman v Superman needs a hail mary to even get close before they drop the DVD in 2 months at 336 million.

So what about X-men:Apocalypse, it is coming up on the one month mark, how much has it made 146 million. All 3 movies previously mentioned had crossed the 200 million threshold within 2 weeks. Come this Friday it will have been 4 weeks since Apocalypse was released. I already gave my opinion of this movie, it's the Distinguished mutant. The names you know without the cohesiveness you love, this movie is a shell of itself and what it should have been. Hell Days of Future Past got way closer to the mark and was a hit, and was one of the reasons so many people were hyped for Apocalypse. The problem is most of the initial media released for the movie started to douse said hype, we appreciate the costumes but we also need the powers.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classic Primal Rant

I was going back through some of the posts over on my word press blog and I came to this GEM, let me just say in my defense, their is sick, there is tasteless and then there is handing someone a splooge covered laptop that they don't find out about the splooge until they open it up. And no I am not exaggerating, I even included a picture of said laptop. I don't care about what kind of porn you have on your computer, seriously I am not anti porn, I am not anti masturbation, seriously we all have to release some stress sometimes.

I am anti Love juices on something that I have to touch when the love juices do not belong to me. Would you hand that to your local Best Buy tech(and if you would I hope they IMMEDIATELY hand it back to you and ban you from the store, you're just sick)? Again while I could PROBABLY get away with the picture here what I had to say about the picture nah pimpin thats all Wonderful World right there. It was actually a short post, don't ask me how I divined that down so far and quickly, it just felt good to get that off my chest. Especially how man never mind just the thoughts that went through my head when I had to work on it, when I wrote the blog and even now, just WOW. I swear next time you get the Hazmat  charge if I get something like that

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