Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comic book movies I want to see made Marvel: X-men

I know somebody is gonna say but they made an X-men movie, they made 4 of them. No they made ONE First Class, but that isn't the X-team we marvel fans Know and Love. As for the Crap Brian Singer put out, yes it was nice to see SOME of my favorite mutants on the screen but he constantly Pooched everybodies abilities. Storm was a flier and so was Jean Grey, always having them on the ground when they were teachers at the school was an insult. If you wanted them to be just learning how to use their powers you should have reduced their ages to teenagers. Bobby Drake could "Ice Up" since he was about 12 years old, depending on which continuity you listen too Bobby Drake/Iceman is an omega level mutant who's powers manifested pretty damn early. So for him to ONLY Ice Up one time in the last movie for a 2 minute fight(which versus Pyro was 1:30 secs too damn long) was not only a waste but an insult. Hell he didn't even freeze anybody and HE WAS ON AN ISLAND. Bobby Drake can draw the water out of a fellow human being to create his ice, on an Island Bobby Drake is surrounded on all sides by water, you are pretty much fighting a God right about them he has all the ammo he needs. Hell it was one of the reasons why I couldn't stand X-2.

Robert Drake, Ice man, a man whose power is to freeze any amount of water, JUST SAT ON THE BLACKBIRD. Bobby is many things, he is not a coward, actually if you were being true to the character Bobby is kind of a showboat so with all that water coming Bobby would have run out ahead of everybody and SUCCESSFULLY frozen all that water like it was nothing, and then as a prank would have risen from the ice(not unlike the phoenix) and while everyone was crying around him mourning his death he would have popped up "Guy's I'm ICEMAN I can't freeze to death." Plus the actual ending was dumb because Jean is a flyer it would have made more sense for her to fly ABOVE THE SHIP and lift it UP OUT OF THE WATER. Especially if you were trying to introduce the PHOENIX FORCE, not only that but when the Phoenix is introduced she PERFECTLY MIMICS JEAN after saving the whole crew INCLUDING HERSELF. So not only did he have the wrong X-man stop the water but then he pooched the Phoenix origin story in such a Craptastic way that other then the Wolverine rampage scenes(which yes were awesome) the movie was pretty bad. You had Nightcrawler introduced but didn't really let him fight with the X-men.

The ORIGINAL X-man team was(in a close approximation of their first costumes):

Marvel Girl(Jean Gray), Beast(Hank/Henry Mccoy), Cyclops(Scott Summers), Angel( Warren Worthington III) and ICEMAN (Robert Drake). Now granted I recall Bobby looking less like solid ice and more like packed snow(he looks a little more solid then I would like in this picture but he isn't his hard edge or smoothed ice self so I will acquiesce). Beast isn't furry yet, Scott's head is covered, and BOBBY IS ICED UP.  That is the ACTUAL first class, there they are the folks who got the ball rolling, oh and by the way Scott is the OLDER summers brother(yeah first class way to screw the pooch, you got Alexis' powers and control issues right but put him 30 years before his brother was in HIGH SCHOOL). So even though I liked how First Class explained the possibility of Kurt's birth, explained who Magneto was, explained who Charles was and why they were such dear friends and yet such staunch opponents. It showed HOW Charles became crippled(not comic book canon but hey it works), it showed how Beast got his fur(again just like Alex summers out of time) as well as why it was blue, it showed Charles teaching mutants how to better use their powers as well as how to accept themselves and their gifts. I don't like how it just grabbed random mutants out of time and threw them in a story just to get away from Brett Rattner and Brian Singers train wrecks canon wise.

X-men books have always sucked at keeping continuities together, every time you turn around some mutant has time or reality altering powers and has screwed something up. Plus you know they never let anybody stay dead longer than 6 issues(well for the main most beloved characters). I know everybody knows the "second class"

Now I see Sunfire, Polaris, and Havok in this photo I don't remember them being on the second team but hey I could have forgotten them. But other than that Angel, Storm, Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Banshee and the soon to be deceased Warpath(hey he died on the first mission) are the team that lead them into the limelight. Kitty Pryde/Shadow Cat, and Remy Lebeau/Gambit came later, this is the team who had most of the battles with the brother hood of evil mutants, got bowled over by the Juggernaut and battled the Hell Fire Club. As you can see they broke away from matching uniforms to allow everybody to do their own thing, it was kind of cool in the video games and stuff. If your first introduction to the X-men was the Fox Saturday morning cartoon you may be looking for Ms. Jubilation Lee and Morph, nope not here. Jubilee came later and Morph actually wasn't an X-man, but I guess it was better to kill off some goofy little used white character than the ONLY Native American on the team the cartoon might not have made it that long. Aiight let's get down to WHY I want to see a REAL X-men movie in Part 2

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