Monday, May 30, 2016

The Trailers for X-men: Apocalypse

It was a weekend of a major movie premier so me and HALF of my siblings went, somebody had a baby to watch. Oh well. Now while TWO movies came out Friday night but I only went to one(and as Ninja Turtles comes out next week the other May 27 movies may have to wait til video), and while I don't think I ever owned the T-shirt you know I always Make Mine Marvel. So I went to go see another "new continuity" X-men movie, as you may have heard these seem to be period pieces now. First Class was the 60's, Days was the 70's, and Apocalypse takes place in the 80's.

BUUUUUT before every movie you get trailers to tell you what movie you SHOULD be coming to see in the next few months so that the theaters and Hollywood need them duckets. X-men Apocalypse had 5 trailers, some I had seen Elsewhere, one Marvel Trailer, and a few I had already seen. I know I am a day late with this(I usually do it the day of, but I was really close to prestige 2 on CoD so ahem yeah I did that) but without further ado here we go

Monday, May 9, 2016

Let the games begin

Eikichi has finally seen Civil War, which means we can now talk about it AND just like most people who left the theater, his face showed just how much the MCU is now changed. This was a war for the hearts and minds of the Marvel Cinematic fandom, and honestly nobody won. You watched it, you felt it, and you walked out scarred. There was no victory won in this movie, this was kind of like that "set up comic" you know where the hero is left licking his wounds trying to figure out exactly how bad he underestimated the villain.

I'm not going to say it's goblin throwing Gwen Stacy off the bridge diabolical, especially since this was more fortuitous and opportune but it was still the perfect set up. The dust settles and then the tornado comes in, and not just a dust devil, no an F5. To hell with the house, the foundation, the block, the whole city may be gone when it's all done. And the why, the why is even sympathetic. Nobody has clean hands on this one, not because people didn't try but because nobody is truly perfect and sorrow and suffering can take many forms. One man's grief resolution can be another man's vengeance, spite, or execution. Revenge is a dish best served cold and fire, microwaves, gas or electric ovens have ALL disappeared inn this one. It was hard not spoiling this for Eikichi, you wanted to tell him about it and yet you didn't want to prep him too much. Because you needed to take all these body shots, yes the chin shot was coming but those body shots were meant to build character maybe you were knocked out maybe you weren't but you learn something about yourself after all those body shots. Even that slight twist of fate, the person who wanted to drive in the knife and twist it changed NOT because two peoples mother's had the same name, no because as disrespectful as it sounds the original knife holder was a NOBODY, it wouldn't have mattered at all. No it would have been okay, but it would have been a cheap trick, unsatisfying, unredeemable, but no when that knife is grabbed from the table you completely understand it and you might even cheer for him, forgiveness at the ready.

I have a dream, I want to see an Empire Fall

This is the year of the comic book movie, We are 3 down and we have 3 more to go(if you count Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who started out in a Graphic Novel). We have already gotten 3 movies from two of the biggest names in Comics, Two from Marvel and one from DC and this review is about the latest offering from Marvel:

Captain America:Civil War

The latest Captain America sequel is based on a comic book ark by the same name "Civil War" and for the most part follows a SIMILAR path. In the comics a villain named Nitro decided to explode next to an elementary school in Stamford Connecticut while in a "reality TV"style fight with the New Warriors. In the Marvel universe super heroes basically grow on trees, and it isn't exactly cheap so when one of the lesser known groups decides that they need an "edge" they decide to crime fight for the TV,(just like cops) bring along a camera crew, and duke it out for ratings. Unfortunately, thanks to Nitro, it becomes such a focal point that most of the new warriors as well as the villains who were with Nitro die(except for Speedball who's powers saved him) plus a bunch of innocent civilians including that elementary school full of children. In the Comics Tony Stark was ORIGINALLY in Washington DC to try and delay the Super Hero Registration Act, but seeing the horror of the explosion as well as a few angry parents who shoved pictures of dead children into his face causes his resolve to falter. It splits the super hero world in the Marvel Universe asunder, some heroes side with Iron Man as Pro Registration feeling that with some proper training, government backing for insurance purposes, and accountability while they couldn't prevent every disaster people would at least know who they were and realize that they were just regular people. Captain America on the other hand felt it was too risky, all those heroes who fought so hard to protect the public only to now have to worry about protecting their families. If you had a secret identity(which Technically Captain America doesn't everyone knows that Cap is Steve Rogers) it was for a good reason and NO ONE should be allowed to usurp that reason. While there were Many Avengers who sided with Iron Man the ULTIMATE tipping point in the comics was Tony Stark convincing Spider-man to unmask. In a Press conference Peter Parker reveals that he had been Spider-man since he was 15 years old, and that while he always tried his best he understood that his wearing a mask sometimes sent the wrong message.

It's a really good story ark and worth a read, but while there are PLENTY of similarities with the comic story Captain America Civil War is a beast all it's own. For a few reasons, one unlike in the comics where Marvel owns the rights to ALL of it's characters, in the movies they currently own HALF(thought with the deal with Sony and rumors of a possible deal with fox that HALF may become all) which still gives them a lot of leeway but they've only been making movies in the MCU for about 10 years so they really haven't had time to build up a 100 hero plus roster. Plus unlike a comic book or comic books movies have to be around 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and you really can't just pick it up and come back next month for the next segment. So without further ado

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Trailers for Captain America:Civil War

On this fine Friday evening we got 5 trailers, from all over the spectrum of movie delights. Some remakes, some new offerings, some sequels but all before Captain America:Civil War. Most of these trailers I have seen on youtube so I will dig them up for you and as always give my thoughts as to whether or not I think the movies will be worth seeing and if the trailers intrigued me at all.

In case you ever wonder I put them in order of appearance, not worst to best, favorite to least favorite or vice versa. How ever they came at me while I was in my seat is how I give them to you. So without anymore stalling(because at this point it really is becoming stalling), your movie trailers:

Friday, May 6, 2016

After the shortest post ever

Yup Tonight was Movie night, the reason the previous post is so short simply is the battery on my phone was dieing. So I clicked out a few quick words, threw some labels on it and BOOM posted it before the phone shut off on me. So yeah due to circumstances beyond anyone's control it was two not four enjoying civil war tonight, what can I say flat tires suck Donkey Balls. SO yeah Eikichi missed out, which means I have to be on a 24 hour hold about talking with him about the movie, afro is a great movie buddy but he kind of likes to enjoy the movie and then move on to something else.

So yes, a trailer blog will be popping up shortly. Sometime Sunday evening or Monday morning the review blog will be hitting your screens and after that who knows I may go see it again as well as do a month later full of spoilers. I haven't decided yet, I just know that I am in a great mood. Marvel just knocked another one out of the park and one of my favorite comic book characters stole the show, like he is supposed to. By the way, IF you are going to see Civil War STAY TIL THE VERY END. Yes it's cheesy but it is so worth it

About to enjoy the War

It's not a perfect movie night, it's seems Eikichi got a flat tire and won't make it. Sucks but me and Afro are in the theater I have my civil war cup, my hot dog and my blue and red slush.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's here, it's here(5/4/11)

Summer movie season has finally arrived(though Fast Five, review to come later, has already jumped out to a first weekend box office hit) and this weekend I'll be damned if the best comic company in the world(Marvel Comics, I'm a Marvel Maniac admitted it a million times DC homers suck it)  doesn't have the first official offering of the season.

Now yes I know summer doesn't start for a few more months but basically May is when kids start to get out of school, so from May til September Studios put out there(HOPEFULLY) creme de la creme, the best they have to offer in hopes of sucking up date, allowance and chore money from teens and young adults with plenty of spare time on their hands. I mean yes they love holidays, but a holiday weekend might give you 3 or 4 days with kids with free time, summer that's everyday. Friday's offering is Thor, one of Marvel's big characters yes I know he is from Viking Mythology but The Mighty Thor has been running since before I was born, and we all know the name of his mighty hammer Mjolnir(but not how to properly say it until much much later) because of Marvel. I'm hoping this is a big summer not only are new characters gracing the silver screen for everybody(marvel is sending forth Thor and Captain America, DC is putting the Green Lantern on patrol) we're also seeing directors use some of that good will they got by making previous blockbusters to bring pet projects to life(Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens). Of course the end of the Harry Potter series of movies is coming this summer, another Transformers, the guys from the Hangover are coming back, as well as a certain fuzzy panda, Pixar even has a new cars on deck(Screw cars where's the Incredibles 2 I wanna see Jack Jack kick butt) in other words if you have a DIME in your pocket the movie theater is out to get your butt in their comfy stadium seats.

I really am going to try to get to the movies every week this summer to catch all the new offerings. Thor looks good(even if we made fun of how the costumes looked at first), Captain America looks like it could be good but as I'm in my 30's forgive my skepticism Steve but I've had to grab the hurl bucket many a time for what they put out with you name on it. Transformers I am going to watch even if at the end of the released trailer it looks like they just let Prime be evil. How you kicking but all trailer long and in the last 8 seconds you get decimated, just a red and blue flash of decepticon butt kickery. Of course Cowboys & Aliens is on my list I get James Bond and Indiana Jones in the same movie, it's a 90's wett dream come true I mean no it's not Sean Connery but Daniel Craig has done a good job as 007 and well Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford. There are a couple of not so well known projects that I am thinking of seeing too Lank wants to see Real Steel

This one definitely needed a little editing, but as we are almost to summer movie season again and the movies mentioned here have risen or fallen, I figure why not. By the time this posts I will have seen Batman v Superman, Civil War will be on it's way, and oh yeah DEADPOOL was already awesome. I swear if I could have only told me then that this day was coming. That Barrakapool would not be the end of our favorite Merc, that Ryan Reynolds would rise from the ashes of a failed Green Lantern movie to create Super hero movie GOLD. 

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