Thursday, February 23, 2017

The New Blogging Process

Okay, so now that I have had 2 posts come up(the second of course took a lot of POST publishing code work) with pagination I guess from now on I type out a blog, use the draft of said blog to copy and paste between the content spots, and then post the content the next day(or that evening/afternoon if I type it up fast enough). It should make for some interesting blogs going forward now that I can be wordy but not have to worry about having a huge word wall. As previously stated I don't know if it will be a so many paragraphs per page thing, so many paragraphs plus media thing, or a how dense a paragraph a thing before I decide to break it out into extra pages. But I am going to keep working at it until it becomes second nature and the more comfortable I become the more I will go off on even wilder tangents. It's going to be fun recounting more stories of my past as well as creating short stories that I don't have to figure out where I am going to break it up to make the second post at first, I can just kick back and say "page X" which of course has been one of my biggest hang ups.

And as mentioned I may go back and edit some OLDER blogs to add the Html to them at least 2 pages worth. I don't think my reviews will be too far over a page an a half maybe two but my opinions on things(or X I want to see made) those will be a little wordier from now on and better formatted. I'm sure you have noticed some changes with the pages, some of the wording and spacing. Yeah that is on purpose, I often check back to see if the blog is user and vision friendly. And that really is my contact information so if you have a complaint you can hit me up there. You can also comment anonymously, I haven't had an issue with people bugging out yet so that option is CURRENTLY still open. If it gets abused though yes I will cut it off.

Happy Thursday to all, I hope you had a good one and if not I hope it ends in a great nights sleep and an opportunity to kicks life's butt tomorrow

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

okay, it took a minute but I got the first attempt of a paginated marked up post fixed

I don't know where I screwed up, I don't know where I missed a piece of code. For whatever reason, you ONLY went to the first page of the post about the coffee when you clicked on the NEXT or number links. I haven't checked the number links at the button(nor have I figured out how to make them line up next to each other but meh it works lets just leave it that way) but finally if you hit the next button you go to page two, and then page three. I mean it's now 8 pm and I posted that bad boy at 10 am. Granted until I looked at the post I didn't realize that there was anything wrong. I wanted to see what would happen if I removed a page(because if I can remove a page, I can add a page) so looks like I am going to have to take my time and go through and thoroughly check a post which is a little more difficult without the option to "preview" said post.

Yes I am going to have to keep working at it, but that is now two posts paginated. We might have a pattern here, I can be wordy and talkative but now you don't have to see a giant wall of text. Huzzah we have walked through a whole new door

They were on sale

A few months ago, through a client we acquired a Keurig single cup coffee brewer. Yes, yes I know bougie as all get out but it was free, mainly because the little holder for the K cups was missing (someone probably threw it out by mistake) and the person had just went ahead and bought a whole new unit instead of waiting around for that small little piece. SO we got a come up, "Go team Venture" we of course ONLY having to buy that little piece didn't have that much outline (it was like under 10 bucks) and as we are all coffee drinkers have been enjoying various K cup coffees(or making bleh faces, cause not all are winners) ever since. Now yes, I know if you have known me for any amount of time you will now that I USED to say "I HATE COFFEE," Hot Chocolate, sure. Tea, definitely wanna add a color to it:Black, green, white, red well lets gone ahead and party. But coffee nah, not over here pahtnah.

Then the Ex Spouse started working at a satellite of a big chain coffee shop inside a nice sized chain big box establishment, granted she wasn't the ex at the time so of course I tried to find something said chain sold, which I did find. A mocha latte with a few shots, a couple of pumps here and there and viola, a daily morning favorite is born. Of course just because I have a favorite doesn't mean I can always get to it. I for all intents and purposes work out of my car/vehicle, Always moving around but not always moving towards my morning caffeine. Which can leave my less than cheery morning demeanor to be down right ogreish(and anyone who impugns my character to say I am always ogreish can get stuffed), which is why the K cups can come in handy. Now I have found a few that I like:

  1. Hot Apple Cider
  2. Chai Latte
  3. Caramel Latte
  4. Caramel Cappucino
  5. Hot chocolate

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Public retry of the first Pagination code attempt

It appears that I goofed, not kinda goofed completely goofed. It seems that if you want to correctly paginate using the code I had typed in before you had to first complete the post, then copy the post on top of the code and then after all that greatness was done, publish don't preview(which I hate, I would like to have a decent Idea of what it is I am working on and how it looks). The thing is, if I am trying some code out for the first time I would like to preview what the hell it looks like BEFORE I go ahead and use it. I will post links to the pages I found the information on later.

I said I goofed, what did I mean? Well it seems that if you PREVIEW the post it changes the code at the bottom to whatever the code for the preview page is(which sucks) of course that made me think the code didn't work(which technically isn't the codes fault it is mine) so of course I looked on to other code and then discovered my mistake, so what did I do? I reposted the ORIGINAL code and then published it, saw that it MOSTLY worked, took it back to draft no harm no foul right, yup. Which means now I need to retry that FIRST attempt again now that I realized the failure was all user error not code error.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In this life, there are 2 rules that must not be broken

Rule #1 Every Marker must be honored

Rule #2 No blood will be shed on Continental Grounds

John Wick, the Baba Yaga the Boogie Man. When we first met John Wick he was a simple man. He had recently lost his wife, and in an attempt to help John recover his deceased spouse, Helen, had him sent a dog. A small, cute, and playful puppy. It was not easy, but John came to love that puppy for it was a connection to the women he loved, until one fateful day when he went to the store and met a young Iosef Tarasov. Iosef liked John's classic 1969 Mustang Mach 1 coup. Iosef is the spoiled son of a Russian Mob boss, he does not hear no often so he asked John how much for the car of which he was told "No Deal"

Iosef should have accepted that answer, because the night he broke into John's house, knocked him out, stole his car and killed his dog would have deep repercussions. It would also cost Iosef his life, many of his father's henchman their lives, and his very father's life. All because he stole the car of a man with a dog, or should I say the Devil. Because the car he stole belonged to the retired underworld hitman John Wick, a nightmare feared by all EVEN Viggo Tarasov. Before Viggo meets his untimely end, John checks into a hotel in New York called the Continental, an apparent Howard Johnson's for the criminal elite. They give him a car, a 2011 Black Charger LD we will get back to this car Later

Helen is dead

Iosef is dead

the puppy is dead

Viggo is dead

So where is John's car?

Monday, February 13, 2017

The trailers for John Wick Chapter 2

Today is Eikichi's birthday so we had an early movie day. We went to see John Wick(and if you have Amazon video the first one is on sale for 5 bucks), I was a little late again(traffic and watching Legion, I apologize) so I didn't catch all the trailers and Smooth being who he is refused to tell me what he saw(cause taller siblings act like that). So for this Sunday February 12th of 2017 these are the trailers I got at my theater.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

THROWBACK THURSDAY-My theory on job creation(6/2/10)

This is what I think would help I keep talking about it I have posted it in various peices around the net but never in one full front to back easily reference able part. Why post it here, simply put the rules on this blog pretty much force me to remain serious as well as use more responsible language(IE not cursing)

The PrimalData American Manufacturing revitalization plan:

Any "American" corporation with less then 95% of their total labor force in the united states of america is stripped of any and all tax considerations given to "American" businesses. If the corporation imports products into the united states of America from a foreign port to sell in the united states they are subject to normal duties and taxes as well as a 25% penalty on those products. 

reason:them building these items in a foreign country is costing american citizens jobs in hopes off padding their pockets and thus profits. So if you are going to negatively affect the citizens here you are going to pay for it.


meh, I may redo this one day. I think I started this on a slow day while watching MSNBC or something. And yes I have often talked about this with various people who: 
  • Probably haven't had a job in a while
  • Don't understand HOW our tax and tariff system works
  • Really don't care about creating jobs, they just want to be contrarian
  • Haven't researched ANYTHING that they are saying, if it sounds good SCREAM IT
I don't mind a good debate, the problem is half the time on the internet you can't find one. The people who "pretend" to take the other side aren't actually taking a side, they are just trying to start some kind of conflict. Lots of name calling, some cursing, some complaining to an imaginary ref, a lot of conspiracy theories they try to pass off as fact or research, and a general lack of understanding of anything other than what they WANT to be true. It used to be more fun but they are so easily manipulated that you kind of realize it isn't so much skill on your part as it is incompetence on theirs

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A fathers love and dedication will save the world

Alicia Marcus - an innocent little girl who develops a rare yet fatal disease: Progeria. She will not live a full life by the time she reaches the age of 25 she will look 70, her father James Marcus works diligently on a cure for her disease. But also in preparation for the worst begins recording her face, her voice and every waking moment to hold on to the memory of his beloved child. Just when he thought all was lost he discovered a cure the T-virus, it regenerates cells and at first appears to cure his daughter. Due to the discovery he begins the Umbrella Corporation with his friend Alexander Isaacs hoping to cure all disease. Unfortunately the T-virus had side effects, and they were deadly.

The Red Queen - the digital versions of Alicia Marcus created by Doctor Alexander Isaacs, she is the computer that runs all of umbrella corp her job is to protect humanity from T-virus outbreaks, as well as the staff of the umbrella corporation. She may look like an innocent little girl but she is ruthless, cold, and calculating. Her young angelic voice can often be heard saying "You're all gonna die down here" partially because she is stating an undeniable fact the T-virus outbreak is over running the world, and the other reason is because she is most likely releasing t-virus creatures to come and kill you.

Alice- She has been there since the first known widespread T-virus outbreak, due to her exposure in the initial outbreak her memories of her past have been destroyed. From the first she has been killing zombies for a long time 10 years, she has lost loved ones, friends, and seen many people die. She has been experimented on, cloned, given special powers by her exposure to the T virus, had them removed, had them given back but she is tired. All she does is kill T-virus infected zombies. When last we saw her she was in Washington DC involved in a last stand for humanity.

3 women all connected by the T-virus, one the reason for it's creation, the other it's tireless observer, and the last a warrior fighting against inevitability. The T-virus was spread by the speed of the modern world:Trains, planes, and cars if you are infected with the T virus, especially the early strains you are most likely going to die and when you do you will become a zombie, flesh craving, undead trudging on to kill the remaining members of humanity who's rolls you just left. The Umbrella corporation created a

Resident Evil and this is it's Final Chapter

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dear Cold Miser

Are you okay? Is your older brother currently abusing you or does he have you tied up in the basement? It is February and yet save for one especially frigid day it's been mostly mid 50's or 60's. Even days that are FORECASTED to be cold turn out to be like 50+ by mid afternoon. Now this is not to pretend we are best friends, no I hate your frigid behind but we all have a job to do and you ain on yours pimpin so I am curious as to whether we need to send out a search party.

I understand that you and your brother often fight about weather conditions down here in the south, and that yall make deals every once in a while but come on now this is ridiculous. We got maybe one light dusting of snow in the last 4 months. If we have a hot winter I don't even want to imagine what the summer is gonna be like thus "GET ON YOUR JOB." I understand that the coolest President ever is on vacation, and maybe you miss his smooth demeanor, sharp wit, and jovial sense of humor, WE DON'T CARE. Maybe you miss Crazy Uncle Joe, with his twin pair of aviators, grandpa smile, and venomous vocabulary, again WE DON'T CARE.

We miss them too, but we have all had to get up and go to work all damn year, so do you. Now you aren't allowed to go "Welp, I kind of lost a bet and I am spending all my time making hell freeze over" no you ain, we know you just don't want to touch Lord Dampnut's anus mouth, and we don't care get to work. Cool things off for a little while so that Heat Miser ain sitting his whole Ball Sack on us from April til whenever you decide to bring your dusty behind back to work. Suck it up cup cake, if we are all in this together than YOU have to show up to. Hell next time he wants to hold an outdoor press conference drop like 15 inches on him, we will make jokes.

And don't give me that vacation crap, you get 6 months and Heatie gets 6 months I'm surprised he ain knocking on your door talking about lazy bones.

Anyway enough of my joking around, I'm just curious as to why things are so hot. Like I have done my normal winter grow out so my head doesn't get cold, I have broken out the load pants and sweat shirts, and half the time I don't need them. Where They Do That At? It's Warm, in February?  I'm wearing short sleeves like it ain nothing, I am actually thinking of breaking out the actual short pants something ain right. Granted I say this and watch it drop like 6 inches on us this weekend lol

Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl 51 movie trailers

Since I personally feel I shorted you by not giving you all the trailers for Resident Evil the final chapter(plus the trailers I did have save one I have already discussed) I have decided to look up all the Superbowl movie trailers and talk about them. I don't know what I am going to find, I don't know if they were all awesome but I do know there seems to have been a lot of them.

Yes this will follow my normal format of "Title of the movie linked to the trailer, followed by a short bit of personal commentary" so, you ready? Let's get this popping:

Transformers: The Last Knight

I don't know what it is with Micheal Bay and killing off everybody's favorite Transformers but it seems like he is at it again, and this time it looks like the world's favorite VW bug turned Camaro is in his sights. We may finally get the answer to why Transformers keep coming to planet Earth, unfortunately it seems our favorite human saving Autobot has decided he ain for us fleshlings no more. That's right ladies and gentleman Optimus Prime appears to be in league with the Big Bad this movie, that is if he ISN'T the actual big bad. Something is talking to him about redemption so I think he is being mind controlled doesn't matter though if he is roasting his fellow autobots on a spit. Optimus you better than this Bro, I know Micheal Bay is telling you that you have to do it but nah dog don't go out like this.

The Trailers for Resident Evil The final chapter

Due to a series of extremely unfortunate but hilarious events I got to the movie theater later than expected. No seriously it was like something out of a cartoon

  • I couldn't find the car keys
  • I had to give the dog water
  • I get to the gas station because I was on E, I got the slowest teller ever
  • I get behind a car and even though no one is in front of him 10 miles under the speed limit
  • Did I mention he finally sped up when I went to pass him
  • I go to park and somebody can't decide if they want to leave or stay
BUT I got there, I made it in time to see a few of the trailers before the movie(probably would have seen them all if I sacrificed my blue and red but traditions must be upheld) and here I am to tell you what I saw and what I thought about them. So without further adieu I made it in time to catch 3 trailers and they were as follows

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Here we go Again

It's another movie night, I am about to head to the theater to watch HOPEFULLY Resident Evil, the final chapter. Resident Evil is a special little conundrum it is based on a video game(mostly) and yet the type of video game it is based on is based on Zombie survival horror which is of course a type of movie. I have often said one of the reasons that RE hasn't been as lackluster as other video game movies is because Zombie Horror is something people know how to do, yes you have to add in crazy looking enemies, mutated dogs, and weird horse/bull looking things but it's still the undead chasing living people around who just want to make it to another day. They have used various characters from the game Ada Wong, Chris Redman, the Nemesis, Wesker, and of course Alice. It plays well because you get to see your favorite characters damn near die or die (depending on who you liked in the movie) but at least go out in a blaze of glory.

They have waded their way through 5 movies(not unlike Underworld) and have decided to let their crew go out in a blaze of glory in one final mega battle. This doesn't mean they can't do another Resident Evil movie later, but they retired Alice around 5 in the games I think, had Chris in more of them as well as showed random other characters. So while you may lose your T-virus power Super Zombie killer you can still have folks who are pretty good at fighting off Zombies and getting to the end versus whoever the Big Boss is.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dear Lord Dampnut

Supposedly an anagram for Potus 45's first and last name(Donald Trump) is Lord Dampnut. Similar to Tom Marvelo Riddle's I am Lord Voldemort, so I am starting to think since the pres baby is such a stickler for his image and his popularity(which is currently in the tank) we should start writing him letters addressed to Lord Dampnut, the LORD part he probably won't mind the Dampnut as he really isn't know for his humility nor his appreciation for satire or parody it might drive him insane. Honestly I don't really do anagrams too often, mainly because I probably wouldn't stop coming up with words and I might skip the funny ones just to keep on going.

Now to be fair, IF Donald Trump had a decent sense of humor ain nothing wrong with damp nuts. They may have initially been wet nuts, which hopefully meant they were either involved in strenuous activity or a whole lot of fun. The Donald has always been known to brag about his sexual prowess and attractiveness to the ladies so this SHOULDN'T be too big of a shot to his ego. But he's Donald Trump, EVERYTHING is either a shot to or a boost for his ego.

A prayer breakfast:Talk about how I did on the apprentice
Executive Orders:Call a press conference(but don't take questions)
Have a secured phone:Stay tweeting on your regular account on your unsecured phones
Crooked Hillary and her unsecured email server: Still uses your Gmail account.

I would say something about hypocrisy, but that would require some folks to pick up a dictionary to do more than balance out a table. Read more than just the names of beers(or memorize the colors), and understand that there is such a thing as FACTS, things that can be proven, recorded, and recreated and then there is an opinion that anyone can have but that is not LAW nor UNIMPEACHABLE. This is meant to be light hearted so don't worry I ain about to go off on a tangent, I truly find it amazing that THIS is what we have come to. Having the guy screaming at the top of his lungs in a delusional tangent as the leader of the free world. But hey, in my lifetime I have now seen the White Sox, the Red Sox, and the Cubs win a world series. I have seen the Cleveland Cavaliers win an NBA title, I even saw the Tampa bay Buccaneers win a Superbowl so it isn't like the crazy or previously impossible has never happened before.

So we have decided to turn real life into fiction, I wonder if I get super powers next and whose

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oops did I do that(5/17/11)

Looking at my "Networked Blogs" page I noticed a huge goof. As I was going back through some of my recent "raw blogs" I noticed how HUMONGOUS some of the pictures had come out, messing up the whole flow of the page. Granted these were raw, I knew they were raw, many of them came from days when I had no electricity so that I didn't have access to puter or internet to resize them. Thing is that isn't the "goof", the goof was that after I edited said blogs I forgot to check the "post preferences" at the bottom.

What's "post preferences"(which understand if that ain the right name it will be edited out and I'll floating text said changed) you may ask, it allows me to choose the date and time a post will appear INCLUDING leaving a post to be added in to a previous months register. This is good if you just wish to edit typos and aren't doing a whole new blog. Now I have to go back and re edit posts and HOPE I can remember what days they were originally posted. Some were within the last few days so its going to be annoying but not impossible(especially since most of my posts DON'T have comments), but certain ones(like the warriors way blog) I know the exact date of (12/5/10 had to go back to that date too many times to answer responses on it, which was AWESOME).

Another thing YAY I'm losing mass, yes the numbers on the scale are dropping too but just like when trying to build muscle when your skinny the scale usually takes the longest to change. Your body though it starts change pretty steadily. I took pics of my belt, the same belt I bought last year sometime after mold old one broke. My belt was kinda tight when I bought it, there was just enough left over to go through a couple belt loops, a couple. Now, whew its actually pulled all the way around to almost the middle of my back. Which is cool, what's not cool is trying to capture a picture of said amazingness. As you can see the third one shows you how much extra belt I have(second one is pretty useless) and the first shows my back and front pockets as well as part of the belt.

Now no this does not mean my beer(well really little debby, chocolate, bbq, and cheesesteak gut but beer is so much quicker to say) is gone its still fighting for dear health, buttressed by the fact that I seem to be allergic to sit ups lately. My waist though is shrinking, probably need to go pants shopping soon, to get smaller pants that no longer have a 4 in the front would be nice. I think that being in my 30's(yeah yeah late 30's I know) having a waist size in that same range is pretty respectable. Im probably a good 3 or 4 inches away from that, not that I have the measuring tape at the ready. But as the tops of my pants start to pleat and I continue to pull my belt another notch or two tighter the conclusion is easily reached.

PLUS me and a certain sibling have switched places in the "who's heavier" department *fist pump* while I may not be at my "target weight" I am seeing significant progress. Now I can just get close to or catch the other sibling(and not look anorexic or monstrous) I'll be happy.
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Now this bad boy says published, and yet it is in my drafts section, oh well. It's extra funny because that belt(you know the one in the pictures) died a few weeks ago and I had to buy a new one. So this is actually an homage to my good old belt, may you rest in piece thanks for keep my butt covered

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