Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tick Tock(9/16/11)

As days, weeks and months go by
an absent heart can grow fonder but also may die
where once passions burned and love sprang anew
can wither and crumble, scattered like dust by a broom
one can chase the sunrise or flee the moon
delicately master the melody or blare out of tune

I have absolutely no clue what the hell I was thinking here. I dunno I just started typing I guess. I wonder where it would have went if I had finished it? Oh well who knows maybe one of these days I will figure it out

The first mens outing for 2012(1/22/12)

I don't know if I wrote about this last year when we all decided to meet up in the bowling alley on Winchester to basically bring one generation together with the next. It was me and a few of my older cousins, my uncle and a bunch of the youngsters the reason was simple, quite a few of us had died recently many not making it out of their 30's. I mean yes some of the older folks had gone but way to many 30 and unders were no longer here to go to the family reunion and talk to, just give them a hug. A couple of them died due to accidents or outside non natural forces. And a few of the soon to be oldest of the family decided we needed to start reaching out and pulling each other together.

Now we had hoped to do this more often but last year got hectic we met in October, had planned to meet around Thanksgiving but that fell through and December is always a weird month for everybody(especially a Capricorn who's mother is a Sagittarius, and who's anniversary falls within the same time frame) so this time I decided hey I have all these new toys, why not record the outing. After a few fits and starts(basically shutting off my wifi connection because something kept freezing up the camera) I got the camera rolling and while I didn't catch that many faces(I know I should have placed the camera a little higher, but where I had it kept in in font of me and basically surrounded by us). Now by camera I mean the rear facing 5 mpix camera on my Toshiba Thrive now yes recording a full 45 minutes was a little much on my HD and I will probably once it gets done uploading here move it over to my laptop but hey if it plays it will be the first video I ever uploaded. Nothing fancy the sound will suck, we will be rowdy but this is what it looks like when me and my family go out and have fun.

In life sometimes you get so busy you forget to appreciate the people around you, and before you know it you go from thinking "oh well I will hit them up tomorrow" to "damn I meant to call them the other day". Now while we had fun this outing wasn't as seamless as the first one, this time we got there a little late. By we I am of course referring to Lank, Ero, and myself Kitsune was given the time of the meeting(6:00 pm central) but NEGLECTED to pass it on to anybody else, not that I was doing anything hell I was laying around the room counting bumps on the ceiling Lank was working. Now being as we hadn't done this in months my score was kinda low, I mean it was respectable(I bowled a 124, highest of the folks playing) but I missed so many spares it was ridiculous plus we only got to bowl one game so I never really got into a groove any thing over 100 is nice but I wanted to win and well I showed the score at the end of the vid.

I think if we had another game Kitsune would have calmed down and bowled better, I probably would have bowled worse I have up and down games like that but hey with Ero and my cousin D losing a few games to some weird glitch where it would just knock the pins down in your second frame I didn't feel so bad, hell I damn near finished with a turkey.

I forget what happened to the video that goes along with this. I got halfway done after we bowled, started waiting on the video and then NADA. Oh well, we did have fun. We also did a few more of these but they have since fallen to the wayside. This one could have really used some editing, now by followed by a now yes. Forgetting to write delete after probably, meh it was a fun time regardless.

2 years in the making(4/3/11)

I am marking the 2 year anniversary, 2nd birthday whatever you would like to officially call it of the ponderings by of course giving it notice on all my various social networking haunts(something I need to start right now). As mention the start of my journey here on Blogspot(when I started here it was called blogspot now it's blogger) was not as a blogger as it was as a reader and a commenter. If you check back on some of my favorite blogger haunts you will notice that I used to fill up a lot of comment space. If I have an opinion I am going to give it in full, damn the torpedoes or somebody else who was afraid to fully express themselves for fear of being ridiculed as a dork, nerd or geek, or that someone may accost them because "they were wrong". Could I be wrong, sure I'm human, are you gonna have to prove it hell to the yeah. At the time I started this blog I already had two, one on Yahoo 360 and one on multiply that I was pounding away on at a rather regular pace(if you dig into the archives you will notice quite a few instances of me mentioning how I abused this blog, much like you will see now on wordpress though honestly wordpress is getting a lot more love then blogger did in the beginning). Now yes Yahoo 360 is gone and while multiply still exists I really haven't posted on there in any capacity in months(I may again, just hmm I've been busting my behind here, somewhat), I had blogged a few times on myspace haven't been there in ever, black planet either. So as far as active blogs are concerned you have here and you have Wordpress.

When I started this blog I made one firm rule:No cursing. Which to any who know me and who stumble upon this blog going forward will appear to be an impossibility "Primal not curse, please he enjoys those foul invectives too much to write a post without peppering a few in here or there", so yeah the fact that I have over 200 posts with nary a cuss word(I have allowed a few in here and there) will be shocking. I also said that as is my nature to be random and in the shadows so will be my blog, if you find it so be it, but there will not be a lot of "hey I'm primal come to my blogging" going on. 2 reasons most peoples blogs I find, I find by accident I see them somewhere else and explore, I like to find out more. And if a subject interests me I comment, I kind of want to meet more people like myself. Now I may not be overflowing with visitors(especially if you go by my google analytics stats) but I have had quiet a few onlookers. Second especially in the beginning as I wasn't posting with any amount of regularity I didn't want to create some type of  "eye grabbing campaign" which would force me to artificially create content just so that I had an excuse to draw people to my blog. If you came then you came by way of the ether, as many of my great childhood adventures did by simple chance, my friend Joy of Almond Joy's Sweetness as well as Let this BE a warning (a play on one of her internet nom de plumes of Butterfly Effect, go by and give her a hug for me) did give me a shout out once on her facebook page and I want to thank her for that, got quite a few hits that week.

Also of my 468(as of this writing trust me it will increase going forward, actually as I have been going through still reading others blogs while typing this up I should just say as of this moment 8:28 pm on April 3rd 2011) Disqus comments(and the inspiration for me adding it to my blog) the lions share are on my cyber brother Rippa's blog The Intersection| Madness & Reality from every topic including politics, music, and my love of the Bootay. To tell you how lousy a cyber brother I am Rippa and I live in the exact same city, hell 2 years ago we probably lived within 15 minutes of each other, and me Mr. busy and lazy has never met him face to face(Yes I R the suck, I admit it). Rippa recently had surgery so if you have a thick enough skin drop by say hello and possibly join in on the conversations(rippa has at least 6 other blog authors as well as allows people to submit posts for his blog, no I myself have NEVER done a post for his blog I just read and respond to that which tickles my fancy). Oh word of warning Rippa sometimes uses some wild pictures along with the blog posts to catch you off guard, if you can keep your wits about you I recommend definitely adding him to your reading list. One of the best black bloggers in the game.

Through my blogging travels I have met many different people some of them shinig stars(or shining stars in the making) others normal eclectic folks like myself, some average everyday people who you would think "why would they interact with him". As the world wide web was young when I left jersey I have met quite a few folks who I was already sharing time zones, stomping grounds and area codes with folks like @kinkycourtesan of and The Trippie Hippie a fellow jersey alumn, @yagyrlr of yagyrlr this harlemite drags me to every new social networking iteration there is I may not stay but I can't say I haven't heard of it,
Now this post is a damn shame. SMH how in the hell did I forget to post a Blog's Birthday post. What a difference 5 years make. 5 years and an 18 month hiatus, It's kind of funny that I find this post when I am a little over a week and a half away from this blogs 7th birthday. I may or may not mark it. This will be a Throwback Thursday post but this blog's birthday will fall on a Monday. I don't know IF I commemorate it how it will be done. it appears writing a long post ain the move cause welp I can forget about it and leave it in draft. As life goes on I don't still talk to everyone I tried to include in this blog, Life happens. But rules are rules so if you are in here you are in here. I most likely had planned to include many others but of course I never finished it. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One of these Days they will just give us the movie and not the thing they feel we will sit through

For those who don't know I follow Kevin Smith, the other fat comic book and sci fi movie geek from Jersey(he's just famous), and today he just tweeted out this kinda cool deleted scene from Batman v Superman that shows some mother boxes EARLIER in the movie. Which if you read either of my posts(here or wordpress) you would see that I have a problem with the kinda jerky way that BvS set up the story. Honestly I would have sat through a 3 hour movie if it gave me the full story. I am going to be extremely pissed off if I buy the directors cut and realize "oh crap this was actually an awesome movie, they just cut the 30 minutes worth of scenes that tied EVERYTHING TOGETHER." In this deleted scene I see some weird creature, Lex Luthor Jr. and what APPEAR to be motherboxes, which you know what in the right context could explain SOME of why Lex appeared so herky jerky.

Like I said in my review, the action scenes are awesome it just never makes sense on how we get there. I'm starting to think there are so many small connecting roads that in an editors mind didn't seem like much but then again without them we are a whole 3 stores over. And I really do believe that there is an awesome movie in this mess somewhere, the execs just had it cut down to far because EVEN though this is the binge watching age where people sitting in front of their TV for more than 3 hours on a regular basis(including myself when I went on that 3 day Daredevil Binge).

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Tell me, Do you bleed?"

This is about the Dark Knightest line we got all movie, Batman v Superman had a lot of action when it was crunch time, the story just didn't hold up for it. My main issue with Batman v Superman is that a lot of the things I THOUGHT would be motivation for not only our Iconic fight, but also the cause for our heroes to search for each other and unite pretty much fell flat. Ben Affleck was an awesome Batman(yes, I could be smug and link you to it instead I'll just add the correct label), and I will admit that while I still think she is a little light for my Warrior Queen Gail Gadot did deliver the action when it was fight time. It was many years in the making, and yes there is still that good old wordpress rant but Batman v Superman is here.

 I will try not to give that many major spoilers which as I said in the post before is really the only reason people don't understand how lazy a lot of the writing and directing was, but some things just can't be ignored so if feel I have ruined parts of the movie for you there is a comments section fire away.

Monday, March 28, 2016

It's movie review day, woohoo

That's right ladies and gents, two days ago I went to the movies(well technically 3 days ago but as it was sold out I actually watched it two days ago) to view WB DC comics latest offering Batman v Superman:DAWN of JUSTICE (yes I am doing that sarcastically as if it is in a more pronounced voice) and if you have been to my wordpress blog you know I had some pretty strong feelings, but that wasn't a review that was a rant. Two days later, a couple of conversations with both my brother and a few friends, checking out some other reviews to see if MAYBE I am being a little harsh(which save ONE person saying they loved it, Tyrone Magnus on Youtube. He has spoilers at the end so if you watch it he warns you but I did too) the feelings are pretty much the same. I am going to try and find a way to be even handed about this, steer as far away from spoilers as possible(which is probably the only thing that saves this movie from a bad review), and admit this, I was entertained by the movie it just has problems. Like I said, if you don't give spoilers people won't understand WHY you have problems because to give them away would give away major plot place holders(I can't say points cause, yeah).

Also I am working on a post about the lessons that should be learned from Deadpool vs what Hollywood will probably take from Deadpool, which after watching Batman v Superman I am ready to double down on. I wish I knew how to Paginate here on Blogger but I guess I will just have to go ahead and break it up into different posts so that I can get all my points across. Mainly because everything RIGHT with Deadpool is everything they did WRONG in Batman v Superman. And while people don't have to agree with me, accept my points, or even read the post, I am going to be honest about it. Because I honestly think sticking closer to the good things Deadpool did(besides just making money) could make a better experience for comic book fans and movie goers alike.

Anyway this was just to let yall know, "Nah, not another hiatus, yes Sunday passed without a review blog but technically that would have been 24 hours not 48"

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After the total fail of Friday nights movie going attempt I used my fandango app to go ahead and buy us 3 tickets to see DC's latest offering, and hilariously enough somehow DC got TWO Marvel Previews before their movie. Now I am slightly upset that I still haven't seen any teasers for Doctor Strange but I guess I'll just have to wait til the heart of Summer movie season, I mean it comes out in November yall can't hold on to it much longer. Since we didn't go until Saturday night I will have to rush through the review on Monday(cause I have a jobby job). You got 5 trailers before Batman v Superman, Warner Bros got two in there, Marvel got two in there and then well let's stop stalling.

X-men: Apocalypse

20th Century Fox's SECOND Marvel movie this year, their first one is a smash hit(lol) and this one hopes to follow in it's footsteps. It is suspected that the first mutant was born thousands of years ago, and that people treated him as a God. He had 4 horseman that traveled with him everywhere, and he believed that ONLY the strong should survive. Charles Xavier now has a new class of mutants, that he has been training to help protect the world, but he was searching for man made or mutant threats not Godlike ones. Can Charles Xavier and his students possible defend the world from this awesome power as well as a few old friends, and possibly some new ones.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 1 is fast approaching(9/9/11)

I'm scanning injury reports, I'm constantly on the Eagles website trying to catch the next little tidbit of news, video, commentary. To say that I have a jones is an understatement I have loved football for the entirety of my life, and since I first learned how to sit up straight have watched the Philadelphia Eagles play football. Unlike others I had no doubts that we would have football this season too much money in it and unlike basketball, where people have become tired of all the sideshow antics both on the court and in the owners box, there is too much outside pressure from people in states who take their football seriously. If Roger Goodell let this lockout remain on too long I guarantee you there were a few states that he would have been persona non grata in most of the states who have pro football have a deep passion for it. Regardless to if you have a Lombardi trophy sitting in the case or not we go out in 0 degree or lower weather, rain, sleet, hail if you don't cancel the game(and if you do we will have some choice words for you) we will be there.

I know that my teams Offensive line is in flux, I won't lie and say it doesn't worry me than again speed kills and all we have is speed on the offensive side of the ball. I am waiting for a big announcement that Djax has gotten a new contract, I know we had better sign him and soon. I understand that football is a business but personally while we lost the older loudmouth wide receiver to Jerry Jones and his Blue Star we damn sure better not use the young, electrifying one. I will spare my giant fan readers the video(no it isn't saved on my desktop yes I have watched it a few times on youtube), but Desean Jackson in the open field is a coaches worst nightmare I watched some highlights of him in college, because I was bored and there are no 2011 highlights yet, and to see that he's always done that to DB's and punt teams is just wow. Yes I am still chomping at the bit to see Dion Lewis in a game situation, the kid just tears up the field and looks so illusive. I heard that Jeremy Maclin is going full speed and that possibly Steve Smith will play too, I will not lie and say that Jason Avant is another speedster but hey sometimes you just need a possession receiver and he's it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Do blind men bluff

For those of us with Netflix subscriptions this weekend has probably turned into a binge watching of the newest season of Daredevil, and a little treat once you finish:The teaser trailer for Luke Cage(series drops Sept 30th, 6 months really Netflix?). I shouldn't be dropping any spoilers by saying Kingpin, The Punisher, and Elektra make an appearance. I wish we got more than 13 episodes a season though, yes I know the shows run roughly 52 minutes no commercials but you can't give me 17 or 20 episodes? As we all know the series old Big Bad Wilson Fisk is in Jail, tossed in the pokey after our hero dons his costume for the first time. And just like last season, you may HEAR of a big bad but you don't really get to see him til 5 or 6 episodes in or did you. One of the things that I came to enjoy this season is that with Kingpin out of the way our hero finds it a lot harder to pin down who is or isn't really behind the strife in the kitchen.

Of course with the Punisher in town, we aren't just gonna be able to get out of this thing without some blood being spilled. Frank Castle isn't one for speaking softly, and his idea of a big stick is a .50 cal, a gatling gun, or anything that will put a HUGE hole in you. The devil of hell's kitchen may be an altar boy but he has some competition, or is it help in our gun toting vigilante. He also has issue with the visit of an old flame, especially when Matty is trying to keep his fledgling or more like flailing law practice afloat. He's got his best bud at his side, a pretty babe and a heap of trouble because it seems the DA is not to fond of vigilante justice and she is AIMING to do something about it.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hey Everybody

With these simple words Marvel has restarted their hype engine and completely stolen the Thunder from DC. Honestly, I know the thunder god  is one of their characters but this was supposed to be DC's month. No longer fighting Civil War in May, right after Deadpool's momentous winter opening this was supposed to be the sweet spot, but I guess Marvel wasn't in the sugar sharing mood. It also may hilariously be a shot at Joss Whedon, because having a trailer with:iron man, War machine, vision, black widow vs captain America, hawkeye, scarlet witch, winter soldier and adding in the black panther on Tony's side, Antman on Steve's with some awesome fight sequences can be considered an embarrassment of riches, that was honestly enough....

Until it wasn't, I already said this on wordpress but Tony Star screaming "underoos" was the cherry, pineapples and whipped cream on top of my already free awesome sundae. It harkens back to Tony's irreverence, it jokingly talks about Marvel's history as the home for spandex(vs DC's love for cowls and capes), and it allows the wall crawler to show up in a flashy, wacky, cocky, and ridiculous way. This is almost as awesome as Chris Evans pretending to be Loki, pretending to be Captain America. You take a tense scene and toss a fart machine in the middle of it. And it lends itself to such awesome parody, as both the webslinger and the merc with the mouth often do because what is a Spider-man or Deadpool cameo without some existential moment of either seriousness or ridiculousness.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

In an editing mood (5/26/11)

If you happen to see my networked blog stream pick up a lot today, or you go back to some of your favorite posts and notice that maybe they look a little cleaner, or spelling errors have been fixed(in the article or the comments) thats because I am going through and editing WAAAAY after the fact. I don't know if it's just me or everybody hates going back and trying to figure out what and how bad they screwed something up that felt so good in the moment but here I go anyway. As it's 6pm central I don't know if I will make it to the movies tonight I guess it depends on how long editing takes me, and if I feel like walking again.

I don't know how far I am going to go back, I don't know if I'm glutton for punishment enough to go back to the first post I ever made, then again it might be nice to see if I can spot the plethora of spelling mistakes I know I would have made, as well as the many run on paragraphs, bad prose, words I invented(yes I know I am quite belligerent about adding words to the English language), and Jason Voorheesed any time of continuity or flow. I don't mention this being the randomosity train for nothing, I do ramble, stumble, double back and go in completely a different direction a lot. It's what I get for not using outlines and just allowing myself to go along whatever path the idea takes me along, some may say thats a good way to at least get writing


I still don't know how far I went back that day. I see a few more posts that I need to go back and edit later. Still cleaning up my drafts folder, don't know if I will release everything in there, don't know if I will stop adding to it(which is kind of hard since sometimes you have an idea and then you lose it). Supposedly the updated the blogger app so I may start using that again when I don't want to pull out the laptop(we shall see)

The Trailers for Kung Fu Panda 2 (5/28/11)

As this is Memorial Day weekend and the movie industry is trying to get more bang for it's buck there are two releases this weekend, this is my first movie of the weekend(and since Lank has a habit of flaking I will probably do the review for KFP2 tonight and walk to The Hangover 2 tomorrow) I missed most of the first trailer but meh, it wasn't really a movie I want to see anyway. Looks like because this was an animated movie they decided to do all the "kiddie/family" trailers on it oh well, you go see an animated movie you take that risk, well away we go to the trailers from Kung Fu Panda 2:the search for more Kung Fu AWESOMENESS

Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer

A movie along the lines of Superfudge(and something else that slips my eclectic memory, I swear when this wave crescendos in I'm gonna be pissed) young precocious kid, annoying sibling, wacky hijinx either during the school year or during the summer. It seems Judy's parents are going on some trip out of town and Judy has this "summer of thrills" things planned with the other girls in her school. Problem is she's been stuck with Stink(her little brother, I don't know what it is with giving younger siblings messed up nick names, stops talking before I incriminate myself) and has very few "Thrill coins" stocked up so she is waaay behind. Enter Aunt Opal, untamed curls, somewhat distant ding batty look to her eyes and the fun begins. Yes when I was younger movies like this would have appealed to me my sense of wanting to escape from the apartment and go out and explore the world, but now I'm good this is too kiddie even for a walk down memory lane.

*The Adventures of * Tin Tin

The loveable English children's character with the little white Scottish Terrier is back, I mean I know he got an HBO children's series a while back and you know while his action, adventure, mystery, and suspense them is right up my alley, meh never got into Tin Tin. Hell I knew exactly what the movie was about half way through the trailer and somehow mentally tuned it out. Tin Tin is on some adventure, to find some thing, over seas, air, dessert(why is he always crossing a damn dessert) and running through this city and that, hiding in back alleys, eavesdropping on shady people. If you are a Tin Tin fan and feel I am giving him a bad rap, I freely open up the comments for you to state his case, and it has nothing to do with him being British. I love C.S. Lewis characters, Robin Hood, King Arthur, as well as the Harry Potter books, and The Chronicles of Prydain series.


Another one of my trailer blogs, I know a new Kung fu Panda movie came out I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't see the first one in theaters, I did go watch the second one, it was kind of fun. The third one though meh. Who knows maybe I will regret not seeing it in theaters, but it was two weeks before Deadpool and that was my focus. This year is about to be the Battle of the Titans. DC and Marvel have multiple movies coming out this year, Technically Marvel has 3 coming out because Fox released Deadpool, but there are two Marvel proper movies Captain America:Civil War and Doctor Strange vs two DC movies Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

Hilariously the only group putting pressure on Marvel is Marvel, I mean with who knows how many Billion dollar or just under Billion Dollar movies under its belt the House that Prints Money(formerly the house that Stan built) only has to keep up the good work, and Civil War seems to be another hit in the making. Nothing but a few stills and Cumberbatch in the suit for Doc Strange though, which is kind of smart. Why fight with Deadpool and Civil War it would get buried. As for Suicide Squad it may turn out to be a runaway hit like Guardians of the Galaxy, but B v S Dawn of Justice is in a tough spot, it is DC's answer to the runaway hit that is the Avengers movies, no pressure right. Marvel just had a two year 6 movie head start(and no I don't count Nolan's Batman movies because what do you know that ain Bale and that ain Bale's world). I'm going to watch it when it comes out in a few weeks and while I hope it is good, everything in my heart screams raggedy mess.

While DC isn't Marvel, a rushed story is a rushed story, and as I said in my EWwGL post rushing things rarely turns out well. To introduce 4 new characters (RIGHT) would take like 3 1/2 hours. Especially characters of this magnitude, Wonder Woman? Batman? Flash? Aquaman? These guys are the pillars of DC's comic empire(I said COMIC not MOVIE), most times that you see an animated representation of DC's wares 2 or more of those characters are involved. The only time Aquaman did not play a huge part in a major DC cartoon was Justice League, and that had Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, and Martian Manhunter. And when that show went unlimited(Justice League Unlimited that is) guess who's scaly butt showed up, that's right Aquaman.

Anyway enough this is a throwback post so I hope you guys get a laugh out of it

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Memorial Day BBQ(5/31/11)

Finished Burgers and steaks

Finished chicken and first round of Angus Dogs

First round of fire roasted red pepper and onions with asiago chicken sausage

Grilled Salmon

The grilled corn and some more angus dogs

The grilled pineapple
It was a warm day so that meant me, on the grill, with lots and lots of MEAT. You know the rules of these Throwback posts, as is no editing. So here it is all the pictures, the picture descriptions no words whatsoever

COD:Black ops Laced up, Locked and Loaded(11/17/10)

After doing the initial thoughts blog I've of course been playing, and playing lots of multiplayer, shooting lots of people, using C4, using Nova gas, using semtex, using the RC car, using napalm, mortar strikes. I've been an evil bastard, I will admit.

Okay so let's go boots on the ground with this:the options on the games are outrageous. Once you reach the required level to unlock the ability to do something as long as ya got the COD cash and are the right level buy away. I've bought C4 and claymore's(as my equipment), switched from willie pete's to Nova Gas, gone back and forth between semtex and frag grenades.

Why back and forth? Sometimes its better to have a frag grenade, the ability to roll towards a potential target especially if you cook it first(for those not familiar with the process of "cooking" a grenade its where you pull the pin hold it for a few seconds then toss it makes it harder to run away from) makes it devastating. Where as if you have a person potentially hiding by a door or wall a semtex grenada thrown against a near by wall might protect you from walking into an ambush.

That is also why I switched to nova gas from willie pete's if you aren't prepared for nova gas, the ticking away of you health saves me bullets. Plus somebody injured who walks into it might as well hang it up. Your dead fam, point blank period. The weapons are different then Modern Warfare 2, I miss my scar sometimes, but the Galil is nice. I'm using the AUG right now it does decent damage, has nice range, a large magazine and reloads in an OK amount of time, I may have to switch to slight of hand though. I'm just saying there are times when I could use that extra second or two.
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Aaaah yes black ops, somehow I completely skipped black ops II but I really did enjoy the first one on PS3. This was shortly after my 360 had died(salute *taps playing in the background*) and I had changed over to the "enemy camp" (yes it's in quotation marks because I am an old gamer, it ain about the system it is all about the games. And the shiny new blu ray player the PS3 now had me using). PSN(playstatin network) may have more users on their network currently(as PS4 has shipped more units than Xbox one/Xbone and with the already installed PS3 units even though the 360 won last gaming cycle) but Xbox live always seems to have a better interface. No online interface can be perfect because we all don't use equal broadband providers. Some of us are kicking along with 15 down and 1-3 up while others are dealing with 5 down and .44 up(that's mbps). I remember Black Ops one fondly, I just didn't pick up Black ops II not really for any reason. Just like I didn't get Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, I have Ghosts I just didn't pick up the next one at the time.

I will start another post about DLC(Down Loadable Content, I know download is one word but that is how it is written, don't shoot the messenger), season passes, and the like later. Some feel it is the bane of the current gaming cycle(end of PS3/360 through the Playtation 4 and Xbox one lifetimes) others see it as a POTENTIAL for expanding/extending the life cycle of older games. Like I said that will be another blog. I hope you enjoy this throwback post no matter how short it is

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Games I'm playing: Magic Duels

Now way back yonder in the 90's a card game came out called: Magic the Gathering, it is in the line of the Pokemon card game or Yugioh(well maybe not Yugioh, I think you can just play cards period regardless of mana costs in Yugioh), you buy a started deck(usually about 30 to 50 cards), a few booster decks(around 15 cards per pack), you arrange the best cards you find into some semblance of a fighting deck depending on what creatures you have. Many I day did I spend playing this game, Magic is slightly different than other card games in that it is built with a potential cooperative mode from the start. Magic uses 5 different "magic types" white, black, red, green, and blue, if you look at the back of a card the line up in a pentagram pattern:
Like so, and per the old rules who ever was diagonal from you was your enemy(so for white it was red and black, for green blue and black and vice versa) and directly next to you was your friend. Now some of you might be looking and saying, "wait what, but that means both of your allies are also allies with one of your enemies!" yes, yes they are. Which makes for an interesting bit of diplomacy, because sooner or later you are gonna want to go for a kill shot and are going to have to make a request. for black to win white and green have to die, for red to win blue and white, and so on and so forth.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Who ya gonna call, now

The new Ghostbusters trailer has officially dropped here's the link. So obviously the question is, what do I think. It looks like it will be funny, but it kind of looks like a parody instead of a full on reboot. Like silly things happened in the original Ghostbusters movie, but they took capturing paranormal phenomenon seriously. If I'm gonna to be honest, two skinny white women, one chubby white woman and a black chick okay yes it looks like the gender bent ghostbusters. Since none of the names are the same I am a little disappointed that they aren't the daughters of the originals, a passing of the torch would have been nice. Even some sort of tortured legacy(see what I did there, oh come on Ghosts, tortured legacy, whatever it's funny) that the only pick up because the city is in danger would have been a nice romp. Doesn't mean it won't be good, just means its not the sequel/reboot I was hoping for so far.

Now I'm not naive, I know that most of the more recent reboots focused less on being serious and more on making fun of the source material. And the last movie to try and seriously recreate the original(Man from U.N.C.L.E) had lukewarm success at best, I don't think it was because the source material is bad. I think it was because you needed to make it more in line with the times, actually upgrade and modernize the characters, if people wanted to watch the original that's what netflix, amazon prime, hulu, and a million other streaming services are for. What they can't do is pull a Bourne Identity out of their butts easily, the director of the Bourne Identity was brilliant, we were once again hearing tell of shadow government programs of rendition, black ops programs, and possible brain washing. So instead of rehashing a cold war story and putting it on the screen verbatim they tweaked it a little. Even the A-team movie(which I feel should have gotten a sequel) gave you the team, a few of the old cast members, and a story that was believable if a little over the top(which for the A-team is par for the course).

Can these ladies handle their proton packs, maybe and honestly I hope so at first blush it isn't terrible but as a fan of the original I really wanted them to go ahead and admit:This has happened before, things kept going on, but now we have some new blood in the game. The actresses involved(that I know) have been pretty good in past movies, and they might even have good chemistry onscreen(which the original cast had in spades, granted they had worked together in who knows how many movies), but can they be good in this role, treat it with a level of respect AND make us laugh at the same time. I mean they started off with a sliming, and the "every crack" joke was decent(wasn't out of the park, maybe a swallowing joke or a ectoplasmic pregnancy test joke SOMETHING, you got ghost splooged run with it), and it was awesome to see Slimer again.

I plan to see this movie, I want this movie to be good, I want more Ghostbuster movies. They were fun, they were silly, and they were something you and your parents could enjoy without one of the other having to spend half the ride home explaining "what were they talking about" I want to scream GHOSTBUSTERS when Ray Parker Jr. comes on, but at least with this first trailer you don't have me completely sold. My interest is still piqued, but I'm not checking fandango yet for ticket preorders

The makings of a Baby Doo(9/27/11)

For those who have NEVER watched Scooby Doo, Scoob and his owner Shaggy at least once an episode would find themselves in a kitchen, pantry, or other food storage/preparation area.


This was going to be the silliest post ever, I was making a sandwich a hilariously large sandwich for no other reason than I was bored AND hungry. I probably got busy thus never finished this post which was just silliness anyway. As I said it was scooby doo inspired really delicious and completely unnecessary. This is the fun of doing these posts, going back and wondering what the hell I was thinking at the time

Mutant and proud (6/18/11)

X-men First class is a break from the previous X-men movies, yes there were explosions, yes there were special effects but no it wasn't this polished old soldier against old soldier slugging it out in the trenches type of movie. In actuality First class even with all the "line up" changes was like watching an Xmen comic brought to life. While Charles Xavier is the most powerful Psychic mutant first and foremost he is a TEACHER, he wants to help mutants learn to harness their powers and become not only masters of themselves but also positive members of society. All the other movies there may have been a classroom here or there thrown in, but the lessons seemed unimportant. It was as if they were treating them like you treat schools in other movies, the boring part just thrown in so that the kids can relate. While yes sometimes the mutant kids got bored with their regular school assignments Professor X wouldn't allow them to not equate one with the other. You actually get to see him taking each mutant past his fears to a more positive center.

Eric Lennshur is a complicated man, he was at the concentration camps in Warsaw. One of initial manifestations of his powers was seeing his parents taken away from him when they were separating the parents from their children. I think as far as raw emotion is concerned the scene at the beginning of X-men 1 where you see young Eric grasp the iron gate with his fledgling mutant abilities and be immovable by 8 Nazi soldiers before being knocked unconsciously was epic. So the fact that for X-men:First Class they revisited that scene and went in depth as to "What happens next". You wonder why Magneto hates humans(Thoooooough technically Shaw isn't human more on that later), how would you feel if just to see you special abilities again somewhere hurt a relative? I mean in X-men you just assumed the Nazi's killed his parents and while he didn't see how it happened it was enough to be angry. In First Class it no longer is a guesstimation you see how and why, you see his "Virgin Vader Moment"(yes I mean the scene at the end of  Revenge of the Sith NOOOOOO! scream) and exactly how much power his anger releases. You see the beginning of his quest for vengeance and his distrust of homo sapiens sans superior(marvel has been known to call mutants Homo Sapiens Superior) due to his dealings with the Nazis as a young Jew.
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I forgot I didn't finish this blog, I really did like First Class, no it wasn't perfect but it focused on more than just the relationship of 3 characters. It showed you that while powerful these people are still fragile, that their decisions aren't just straight, direct, and without doubt. I also like how they continued it in Days of future past, I don't remember Mystique being so prominent between Charles and Eric but they really are two brothers fighting for a cause in different ways. One looking at a more peaceful, steady, progression into a harmonies future while the other does not wish to wait. HE wants your action right now, he believes the slow way allows too much pain and if his choice is for the pain of HIS people or the pain of YOURS, yours can suffer until hell freezes over(which depending on if he has somebody mind controlling Bobby Drake may or may not happen quickly).

I love how they showcased Hanks intelligence, I don't think they really did Alex justice but it's hard to explain somebody's motivation when you didn't introduce it. Alex Summers is an orphan, to his knowledge a lone orphan and when his powers manifest he meets his older brother who is already this awesome super hero. Alex and Scott summers are one of the best Sibling Rivalry stories out there but since there is no Scott there really can't be a full Alex. This movie's Angel was a push, Darwin was a semi let down. Seriously the dudes powers are that he can evolve to survive anything, as a matter of fact if the Hulk is coming he evolves teleportation powers and gets outta Dodge. The bad guy played by Kevin Bacon was perfect, I liked their Emma Frost even if somehow she becomes a member of Magneto's Brotherhood instead of the leader of the Hellfire club.

Anyway rules are rules I still have fond memories of this movie and I might revisit the series once Apocalypse drops

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