Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm going to dig my head out of the covers for this one

Yup today is my birthday "huzzah huzzah", fireworks, those weird crackling things, kazoos, and loud noises, oh wait my birthday is Christmas eve ain none of that happening because everybody is doing their last minute shopping.

For those who wish me a happy birthday I thank you, I'll be around the city somewhere observing my amended holiday tradition(ain too many malls left so it will just be a large shopping venue in the area). I'm Alive, I know things came up and I was less inclined to share. But if nothing else I got a few nice gifts for my birthday:

During an guaranteed rebuilding year my favorite football team has a meaningful game on the last weekend of December, my favorite basketball team while tanking appears to have actually picked up some good talent for once(though they appear to be trying to suck the life out of him already, stay strong MCW), life goes on, I learn, I reorganize and I continue on.

I may at the end of the year do a recap, this winters weather has been a trip.  So many thoughts, so little time, so little drive to express them probably sums a lot of it up.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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