Monday, May 14, 2012

Movies I want to see made: Justice League

This one was obvious. The reason is also obvious I want to see the Best vs the Best. No their powers are not all the same, though some are similar, no their stories are not all the same (DC has a penchant for Orphans, while Marvel seems to prefer tortured souls out of place in either time or society), Their enemies aren't the same nor do they all live in the same place. But they are they best of the best at each of their respective companies.

The Justice league is pretty much every major DC hero(just like the avengers is pretty much every major Marvel hero) plus cameos of folks who either can't or don't regularly keep their own title running. The thing is though, while Marvel is a bunch of guys saving the world and then hanging out afterwards to enjoy each others company for MOST of my time watching Justice League on TV or reading the comics, for DC it's all about the job. I have often said one of the most brilliant things Marvel did was pretty much house all of it's heroes(save a few) in or around the city of New York, and if they aren't in one of the five boroughs they are inside the Empire State. Spider-man trips over The Human Torch, trips over Iron Man, trips over Captain America, trips over Wolverine/Luke Cage. You get in a big brouhaha and knock somebody through the wrong wall and you could go from being one up on a hero who's skills don't match up to well against you, to getting double teamed by guys bouncing around you and hitting you from both sides making you wish you hadn't got out of bed. So yeah I love the casualness of Marvels team ups/crossovers.

Where Marvel went Casual DC went for Grandeur. I also like that DC moved the Justice League from the Hall of Justice, basically a huge target telling the bad guys where to attack to the Watchtower. A floating space station in a Semi locked orbit allowing for the heroes to transport from their home cities to space. For a random cameo yes you need to come up with a pretentious reason sometimes to get the Non Billionaires in the same place, but if it is a League Party you only call if it's something that is cataclysmic in nature. And I respect that, if it's just one or two villains that Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman who ever usually handles on their own, really why call in more than a friend. If it is a global killer though I want the brains and the brawn on hand to do whatever it takes, and that is the direction DC seems to have taken with Justice League ever since Cartoon Network expanded the roster past the original 7 of Green Lantern(Jon Steward), Hawk Girl, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Batman.

If it's a full scale alien invasion: Call the league, If a group of Warlocks get together to cast a massive spell:Call the League, if a bunch of super villians decide to team up and pool their skills/tech and are effectively about to almost end the world:Call the League. While there is some symbolism in Marvel when it comes to their heroes, in DC those insignias are MAJOR. I mean call it great marketing but EVERYBODY has a "shield".

The Flash

The 3 tired lightning bolt through the white circle on a red background. The Scarlet Speedster. They have gotten more detailed with how his logo looks when he runs now, but you see that and if you know anything about cartoons or comics you know who I am talking about. You know if you can hold your breath for one more second, you can breathe for as long as you want cause he is probably already there.

Green Lantern

The Green Circle with the bars on the top and the bottom are supposed to represent the lamp that gives the lanterns their power. While most of the lanterns we are used to seeing are human, their powers come from super science and are alien in nature. There are plenty of humans who have worn the ring, all of them with strong minds, most with mild temperaments, and all of them dedicated to the job. The green lanterns are an intergalactic peace keeping force, each lantern chosen to patrol and keep the peace in a sector of the galaxy, earth sector is 2814 out of 3600. A lot of Space and a lot of lanterns to cover that space, and if you just so happen to go picking a fight you just might get all 3600 on your tail.

Wonder Woman

the twin "W's" melded together like a birds wings in flight, the mighty amazon princess. She has the tactical mind of Batman and the Speed and Strength to rival Superman, if you are looking for mercy you better hope she isn't your opponent.

Martian Manhunter

Now I have to put TWO logos up for the Martian Manhunter because  when I think about it Jon Jonn'z does wear those two red straps across his chest, but when it comes to copy rights a circle with ANY type of X in it makes most people think of The X-men, which is a rival companies property. So while I have no clue what the Trivial pursuit Piece to the right has to do with anything, I understand that DC's favorite martian really can't use the most convenient symbol out their for him.


The Thanagarian has the same symbol as Hawkman and uses a Giant Nth metal mace to bash the heads of evil doers in. While her counter part has wings that are technological in nature hers actually seem to be a part of her body. She is similar to Wonder Woman in that she is a warrior first and foremost so again if you are looking for mercy yeah you might want to talk to somebody who doesn't have wings or some type of avian on their chest cause their fresh out.


When it comes to insignias the two people who always seem to have modifications done to theirs are Batman and Spider-man. I say this because as far back as I can remember the two of them never stay off of TV long. Another thing about Batman is almost every time they change the Logo for a movie they adjust the Cartoon characters logo, I'm going with the new Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight returns logo because while it isn't PERFECTLY Batman's current comic Logo it is very close and if they do a Justice League movie it will probably change again anyway. And yes notice the wings, the funniest part I think about Batman is when other heroes try to interrogate Gotham city criminals the first thing said is "You don't scare me I get interrogated by The Bat" which usually leaves one having to damn near kill the perp just to get them to understand you mean business. Yeah the guy who is basically just a great athlete is scary than any of the aliens, super science powered heroes, Olympian power heroes or the guy who can vibrate you to pieces. Yeah ponder that for a second.


This is the NEW "S" shield, a few sphincters were tightened when it first debuted because for the most part Superman's symbol has almost never changed. Oh his costume may have gotten darker or brighter but there used to be a WHOLE lot more yellow in that Shield. There were actually some where it looked even less like an S and more like a snake almost but I couldn't find a good pic of that. SO this is the "Man of Steel" "S" shield, it most peoples eyes THIS is the gold standard.

Okay this is getting wordy so I will say the why in Part 2 as well as which story line I want them to engage in. Then of course I will have to get to work on the Marvel one, which will probably have some people taking my head off(this is blog spot so I won't cuss you but I will probably tell you to get over it) but I know my other long time Marvelites will probably agree with my reasoning.

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