Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update post(last published on 10/19/2010)

As I cannot find my book on CSS and other html, xml code I am gonna do this blog about changes to 1 blog that I am going to do as well as mention that I am going to do a blog about some of the non blogger blogs that I follow thus do not make it into my normal blog roll list as I figure out how to add another blog roll list. What can I say when I get bored I get creative and a little more dedicated to something I am doing and FOR NOW(remember I went a good 3 months without a post) this blog is it. The changes I'm going to make in the blog is to change tracy and ripps names into links to their twitter accounts. As well as will link one of the blog maintainers of the site I am about to speak abouts name to hers, and possibly her back up account because she is one of my twitter buds who on a good political day could be up in the twitgow. While I'm really not talking about anything earth shattering(though I do need to do a blog on my current financial picture or at least a loose overview based on positions I own not the actual amounts) churning out more in two days than I did in 3 months is an accomplishment.

So once again welcome to Primal's Ponderings stay around a while, pull up a chair, pick up a glass and please feel free to add to the commentary. I will try to find a way to be cleanly raunchy as that is also a part of my mental decor, I love a good dirty joke, anecdote or dalliance just gotta find a way to express it without sounding like a 8 year old, cheating or completely ruining the thought by watering down the language.

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