Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The problems with Batman v Superman part 2

I have this thing about blog posts getting too long on a single page. I know I talk alot, I have a lot of theories, ideas, and points I want to make in some posts. As such I don't want you scrolling forever, in wordpress I would just add a nice little < !--nextpage-- > tag and boom keep on going, since I can't do that in blogger I try and break it up once I feel it gets too long. So let's get right back to:

Motivations Continued

I really don't think Wonder Woman would care about a picture of her. And again A picture of her can't be more important than THE ENTIRE WORLD BEING DESTROYED. So if it didn't phase her in Man of Steel, why does she care about Doomsday in Batman v Superman? She already chastised Bruce Wayne about boys not liking to play with others, why wouldn't she have stopped them from fighting? And if she is already in Gotham why didn't she talk to Wayne about his Bat Vigilantism if it was so easy to figure out, he was apparently a huge bully, and was possibly dangerous to the world for the last 20 years. I mean seriously, if it wasn't for his strict moral code people could easily see Batman becoming a totalitarian and a force who needs to be stopped.

The court room full of people trying to get Superman to explain why it is a bunch of people in Africa got shot has to be the dumbest thing in the history of the world. Seriously, the guy has lazer eyes, the strength to hold up or tear apart buildings, can fly into space, hit Mach "OMG how did he get across the world so quick just because he heard you threaten Lois from Metropolis", and run faster than a speeding bullet, nobody is dumb enough to think he went around shooting people. And by the way the court room scene, hes Superman he would have just flown the bomb out of the room. I don't care if he scanned for it, he's Superman, as it started to explode he would have flown it out of the building and drew all of the flames and force with him because Back Draft. No really, even if you tell me that he DIDN'T scan the room for any type of incident just because he showed up, people have been dieing in places that he goes, and well I'm invulnerable because nothing (That I know of) can hurt me, that doesn't explain why as the bomb is exploding he doesn't try to clear people out of the courtroom, remove the bomb from the courtroom, or as he hears the actuator trip do SOMETHING,

Monday, April 25, 2016

The problems of Batman v Superman

Okay, it's been a month. If you WANTED to see Batman v Superman you already have, if you haven't spoilers mean nothing to you, and on top of that enough people have ranted about this movie on youtube, tumblr, and various other social media outlets that mean going off on it here won't be a shocker. This isn't wordpress so I will keep the expletives out of it, but yes there will be an expletive filled one later. Now, the disclaimers:

  1. I am a Die Hard Marvel fan
  2. I wasn't fond of Man of Steel
  3. While I have read a decent amount of the New 52, I thought it was short sighted
  4. I actually know where Metropolis and Gotham are located
  5. I have read most of Wonder Woman's origin stories
  6. I know how bad guys in comics and movies act
And yes 4,5, and 6 are important because they are part of the biggest problems with this movie, because it seemed like for whatever reason to give us those BEAUTIFUL visuals Zack Snyder ignored so much about the DCU. Now I know that DC is about to do another reboot titled "rebirth" I will read them when it starts, but I would hope that they won't base it on whatever Zack Snyder's DC universe is because NO! I'm not saying that this is the Last Airbender, Dragonball evolution, or even Bloodrayne (I'm not honestly). I am saying that what this movie and Man of Steel did with the source material and the characters is shameful because I wouldn't look up to these characters, I wouldn't be inspired by these characters. Enough dawdling lets get to it

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Deadpool, the Misunderstood Game Changer

This post came to me while I was riding in the car earlier, Now that Deadpool is on it's way to becoming the second highest grossing comic book origin story ever I think it is time to look at the lessons that SHOULD be learned, vs the lessons that are probably going to be learned. I say this hoping that I am wrong, because with what we got out of Deadpool and how long it took for us to get it, as well as the colossal risks that were taken to get it to us I am extremely happy with the end results. 700 million dollars for what many thought was an unknown, niche, too small for the big screen character "stick that in your pipe and smoke it." The funny thing is, the reason why Deadpool was thought to be dead in the water and a bum character was the very reason why we were so ravenous for the character to get a stand alone movie: X-men Origins Wolverine. In casting Ryan Reynolds to play Wade Wilson Fox gave us everything we never knew we wanted. I mean it had been a running joke for a while(there is a famous comic panel where Deadpool says "I look like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Sharpe'), as well as if you look at most of Ryan Reynolds roles he plays a charismatic, cocky, roguish imp, who has way to much fun with his fellow on screen participants and sometimes the audience and it was a match in heaven, and then Fox sewed Deadpoo... I'm sorry Barrackapool's mouth shut for the final giant fight scene.

Seriously, talk about tone deaf. Fox decided that the best way to give comic book fans the MERC WITH THE MOUTH was without his free wheeling swords, or his guns, or his FREAKING MOUTH, walk with me here kiddies. Deadpool is known to run verbal harassment circles around his victims, enemies, fellow combatants, and the fourth wall so in a stroke of GENIUS Fox studios decided that not only did we NOT want the costume, but we didn't want to hear Deadpool talk either.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Why Amazing Spider-man 2 failed

Talking to my friend BeLauriette earlier about all this amazingly painful "BvS Rants" that we stumbled upon yesterday got us to talking about comic book movies, reboots, and the myriad reasons why people think some of these movies succeeded or failed. And in the conversation we got to one of my favorite comic book characters Spider-man and the back story of how Spider-man went from just Spidey, to being Amazing. Let's be clear, I actually liked Amazing Spider-man 2. They got the characterizations of almost everyone used perfect, but it failed and it forced Sony to turn make a deal with Marvel to share the web head's rights but for a movie franchise that has made so many billions of dollars I think we all agree that Sony was forced into that decision. The question is why. And the answer is quite simple, impatience.

Spider-man 3 came out, and it was going to be Sam Raimi's last movie with the Spider-man cast. He had a good run, had a multi billion dollar franchise under his belt and COULD have rode off into the sunset not unlike Christopher Nolan when Dark Knight Rises rolled the closing credits. The problem is Raimi didn't want to leave, Spider-man was his baby and he wanted to stay on board. So he did the most petty thing in movie history, he killed off not only a good future villain, but the next potential franchise inn the same movie. I am a Spider-man fan with over 35+ years under my belt(yes I fully admit to owning Spidey PJ's and Underoos), I have seen MANY iterations of the wall crawler, his villains, and many art styles. I have seen him animated many different ways, Saw Tom Hammond don those awful tights, and even watched a few live performance versions of Spidey at the mall.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

And just when it looks like a dull and dreary day(11/29/10)Throwback Thursday

The sky opens up and says "whatcha got for me". And it was an off and on rain, one of those "I've stopped whoops nope caught you out in the middle of the street with no umbrella" type showers that get you sick.

I got wrapped up in work so I really couldn't do this blog like I wanted to earlier. It was just one of those days, starts out slow and I'm not doing anything ends in a rush. We're just leaving the smoke shop now, so its a late night for me, no I'm not fond of late nights because I still get stuck with early mornings. Blows Donkey balls, but hey I'm grown I gotta do what I gotta do.

Still a wet night luckily its monday not friday not in a movie mood so I won't get soaked. I can take the caddy to wally word later for wifey so that her playonline is okay. I want to get into Final Fantasy XIV but I'd need a new PC. Desktop laptop don't matter, either way I want something THIS generation PC wise. Call me a gaming snob, but why be on the sucky computer if you don't have to be?

But that's something far off, I know I started rambling but hey I said from the start I'm rambly. So its not like I didn't warn you, and from my bounce rate I see many of you have decided to jump off quickly, whoops this guy is a loon let me get up out of here. (I mean some of yall bug out in less than 10 seconds that's a miracle, I never leave without reading a page or two unless its a gay/femdom porn site then its "aw hell naw" *click*)

For those who have stay around and enjoy my craziness thank you from the bottom of my heart 700 hits last month and damn near 2000 over. Google analytics may not count all of you but if you are here you are welcome(until you piss me off)
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Holy Crap!, that says sent via BlackBerry. No seriously a BLACKBERRY. I remember when me and Blackberry's were inseperable, Hell I still have two sitting here from way way back. I buy a new phone every two years, why?  Because I really don't see the need for a new one every year, they really don't change that much in a year. The camera isn't that much better, the internal hard drive isn't that much bigger, the processor is barely any faster, and now that everybody has agreed on the perfect screen size that ain even much bigger anymore. I am currently team Samsung, and whenever the note 6 drops that will be my new phone, it will be my 5th Samsung phone(my work phones are also Samsung before somebody starts doing the math and going "Hey!!!!!!"). But wow yeah I wrote this on a Blackberry, this definitely screams throwback

Sunday, April 3, 2016

First controlled flame day of the year

Well for me anyway, today was BBQ day, no special reason other than it got nice around 12 o'clock. Cleaned the grill last night, ate breakfast, gave it another once over and then SMOKED MEATS. Yes yes, there is nothing quite like the relationship between man and grill. I guess if I'm talking about it I better show it huh

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gold vs Plus

As most of you know I am a gamer, I may TALK about gaming casually but I go back to the 2600. I'm to gaming as most millennials are to smart phones, I saw the slow progress that was I mean to be fair at the time awesome but now is like, "wow I payed for that crap" to the constant *fireworks fireworks* and the *majestic horns* triple A releases, the independent releases and some of the overhyped stuff. As most of you heard in the Atari days it is thanks to Nintendo that we have these type of rankings. Back in the day Atari just let you make games for their system, they didn't really rate the titles so you might think you Atari sucked if you parents(honestly though lets not JUST blame the parents, some of us went to the story with 20 bucks worth of paper, grass cutting, leaf raking money and wanted the most bang for our buck too) found the "grab box" and just grabbed you a handful of cheap games to go with your system. Nintendo invented the "official seal" which meant that somebody at Nintendo reviewed the games, decided if they were up to Nintendo's quality requirements and then let them be released. And because of that it became a theme, third party games and peripherals still existed(because when it became hard to just make crap software folks went to making crappy hardware) but if the system you were playing with didn't seem to make it an OFFICIAL PERIPHERAL/SOFTWARE RELEASE you steered away unless you just liked burning money.

How is this like phones some of you youngins might be asking, remember how back in the day nobody sold crap for Apple but the apple store or major retailers with the Apple seal on it? Yeah same thing, logitech and everybody else makes stuff for Apple now, they just know what level of quality they have to put into it. Yes you can still find cheap junk, but you fully understand it is cheap junk and admit that you may just be lighting your money on fire. Back to gaming, does that mean "cheap games" disappeared, no. I mean if you wait long enough even triple A games get slashed to under 30 bucks, or if they turn out to be bombs 25 or less but now we have a different method to delivering games:Digitally. When most gaming companies say digital what they means is you download it, no physical copy just whatever is on you gaming machine. Be it a PS3 or PS4, an Xbox 360 or an Xbox one, and while I don't own a Wii anymore or a WiiU Eikichi says they also have an online store so as you can see digital is here to stay. The benefits of digital of course are that

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