Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Week 2

These are my thoughts and my thoughts only.

First off on my Eagles, that loss Sunday night was hard to take. We were kicking Atlanta's tail and we let them off the hook, the coach admitted it, the players knew it, and if ANYBODY starts talking how over rated and overblown our team is I can't wait to play yours. We had a guy with NO regular season NFL snaps in the game and I wonder if the coach would have taken the leash off earlier if we wouldn't be talking about the 2-0 Eagles instead of the gritty 1-1 Falcons. We need to tackle better, it wasn't just Casey Matthews while everyone wants to blame him, even on the last drive there were at least 4 missed tackles before he crossed the 50.  As for the Offense, if we can cut down on the dropsies, that 4th quarter doesn't even matter. I also think Andy Reid needs to fall out of love with some of those gadget plays, one gadget play cost us field position(that lead to the first fumble), and the other one made a 3rd and 3 a 4th and 4.  We have the backs to run screen plays, we are the Philadelphia Eagles in the Andy Reid era we have been known as the "screen kings" why not let Dion Lewis or Shady Mccoy who had been eating Atlanta up all game long have a go at them, get it to a 4th and one maybe or even the first. Hell do a play action and get Kafka to stop being so focused on Maclin, and give Djax a chance in the open field(unless his arm injury was so severe that he was really just a decoy out there).


I think we are gonna see quite a few new Defensive Coordinators at the end of the year, it may be good for the league to see games coming down to the wire and things being so run and gun, but I think I saw at least 4 games this weekend and possibly 5 last where the team with the lead through 3 quarters wasn't the team who won the game. Talking to my dad he thinks that defense was hurt by the lockout, I think that with all the turnover we had when free agency began a lot of teams are playing looser since they have an excuse no OTA, two a days, and fewer 10-10-10's if you start slow you have a ready made excuse. This is bringing a lot of parity to the league and making a lot of teams wake up and stop hitting cruise control like they have some kind of edge just because they brought back a strong team from last year.

Monday, September 12, 2011

You wibble, you wobble, but you get the "W"

For at least two quarters of the week one game of the Philadelphia Eagles vs the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome it was a nail biter, watching it on gamecast on CBS I teetered on the bow of the mighty over reaction. Every long run, every penalty, every long pass a reason that this player was useless or that needed to be benched. For the offense it was even worse anger when I didn't see madden like bars hitting the screen as players whom I could control with such perfection and have scoring points in bunches appeared in real life not to know how easy the process was.

After the second quarter fumble return and that last minute field goal I calmed down a little and then when Michael Vick and Desean Jackson combined on a few critical pass plays before Djax's 6 yard td grab in the end zone while I did not exhale a 24-10 lead is pretty easy to manage deep into the 3rd quarter. The defense had a great goal line stand in the 3rd that allowed the Rams to only score a field goal after a (what by some Eagles fans online was called a questionable) Pass Interference call which had given them 1st and Goal on the 1. The Eagles didn't have a good goal line D last year. Giving up way more points inside the 20 then most fans could stomach, it's cost former Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott his job, and gave us another quick playoff exit. That was last year though, this year the new Wide 9 style got us 5 sacks and a decent amount of stiffening on the goal line. While it wasn't Jim Johnson's Blitz happy style and our safeties and line backers were a little overwhelmed for a while our corner backs and down lineman handle their parts quite well.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 1 is fast approaching

I'm scanning injury reports, I'm constantly on the Eagles website trying to catch the next little tidbit of news, video, commentary. To say that I have a jones is an understatement I have loved football for the entirety of my life, and since I first learned how to sit up straight have watched the Philadelphia Eagles play football. Unlike others I had no doubts that we would have football this season too much money in it and unlike basketball, where people have become tired of all the sideshow antics both on the court and in the owners box, there is too much outside pressure from people in states who take their football seriously. If Roger Goodell let this lockout remain on too long I guarantee you there were a few states that he would have been persona non grata in most of the states who have pro football have a deep passion for it. Regardless to if you have a Lombardi trophy sitting in the case or not we go out in 0 degree or lower weather, rain, sleet, hail if you don't cancel the game(and if you do we will have some choice words for you) we will be there.

I know that my teams Offensive line is in flux, I won't lie and say it doesn't worry me than again speed kills and all we have is speed on the offensive side of the ball. I am waiting for a big announcement that Djax has gotten a new contract, I know we had better sign him and soon. I understand that football is a business but personally while we lost the older loudmouth wide receiver to Jerry Jones and his Blue Star we damn sure better not use the young, electrifying one. I will spare my giant fan readers the video(no it isn't saved on my desktop yes I have watched it a few times on youtube), but Desean Jackson in the open field is a coaches worst nightmare I watched some highlights of him in college, because I was bored and there are no 2011 highlights yet, and to see that he's always done that to DB's and punt teams is just wow. Yes I am still chomping at the bit to see Dion Lewis in a game situation, the kid just tears up the field and looks so illusive. I heard that Jeremy Maclin is going full speed and that possibly Steve Smith will play too, I will not lie and say that Jason Avant is another speedster but hey sometimes you just need a possession receiver and he's it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My favorites of the 29

Can you read a book, watch a movie or even hear a story and not immediately come up with "your favorite character", it may not even be the main character nor have some long ranging part but if you fall for him you fall for him. While yes many of us loved good ol Han Solo the dashing rogue in Star Wars is there not a huge fan club for Boba Fett(or the Fett as many of his disciples call him), I think he had maybe 8 scenes through both movies and yet people love Boba. While I love the Harry Potter stories, I would love the actor who plays Ron Weasley to be the first Ginger Doctor Who, why because I think he would be hilarious in the role somewhere between Matt Smith and David Tennant. Great Facial expression and wild flights with the dialogue, so with that said my favorite "Mistakes" from the 29 Most Common Writing Mistakes by Judy Delton and how I will in the future try much harder to avoid them.

1. Don't Procrastinate

Ouch, that one stings hard I am notorious for procrastination, or maybe I should call it spontaneous boredom. I might start something get halfway through and either forget where I was heading or else just let something else catch my attention. As many will probably see from my breaks in writing from time to time I go til I get tired of going and then I pop up again later. No it isn't because "Oh well it's the beginning of the month I better write something", it's more "hmm I wonder, meh well let me go head and put it other so I can think on it again later".

Basically I am trying to get myself to look at some blog somewhere and just write something. I don't care if its read by 2 people or 1000 just talk let my mind roam and allow any who wish to follow.

Watchmen the Graphic Novel

For those who have not noticed by now I am a comic book fan. I may not bore you with pictures of my not so grand anymore comic collection(one of the saddest things of my youth was that we moved so much that I always had to leave something behind, many times my comics were among them) or start posts talking about which character is so awesome and why this character is so lame(though there may have and may be in the future posts on lame villains, every hero has them). But I do like a good story and I am one of those types who if the movie peaks my interest I will go search out more on the characters to see what I missed out on, I have done that with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Jason Bourne and now with Watchmen.

Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is kind of interesting in one sense because the tone of the movie even with the updates in constumes, some of the rhetoric and the locales came threw as this sort of cynical world where heroes had enjoyed a good run and then tapered off into the distance. Things weren't all bright and cheery as they were in other comics they were sort of sad and disinterested, similar to our world but without some of the joy we take for granted. I wondered when I watched the movie in as much detail as the director and screen adapters had included what did they cut out. I mean I caught some nuances that normally would be left out just to slip in an extra special effect or else add more weight to the directors vision(*cough* Harry potter 4, 5, & 6 *cough*) and while I had watched the "extras" and heard all of the commentary about what they wanted to keep in and how they were trying to stay true to the comic, not to be rote but "I'd heard it all before". Usually that's what a director and crew say just so you rush to the theater and spend your hard earned money while they have treated your childhood memories as so many fire hydrants pestered during Fido's afternoon walk.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fast Approaching 8,000 hits

As has been the trend since I have been regularly posting here on the ponderings we seem to have hit a nice steady clip of about 700 viewers a month sometimes it spikes to 1,000 if I post a lot other times it hovers between 650-735. As always I'm ecstatic about this, while yes I do advertise this blog now in my various social networking haunts and keep the link posted in my twitstream(not so much in my tumblog as I haven't been there as often lately) just because you see a link doesn't mean you will click on it, trust me I am weary of links on peoples pages too. While sometimes it's something nice usually its a link to something less than healthy for your computer, and I don't mean extra sprinkles on your soft serve cone less than healthy either extra sprinkles at least give you a good taste before they help to give you cavities. Oh no, some of these links lead to malware, pop ups and viruses. So just because I have something linked to my page doesn't mean they will come.

Of course just like before the majority of my visitors seem to find me from Google, looking up either my various reviews or accidently looking up some other subject that I have either title my blog similar too or they have just misspelled. Some stay and read on others just disappear as quick as they came, to date The Warriors Way review still seems to get the most hits. Kind of burned out on movie reviews right now, maybe in the future but as of today everything past The Hangover 2 way back in June has gone unreviewed, I started one for both X-men and Green Lantern I just never finished them and have thus not even started any others though I have gone to the movies for most of the summer(as my trailer blogs will show). And the Hangover 2 was of course reviewed on WordPress because well most of what was done and said in that movie would be hard to describe here, it would almost be like trying to review a porno on this blog no bueno.

One more set of Library books

Motorola Backflip
Blackberry Bold

Last week I made an impromptu trip to the library because I was bored and I wanted to see if the book I had been looking for on my first trip was there(and if you observe the colorful blue book it was), also to see if there was anything else I could get from my local library. To compare it's selection to my old favorite haunt in Voorhees, Nj when I was in school doing the majority of my book reports, research, et al would be unfair because the Raleigh branch(while it has a better picture than the Voorhees Library) is possibly a third of the size.  I know it's hard to tell from that horrid forrest of a picture, I mean they are barely showing you the front door or the top of the atrium. As a favor to me IF you just so happen to live in New Jersey, in Camden county, AND happen to own a camera or digital phone could you please give the library next to the FORMER Echelon mall a better photo. The old girl may be camera shy after all these years but she looks way better than that overcropped, myopic nightmare that seemed to focus more on the flora around her than on the well worn beauty of that concrete dam of knowledge.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classic Primal Rant

I was going back through some of the posts over on my word press blog and I came to this GEM, let me just say in my defense, their is sick, there is tasteless and then there is handing someone a splooge covered laptop that they don't find out about the splooge until they open it up. And no I am not exaggerating, I even included a picture of said laptop. I don't care about what kind of porn you have on your computer, seriously I am not anti porn, I am not anti masturbation, seriously we all have to release some stress sometimes.

I am anti Love juices on something that I have to touch when the love juices do not belong to me. Would you hand that to your local Best Buy tech(and if you would I hope they IMMEDIATELY hand it back to you and ban you from the store, you're just sick)? Again while I could PROBABLY get away with the picture here what I had to say about the picture nah pimpin thats all Wonderful World right there. It was actually a short post, don't ask me how I divined that down so far and quickly, it just felt good to get that off my chest. Especially how man never mind just the thoughts that went through my head when I had to work on it, when I wrote the blog and even now, just WOW. I swear next time you get the Hazmat  charge if I get something like that

Friday, September 2, 2011

Doing a little profit taking

It's been a while since I decided to blog about my ups and downs in the stock market and since I decided to sell a few shares of one of my stocks I figured hell why not. Now I know normally people(including me) say don't look at your portfolio when you have a need because most times you will be selling something before it has a chance to reach your markers for it. And I agree with this premise it is very true, thus when I was buying this laptop I am now typing on I acted like my portfolio didn't exist. This is for a less selfish reason and I knew the money was just sitting there plus as of yet I hadn't locked in any of my Sirius profits so I figured kill two birds with one stone. And yes I said profits now that I have finally sold some shares of a "winning" stock I can say I made a profit, and yes I will be paying Capital Gains on said profits next year, thankfully they are long term capital gains as I have owned said stock for going on 2 years now.  I'm not going to focus on stocks I no longer hold any shares in, they're sold I either made or lost money on them and it is time to move on.

 This is simply my OPINION on stocks that I OWN, this is in no way, shape or form a recommendation for said stocks, nor is discussion of their past gains or losses an indication of future events

Sirius Xm Satellite Radio( SIRI :Nasdaq) part of me wants to rail because the last time I looked at Sirius it was well over 2 bucks a share, but as I didn't decide to jump in and sell any shares then and thus lock in that extremely high amount of profit I should really pipe down. Been there, done that, and I DEFINITELY know better. But again I started off at $ 0.13  a share(yes that says THIRTEEN CENTS a share) so *ahem* complaint about a profit of 1.61 per is technically looking the grand slam in the mouth and I will not. For those who do not know Sirius XM is of course the satellite radio company who provides you with that coast to coast non stop radio programming from the skies above. I think the current hit is just because of the overall economic slow down and not indicative of anything being wrong with the company(and hell even if there was anytime you hit 10 times your entrance point shut up and enjoy it, yes talking to myself too).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plans for the night

As rare as it is FINALLY a late night has knocked me off my normal center. I slept well into the afternoon and it wasn't even a Sunday(which is my usual lazy day) so tonight I plan to get back to reading the books I got from the library, continue to watch some more Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny (I would recommend watching the first season otherwise that vid will make absolutely no sense), possibly try to find some news from my Eagles preseason finale(who am I kidding I will be on the webs watching the whole thing), maybe trying to swing a ride to pick up the new Madden(what this will be the 3rd one I have bought in the current gaming generation 1 360 and it would be my second ps3), more goofing off on Facebook and possibly do some google+ ing not unlike facebook while I get a lot of interaction on plus, some days I just ain there. These lulls of mine aren't just limited to my ability to write a blog and be satisfied with the content(and yes if I don't like it I refuse to post it, same as with a comment. I am evil with the backspace key if I don't feel engaged enough or dislike the quality), speaking of content seems a lot of people have been stopping by as of late(not according to google analytics but she is such a hard taskmaster to please anyway) I thank you, hope you enjoying. I know since I rarely post anything controversial here(me lack controversy, the unmitigated gall but yeah here no cursing very little controversy what can I say) I don't get too much reader interaction but then again I have gotten some, and not just from people who know me.

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