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Movies I want to See DC: Justice League pt 2

The why in my mind isn't so much simple as it is awesome. While these guys are all Alphas(not to be mixed up with the Syfy show) they seem to find a way for everybody to become a well oiled machine, using each others strong suits to get the job done. They may not be happy with each other afterwards depending on how things went down, but while they are going down once they figure out what you are doing, why and where the focal point is, look out. These guys are the Top Dogs in their city, their may be other heroes(especially in Metropolis and Gotham) but these are the guys who everybody else makes room for when they step through the door. And rarely do they need or ask for help, I mean Superman is nigh invulnerable, has moved asteroids to planetoids, can fly, run almost as fast as the Flash(technical comic book rule I will get to in a second), has super hearing, X-ray vision, heat vision, super breath of various kinds and has a 1 percentile intelligence when called upon(depending on storyline). Wonder Woman is an Amazon, look unless you lived under a rock for most of the 90's you saw Xena Warrior princess, you saw what many at the time called an Ancient Wonder Woman.

A fierce and fearless female warrior, unflinching in her cause, rarely matched in her skill. While blogging wasn't really that big in my life at the time if it would have been I would have said then "DC comics needs to stop whatever they are doing and tell the people at WB to sign her(Lucy Lawless) to a movie deal quickly and just put out a half decent popcorn Wonder Woman flick just to have SOMEBODY besides the big two on the silver screen." Because in all honestly all they have is Superman and Batman, which while they are great when your competitor has 5 block buster movies, one that is a Household name that just has a hard time living up to expectations(Hulk) but folks still

Movies I want to see made: Justice League

This one was obvious. The reason is also obvious I want to see the Best vs the Best. No their powers are not all the same, though some are similar, no their stories are not all the same (DC has a penchant for Orphans, while Marvel seems to prefer tortured souls out of place in either time or society), Their enemies aren't the same nor do they all live in the same place. But they are they best of the best at each of their respective companies.

The Justice league is pretty much every major DC hero(just like the avengers is pretty much every major Marvel hero) plus cameos of folks who either can't or don't regularly keep their own title running. The thing is though, while Marvel is a bunch of guys saving the world and then hanging out afterwards to enjoy each others company for MOST of my time watching Justice League on TV or reading the comics, for DC it's all about the job. I have often said one of the most brilliant things Marvel did was pretty much house all of it's heroes(save a few) in or around the city of New York, and if they aren't in one of the five boroughs they are inside the Empire State. Spider-man trips over The Human Torch, trips over Iron Man, trips over Captain America, trips over Wolverine/Luke Cage. You get in a big brouhaha and knock somebody through the wrong wall and you could go from being one up on a hero who's skills don't match up to well against you, to getting double teamed by guys bouncing around you and hitting you from both sides making you wish you hadn't got out of bed. So yeah I love the casualness of Marvels team ups/crossovers.

Comic Book movies I would like to see made.

Doing my little rant about all those DC fans Screaming "Young Justice" as an answer to Disney Marvel's the Avengers got me to thinking, "exactly which comics would I like to see translated into future movies from EACH company?" And you know what that is a valid question, not only is it a valid question but it is an excuse to release the entirety of my Comic Geekdom just for the out and out hell of it. Now I am saying BOTH but I may add in Image, Dark Horse and Top Cow comics as well. But much later down the line because there are PLENTY of DC and Marvel characters I think can do well on the big screen.

Okay so I'm saying I want to do it right, next is the how. The how will be a post on each comic, for each company and possibly on or at the start of a certain story line. In certain cases say like New Mutants/Xforce and Teen Titans/Young Justice (or even X-factor 1 and 2) I may do a couple of posts because I would like to see a sequel of movies. Also in the case of young Justice and X-force since there are a few iterations of each I also plan to make a case for each iteration. Now some may know about the Young Justice Cartoon having a different line up then the comic. But how many remember that the ORIGINAL X-force was not Cyclops' personal black ops team but Cable's mutant soldiers in training. Which is kind of funny since Cyclops is Cable's dad, whew the drama in that family I tell ya.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Young Justice, Really? Pt.2

Okay I have brought up a good number of Marvel super teams right, I have even discussed the super team that Most DC fans hope to see, but now lets get back to the big guns DC needs to bring out: The Justice League.

Green Lantern while not an out of the Ball Park hit, but neither was The Hulk, but he did build a better understanding to the fans especially when they did a much better SEQUEL. Unfortunately for DC Hal Jordan wasn't the fresh GL in everybody's mind. You had Jon Stewart scowling on TV screens on Cartoon Network every week and the hard nosed Green Lantern of the Justice League. And I like Jon, even Kyle Rayner the newest GL that was introduced during the Superman cartoon series was better known. Hal was straight Super Friends. What about the Flash, he had a TV show that was successful in live action for a few years, he's great comic relief too, why not make a movie about the Scarlet Speedster? Speed has been in lately, why not cash in on that genre?

Of course I am going to ruffle some feathers(especially since JW was attached to the project for a while) saying Wonder Woman, but just do it. Strong female leads are in, swallow the harsh pill go out there and put Wonder Woman on the silver screen, her original costume, her current abilities, Super Strength, Flight, Speed, the female version of Superman who can match strategic wits with

Young Justice, really DC fans? pt.1

I know my first blog in who knows how long and it's title is a question. Yup and shamelessly at that, I am a well documented Marvel Maniac I have been one for well over 3 decades. So after seeing the Opus that is The Avengers I have heard something coming from many DC fans that has to be considered laughable at best. They feel that DC's response to Marvel making a movie about their PREMIER super hero team should be to make a Live Action movie about the 3rd Robin's super team.

Yes I am calling you out, I should do this on wordpress so I can curse but no, I really do want to call you out here on the Ponderings. The Avengers is about Earth's Mightiest Heroes(in the Marvel U), that means their best of the best. The roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Hawekeye, and Black Widow with SOME involvement by Nick Fury and his buddies at SHIELD. Now yes there are plenty of Roster changes that come along with The Avengers, quiet a few team members that I wish had been able to make it into the first movie but you have to go with characters people know about. Black Widow was introduced in Iron Man 2, Hawkeye was introduced in Thor(not as Hawkeye but as Clint Barton Hawkeye's real name, and yes I did a huge girl cheer when I saw him grab the bow in Thor). Now for me Hawkeye was the guarantee that yes an Avengers movie is coming, Hawkeye really doesn't exist anywhere else in the Marvel Universe except for in Avengers titles, so you see Hawkeye you know Marvel is about to bring out the big guns. And they did to what is apparently going to be Box Office Record DESTROYING results(again it's THE AVENGERS yes they could have screwed this up royally, but something tells me Disney, Marvel and Joss Whedon wanted this one badly) so if I were to bring out my big guns I would of course expect you to bring out yours.

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