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Friday, March 31, 2017

You must protect the Zeo Crystal

Earth the Paleozoic era, a great battle has ensued because the Power Rangers have been betrayed by one of their own:The Green Ranger. Rita Repulsa has attacked her fellow rangers in an effort to capture the Zeo crystal of Earth and increase her powers, Zordon and his fellow rangers had attempted to stop her, but she was much too strong for them. In an effort to save the planet and the crystal Zordon grabs his fellow Rangers power coins, buries them, and has the dutiful Alpha 5 call down a meteor. This Meteor Knocks Rita into the proto ocean and obliterates all signs of the mighty battle that was fought.

Which brings us to a few weeks ago in Angel Grove, Jason the star Qb, Captain of the football team, and everybody's favorite guy is about to blow it all, for about 15 minutes of fun. That ladies and gentleman brings us to today's detention, Jason is dropped off by his dad, wearing and Ankle Bracelet and a knee brace as he is doing he is stuck paying for his crimes. On his way down to detention he passes Kimberly, a cheerleader and a cutie. When he gets downstairs he sees Billy a young autistic boy being picked on, he doesn't know Billy, really doesn't care he just doesn't truck with bullies. After backing down the young wanna be tough, he sits down not to far from Billy. Kimberly gets a text messages and asks to be excused to the bathroom, there she finds some of her cheerleader pals, who in what can only be described as a poor attempt at a mean girls impression tell her they are done with her and basically taunt her hoping she ends her life. She stairs at the scissors handed to her longingly and then makes a DRASTIC change to her appearance(well, only drastic because everybody saw her walk in with a different hair style). The three teens have nothing in common but detention, but as only fate could have it that was until this very Dark and Starry night

Power Rangers

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm not that guy anymore

James Howlett has had a hard life, it is obvious he is old but in his waning years all he wants to do is drive his limo and collect his pay. Unfortunately his nap is cut short by a few young hoodlums trying to steal his tires. He stumbles out of his car, and tries to ask the men to leave the car alone that they are just going to strip the chrome lugs somebody pulls out a shotgun and shoots the goofy looking old man.

Now NORMALLY that would be all she wrote, but surprisingly the old man stumbles to his feet and asks the young men to stop again. Well if we can't shoot him, let's beat him up. And that, my dear friends, is where they messed up because that shaggy bearded, weird haircut having old man used to go by ANOTHER name there are a pair of dog tags sitting somewhere that say Wolverine. And while the song warns you about tugging on Superman's cape it should also have a verse about pissing off the canuckle head. While baseball bats are weirdly clanging off of his flesh and bones a visceral growl can be heard and out of nowhere a slow sickening *schlikt* can be heard. Adamantium claws are loosed from their sheaths and men are sliced into like butter. One looses a leg, another an arm, and the survivors run from the crazed beast who appeared out of some beaten down old bum.

James then gets into his cab and drives to pick up his riders for the evening, some old Gambler, Some young men partying out on the town, a bachelorette party, and in the morning a funeral. While he stands away from the mourners a woman runs up and calls him by that OTHER name, Wolverine. He doesn't know her and goes back to his latest fare, telling the patron "I don't know who that crazy lady is, she confused me for someone else." Later on, while sitting in front of a hospital a strange blonde headed man hops into his car to ask him some interesting questions and calls him by yet another name:


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In this life, there are 2 rules that must not be broken

Rule #1 Every Marker must be honored

Rule #2 No blood will be shed on Continental Grounds

John Wick, the Baba Yaga the Boogie Man. When we first met John Wick he was a simple man. He had recently lost his wife, and in an attempt to help John recover his deceased spouse, Helen, had him sent a dog. A small, cute, and playful puppy. It was not easy, but John came to love that puppy for it was a connection to the women he loved, until one fateful day when he went to the store and met a young Iosef Tarasov. Iosef liked John's classic 1969 Mustang Mach 1 coup. Iosef is the spoiled son of a Russian Mob boss, he does not hear no often so he asked John how much for the car of which he was told "No Deal"

Iosef should have accepted that answer, because the night he broke into John's house, knocked him out, stole his car and killed his dog would have deep repercussions. It would also cost Iosef his life, many of his father's henchman their lives, and his very father's life. All because he stole the car of a man with a dog, or should I say the Devil. Because the car he stole belonged to the retired underworld hitman John Wick, a nightmare feared by all EVEN Viggo Tarasov. Before Viggo meets his untimely end, John checks into a hotel in New York called the Continental, an apparent Howard Johnson's for the criminal elite. They give him a car, a 2011 Black Charger LD we will get back to this car Later

Helen is dead

Iosef is dead

the puppy is dead

Viggo is dead

So where is John's car?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A fathers love and dedication will save the world

Alicia Marcus - an innocent little girl who develops a rare yet fatal disease: Progeria. She will not live a full life by the time she reaches the age of 25 she will look 70, her father James Marcus works diligently on a cure for her disease. But also in preparation for the worst begins recording her face, her voice and every waking moment to hold on to the memory of his beloved child. Just when he thought all was lost he discovered a cure the T-virus, it regenerates cells and at first appears to cure his daughter. Due to the discovery he begins the Umbrella Corporation with his friend Alexander Isaacs hoping to cure all disease. Unfortunately the T-virus had side effects, and they were deadly.

The Red Queen - the digital versions of Alicia Marcus created by Doctor Alexander Isaacs, she is the computer that runs all of umbrella corp her job is to protect humanity from T-virus outbreaks, as well as the staff of the umbrella corporation. She may look like an innocent little girl but she is ruthless, cold, and calculating. Her young angelic voice can often be heard saying "You're all gonna die down here" partially because she is stating an undeniable fact the T-virus outbreak is over running the world, and the other reason is because she is most likely releasing t-virus creatures to come and kill you.

Alice- She has been there since the first known widespread T-virus outbreak, due to her exposure in the initial outbreak her memories of her past have been destroyed. From the first she has been killing zombies for a long time 10 years, she has lost loved ones, friends, and seen many people die. She has been experimented on, cloned, given special powers by her exposure to the T virus, had them removed, had them given back but she is tired. All she does is kill T-virus infected zombies. When last we saw her she was in Washington DC involved in a last stand for humanity.

3 women all connected by the T-virus, one the reason for it's creation, the other it's tireless observer, and the last a warrior fighting against inevitability. The T-virus was spread by the speed of the modern world:Trains, planes, and cars if you are infected with the T virus, especially the early strains you are most likely going to die and when you do you will become a zombie, flesh craving, undead trudging on to kill the remaining members of humanity who's rolls you just left. The Umbrella corporation created a

Resident Evil and this is it's Final Chapter

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All I want is your blood

Selene, Death Dealer former member of a vampire coven and amongst their elite. She is also a lover, to Micheal Corvin a hybrid heir to Corvinus blood line which spawned both Vampire and Werewolf. She is a mother, though robbed of much of the journey of Motherhood due to a werewolf faction actions in Underworld Awakening, to Eve the FIRST pure blood Hybrid ever born. Her life has always been war, from the time her family was killed by Lycans(or so she thought). To her time as a Death Dealer, to trying to protect her love Micheal, and saving her daughter Eve.





But like all warriors, even immortal ones, the constant state of battle is wearing on her. Her lover Micheal is missing, after the events of Underworld Awakening while she has found her daughter, she lost her love. And because of the seductiveness of Hybrid blood, especially PURE HYBRID blood it is too dangers for mother to be near or with her child so even her child that she barely knows is lost to her. All she has, is running and for a predator running is no way to live.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I think we can all agree, the third movie is always the worst

This tongue in cheek exchange between Scott Summers and Jubilation Lee(yes, I know her ACTUAL full name, not just what they call her. Granted as she is a vampire now I may mumble it under my breath minus Blade's gear) as they walk out of Return of the Jedi may prove to be a bridge to far. It's meant as a shot at X-men: The Last stand, but if these box office numbers hold it may also apply to the THIRD in the period X-men movies. From the initial "Not a reboot" of the X-men movies they have been taking a story arc/graphic novel from famous X-men lore using it as the movies title and then warping the Teams, story lines, and driving forces to try and tell more cohesive and compelling X-men stories. In X-men first class, we were introduced to The Hellfire Club, Emma Frost, and Sebastian Shaw. Well technically RE-introduced to Ms. Frost because for WHATEVER reason she as a young girl was in X-men Origins:Wolverine, with her Diamond powers instead of her telepathy, because:to hell with continuity. First Class took place during the 60's and the Cuban Missile crisis, with Charles Xavier, Eric Lenshurr, and Raven Darkholm amassing a team of potential young mutant hopefuls trying to learn how to use their powers, and Stop Sebastion Shaw from ushering in WW3.

In X-men Days of Future Past we are shown a Dystopian future where due to a decision made by Mystique in the past, all mutants are damn near exterminated. This one is the CLOSEST parallel to the comics, and also the best received. As we all know MOST marvel stories are huge crossovers which basically have characters bumping into each other, causes chaos that someone else has to clean up, read about, or at least be inconvenienced by every day or so. The funny thing is, Fox actually owns the rights to Fantastic Four and COULD have done a more faithful adaptation, but the one they did is fine. Yes they send Wolverine Back instead of Kat(no longer Kitty) Pride, and there is no Rachel Summers, but since Wolverine is as old as dirt it's not a bad idea to use him for your period movie as the Time traveler PLUS it gives you a look into who Logan was while he was staying as far away from other mutants.

And now we have Apocalypse

Monday, May 9, 2016

I have a dream, I want to see an Empire Fall

This is the year of the comic book movie, We are 3 down and we have 3 more to go(if you count Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who started out in a Graphic Novel). We have already gotten 3 movies from two of the biggest names in Comics, Two from Marvel and one from DC and this review is about the latest offering from Marvel:

Captain America:Civil War

The latest Captain America sequel is based on a comic book ark by the same name "Civil War" and for the most part follows a SIMILAR path. In the comics a villain named Nitro decided to explode next to an elementary school in Stamford Connecticut while in a "reality TV"style fight with the New Warriors. In the Marvel universe super heroes basically grow on trees, and it isn't exactly cheap so when one of the lesser known groups decides that they need an "edge" they decide to crime fight for the TV,(just like cops) bring along a camera crew, and duke it out for ratings. Unfortunately, thanks to Nitro, it becomes such a focal point that most of the new warriors as well as the villains who were with Nitro die(except for Speedball who's powers saved him) plus a bunch of innocent civilians including that elementary school full of children. In the Comics Tony Stark was ORIGINALLY in Washington DC to try and delay the Super Hero Registration Act, but seeing the horror of the explosion as well as a few angry parents who shoved pictures of dead children into his face causes his resolve to falter. It splits the super hero world in the Marvel Universe asunder, some heroes side with Iron Man as Pro Registration feeling that with some proper training, government backing for insurance purposes, and accountability while they couldn't prevent every disaster people would at least know who they were and realize that they were just regular people. Captain America on the other hand felt it was too risky, all those heroes who fought so hard to protect the public only to now have to worry about protecting their families. If you had a secret identity(which Technically Captain America doesn't everyone knows that Cap is Steve Rogers) it was for a good reason and NO ONE should be allowed to usurp that reason. While there were Many Avengers who sided with Iron Man the ULTIMATE tipping point in the comics was Tony Stark convincing Spider-man to unmask. In a Press conference Peter Parker reveals that he had been Spider-man since he was 15 years old, and that while he always tried his best he understood that his wearing a mask sometimes sent the wrong message.

It's a really good story ark and worth a read, but while there are PLENTY of similarities with the comic story Captain America Civil War is a beast all it's own. For a few reasons, one unlike in the comics where Marvel owns the rights to ALL of it's characters, in the movies they currently own HALF(thought with the deal with Sony and rumors of a possible deal with fox that HALF may become all) which still gives them a lot of leeway but they've only been making movies in the MCU for about 10 years so they really haven't had time to build up a 100 hero plus roster. Plus unlike a comic book or comic books movies have to be around 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and you really can't just pick it up and come back next month for the next segment. So without further ado

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Tell me, Do you bleed?"

This is about the Dark Knightest line we got all movie, Batman v Superman had a lot of action when it was crunch time, the story just didn't hold up for it. My main issue with Batman v Superman is that a lot of the things I THOUGHT would be motivation for not only our Iconic fight, but also the cause for our heroes to search for each other and unite pretty much fell flat. Ben Affleck was an awesome Batman(yes, I could be smug and link you to it instead I'll just add the correct label), and I will admit that while I still think she is a little light for my Warrior Queen Gail Gadot did deliver the action when it was fight time. It was many years in the making, and yes there is still that good old wordpress rant but Batman v Superman is here.

 I will try not to give that many major spoilers which as I said in the post before is really the only reason people don't understand how lazy a lot of the writing and directing was, but some things just can't be ignored so if feel I have ruined parts of the movie for you there is a comments section fire away.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Walls, where we're going we don't need walls

10 years, 10 years it has taken to get this movie. 10 years 2 footage leaks, who knows how many trailers, teasers, viral campaigns and, lots of crotch shots later and we finally get


It's kind of funny, everything about Deadpool screams money and at the same time not big screen friendly. He's the lord of toilet humor, he's irresponsible, immoral, you know all those jokes people tell in quiet company? Dp screams them in the middle of a church with a bullhorn, WHILE lifting up the nuns habit. I'm kind of stalling, I won't lie the rules are simple I wait a few days and only talk about what is still burning brightly in my mind. The essence of the movie, the thing is the Essence of this movie was ripped from comic book pages. I literally lost a bet to Eikichi for something that really should NEVER have happened. It's a movie adaptation, as a rule, movie adaptations take those cool, chotcky looking, fun, inane items that we all fall in love with about any piece of pop culture and toss them away because they don't have time. Well the lie is they don't have time, honestly they just don't care it's about quick money and merchandising.

I had a few ideas on how I wanted this blog to go. I know I don't usually say more than whether or not

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sleeper has Awakened

In the past their battles had been in the shadows, Lycan versus Vampire. While humans had been the prey of both only those directly encountered knew the truth, either those humans who came in contact with one or the other were turned or slaughtered their deaths blamed on wild animals or roving bandits. Tales of Vampires and Werewolves(the human name for Lycans) ghost stories to scare children. Now the modern world knows, they do exist and an all out hunt for both sides has begun, the former Death dealer Selene the vampire and her Hybrid lover Michael Corvin heir to the Corvinas blood line have decided to escape and run for safety. They are hunted by both sides Michael by the Lycans because they believe his hybrid blood can strengthen their ranks and turn the tide against the Vampires and Selene because she has killed two elders and betrayed her Coven.

As Selene looks over a rooftop and sees vampires being slaughtered she has a rendezvous at the pier to make her escape with Micheal to evade the chaos being caused by marshal law. The humans are killing without quarter or mercy, united against the monsters that go bump in the night no longer do they assault each other the Vampires and the Lycans must be eradicated. A door opens behind her and an armed human approaches her demanding she turn herself in, his death is swift she has been killing

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Due to the extremely raunchy nature

I've decided to cut myself a break and do the Hangover 2 blog on wordpress so I can do the movie justice. It was funny as hell but come on, how in the hell do you expect me to do it justice when half of the best lines are illegal by the guidelines of this blog can't do it. It was one of those movies where ya laughed but never spoke of it again.

The hangover 2 felt that Doctor Manhattan wasn't enough in the movies, we need mutliple full frontal shots because we're a comedy. And they never stopped. So I'll link this post to the appropriate wordpress post later once I'm finished, I hope everyone has a great day

Sunday, May 29, 2011

You must find your path to inner peace

It is ancient china, Kung fu is the art that protects the land. The furious five the renowned masters of their styles Tiger, Monkey, Viper, Crane, and Mantis each style tailored to their unique abilities and body styles. Tigress her quick ferocious strikes shattering all that stand in her path, Monkey his acrobatic, sweeping strikes can come at you from any angle, Viper she can snap, bind, and grab you from almost anywhere can your eyes keep up or will you be staring skyward by the time you realize she was even there, Crane he will swoop in from the sky wings blowing you aside talons leaving you seeing starry skies, Mantis small in stature but by the time you train your eyes on him this master will have spun you like taffy and darted through the nearest crack to waylay your next compatriot. Yet the furious five are not all that defend china, full of energy, deceptively built, eyes full of wonder and yet fists, belly and feet full of black and white justice He is the Dragon Warrior, Po the

Kung Fu Panda 2

We open over a wondrous city tall buildings, bright colors and then we look to the sky and see Fireworks. It seems the king and queen of the realm have discovered this visual treasure and planned to use it to bring joy to the people. Unfortunately their young son and heir to the throne Shen, sees a darker future for these magical lights and after consulting a soothsayer the king and queen learn of his diabolical schemes. "Shen will rise in tyranny and power, if he continues along his current path he will be struck down at the hands of a warrior in black and white", unbeknownst to his parents Shen had overheard the soothsayer and took his wolf troops to a near by valley filled with panda's. Shen was not foolish, a warrior in black and white could ONLY be a panda and he would destroy them all fire, swords clashing and screams could be heard coming from the valley and when he returned his evil dead done the horrified look on his parents face cut Shen deeply. Upon asking if his actions has changed a thing the soothsayer shook her head gravely informing Shen he had sealed his fate, banished from his parents kingdom Shen vows to return and fulfill his destiny.

Monday, May 23, 2011

"You will die at the hands of a one legged man"

The sea calm and clear on a moonlit night. Two fisherman pull up their net and find a man, what they think is a drowned man until he gasps for air while saying something in Spanish.  We are whipped to the Spanish court, it seems this man claims to have been aboard the ship of Ponce De Leon, which the men say is impossible because Ponce was lost 200 years ago. But the King looks at the book in the mans hand a orders a close figure to leave immediately for the new world. We are whipped to a courtroom in England a hooded man is being brought to trial. The man Jack Sparrow, pirate, looter, thief he will hang for his crimes against the crown, except when the hood is taken off it's Mr. Gibbs who is pleading the case for him NOT being jack sparrow. All rise, a gloved hand is seen handing a bag of money to a court officer and the Judges name is cried out. Under wig and powder is a familiar face, he questions the NOT Jack Sparrow about the conditions of him being in his presence that afternoon. After being bludgeoned a few times, and the Judge threatening him with another bludgeoning for claiming he could point out the REAL Jack Sparrow the Judge demands a verdict, without a trial. Drooling for their entertainment the court room onlookers scream "Hang im, Hang im" to which upon hearing the guilty "verdict" the Judge says "Mr. Gibbs you have been convicted of the crime of NOT being Jack Sparrow and will be placed imprisoned for the rest of your natural life". The crowd screams bloody murder, they wanted their hanging, they had a pirate in their midst and they expected a throat stretching, aaaah justice how fine she be.

Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bless me father for I have sinned

In the beginning there were humans and vampires. The vampires were fast, powerful, and vicious, but the humans had one weapon The SUN, but it was not enough. The wars ranged on for centuries until the humans fell back into cities under the protection of the church. The church then trained a new secret weapon to combat the vampire. They were trained to fight like vampires swift, merciless, powerful under the command of the clergy they were the Priests


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whosoever holds this Hammer

The Uru Hammer, the original super weapon commissioned by Odin to be built for his heir. Forged in the heart of a dieing star, by the dwarven blacksmiths, infused with the Power of the All Father. And who wields this mighty weapon non other than the Odinson the Mighty


We open in the norselands upon a Village appear the frost Giants with their mighty weapon the casket. After freezing all the villagers solid and appearing to be on their way to conquer the planet earth and leave it a frozen mass. To help defend planet earth come the Asgardians lead by Odin himself. The war rages all the way back to the Frost giants home world of Jotunheim. The losses on both sides were many but in the end Odin defeats Laufey and takes the frost giants casket.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make sure you got your FUNderwear on

Look I'm probably botching the hell out of that line, but with the amount of money Fast Five made this weekend  I believe it is safe to say Vin Diesel and crew definitely packed theirs.

Fast Five starts out where "Fast and Furious" ends(you know I wish they would leave the sites for the old movies up, just for us folks who MIGHT want to link to them, just saying) Dominic Toretta is in a court room about to be sentenced to 25 years in jail. though Brian O'connor has spoken up for him and Toretta has helped to bring down a heroin king pin his favorite judge can't wait to throw the book at him. Behind the bus taking Toretta to prison pulls up 3 cars, one driven by his sister Mia, one driven by O'connor, I forget who was driving the 3rd car after pulling a bus escape that would make Reggie Hammond have a flashback they escape from LA and we see Mia and Brian pull up in the 70's Charger in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I just missed your Heart

The scene is a snow covered forest, you see grayish eyes looking out between some furlined hunting clothes. They appear to be watching some of the fauna in the area, a bow is pulled taut and she releases her arrow into the neck of a tall buck the runs off staggering across the field.

The young archer walks up pulls her fur scarf away from her face and says "I just missed your heart" pulls out a gun and shoots the buck in the head. After shooting the buck and killing it she pulls out her knife and starts field dressing it. Cutting out the intestines, heart, while she is cutting a voice comes over her back "You are already dead". The young girl seems angry they begin to fight, tussle, and wrestle while the young girl appears to at least give up a foot and 60 pounds to the taller bearded man she seems to be holding her own. Near the end of the fight she is on the mans back with him in rear naked choke, she seems to hesistate. The man throws her off and says "you hesitated, for that you can drag the deer back alone".

The young girl is seen trudging along with the large buck in a make shift sled, she gets home appears to have cut more off the dear and walks in to a wooden house. The man starts speaking to her first in english, then german, then french, and then in spanish. Where she asks perfectly "Father did you really expect me to snap your neck" in an exasperated tone.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The power of YOU

It's a rainy night in some dark, desolate looking locale, floating on the breeze is a song "sweet dreams are made of these" in a slow almost pained moan. We are taken into a room two younger girls, one blonde one raven haired sit clutching each other as a man comes in and shakes his head. The blonde runs into a bedroom to pull the cover off the now departed soul, a female and she looks a a tall balding chubby male who seems to be cheerful at the passing of this woman.

"Sucker Punch"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The children of Lorien

This is kind of funny, it took me way to long to come up with a title for this blog, my last good review(I believe that would be for The Warriors Way) was pretty damn easy, it was the opening line of the movie this one hmm not so much.

This movie opens to a scene in the jungle, you pan over a small village, then some trees, then a lit up bungalo out in the middle of the trees. You see two mosquito netted beds, with someone asleep in each one, something jiggles the handle at the front door. A man stands up, grabs an interesting looking curved blade with a weird glowing blue ball near the bottom and cautiously walks up to the door. The handle stops moving, he peers out sees nothing is about to turn around when the door is engulfed(by what you don't see just yet) and the young boy who was asleep in the other bed goes tearing out of the window(his window jump was good, but Scott Pilgrim gets that award) after a series of jumps, tumbles and flips he winds up (by the throat) in the hands of some weird bald dude with weird markings on his head. In a gravelly voice the man tells him how fun it's going to be to kill him, runs him through with a blade of his own, and he turns to dust.

Monday, December 13, 2010

On the high seas with the dawn treader

The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This book marks the last official adventure for the youngest two Pevensies, Lucy and Edmund. The next 4 books of the Narnia series kind of go into the actual first induction into the world of narnia but that comes later.

In this book Susan and Peter are in America with their father, WWII is still going on and the Pevensie children have been separated by the Atlantic ocean. The movie starts with Edmund trying to sign up for the war effort(like many other young boys of his day, it was a common occurrence in America too where young men would falsify their ages) and Lucy walking up and basically ratting him out. As has been the case through the first two books The Pevensies are staying with relatives. This time their Cousin Eustace, Eustace seems to be a "logical" type, kind of Ebeneezer Scroogish. He does not seem to be too interested in flights of fancy, he is a rather neat little boy(brags later on in the movie about winning his schools hygiene award 2 years in a row), who collects bugs and has a thing for sweets. Our first introduction to Eustace has him writing in his journal complaining about his annoying cousins and wishing that he could treat them like he does his bugs.

After an argument between the cousins Lucy and Peter adjourn to an upstairs bedroom where they speak about missing Narnia, when Lucy notices a ship in an ocean painting. She remarks that it looks like a Narnian ship with brings Eustace into the bedroom to complain about them constantly talking about their insane fantasy world. Eustace is tired of their prattling on and him and Edmund start having a row while Lucy continues to stare at the painting, all the sudden water starts running out of the picture. Lucy tries to get Edmund's attention but of course he and Eustace are still going at it, that is until the water splashes onto he and Eustace. Eustace panics, so they fight over the painting it gets tossed on the floor the room fills with water over their heads, they swim up out of the water only to be on the open sea. Now any who have read the books or seen the previous movies know once the impossible happens you are of course in the land of Narnia. They come up for air in front of the ship Lucy and Edmund had notice in the picture.

Now there are usually rules for the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve coming to Narnia, usually it means Narnia is in need of help. Except this time when the are pulled onto the ship by King Caspian and crew well it seems that Narnia is in pretty good shape(or at least as far as the king knows). It seems that Caspian has been running successful military campaigns to reunite the many countries of Narnia that were broken up when his uncle started his wars against the magical folk. Caspian has decided to go on a Voyage to find the 7 lords who had run off when his Uncle took power in fear for their lives. They arrive at the Lone Islands to see what seems to be a deserted land, Caspian, Eustace, Edmund and Lucy travel inland while leaving some of the crew members and the brave Reepicheep the heroic talking mouse(from the prince Caspian story) to secure the boats. They enter a large tower where they are set upon by bandits, and while they appear to be fighting bravely against them(and possibly winning, Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy are used to fighting battles against overwhelming odds) until Eustace is brought in as a captive(this is Eustace's first trip into Narnia so he has yet to be trained with a sword and is not the world's most apt fighter).  Edmund and Caspian are put into the dungeon while Lucy and Eustace are most likely going to be sold by the slavers.

The next day comes Lucy is auctioned off and Eustace is on the block, Edmund and Caspian are being moved when the crew comes to the rescue, but while the crew has come to the rescue Narnia's rulers now realize why they are all here, there is some weird green mist that is kidnapping people and they must travel east in the Dawn Treader to try and find the causes of this great evil. For those who do not know the children are brought into Narnia when the land needs them and they need to learn a lesson or two.

The basic premise of this book is that Edmund, Lucy and also Caspian have been doubting themselves Edmund his worth since he is the younger brother. Peter was always in charge, Peter was the one everyone looked to when decisions needed to be made, and now coming back the king is Caspian he may be High King Edmund but he still has to answered to the much younger Caspian(I say much younger because time moves differently in Narnia than it does on earth, between their first foray into Narnia and meeting Caspian I think 400 years plus had passed in Narnia.). Lucy does not feel her value and wishes to be her older sister Susan, as she is starting to become a young woman the beautiful Susan is her idol. Caspian the young King misses his father and doubts his role as king and this seems to be just the mission to show them all who they are and how valuable.

There is a mysterious evil far to the east almost to the land of Aslan, and they must place seven swords at Aslan's table to break the spell.

This book would be the one where folks could really point to and say this is the proof that these are books basically using christian doctrine/mythology to tell a children's story. I really like the way the directors have stuck so closely to the books with these movies(I haven't read the books in at least 3 years), I noticed a lot of silly almost unnecessary moments in these movies that help you fall in love with characters in a book but are often left out of the movies because of well the attention constraints of the audience. The building of the relationship between Eustace and Reepicheep, Eustace finding his courage, the whole further quest to Aslan's country.  These books have endured for decades, I say the subject matter speaks for itself let the movie draw people in the same way.

This is a good movie, I was ready to be hard on this movie because of the last few "aimed at children, from successful childrens franchises" movies that have come out where basically the adults turned them into merchandising fests and ignored the story. Once again though I have been pleasantly surprised by their dedication to the story, and the characters. yes some things have been cut out, things are always cut out, some things were expedited slightly, but no so egregiously that you can't enjoy the story whether a newbie or someone who has read this books from early childhood and is seeing the movies in their 30's. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe has been animated many times, acted out in live action as well. As I own a compilation book I of course know how the story ends. IF they do all 7 movies I will be happy, it was a good story and I love how it is all wrapped up in the end.

If you have a problem with magic, mysticism, mythological creatures and fantasy settings don't go watch this movie with your closed mind, you will not understand it. Hell by the time you got to the last book and realized what this story was really about it would have been such a waste of your time to have to backtrack and apologize for your tunnel vision that I'd rather not even have you begin the journey. If you have an open mind, are a fan of CS Lewis' work, or enjoy entering fantasy worlds go see this movie, hell take your kids.It's a good story, with a decent message, and a plot that will keep you guessing til the end

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