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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Comic Book movies I want to see made DC: Wonder Woman(2013, I forgot to copy down the date on this one) Throwback Thursday

Yes, I want to see the Themysciran on the big screen by her lonesome. Wonder Woman is one of the few female lead characters to have her own book and not require a male lead of similar or the exact same powers to take charge. Batgirl is an off shoot from Batman, Mary Marvel is Captain Marvel/Shazaam's , Supergirl is Superman's cousin most of them have the same weaknesses(though some were given such extremely lame weaknesses that calling it sexist is being generous) as their male counterparts but Wonder Woman has no XY peer in DC ville. Now especially in her current iteration(she has had a few reboots) her main peers are real heavy weights, she has strength, speed, and flight abilities similar to Superman, and her mind has been put on the level with Batman. Yes the paragons of the DC brand Batman's brains, Superman's strength and all within a curvy and yet steel willed body.

Depending on which Wonder Woman you were first introduced to she has gone from the JLA secretary(I will cite this later on in the blog put the knives and arrows away, I myself was surprised), to a pretty smile with some damn good reflexes and great lasso skills(Super Friends). Then you have the Justice League era(if there was one between it I will do more research and amend this in the piece either in this first overview or in the second my reasons why) Wonder Woman where she was the Ambassador for Paradise Island the Amazon homeland, skilled warrior, power house, with a pro female mindset. I don't want to call it hyper feminist or feminist because in a sense where she was from it's as normal as our patriarchal societal view, women were always in charge, they handled the majority of business, defense, and learning, men were around but for the most part they were for breeding. Now I am not forgetting about things that have been raised in the DC new 52(I understand that I probably need to update my former Justice League piece since the New 52 had just started and I had kind of gotten lost in it. I want to catch up and then give more details) but I will address that with other things like the Linda Carter live action TV series from the late 70's. While there are Marvel Female characters that she is similar to(strength, speed, flight) she is a lot like Captain America in the fact that a lot of her back story was heavily based in WWII. Add into that her attachment to Greek Mythology(it's still Greek Mythology even in the New 52, I wondered if they would switch it to Roman but I like that much of the adherence to her pre New 52 past). I am also fond of the new direction they have taken with Wonder Girl, and possibly Donna Troy/Troai though Donna has not shown up as of yet, but as I got through different books there are hints at a previous Teen Titans so she may be a part of that.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comic book movies I want to see made Marvel: X-men Pt. 2

The Why:

Everybody takes their bumps and bruises in the hero game, X-men actually takes the time to try and train the NEXT generation. They show young kids having to go through school, dealing with normal kid behavior, while sometimes enjoying throwing their powers around. One of the oft repeated panels are various games of baseball, where in the rules it's supposed to be POWER FREE and yet somehow somebody always catches a snowball, a shock, sometimes a psychic flutter. You also get to see the X-men being normal without having to wonder which one is the mask. I mean Cyclops wears red sunglasses when he doesn't have his visor on but no matter what he is Scott Summers he has a code name but he always has his powers, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett III always has that adamantium skeleton and healing factor. Kurt Wagner is always blue with a tail, I know in one of the shows they gave him a holographic projector(and yes he has had one from time to time built by Forge the mutant with a power that lets him invent almost anything he puts his mind to) but around the team he is who he is tail and all, hell wolverine calls him a blue Elf half the time(which is hilarious since wolverine is shorter than Nightcrawler when he stands to full height instead of doing his demonic/gargoyle crouch). You also see that for the most part the Mutants at Xavier's school for Gifted Children accept each other for who they are, disembodied brains, blue furred beasts, demonic looking priests, Bugs, lizards, whatever if you are a mutant all are welcome and if somebody dares tease a fellow mutant for their mutation somebody comes to their aid.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comic book movies I want to see made Marvel: X-men

I know somebody is gonna say but they made an X-men movie, they made 4 of them. No they made ONE First Class, but that isn't the X-team we marvel fans Know and Love. As for the Crap Brian Singer put out, yes it was nice to see SOME of my favorite mutants on the screen but he constantly Pooched everybodies abilities. Storm was a flier and so was Jean Grey, always having them on the ground when they were teachers at the school was an insult. If you wanted them to be just learning how to use their powers you should have reduced their ages to teenagers. Bobby Drake could "Ice Up" since he was about 12 years old, depending on which continuity you listen too Bobby Drake/Iceman is an omega level mutant who's powers manifested pretty damn early. So for him to ONLY Ice Up one time in the last movie for a 2 minute fight(which versus Pyro was 1:30 secs too damn long) was not only a waste but an insult. Hell he didn't even freeze anybody and HE WAS ON AN ISLAND. Bobby Drake can draw the water out of a fellow human being to create his ice, on an Island Bobby Drake is surrounded on all sides by water, you are pretty much fighting a God right about them he has all the ammo he needs. Hell it was one of the reasons why I couldn't stand X-2.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Movies I want to See DC: Justice League pt 2

The why in my mind isn't so much simple as it is awesome. While these guys are all Alphas(not to be mixed up with the Syfy show) they seem to find a way for everybody to become a well oiled machine, using each others strong suits to get the job done. They may not be happy with each other afterwards depending on how things went down, but while they are going down once they figure out what you are doing, why and where the focal point is, look out. These guys are the Top Dogs in their city, their may be other heroes(especially in Metropolis and Gotham) but these are the guys who everybody else makes room for when they step through the door. And rarely do they need or ask for help, I mean Superman is nigh invulnerable, has moved asteroids to planetoids, can fly, run almost as fast as the Flash(technical comic book rule I will get to in a second), has super hearing, X-ray vision, heat vision, super breath of various kinds and has a 1 percentile intelligence when called upon(depending on storyline). Wonder Woman is an Amazon, look unless you lived under a rock for most of the 90's you saw Xena Warrior princess, you saw what many at the time called an Ancient Wonder Woman.

A fierce and fearless female warrior, unflinching in her cause, rarely matched in her skill. While blogging wasn't really that big in my life at the time if it would have been I would have said then "DC comics needs to stop whatever they are doing and tell the people at WB to sign her(Lucy Lawless) to a movie deal quickly and just put out a half decent popcorn Wonder Woman flick just to have SOMEBODY besides the big two on the silver screen." Because in all honestly all they have is Superman and Batman, which while they are great when your competitor has 5 block buster movies, one that is a Household name that just has a hard time living up to expectations(Hulk) but folks still

Movies I want to see made: Justice League

This one was obvious. The reason is also obvious I want to see the Best vs the Best. No their powers are not all the same, though some are similar, no their stories are not all the same (DC has a penchant for Orphans, while Marvel seems to prefer tortured souls out of place in either time or society), Their enemies aren't the same nor do they all live in the same place. But they are they best of the best at each of their respective companies.

The Justice league is pretty much every major DC hero(just like the avengers is pretty much every major Marvel hero) plus cameos of folks who either can't or don't regularly keep their own title running. The thing is though, while Marvel is a bunch of guys saving the world and then hanging out afterwards to enjoy each others company for MOST of my time watching Justice League on TV or reading the comics, for DC it's all about the job. I have often said one of the most brilliant things Marvel did was pretty much house all of it's heroes(save a few) in or around the city of New York, and if they aren't in one of the five boroughs they are inside the Empire State. Spider-man trips over The Human Torch, trips over Iron Man, trips over Captain America, trips over Wolverine/Luke Cage. You get in a big brouhaha and knock somebody through the wrong wall and you could go from being one up on a hero who's skills don't match up to well against you, to getting double teamed by guys bouncing around you and hitting you from both sides making you wish you hadn't got out of bed. So yeah I love the casualness of Marvels team ups/crossovers.

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