Saturday, November 28, 2009

Space the final frontier

I meant to do this the last week but I will today. I bought the star trek(2009) dvd when it first dropped because I was a fan of the original show, TNG, watched DS9 and Voyager from time to time, I never really had time to get into Enterprise though. For those who don't know the original show is of course Star Trek, TNG stands for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and DS9 stands for Deep Space 9 there have of course been at least 8 movies, 20+ years of conventions(I have never been to one) lunchroom and internet wars about which ships are better trek or wars(wars usually wins unfortunately applying the laws of astrophysics as you knew them at the time versus saying to hell with it I'll make my own kinda put you at a slight disadvantage) and so much merch that you could bury yourself 20 times over in it.

Just like Star Wars, Star Trek gave it's fans a glimpse at interactions with worlds and species that amazed us all and had us wishing we were born just a little bit later. It made being a geek kinda cool, looking up at the stars day dreaming not so much a waste of time but a ponderance of things to come. It backed us off from the narcissistic view that in this vast universe of ours this is the only place that life could be done right.

So the 2009 movie what did it do right, pretty much everything because most of us have seen the majority of the back story for star trek most of the original show, probably all of the movies to try to recreate all of that would have been a failure. A twist, one that was introduced in a star trek movie(as well as used various times in the shows, the time paradox) allowed J. J. Abrams to say okay I admit it all happened before but I want to make slight and subtle changes. Changes that were pretty much all for the better.

Things we had all heard about but never seen the Kobayashi Me rue the infamous test that only James Tyberius Kirk had ever won(and if you watched the special features you see exactly how he got the cheat to work), we all know he cheated, we all know Spock knew he cheated but just never saw the actual test. We also got to see how Bones got his nickname, Uhura's xenolinguistic skills, Chekov's brilliance. Oh wait I do have to make a minor complaint I did not here "Captain I'm giving her all she's got" everything else about Simon Pegg's Scottie revival was fine but just like Bone's "Spock are you out of your Vulcan mind" before he miraculously figures out a way to put the ship back together better then it was before they were in trouble Scotttie always sounds like Captain Pessimism and then makes the old girl fly faster then she was ever meant to. Even if I didn't do a movie review previously the movie was great if you were a fan go buy it if you weren't originally a fan go rent it then go buy it(yes you will like it).

As for the DVD (I got the special collectors edition) I loved the extra's seeing not only how the writers, producers and director thought about trying to tackle this Beloved piece of movie and TV history(if you think star wars fans are cultish check out trekkies, I mean trekkers, I mean star trek fans). Galaxy quest which was a movie basically making fun of the phenomenon that was star trek was a hit mainly because well it said what we all did about star trek in a way that was comical not insulting.  Granted it would have been nice to hear how the Red shirt felt about you know being a red shirt.

For those who do not know until The next Generation when they switched the command tunics from gold to red(security is now gold, and medical is blue) Command (captain, first officer, usually most of the bridge crew) wore gold tunics, Science officers/medical(just what it says) wore blue, and cannon fodder, engineering, and communications staff wore red.  I must be playing right, there was no such thing as cannon fodder in star trek, yes there was go watch any episode of the original show if you left the ship wearing a red shirt you were not coming back. That was it, you were dead okay wait if you were Uhura or Scottie you would make it back but anybody else nope sorry the lesson to be learned by everyone else by your death was greatly appreciated but you weren't gonna make it. Hell if there was a space battle on the ship you weren't gonna make it. If you were an extra on a star trek episode after season one and they handed you your costume and the tunic was red you knew it was a one time deal, just forget it find the exact time in the show when you were gonna get you 2 minutes of fame tell ya fam and prepare to head into the ether.

And (you have to hurry up and watch for Captain Gung ho cause seriously if you didn't know dude was about to die well your clueless) the scale of the ship and the ships in the universe were there this time. I think that was another small failing with the original show, it always made the ship look so small. Star Wars everything was on a grand scale, and star trek was more demure. Now while it may have been the bad guys ship at least it looked like a monster, it appeared menacing like you were going to have to claw tooth and nail to beat it. And while like everyone else I slightly disagree with it seeming to be built on planet(really JJ we couldn't have it built in space?) the fact that along with the technology of today it seems that they have pushed it forward again. I mean if you look back most of the gadgets they had in the original star trek series we now make use of. I guess that is of course the difference between science fiction and science fantasy can you actually go on to create the devices they are using. For most of star trek yes, for star wars not so much(yet I ain giving up on getting my lightsaber).

And the extras on the DVD are really on point it gives you a look into exactly what the project meant to all involved. And seeing some of the original characters was great, I am still griping about my lack of Klingons(they are in a few deleted scenes but you never see their faces) I am sure they will be in the second movie though.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Let's see what do I have to be thankful for?  A day off, as usual these are few and far between. A vacation next month with my wife you really can't have too healthy a relationship with distance because sooner or later you will want to feel the arms of the one you love. That me and my siblings haven't killed each other for another year, we are all opinionated people and lets just say if you knew us you'd be just as surprised as I am.

I'm thankful for some of the interesting people I have met here online for good or ill. It's kinda funny folks would think I am of the monolithic variety because of my skin tone and my political affiliation. Thing is just because I think one thing does not mean I am unwilling to listen or even consider another approach, just don't expect me to join your movement if it's half cocked and only directed at in some way shape or for dumping on me as the constant bad guy. How stupid do you think I am, if there is a problem that I am working towards fixing and you have no solution you just want to complain at how I am addressing the problem, yeah thats not an idea thats backseat driving and guess what if you are unwilling or can't take the wheel then I reserve the right to decide the destination.

I'm thankful for being black in america, there are somethings that one obviously cannot understand unless you view it through the right lens. I see how easily people ignore the truth around them because for the most part it does not effect them, their ignorance costs them nothing and their denial causes them to be popular. Problem is you can't get anything done if all you ever do is deny that something needs to be done, if you constantly say where you are is the best that you can ever be. I may not know the whole story but I do know there are many more chapters to write and that I want to be a part of that writing and that editorial process.

I'm thankful for being a man, not that there is anything wrong with being a woman. Hell so many things right with being a woman, but I kind of like the fact that I can help define something that many feel is lacking or invisible in our world today. Oh we have plenty of folks out there acting like tall children but not many willing to stand up and do the hard part, and it ain always glamorous or gonna get face time with a camera. But how often do you look at the dirt and realize without it you wouldn't have any food? I mean in all honestly without the base one cannot have a building. The bottom of the food chain is actually more important then the top. Because without the little stuff to feed the food of the big stuff guess what disappears?

In a puzzle there is no unimportant piece, because if you do not have all the pieces the puzzle cannot be completed. Oh there will always be folks who don't like the puzzle you picked, or the picture once it's completed or even will say they could do it faster, but regardless if you don't have all the pieces the puzzle cannot be finished. So I enjoy being the unique piece that I am and I'm thankful for a chance to help complete the puzzle

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A day of thanks and introspection

By the desktop it is officially thanksgiving, and I had a weird thought in my head on thanksgiving I'm gonna sit and think about where I am, what I've been up to and how things have either changed for the better, stagnated or gotten worse. I've added some widgets to my page so things are about to get interesting, because the blog is the only place I'm gonna cut down on the cursing, so if you're used to (and while I have had some read ain nobody subscribed as of yet so it's some but who knows how many) the rather laid back and pg-13 stylings of  my Blogspot blog understand twitter is about to take you through a whole new door.

I've seen a few movies lately, I bought star trek, I just watched notorious for the first time, so I have plenty of stuff to talk about, and tomorrow I will officially have time to do it., and I plan to make use of such time to blog, tweet, and release a few pent up items in my mind. I use blogging as my own personal therapy whether angry, concerned, sad or exhausted hitting these keys allows me to free up some space in my head and as of late I really haven't had much time to do that, so on a day that I do look out. I plan to blog bomb these spots just random postings out of no where.

Who knows maybe I'll get blog spot above 35 or 40.  As for mile stones hmm I'm not really that big on celebrating them, though I do plan to make a big deal out of my 10th wedding anniversary, I found a woman to put up with me for 10 years whew she has to be a saint because I damn sure ain no angel.

As goes my daily process life happens

What can I say some weeks I never stop working so that by the time I get back to the house I'm too tired to doo much but veg, and I haven't even gotten a good veg session in for quite some time. I think as best I can tell I either have the worlds worst cavity under the filling in my right rear molar or it just needs to come out right now.  few weeks ago I bit down on something no clue what it was, but since that day my right rear molar has been the enemy. I drink something sweet, it hurts like hell I wake up in the morning it hurts like hell. I make the mistake of biting down on something with it again it feels like it's trying to throb it's way out of my skull.

Now in a little under 2 weeks I am heading on a 3 holiday vacation to see my wife in atlanta, I say 3 holiday because I am heading there on the 9th, I will be there for our anniversary(personal holiday), my birthday(and thus christmas being a christmas eve baby), and then new years. I may do a review of the star trek DVD I bought it last week and have been watching the hell out of it, probably will go watch ninja assasin too(because that movie looks like the bomb, I'm a kung fu fan and that movie just screams you have to see this) tomorrow is thanks giving, while my wife isn't hear I guess it will be nice to have a day off with lots of food(even if the tooth traitor will probably not let me enjoy most of it).

Not a big shopaholic so black friday means nothing to me, at all still have to sell a few stocks so that I have some vacation money when I leave.  I sold a large chunk of ford already trying to decide between etrade, sirius and wamu right now, or fannie and freddie. GM is too low to make it worth while.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You need to be the world's optometrist

What? I know right that looks crazy as hell, so let me explain it to you. Many people have dreams, dreams to them that are crystal clear and amazing yet when you explain it to someone else they tell you it's all fuzzy and doesn't make sense, they can't see how it would work out. Here's the thing they aren't supposed to, if they could why would they need you to show it to them? Think about it, if ANYBODY could have come up with the collected works that are the Walt Disney films and cartoons, why would it be called Disney?

I mean there have been a bunch of rabbits out there as cartoon characters but if I say "Myaaaaah Whats up Doc?" I'm sure only a certain carrot eating cottontail comes to mind, hell I bet you only imagine him with one voice(even though like a lot of cartoon characters he has had a few variations that just like his looks were refined over time until they found the one we all loved). How about long distance communication, there is a pepsi commercial out that details a few of them, but not all we went from going ourselves, to sending other people, to sending birds, to sending people on horses, to sending people on boats, to people on trains, to people on trucks, planes, to morse code and telegraphs, then telephones, then e-mails, text messages, and instant messages. I can guarantee you each time the person who thought of this new way to communicate explained it to somebody they got that old scooby do look "Ruuh? ". It wasn't because it was a lousy idea or because it wasn't feasible it was because it was your dream, your thought, your addition to make our world better.

It isn't the person you are explaining it to's job to understand why your idea is great(and if they do be weary of them because yes people will send you off a cliff quickly), why your story needs to be told, why this will revolutionize ____. I mean with every passing year new people spring up to take the place of people who came before, who have new ideas that hopefully can help us reach new heights and we need those people. Because we each have things we are good at, they may not be the same things, they may not intersect in a way that will produce anything useful. Which is why progress is so hard, which is why some things take not only time, opportunity, and luck but also perseverance. You have to be willing to not only go to the drawing board a few times but to be told your a fool, to be told this will never work.

Because again if anybody could do it, then why would the world be waiting for you? How many stories did edward allen poe have to write before people realized that while creepy his stories were memorable? How about Mary Shelly do you think frankenstein was an easy sell? Da vinci do you think his flying machines weren't seen as the crazy dreams of an otherwise brilliant man? Part of bringing your dream to life is just that, doing that hard work, finding where the puzzle pieces fit, figuring out while this way may work alright, if I do it like this it is even better. Now when you get to a certain point then maybe more people will start to join in and realize hey this is kinda cool. I mean come on, you think nobody every stood around with a green sock on their hand, and yet Jim Henson put some googly eyes on his and the Muppets were born, it may not be easy being green, but I'll be damned if most of us don't have a favorite whether it be kermit, yoda, wembly, gonzo, animal, fozzy(or is it fozzie I never remember), the gelfflings, elmo, Ms. piggy man the list is so long it's really hilarious ain it. If anybody could have created Spiderman would anybody know who Stanley Lieber (bite me, so what if only Stanley Martin Lieber is linked, you have the internet google the rest) was.

You have a dream, your vision of that dream should be the clearest and you should happily bring that vision to the rest of the world so they can see it just like you do whether it's a tale of "long, long ago in a galaxy far far away" or "To boldly go where no man has gone before" until you put it out there none of us will ever know anything about it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Definition: A lazy so and so

I'm gonna try to do this rant sans cursing will see how far I get before I have to cut and paste it into notepad and transfer it to multiply. I had a bad day yesterday, on my way to the bank I got into an accident I rear ended somebody, to make matters worse there was already backed up traffic on the highway so we really couldn't pull over I think we went like 3 miles before we were able to get to the shoulder talked to the state trooper, I got my ticket(I did rear end dude, it may have been a situational thing but I was the hitter not the hittee). Very little damage to his vehicle(I left a little paint), right front headlight bracket busted on the vehicle I was driving.

So like I said bad day, well today is a new day I had to go pick up a package from UPS and I noticed the house was out of trash bags, so I figured hey lets be a responsible adult there is a walmart right down the street from UPS I'll pick some up on my way back. Okay I get the package I mean was easy, The "it's a beautiful morning" song was starting to cue up in my head cause it looked like today was gonna be alright. So I stop at wally world find the trash bags, simple, get up to the self scan register no line, at a walmart no line, dude I should have known something was up but I swear that song was just playing away. Scan my item, click pay now slide in the one, kicked it back? Hmm okay let me try it again, kicked it back again okay let me try the 5 maybe it's full it full takes the five. Da hell? What did somebody slide me some counterfeit ones.

Side note, I have often said if one wanted to be an intelligent counterfeiter
That they would make fake 1's and 5's because by the time the feds figured
out that somebody how counterfeited them, that first bill would go from
Poughkipsie to Compton, because folks trade ones and fives back and forth
so often until someone actually thought to pen one of the bills it would have been
used as change 10 times over from store to gas station, to convenience store, restaurant
man think of how often you hand someone money and get a 5 and bunch of ones back
and then how quick you start passing those singles back out, how quick you hand somebody
5 for gas, or for a meal? I'd give the bill a week to make it to LA. And to make matters worse by the time you caught up will all the bills hopefully the intelligent person who did it would LEAVE THE DAMN COUNTRY. Look you gonna pull a job get non extradition money. Whats that enough money
to move to a country with no extradition treaty and live damn good. I'm talking live and not have to work
just lounge around laid back with a umbrellaed drink talking about some
"Lookin good Billy Ray" "Feeling good louis".

Okay back to the story now, so when I finally get it paid for(the girl behind the control desk for the you scan had to do it) the cashier explains to me yeah none of these machines take ones. I asked her why she said the repair guy had come in to work on it and said, and I quote "as long as it takes 5's,10's and 20's I don't care". For real your job is to fix things, you have an obvious problem. Your machine is not takin a denomination of money, so your basically gonna gum up the works because you hope everybody has large bills. I asked why they ain put a sign on the registers she said we ain allowed to put signs on them. I asked if they could put a "our service consultant is on crack thats why your self scan register will not take 1's" sign she laughed and I walked out the door. Fa real doh(yes I said it like that), how is your job gonna be to fix something and just because either it will take to long, or you just lazy you ain gonna do it. Aren't you paid to do it, Walmart gets a lot of customers I'm pretty sure these folks like the you scan feature because that way you ain gotta wait for a person to hand you out change and once you feed the machine all of the money OR swipe your card your golden.

But oh no, captain spanky feels that if you ain got plastic or you ain ballin with big bills in your pocket you don't need to be shopping at walmart. Man if Sam was alive he'd probably kick him in the tailbone and fire him on the spot(yes that was a close one was trying to figure out how to get that out with saying it). And I know walmart is paying good money for that sub par repairman right there because stuff like that is always a call out, and you know when you call for folks they are gonna bill you.  Lazy, I need his job I would have just fixed them all and called it a day. I don't care how long it takes my job is to keep things running smoothly I'm gonna do my job.

Okay rant over, lazy so and so see what I mean

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My random tale has just reached a momentous feet, "over hear on lehi and lansdowne we den broke off our twinny twin twinn" yup my 20th blog here on blog spot and I am proud of me. And all of it according to the rules of this blog, now my last one was amongst it's usual random self and I am gonna start at least doing mini outlines in the future to cut some of the rambling down but I had an idea I did it, no cursing(I may have linked to some cursing, repacked some cursing into some new lingo but I myself did not curse, on that blog may have been thinking it but it didn't make it through to the post). So if you know me from some of my other blogs and you find me over here and you think well that is Primaldata's picture but this doesn't look like what Primaldata would write(freakin squiggly lines my name is one word, my name my persona been like that since 96 I digress) it's me. Yes this is more PG then you might be used to, but this is a challenge to myself can I still do this without cursing. If you catch me on multiply I will still curse, if I ever use myspace again I will curse, if I decide that windows live or yahoo profiles is something I want to get myself into they will be cuss zones left and write.

But sometimes it is nice to have a regimen, to do something that makes you work a little bit harder so that you can get better, sharper, handle things in a manner that is possibly not expected. Now with my penchant with forgetting how to spell words or even the word I am thinking of at the time cursing helps me get my point across a lot quicker then going about it the nice way. But I wanna get back into being able to slice you stem to stern and yet be perfectly acceptable in front of my parents I have gotten away from that. And I with my anal moody behind love options. I hate wasting time and with my current attitude sometimes I gotta let you pass because I wanna just quickly slice you in two with either a katana or broad sword comment. And depending on the setting they may not do, but if I can get the scalpel comments back into the rotation man, I can cuss you out and walk away smiling with you sitting there with that look. That did he just cuss me look.

Burning a little midnight oil here no real reason just wanted to get it done. It's a little sloppy and I need to personalize this blog more, I've been kinda lazy on that too it doesn't really match my personality at all.

So if you have found me and are wondering what is going on simple, I am restricting myself to language that could be heard on the disney channel or at least mostly the disney channel I wanna try to do a blog in the future discussing graphic acts yet not cursing at all. It should be fun, of course I want to outline in to keep myself in line(which honestly I hate staying in the lines, I sucked at it in kindergarten. I can't draw or cut a straight line even when I tear something it's a little crooked) If this is your first time meeting me Google primaldata if it comes up as one word it is PROBABLY me, I say probably there are a few non me usages of primaldata but this is me I have been using Primaldata as a digital alias for over 10 years now(wow 10 years) and would be willing to fight someone over the usage of my Nom de plume. It's significance was just a passing fancy it is the amalgam of two characters I was watching on TV at the time I first stepped out into this digital world. But it is me, most things that I sign up for on the web or on the internet I use Primaldata it's who I am. I mean yes my real name is Tommy(this is cyberspace pimp you don't need my whole government unless you need my whole government ya feel me) and if you ask you can find out my real name I'm not hiding. But as I said it is the name I chose when AOL asked what I wanted my screen name to be.(yes Primaldata goes all the way back to those "You got mail" Cd's that's how long I have used it) So if you are on this train I hope you are enjoying the ride if not thanks for stopping by sorry you don't like the decor, please be careful on your way out.

Managing you reality

Seeing a recent story in the news I realize something. As much as we all think living our dreams and making it is great seeing what happens to some of the folks who make it, I guess the nicest way I can put it is money doesn't breed happiness it breeds stress.  Huh Prime what the hell are you talking about. Okay I'm sure by now you have heard about Katt Williams arrest(hmm the CNN story has even more news about it so I'm gonna follow up on that in a later paragraph), and prior to his arrest Katt had been having some problems for which he checked himself into therapy. Now Katt is a comedian(oh you though I was gonna link you to death on his name nah, I might link you to a video later but this ain just about katt williams so bear with me), for most of us you would say man a comedian their life must be a chuckle a minute they must never have a single problem. To which I say, wait what have you never heard of richard prior (yes that is the google search page if you don't know who rich is take a day and get fully acquainted cause you seriously missed out)? As brilliant as Richard Pryor was, as many people list him as an inspiration(see also Red Foxx especially when it comes to handling your own money), Richard's addiction to cocaine almost ended his life (the famous 1980 free basing incident).

If I get off of comedians and say go to actors Heath ledger comes to mind, or River Phoenix , John Belushi (comedic actor yes but actor none the less) I loved every last one of these guys work. Each of them in their own special way brought characters to life that made you sit and watch and you appreciated it because they brought something special to you, and you never could forget it. If I wanna go to the living Winona Ryder

her issues with shop lifting for a while. It got me to thinking(I was gonna do more and I still might but now that I have to do the html long form I am gonna be a little lazy) I mean these people have the lives that most of us wish we had. They are entertainers, famous stars, they have the money, the cars, the fame, the clothes(some that they just walk the hell out with sorry winona I still love you), the houses what most of us would say man if I had that my life would be set.  And yet most of the people on this list went through issues that most of us struggle with day to day.

To clear up Katt's issue from the first paragraph if by what I am reading Cnn is saying it appears Katt found himself a 5 star hater. It appears Katt(whether because dude figures they about to make some dough together on a project currently filming, Katt's new Dvd Pimpadelic is out in stores by the way I need to pick it up myself) was staying there with permission but argued with an assistant, and the assistant decided to make a phone call to the police and have him arrested. That at least explains why he was smiling in his mug shot, you may have gotten him for the evening but you just lost your job(or got a brand new one that requires knee pads, some may find that little aside in poor taste but if a guy had done it I would say the same thing because pulling a stunt like that your either on the street or suckin something to keep ya job). Now yes we all run into folks who think they are the boss when the boss ain there, I don't care what job your are in or where you are there is always somebody trying to throw their weight around to make themself feel good. Just don't involve the cops in it because if it is found to be a fraudulent charge you'll be the one wearing bracelets next. But even so Katt has been said to be exhausted as of late(which was the cause of him checkin in for therapy) so for all that money he has he has a lot more responsibility and it appears a lot more stress(though I 'm sure he prefers that money and stress to being a regular 9-5 person like the rest of us watching him on TV, DVD, or the silver screen).

That has me thinking, as we come up with these dreams, and (hopefully) make moves towards them have we truly planned out what the first step after we have reach our initial mountain top is going to be? I mean honestly a lot of what I see when I see some of these stars and their issues is the fact that besides doing what they love they're kinda just like me and you. Okay I'm here now what, I got all this money like I have always dreamed of having let me live every last second like tomorrow it will be gone. Which if you think about it is kind of foolish. I mean if all of us only get 15 minutes of fame, why blow the spoils of that 15 minutes during it. Why not set ourselves up to while maybe not living like kings not having to ever get a more mundane job again shall we say. Think about all those one hit wonders, one album wonders out there you see them basking in the B40B's(look it up eminems second album Steve berman just in case you're lazy) living it up only to be back in the hood trying to find a way to get back in the lime light(no I refuse to stoop so low as to bring up a certain stage rushing incident). They had all this money flashed in front of their eyes and never thought hmmm maybe I should put this away somewhere so that when I'm no longer hot they aren't coming to repo my entire life.

And you've heard about it, you've seen some of the people it happened to 2 years ago there were living the life rims spinning, diamons shining, showing you they grill and now all the sudden they're trying to hide their posessions because either it wasn't fully paid off yet or else they on their way to the pawn shop so they can eat tonight. Which should never happen, money in hand is money in hand and it doesn't have to make you lose your mind. If you have a dream to become famous(rapper, singer, actor, athlete, Tv personality, comedian, DJ, Chef whatever) also make a plan for your life past the flashing lights. Because when those lights get turned off at the end of the day, and you are locked behind that door that is who is gonna have to be there for you if it all goes wrong. If people no longer find you entertaining(for a minute, folks disappear all the time only to resurface later john travolta anyone), if your jumper is broke, your knee blows out, your character isn't popular, they don't like your last song. The person who you really are is who is gonna have to figure out how to keep going from day to day. Hell even people who are hot for years can have money problems, so instead of spending it all early(first contract, first album, first season whatever I can kinda forgive if you wanna just blow some of that go ahead) put some of it away so that if your rainy day comes and it turns out to be a hurricane washing away what you thought you had, you aren't completely gone.

Not only that but have a back up plan along with your dream, so that if it stalls for a second you are still moving forward maybe you aren't running or flying but you're walking one step at a time. My dad told me a long time ago that if because everything isn't going perfect that you only focus on the negatives going on around you, you will miss an opportunity to enjoy some good occurrences. I almost called them minor, but they might not be minor, you may have had the time of your life and forgot about how good it felt to just be you. Ever notice that when you get a chance to let your hair down, loosen ya shirt buttons, kick off your shoes and just walk around being you how much better the world feels. When you aren't worried about your or anybody else's expectations it's just you and your surroundings for a minute enjoying just being. I'm not saying get stuck there but take a moment to enjoy the hard work that got you there, and if need be sit back assess where you are and get ready for the next leg of the journey.

Cause if you wake up tomorrow, whew you have another chance at a whole new adventure.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm proud of me

While it hasn't been everyday for the last month or so I have really been blogging on this site, I think I have pretty much doubled it's content, and the best part about it no cursing, woohoo. I may have alluded to a few, I may have admitted in parenthesis where I might have wanted to, but isn't that part of the deal if you can admit where you would have done something but don't actually do it is that no progress?

Am I a cussoholic of course, I grew up in new jersey. Think about it the shared state bird of new york and new jersey is the middle finger(no not the pigeon though we do have a lot of them) cussing is like a right of passage when you understand that not only do some folks need to be cussed out but that you need to be the one to do it you understand what it means to have grown up in jerz(say joisey to me and you get cut, I ain playin). So the fact that I am about to hit 20 posts on this here blog and a good 10 of them will have been since september I'm going to accept my YAY ME!

Now yes I am random, I could have sworn I warned you of that ahead of time am I opinionated yup though I have not shown as much of that yet, but again it takes a bit for me to stop dropping the F-bombs to say whats on my mind. Cause sometimes you just gotta call it how you see it, if I think your a stupid , of a dumb , I'm going to say it because somebody needs to. And before you say ooh growing up in jersey is a cop out no it's not, while we may appreciate subtlety in jersey(mainly because if you dig to deep you will find where the sewage, garbage, toxic waster, or bodies are buried) we also understand when our time is being wasted and when we might need to just stop you off and make you cut to the chase. Another thing there is a certain understanding I have towards people who I can tell are trying to steam roll over you if they think you have a kind heart, hey I believe in the golden rule treat others how you wish to be treated so if you come at men acting like you have or want something shoved up your rear I will be glad to oblige you. I am nice not because I am hard wired to be but because I understand I can be a little overbearing and eviscerating when I go after people on certain subjects. I call it how I see it and if I realize you have no point and are just hoping to bully your way through fine we can get this on and poppin, see to me this isn't a popularity contest I have sat back and watched the popular folks. Come to find out they are the puppets not the puppet masters, they have to do and say certain things, wear certain labels, be at certain places, and pretend to like certain things.

I mean I thought you wanted to be popular so you could set the trend not show yourself to be the first person on the bandwagon when I realized that popularity lost it's luster to me. I would rather be myself saying how I feel, and what I think then just be the first puppet at the front of the crowd, why I mean what is the benefit in it? Am I doing something I like maybe maybe not, am I getting some unbelievable amount of power uh uh I'm being driven by the current personally I prefer to be that tree growing in the middle of the stream I may not be stopping anything but you are forced to recognize my presence. I don't have to obstruct the progress but if and I repeat if there is an objection I will raise it.  And if someone feels they need to reach out to get out of the current come towards me and I will be there, just who I have always been can my style be argumentative sure mainly because when folks have the mob behind them they really like to use that extra weight to try and push you aside, but if you can stand your ground and make them actually prove they understand their own point a snow ball turns back from the beginning of an avalanche back to a snow ball.

Because the mob is not always right, the mob is just the easiest. See if you go along with everyone else most likely because they do not wish to admit off top they are fools there is safety in numbers, but the truly exceptional the brilliant never have a problem standing on their own and showing hey here's the truth as well as my data to back it up come and prove me wrong. It ain about the infamous and ethereal that but about what I have discovered and what I would like you to put to the test. Rarely do they wish to be tested, if you test them you will probably find the chinks, cracks, and fissures in their armor. But if you just bow to the weight of the mob behind them well hey I will get off because I had the majority with me and we were all wrong we're sorry but I mean how were we supposed to know. Which is basically the enabler of ignorance not having to think about what your doing and just saying oh well the crowd is with me doesn't make you right, hell it might even make you cruel. And the crowd can often and easily be cruel because as a faceless mass previously there was little to no accountability. I mean when 10 plus people are pounding the hell out of you where do their arms, fists, feet and weapons end and their faces begin you may see the blood lust in their eyes but will you see much else? I doubt it.

Well it's Monday morning I hope all have a great week coming up, as always if you have something you want to add feel free I don't have a problem hearing another persons opinion. Just understand if you are gonna parrot someone else to me I will cut you off mainly because I want to interact with you and if you do not have you own opinion I can go out here in the ether and dig up someone else's speech to cut and past all by myself.

Weapon X where are you when I need you

As mad as I am about the out come of the game I could kind of see it coming. There is a rule in Philadelphia for our team to be good we have to not only have a good defensive line and nice corners we have to have a hard hitting safety that makes you scared to run the ball. Brian Dawkins was that hard hitting safety. You would think you had something going and out of nowhere you see deuce zero slicing in to lay a hit on a running back or a tight end over the middle and separate them from the ball.

To lose Jim Johnson was hard, he was a great defensive coordinator for 10 years you knew just how dominant the defense was going to be, and the defense was dominant because his general on the field understood the type of play that not only he wanted but that we expect as Philadelphia Eagles fans. If you are going to come onto a field with us we expect to you be looking over your shoulder, we expect running backs to be out there with their heads on a swivel wondering when somebody is going to lay a thunderous hit on them. And that thunderous hit was gonna come from one source mostly one of our safeties whether it was the free safety or the strong safety one of them was going to come in there and nail you so hard your teeth chattered and your knees buckled.

Our offense may from time to time have been finesse but our defense we might bend but not only were we not gonna break we were going to pound the living hell out of you. It was nice to see our D hold it's own against the run and save a few huge pass plays our pass defense was pretty good two, we twice had blown coverages it happens in games and versus a good team that will cost you.  We also had a lot of offensive miscues if you lose the turnover battle you usually lose the game. We lost the turnover battle as well, but 20 used to be damn good at forcing fumbles and from time to time he would even get an interception or two, I know I have to move on but basically I really haven't had a chance to express my sense of loss. I am a firm believer that some people should never don a different uniform then the one they initially wore, unless they did not show greatness in their first uniform. Michael Jordan should have always been a chicago bull, Allen iverson and charles barkley should have always been sixers, shane battier a grizzly, shaquille o'neal a laker, emmit smith a cowboy, Tj houshmanzada a bengal, bruce smith a bill, dante culpepper a viking, and Brian Dawkins should always have been an eagle. Hell I thought I saw some undeserving player sporting his #2 jersey on the field.

You earn greatness, if you haven't matched the numbers of the person who used to wear that jersey you shouldn't even touch it. Nobody has worn #92 since Reggie White left Philadelphia and nobody should be donning number #20 either. That man was an icon in our secondary over 10 years of duty patrolling our secondary, a pro bowler for most of them I am glad he is still having success in denver but yeah screw denver we got nothing for our weapon and in a game where any other time you would be scared to come over the middle the cowboys were way to comfortable

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why I like the nice neighborhood liquor store versus the one down the street

There is a liquor store up in Germantown, down the street from the Wolfchase Galleria that I do most of my alcohol shoppin in. It's a good 15 minutes away from my house, why because I neither like the costumer service nor do I like the selection at the one in the neighborhood. Now yes I do live in a mostly black neighborhood and as such the liquor store has all of it's product behind bulletproof glass, I'm used to that. I am even used to them charging $2 or $3 dollars more then a liquor store in a more affluent neighborhood. What I am not used to is 1st the person selling me my alcohol not knowing their liquor, look I know you may be used to folks trying to drown their lives and miserable existences away in cheap alcohol. Maybe once in a blue moon they may throw a party and want the expensive stuff but for the most part it's rot gut all day.That does not excuse you from knowing your product, what if you have someone who just moved into the neighborhood that not only likes to buy the good stuff but on top of that like to buy the ingredients to make mixed drinks. If I want to talk to you or ask if you have any similar replacements what happens, oh you can't help me? On top of that just because the majority of your customers are lower middle class does that mean they deserve shoddy customer service? So yeah quickest way to get me to not shop at your establishment have shoddy customer service.

Now the one I like man, they have a big selection I can walk around the store, and if I talk to one of the sales staff they can give me some decent recommendations on what is a good replacement for something they either don't have or possibly that I have not tried before. Now understand when I go out to buy alcohol I usually on average spend between 60-100 bucks I'm usually either stocking up or restocking and trying to fill in what I need to make various drinks in case I throw a party or something. I like to drink and on top of liking to drink I also fashion myself a hobbyist bartender, so having the ingredients to make damn near anything is pretty high on my list. So if you treat me right anywhere from once to twice a month(I don't go every week like I used to economy is bad and I am trying to save up a little cash for the holidays) you're gonna get a decent sale.

Now some might wanna say well it is a liquor store in whats probably a less then stellar neighborhood doesn't matter I manage surveillance systems for liquor stores in far worse neighborhoods than this and the comparison of customer service between the two isn't even close. Hell you could barely tell what type of neighborhood is outside the walls(except for the bullet proof glass) by the way they treat their customers.  In my mind those folks just understand rich or poor these folks are paying my bills if I treat them right they will continue to come in and patronize my business. Now granted in this neighborhood I think it is a just a matter of the customer base not believing that they deserve better service, I don't care how down and out I may be I ain got to spend my money with you. I just don't now unlike other products yes you can drink alcohol, Ijust doubt you are gonna wanna drink it every day in lieu of not giving me decent service.

Plus Wayne's wine & liquor has lots of sake and plum wine, and for a discerning customer like me the more exotic alcohol you have the harder it is for me to keep my spending below 60 bucks, because I wanna have the good stuff and lots of it. I don't know why but good customer service in my mind because it is so rare needs to be rewarded, I will shop at you establishment just to make sure you keep those type of employees around. Oh well enough mini ranting about lousy CS I hope you had a good weekend and a nice relaxing sunday

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yay it's saturday

Looks like I am not officially working today. I say that because once we get past 12 o'clock on a saturday if I ain working I'm usually not gonna be working for the rest of the day.(by the way don't pay any attention to my seeming to have forgotten to turn my clock back I have. my desktop that I am currently blogging on is set to east coast time, if I was on my laptop it's set to central) This has been a hard week, I mean I've detailed some of my pains but nationally just wow. That rapist in cleveland where they are still trying to make sure they have all the bodies, the shooting at fort hood, then that maniac yesterday in orlando(and why go to your mama's house after you pull some crap like that. They ain gonna stop looking for you just cause your at MOM's pssssh) way too much mourning going on.

As for me personally I actually do have to go see a customer, his computer was down the other day and unfortunately I have not been back in his direction since wednesday so I need to go check on his situation. Past that I plan to lay back and relax too many long nights this week. Damn it I jinxed it now I gotta go work oh well will finish blogging later

Friday, November 6, 2009

What do you say on a day like this

I say day but the majority of the fireworks happened yesterday, I know that MSNBC will have pictures and videos of the horror that was the Ft. Hood shooting they also have a video of something that man it's just so many pieces of disrespect rolled into one. The Dachau Germany photo, I wanna call that tasteless(no I am not gonna look for the link to that, there are words for that disgrace but they are against the rules of this blog), then they are more photos comparing our current president to hitler or at least his administration to the nazi (actually I have a friend who usually keeps up on this let me see if Laffy at political carnival already has it up, hmm nope not this time) germany. Msnbc has video of it but as it has the dachau photos sorry no dice. Besides that piece of poor taste being held up by a member of the "press corp" at the house minorities press conference(rally, secessionist meeting), the "patriotic geniuses" who don't know the difference between the declaration and the constitution seem to have failed civics in one other major area: Care of our flag. I mean you do know the rules don't you?

Every 6th grader should know this rule: Our flag is not allowed to touch terra firma yup our flag is to be handled with care, it's not allowed to touch the ground for it to do so is a disgrace to the flag. And for a flag to have touched the ground there are special rules for disposal here are the flag codes from . And I will commend them they are non partison in showing they're violations they just need to catch up with today and this rule in particular

Section 8b of the Flag Code reads, " The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground..."

And even if it is not an actual flag but the symbol of the flag, say on a rug(by the way if you are wearing US flag shorts that a violation too) and upholstered piece of furniture(that too is a no no), You can't have any symbols superimposed on the flag(you can take a photo in front of it I believe but you cannot be on the flag or have anything printed onto the flag). Now most patriotic americans if they see their flag falling should jump to either catch it or find some way to keep it from hitting the ground. But not the good old GOP flag hit the ground whoops they just picked it up and went about their little spectacle.

Now ladies and gentlemen I am all about a good debate. I have no problem talking to someone about an issue that we may not agree on, but if you are gonna throw around the word patriot first get a dictionary and find out what it means(websters has a website I'm not going to do it all for you) and then ACT LIKE ONE. Our country is in trouble on so many levels and yet a portion of our country is not only in lala land, but they are trying to force the rest of us to join them there while they play their violins like nero in rome. No thanks, I mean seriously things can be fixed if people work together but if all you can offer is an impediment get your cheeks off to the side so the rest of us can fix things. Maybe it's the poker player in me but when I look at a situation I always weigh my options and I go by the worst case scenario, if I do this this is the worst thing that will happen if I'm wrong and if I do that this is the worst thing that will happen if I'm wrong.  And when I say worst I do mean worst, I get anal about it thing waaaay out there.  And which ever options worst is less colossally terrible thats the option I pick. The problem is the right, republican or conservative citizens of this country only seem to drink the heavily spiked kool aid, or else only own rose colored glasses and contacts.

I say this because the positions they take if they are wrong man is it (and usually it works out that way) disastrous, I'd swear daredevil or stevie wonder could see the problem about to smack them in the head a mile before they do. Not only that but what ever happened to fact checking, or doing your research. How are you say 55+ complaining you don't want the government to touch you health care when you are about to get on MEDICARE which is a government health care plan? How can you listen to a bunch of charlatans talking about the EVILS OF GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE when if they are an elected official guess what they are getting government run health care and you are paying for it. I mean I would love to ask how clueless could you be but then all I would have to do is tune into Fox "News". I will not deny being a lefty, so that yes there is some bias to the way I see the world but my bias doesn't ignore facts, figures or logic. If your right and your data checks out your right, I have no problem admitting that now if your wrong can you do the same. I mean my favorite is being in say a business environment where you talk to one of them as they complain about how all liberals want a free hand out, don't want to work(with my liberal bootay sitting right next to them working), refuses to sacrifice or pull themselves up by their boot straps(I'm black so I ain even gonna touch that today, maybe in the future remember the no cussing rule).

You know what let me drop that, stupidity does make me cuss and I ain gonna do that here(now if I raid out to play and cuss up a storm I just do kay okay). Fort Hood wow, I mean the person who was supposed to be there to help the soldiers deal with their traumatic experiences during their deployment lost it right before he was to be deployed. Unfoturnately the man has a name that could be arabic, or middle eastern or of any other decent from that region with no religious tie to it what soever. In this day and age though people are lazy, they aren't really gonna do the research nope see it's those dang muslims. Xenophobia is not what we want to rule the day now or ever, all it leads to is pain and bad decisions, trust me hating someone or something because they are different then you never ends well.

I know this is a little deeper then I usually get with this blog, I do for the most part tend to keep this somewhat light hearted not because I can't discuss serious things, usually I just cuss while doing it

Thursday, November 5, 2009

And finally PRIMAL has made it back to tupelo

I mean granted I could have written this monday night because after the hullabaloo(shut it I know old word so what) of a flat tire, a flat spare, a drained battery and then still taking my tired dusty(actually my cousin decided he wanted to go and to hell with what me or the boss said) behind to jackson and gloster monday night I had made it to Tupelo(you know evil red under squigglies if I don't want to capitalize a letter I won't and if I want to make up a word, I like squigglies better then squiggles, I will) but since I still had car trouble I don't really count that. Now today we made it all the way out there with absolutely no car trouble so HUZZAH! On the way back we got a service call, one of our customers has a problem with his surveillance system(of his own making).

Now ladies and gentleman I am a fair man, I live by a simple creed if I don't work I don't expect to get paid(unless the reason I can't work is because you dragged me out somewhere and then forced me to wait for you all damn day and your taking you sweet old time, yes there was gonna be a 3 letter colorful metaphor there but I caught myself, showing up my time is money respect it or pay for it) but if I do work SHOW ME THE MONEY. Now while the customers system is under warranty so that anything system wise that goes wrong by no fault of the user then I have to show up with my trusty cd case, screw driver and other tools to try and fix it. Now if I show up and you've been on the internet have a bunch of viruses, registry errors, new programs on it, have filled up the boot drive to almost no space left and have 50 things trying to run at system start up, that is not system error but user error and just like anybody else I am charging you for the convenience of fixing your errors. May I cut you a deal sure, if you wish to call my boss you MIGHT get a better deal, but don't talk to me like hey lemme get that, or start trying to hustle me for some free, talking about how it broke down once I left or while I was here. I don't leave unless your system is working or else I tell you what is not working and we agree to come back in the morning. Period I am a professional, I'm human but a professional I do not like leaving you with shoddy workmanship period, looks bad on me and my company.

Now if I can get on the phone with you and talk you through it fine, I will no harm no foul, no fee. But if I show up it's a service call and unless you called the boss first and he said no fee, your paying at least the basic service fee. And depending on what you need done you may or may not have to pay more for it. Sometimes it is something simple, takes 15-20 minutes and I'm in and out the door small fee. But if it's something that is extremely complex and I gotta sit there and either start playing with the registry, removing and reinstalling programs, or completely reloading the system that costs more. And by the way unless you just completely bug the hell out of my boss I am not doing a reload onsite. Uh uh, I do not know what I'm gonna need that you don't have and I know I have or can get most of it back at the "shop" you wanna buy my tools from me fine, just like anyone else there will be a slight mark up but I will give you a free lesson. Again don't insult me by once I finish the work trying to talk me out of our already agreed upon price, two things are going to happen, if I do take less then we initially agreed upon it's gonna be extremely hard to get me to pick up the phone again when you call my number. Second any of the things I was willing to do because you were just a nice customer nope now I gotta get paid for every last thing. You play nice you get nice, there are customers who because they have such a great rapport with us I show up I work and I walk away without even worrying about collecting a dime. They scratch our back and I am glad to scratch theirs.

You are dealing with me trust me that is the list you wanna be on. You call and get through when I answer hell I will come out on a sunday for you(and yes I complained to my boss about working sundays but I have gone out for our better customers), because I understand you appreciate and understand how important my work is to you. You bought a surveillance system for you store because your trying your best to protect your property I appreciate that. You're not always sure who is gonna be the one to cost you money, or cause shrinkage but you would like me to help you manage it if possible. This isn't a problem, we are glad to help if you have a problem with me give me a call or give my boss a call and we can talk it out. Misunderstandings happen and we are all adults here, and like adults if we let cooler heads prevail we can talk it out.

Now I won't lie between dvr's and the various dvr cards we deal with sometimes I might be a little slow in remembering exactly what card you have or how your dvr in particular works but once I ask a few questions boom it usually helps me get right back up to speed. And while one of my coworkers may not be the worlds most patient don't worry I'm not gonna blow up on you, I understand if you were the most computer literate you probably wouldn't be calling me. You have a business to run and you want me to help you make things easier, and I am dedicated to doing that. Just don't think that me being nice means I'm a fool. You can call me buddy, pal, my friend whatever little pet nick name you have for me but once you start trying to screw me over, I'm blocking out the bull and focusing in on the business. My time is money, and if I'm not getting paid in some capacity for my time then I can spend my time elsewhere. By the way if I gotta drive more then 2 hours to get to your site be there when I get there I drove there I have to drive back and I don't wanna spend all day waiting to get my work done. If your not understand when I leave if I leave without working it's gonna cost more to get me to come back PERIOD. I've already wasted time and gas to get out there and for those past 2 hours that is pretty much my entire day dedicated to your site and your problems, now possibly there is other stuff I can do out there but if your the furthers drive you are my reason for being out that day and past you my schedule is clear unless there are other customers on the way back from you that I might be able to get to. No guarantees because you might need me for 5+ hours and travel time is included in my day.

And please don't nickel and dime me cause again you want me to pick up the phone when you are having a problem and might need me to make a long drive, or talk you through it. If you can't afford something that is okay I try to be honest with you up front, I don't like springing large bills on people I want you fully aware of what is happening, and aware of anyways that you can get things done efficiently and cost effectively.

Okay got rambley so yes, made it back to tupelo cleared up some business, on the way home cleared up one of two problems a pair of different customers had. One I need to go back to tomorrow and drop off some merchandise and give him a lesson while he decides what he wants to do about some system problems he is having. It's of a sensitive nature to him and I understand and respect that and will do all I can to help, but it is a slightly expensive process because of all the steps it is going to entail. He is gonna get my best effort and is going to hopefully be satisfied when I am done.

aiight I think this bad boy is long enough thanks for stopping by and reading and congratulations to the new york yankees 2009 world series champions my phillies just didn't have it in them this year, but it was a hell of a year and wow did they give me some great memories

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mostly laidback sunday

For those of you who do not know, I was born in philadelphia, pennsylvania. At the time my dad was in the marines (which consequently always gives me a nice bit of humor when it is time for me to give folks my birth certificate but I digress) and I was born on the base. As such I grew up a philly sports fan, and I mean a real fan I went to the games of pretty much all the teams Sixers, Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Wings(the lacrosse team for those who don't know that name). And yes I am a typical philly sports fan I cheer if you play hard boo if your stinking up the joint and I will go down for you every year. I'm such a homer that I only watch the superbowl if my team is in it to not give any ratings to the other teams(yeah yeah I know but what about the game, while I am a football fan I wanna watch the eagles play). And kind of sick irony living down here in memphis tennesse I'm in cowboys country that's right no matter how much the cowboys are sucking at the time if they are on and my eagles are on the cowboys are on my TV. Thankfully I have found some sites with nice gamecasts/gamecenters etc that can if nothing else show me the play by plays.  It's not the same as watching it but it is way better then waiting til after the game to watch the highlights on ESPN, or the NFL network.

Before you ask yes I anguish like most philly fans as the post season nears I don't care what sport because sometimes we will overachieve(sixers since AI left), sometimes we will come close (eagles almost every year), sometimes we will drive you insane(flyers I'm just gonna leave it at that) and of course sometimes we just win (phillies). I know we get trash talked to us because we are supposed to be the worst fans in the world, but come on we're pretty fair if you think about it if you play with all your heart here and leave it on the field, court, or ice we will love you forever. If all you ever do is run your mouth and under perform we don't need you. Call it blue collar, call it hard nosed we don't care if I got pony up money to see you play I better get my money's worth. Nobody embodied that more then allen iverson, anybody who says they don't get their monies worth watching iverson is lieing the guy leaves it all on the court. Every second he is on there, he may not go to practice but he plays til the final whistle and it isn't about his stats. A few years ago we had a game were he had 8 points but we were losing by double digits with a few minutes left, he had a streak I think he had scored double digits every game of his career to that point. We couldn't win he sat and let a few rookies get some playing time. Think about it, he could have been in the hall of fame or had the record for most games with 10 or more points but he ain about personal records he wants to win.

In my opinion billy king got fired two seasons too late. Yeah yeah I know what time it is yes I saw the phillies lose, it was a heart breaker we were where we wanted to be top of the 9th tie game, our closer at the mound. Good job by Johnny Damon, that double steal took away lidge's slider and as they say the faster it comes in the faster it goes out. Can we fight back to new york, yes we can. But not if our bats don't wake up yes we allowed a whole bunch of runs through either errors or boneheaded pitching but the last two games our offense has pretty much died when we needed it. It's kinda funny in each series before this we were kings of the RBI whether it was ruiz, howard, or werth we could get somebody on base and then somebody would drive the runs in. This series too many errors and just can't seem to get a decent rhythm going. I mean we can do damage with two outs we just aren't.

I know changed the entire direction of the blog, but as I have said before I am a random person. I have millions of thoughts pouring through my head at any point in time and what comes out is what comes out. Sometimes it will be entertaining, sometimes informative, sometimes it will be odd and wrong(though for the purposes of this blog I have tamped that down, but if you find my name on other sites well uncensored me it is). I think I am starting to like this format a little bit more. Say it the long way, yes I know I love the speed of a four letter send off but this is kinda forcing me to use the rest of my vocabulary which I have not done in a long time. I used to be a lot more creative, I won't say as prolific I mean I can spin a tall tale with the best of them(and might here), I can engage on almost any subject, but I do like to curse when I do it. Call it my small bit of rebellion against the rest of the so called intelligentsia, I hate pretense and pompousness it just irks the hell out of me. And as much as some say profanity is the domain of the small mind that is a lie. I mean think about it, if brevity is the soul of wit and the quickest way to tell someone off is a curse word, how is being profane small minded, in essence it is brief. In reality just like with free speech folks want to be able to say stuff and control what you say back to them, which in essense isn't free speech.

You can tell when somebody is trying to tune you up to curse them out, they just hope you don't oblige them. Usually I will on here I won't. Which is kinda funny I don't give this blog any pub currently as I don't know what I wanna do with it how can I ask folks to read it? I mean I have a few ideas, but as I have yet to really get them off the ground how can I tout my blog on such and such site? I mean yes I tout my ply blog mainly because it has a good year and a halfs worth of material. My rants of going to various places for work, driving here in the M or my visit to the ATL this year. My compositions on there are extremely scattershot to say the least, I don't think I have too many subjects of common theme on there save some rants about mississippi and tennessee drivers. I mean there are a few movie reviews(which I haven't done in a while, hell I went to see astro boy last week too it was good by the way), I think a few drink recipes, some pictures from when I barbequed over the summer(not of me barbecueing I was holding the camera).

IN essence it was like actually spending a few moments in my mind(trust me you don't wanna be in there too long I'm a little bit maniacal so you don't wanna be driven slightly mad thinking ok what is he serious about and what is he playing about) and yahoo 360 man that one well that one saw some extreme highs and lows, a few of the blogs on myspace too.

Ya know I don't wanna let this be too random, this was another glimpse into who I am. Yes blogging for the sake of putting something on this blog so in essence I get used to coming here to blog. To living within the rules I set for the blog and letting my creativity flow through it. I'm not really one for limits or rules, I have always had a problem with authority so to force myself to work within some is gonna probably pay dividends in the future. Hopefully you will see examples of that here.

Okay off to drown my sorrows in some alcohol after a tough loss

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