Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm going to dig my head out of the covers for this one

Yup today is my birthday "huzzah huzzah", fireworks, those weird crackling things, kazoos, and loud noises, oh wait my birthday is Christmas eve ain none of that happening because everybody is doing their last minute shopping.

For those who wish me a happy birthday I thank you, I'll be around the city somewhere observing my amended holiday tradition(ain too many malls left so it will just be a large shopping venue in the area). I'm Alive, I know things came up and I was less inclined to share. But if nothing else I got a few nice gifts for my birthday:

During an guaranteed rebuilding year my favorite football team has a meaningful game on the last weekend of December, my favorite basketball team while tanking appears to have actually picked up some good talent for once(though they appear to be trying to suck the life out of him already, stay strong MCW), life goes on, I learn, I reorganize and I continue on.

I may at the end of the year do a recap, this winters weather has been a trip.  So many thoughts, so little time, so little drive to express them probably sums a lot of it up.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why everybody going Batfleck is a little misguided pt 2

Yes I know that wasn't the other title, I don't feel like retyping that whole thing(call me lazy on this one, that definitely earns it). I personally feel that there are a lot of similarities between the characters of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Daredevil/Matt Murdock. Even Aesthically, if you look at their costumes both of them have assumed looks that are menacing and meant to draw on your fears. Once DD got over his color blindedness (I will joke about that later) and donned his Blood Red Spandex those who broke the law in Hell's Kitchen really did see the devil. As for Gotham's underworld I give Nolan a huge nod in Batman Begins for having his caped Crusader glide overtop of the city during it's build to the climax while the entire city was under the influence of Scarecrows toxin looking like a nightmare instead of a savior.

Similarities of the Characters

Why everybody going Batcrap crazy over Ben Affleck as Batman is a little misguided pt.1

Let's be honest here a few of yall are mad because you don't like Ben Affleck as an actor, those folks hey if you don't like somebody you don't and nothing the person does will EVER be good to you. I'm not talking to you, because you are allowed not to like who you don't want to like. I'm the same way with Dane Cook, dude just isn't funny to me. While there are roles where I say okay, yes Dane Cook worked in that, they are few and far between and I ain searching out a Dane Cook movie JUST to see if he worked in it. We could get into how I LOATHE Jamie Kennedy ENTIRELY but you know what that is a blog in itself, when he came out he was like a poor man's version of Dane Cook to me so yeah he had no chance.

Some of you guys are basing your dislike for Ben Affleck as Batman because you disliked the Daredevil movie, I am partially talking to yall. Mainly because you are mad at Ben Affleck because you were expecting a Blind Spider-man which is YOUR fault not his. Some of you really don't read Marvel Comics, don't understand where MOST of their characters come from, and thus when you come at it from the ORIGINAL DC stand point you get some chapped hides. From a guy pushing 40 let me give you the basic breakdown of DC vs Marvel: when I was younger MOST of the DC characters were models of perfection, yes they had the normal super hero mishap Superman his planet was destroyed. But his life:he was a kid who had almost perfect Step Parents(John and Martha), was raised on a farm with love and caring, and while he had a few issues tamping down his powers as a child(well not really in a lot of the early comics he didn't get his powers til his teen years so he had a mostly normal life) for the most part he had it pretty steady. The Flash: was a pretty decent police lab tech(don't know if they called them csi's back then but normally he worked in a lab doing work for the police), a lightning bolt hits some chemicals he becomes your faster than life speed demon. Oh wait I should pause I am doing the comics from MY Childhood I understand there was a flash before Barry Allen I just didn't read him that much, the Magical Ring green lantern either. Even Batman Rich kid, having a pretty good time then he's parents are killed after a pretty good night and while still privileged he is tortured for the rest of his life and goes out to fight crime. Early on he actually used guns, was less of a fighting specialist and more of just a brawler, and while he had gadgets he wasn't as super prepared as he is now.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Rules

When I started this blog I set a rather strict guideline:no cursing. Oh I've skirted it a few times, walked right up to the edge, hell jumped off the deep end but brought myself back to righteousness when editing. I have, though, observed the rules to the best of my abilities. There is a cost, there are certain subjects that it is almost impossible for me to discuss without needing four to eight letters. 12 if I am deslanging one of my favorites.

I am an emotional being, cool when I can reign them it, caustic to vindictive when I can not. Thus when I read the Trayvon Martin verdict surprised? Please I grew up black,  and in New Jersey no less. I remember going from not noticing women holding their purses when I stood in line with them to being enraged when I noticed they even did it to 5 and 6 year olds.

Jason Whitlock, I don't agree with "crab in a barrel" philosophical positions because I believe most driven people are stronger than the forces determined to hold them back. You have to be, to be successful in anything the odds are so hard against you that it's laughable how we think a few negative Nelly's make a difference.  Say an athlete when of the probably million people their age playing basketball they may be amongst the 100 that get drafted. Jay is special though, it takes a huge amount of guts to not only disparage athletes but to also point at one of the most successful men in his field(Jay-z)and say "oh no these other best of the best in their genre shouldn't listen to him".

If I'm not mistaken Whitlock and Sean Carter (yes I'm using Hov's government I'd have used his other but its just a way to say Jay that ***** and well the rules) have been in "the media" one music,the other sports reporting since about the mid to late 90's. One has bought and sold his stake in a basketball team and the other is barely podcasting as a side hustle to his print reporting.

This crap about black on black crime, or brown on brown. Newsflash Whitey Bulger is a white guy, who mostly preyed upon white people in Boston. Convicted of 30+ counts out of 30+(I know the DA didn't get him for all but when the front numbers match I guarantee they were in the office popping bottles and twerking) when its white folks guess what: they just call it crime.

Now unexpanded I can touch on it and not break the rules. But if I go into detail yeah Jay Whit can suck a fatty and I don't mean a blunt.

The new black power is for black men thing, yeah explain to me again how you expect me to have a conversation when to start I have to be the bad guy? Who has the majority of the degrees again? Who is seen as angry and who a deadly predator who needs to be put down on sight?  This is not me saying sit down but step back,  idiocy doesn't have a gender or skin color. If you want an ally in a battle don't start off the fight by knifing them first just because they are closest and foolish enough to trust you.

This is stuff I have wanted to talk about but I know how I am. This stuff aggravates the hell out of me. People complaining not because they want to solve the problen but because they want their 15 minutes of reality tv fame.  Trolls wading into a heartfelt conversation just to see how quickly they can pour jet fuel on the fire.

Or sometimes its just people wanting to blame us all for the misdeeds of a few. They think by portraying a personal issue as a widespread epidemic it will make them feel less responsible. There was no chance they could have succeeded so its less about them having bad judgement/luck/karma/timing and more about the inevitable.  Lot less work involved if nobody could have done better.

Now in a sense this is cowardly. I could force myself to go into detail I just needed to release some of the pressure. But when every time you turn around its another tear your hair out moment. Or maybe just your day to day is feeling like 200 pounds of wet cement, joints straining, muscles screaming mentally you just say "no I don't want to obey the rules"

So dear readers I leave it to you, what topic do you want me to wrestle with just to see how it goes down. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

I know I took a hiatus, but damn really a tall can of spam for a brother

I don't know what I expected bouncing off of here like that. I've thought about blogging but then again I was like pffft "ain nobody got time for that," which really isn't true I could have made time I just mentally wasn't feeling it. I was too busy putting together baby bikes, changing diapers, tickling bellies and squeezing noses. I was trying out a few new mobile games, getting lost in the joys of TASTYKAKES in the mid south(yes I did dedicate a blog to that a while ago, but now they are here).

My twitter was dead save for a few random posts here or there. My tumblr pffft aptly named, and my no hold barred blog, I locked that in a cage and didn't step in a la the four horseman of old. Pacing around the outside with my thoughts cluttered, my voice masked, and my ideas fettered. I mean I have apps for this, a laptop, phones you name it. It was more than just plain laziness it was avoidance. I didn't want to do it. I mean yes of all the things that have happened lately I had something I wanted to say, but then it was like to hell with it. Why do I have to say it, why do I have to add my voice, I'm tired give somebody else a chance.

So I said nothing, I kept quiet, I didn't even pay attention to the comment notifications(they looked spammy, hell it wasn't like I had written anything since thanksgiving) but to actually come back and see the spam. I don't know how many of you are pet owners but you know that feeling when you have been gone from the house for a few hours (whether frivolously or for a valid reason), and you just know that whiskers or Buddy has taken it upon him or herself to have at your shoes, sheets, the trash, or the couch. Yeah I don't know about other bloggers but for me, that is the feeling I get when I haven't blogged in a while and I know spam is there, you almost don't want to come back to clean it up but you know you have to go back before your home becomes a war zone.

This wasn't terrible, but it did suck, I hate redirects. I mean it's almost like you think that I'll just leave you the ability to steal traffic, eye balls, or click thrus. I don't even get that much but I want what I get, I always complain about a lack of interaction(which is of course not helped by the fact I stopped blogging. Dunno why I keep doing that lately) so you hijacking traffic really does annoy the hell out of me.

Okay well I am back now, maybe I will do a "drive by entry" about what I think of all that has happened since I last blogged. Actually I know me, maybe I should make it a few posts so that I don't have a huge run on like this is becoming.

So yeah spammers burn in hell, actual readers thanks for coming by, friends who were wondering yes I am here, yes I'm alive, I have no clue what the hell I am going to talk about this time. Or how long I will be in the mood.

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