Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm not a complete grinch

As much as I am known to loathe christmas music, I have no problems with holisay decorations. Yes both are just padding for a companies bottom line, but at least the decorations are about personal expression.
I mean look at most christmas albums all USUALLY remakes of some song somebody else made a classic. Maybe you do it right, maybe you commit a travesty to music but rarely is it something new.
Now not with "christmas lights"(I know its more than lights but that's what I call them) that's almost always something personal, people can buy the same lights or decorations but set them up completely differently from each other.

Back in south jersey there used to be a guy who basically created "Christmas Village" man this place it was like all those old moving puppet style christmas specials. He used to have the chasing lights, he'd have singing lights, dancing characters, waterfalls, frosted trees. I mean he used to have this donation box and I would always put my extra change in there. It used to be my special christmas time, pre birthday treat when we lived in jersey. I heard he had to sell that house when I was in my 20's but I thank him for the memories he gave every child that went there.

Even that last year he admitted the expense but I heard he said it was just something he loved to do, that the smalls on our faces brought him so much joy. I had often wished to share that experience with children of my own(except I did not have children before he sold it nor do I have any now, but it was a fond wish). I hope somebody else has blogged about christmas village or posted pictures of it. Because this time of year that's what it should be about simple things you can share with family. The memories of our trips to christmas village has outlasted all the toys I ever got in those years, all the comics, all the clothes, and cards.
I mean every year the subtle changes he would make, the bigger the spectacle. I swear even as a young teen my eyes would grow wide because it would be that 0_0 moment. The I didn't expect that, or I can't believe he was able to pull that off.

Now no RARELY does everyone pull off a christmas village, but even the folks who do the Transiberian Orchestra Dancing lights, or other Musically Choreagraphed offerings it always makes me happy that I share a birthday with this time of year. These type of moments and visuals stay with you for a lifetime

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In a somewhat pissed off mood

You have to love people, because they THINK they are right they run off at the mouth forgetting who got them where they are. They forget that if you look at the scale what they take is much heavier than what they give. People become so wrapped up in their righteous indignation of "why you have to listen to me" that they don't listen to themselves.

When you get to a point where you have challenged someone and it has reached a show and prove point, don't get mad show and prove. Its okay to feel strongly about something, no problem being passionate, but once you call someone out if they tell you to step up do so. And the funny thing is its always something minor, people go off on things that in the grand scheme aren't as important as the bridge they are tossung gasoline on. But hey "you know" right I mean you can blow up because in the end you got this and nobody can question you on having this.

Part of the problem is my fault I know, I give off this teddy bear like demeanor. I'm friendly, I'm cooperative, I'm consoling so that means when you run off at the mouth I'm just supposed to let it go. I mean hell I don't even have claws anyway right, and they filed my death down long ago. Except, if you look closely the claws are still there, the teeth razor sharp. The kindness and understanding I showed was not due to being castrated but due to being kind and understanding.

Sometimes I may agree with you, sometimes I may see that your side has merit, or is while imperfect definitely deserving of more than just immediate dismissal. Here's the thing, if I'm actually taking the time to listen it means that blowing me off loses for you an ally when you might need one in a coming situation. If I'm willing to spend my time in ways that helps you giving me the "what have you done for me lately" speech or the "well you only had to do this > < much" line will convince me that oh, you got it next time cool.
Because I do have better things to be doing then busting my hump for other people. This may not be the "me" of the 90's but even if in one spot I can find plenty to do. Things is, if you kept finding yourself asking me didn't that mean that your other outlets were slim to none. Doesn't that mean that you actually need me, hey I've rounded into a nice couch potato why should I move for you?

I mean I did it before because I thought it was appreciated now, nah son I'm good, you do you. That drink I've been missing downing it, Gotta go Gotta go, cya. See I've been grown a long time, I understand FULLY the world I live in. I've been to the rodea, the dance, the line, and the big stage. So I already know what I do and don't like, you're still trying to figure it out. But its cool you ain gotta ride with the side car, I'll step out and we can take it off. I thought you'd like the help but hit that sunset. You don't need me it might be time to start seeing what I need, and my needs are pretty simple, they just don't leave much time for your wants

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Monday, November 29, 2010

And just when it looks like a dull and dreary day

The sky opens up and says "whatcha got for me". And it was an off and on rain, one of those "I've stopped whoops nope caught you out in the middle of the street with no umbrella" type showers that get you sick.

I got wrapped up in work so I really couldn't do this blog like I wanted to earlier. It was just one of those days, starts out slow and I'm not doing anything ends in a rush. We're just leaving the smoke shop now, so its a late night for me, no I'm not fond of late nights because I still get stuck with early mornings. Blows Donkey balls, but hey I'm grown I gotta do what I gotta do.

Still a wet night luckily its monday not friday not in a movie mood so I won't get soaked. I can take the caddy to wally word later for wifey so that her playonline is okay. I want to get into Final Fantasy XIV but I'd need a new PC. Desktop laptop don't matter, either way I want something THIS generation PC wise. Call me a gaming snob, but why be on the sucky computer if you don't have to be?

But that's something far off, I know I started rambling but hey I said from the start I'm rambly. So its not like I didn't warn you, and from my bounce rate I see many of you have decided to jump off quickly, whoops this guy is a loon let me get up out of here. (I mean some of yall bug out in less than 10 seconds that's a miracle, I never leave without reading a page or two unless its a gay/femdom porn site then its "aw hell naw" *click*)

For those who have stay around and enjoy my craziness thank you from the bottom of my heart 700 hits last month and damn near 2000 over. Google analytics may not count all of you but if you are here you are welcome(until you piss me off)

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Yea Yea I know where's the monday update blog

Yall are all dieing to see what happened to me this weekend, or how my morning is going, or what glorious bit of minutia is going on in my life.

Thats it, I got nathan. I haven't blogged yet because nothing blog worthy has happened. I dropped my baby brother off in south haven, came back reloaded a friends computer, I'm scanning another computer and as of right now, I'm bored. Sometimes it goes like this, yes I may be a little cranky that my damn Christmas to New Years plans fell through AND?

Actually I'm not that cranky, I'm just still groggy from last night. My wife is kicking tail in her Fantasy Football pool(so YAAAY muffin), my team lost, by 1 mistake alone, and I played black ops as usual. It was kind of uneventful, I guess I could have gone to the theater to see tangled I mean I've reviewed shrek(I think) I did megamind, I just didn't realize tangled had come out. I don't mind good NEW retellings of age old fairy tales. Hell Shrek was a breath of fresh air, the hero isn't always perfect, the damsel isn't always in "Distress" and sometimes love takes funny turns.

This weekend though it will probably all be about "The Warrior's Way" that movie looks like it has Awesome Sauce poured all over it. Ninja's, cowboys, big explosions, martial arts yes if this movie sucks I will be heart broken but I will be there ANYWAY because I may like it(Like I did MACHETE') even if the critics don't(besides usually critics hate good movies anyway, I don't know why movie will have made billions but get lousy NON paid reviews.

So okay monday blog is up and out the way, like any other blogger interaction helps so a little feed back, another fine link to "delete this site", hell a quit blogging you suck would be nice every once in a while(what I love trolls as much as the next guy I'm the site administrator I can abuse you then bounce you) I hope every one had a great weekend and is having a good monday(yeah like any monday is a good monday you USUALLY have to go back to work which SUCKS)

You can't win them all

On a week when our two starting corners were down, 1 turnover was enough to do us in. They played a hell of a game, we played a hell of a game, we dropped too many wide open passes again and this week it hurt us last week we overcame it but this week Chicago made us pay. Now some say this is a "good loss" it will bring players back into the fold who maybe were being too nonchalant with how they were playing.Yeah maybe, it's possible but I'd rather have the victory and the game tape of the mistakes then the loss.

Oh as for that new "we don't want to do our jobs so we're gonna make it up call" at the end of the game, hey it doesn't matter if it was the game of the week the refs in the NFL this year are something else. Erratic and inconsistent calls, rules pulled out of thin air, if I didn't know better I would think that it was another "storyline" year.

For a second year player the fact that Jeremy Maclin is almost at 10 touchdowns is amazing and the fact that both he and Desean Jackson could BOTH hit 1000 yards this year is amazing considering how long we went without a single 1000 yard receiver. we just have to start making those catches in the open field we lost by 5 points, yes part of it was a late score and we needed an onside kick to hopefully win the game at the end, but hell we scored a quick 13 points so we COULD have gotten the last 5 too. I'll take 14 Td's and one int for mike vick for the season, as I said in the previous blog when a ball pops in the air anything goes, we didn't get a single turnover this game so now you see how important turnovers are in a football game, you always need to manufacture possessions.

Next week is Houston we have the texans on a Thursday night game(it is nice to see my eagles for long stretches on TV during the year now that I am out of Philadelphia's coverage area.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The game of the week

When I heard this billed as the game of the week last week, I was like meh marketing whoopdee how you gonna call a game of the week before a down is played. But it seems to be living up to the billing.

Damn first int by Vick its been a see saw back and for battle both offenses came to play and the defenses ain far behind. Tipped passes happen, nothing you can do about that when they get popped up. So I'm mad we are down by 8 instead of up by 6 but its only one half. We seem to have made the right adjustments on the oline, just gotta change cleats and get the D in better position.

Hopefully we can hold chicago's offense in the second. But this was a great first half for both teams no injury hard hitting play some flags were missing but it wasn't terrible so first half in the books we are down but not out, and save one turnover and we have the lead at the half.

Putting this in the books so I can watch the second half

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretty laid back saturday

Really not doing much of anything right now, I had to make a few deliveries a site that I was supposed to be putting some finishing touches on got postponed so as of right now I'm pretty much just sitting back relaxing. Need to eat something though my stomach is growling.

Nothing really on my mind right now which is kind of a good thing. Yes I have my new wordpress blog which I doubt even with me deciding that I was gonna put an "X" rating on it that I will be over there much it will take me a minute to get in that frame of mind. I mean possibly dirty thoughts and topics might get more interaction then I get here but hey, life is life play the cards you're dealt and get ready for the next hand.

If I find something at the theater that I really want to watch I may head that way tonight since I have longer distance transportation, but I doubt it one movie a week is usually more than enough for me. Still have that Black ops blog sitting in draft status and I haven't added a word to it MAYBE I'll try to flesh that out today, part of the problem is black ops, as I get ready to start typing about it now that I'm at lvl 46 or 67(I don't remember I just hit it the other day, or was it last night) I'm running around shooting people. I do need to be a little more disciplined and finish that blog since I did say I was gonna do it, but lets be real as a gamer would you prefer to TYPE about a game or PLAY it. Right it's not my JO it's just something I wanted to do so I want to shoot some of you in the head(foot, arm, or balls) more.

Hope everybody is having a great Post Thanksgiving weekend, for those who it's just another day in the neighborhood for hell I just hope you're having a great weekend. I might post later but til then lunch then more black ops

Friday, November 26, 2010

Me..Being Anonymous: If If Was a Fifth...

Me..Being Anonymous: If If Was a Fifth...

This is my girl (as in friend not lover, cut buddy, or anything else grr damn rules) Tracy's blog her check her out and show her love. I have the rules on profanity she doesn't so if you have virgin eyes or thin skin stay back she may be too much for ya

You know the one bad thing about wednsday premiers?

I have no clue what I'm gonna do tonight. Friday is usually movie night for me, so with this weeks movie already taken care of what shall I do(well we have an extra vehicle so maybe I will FINALLY get to check out some older flicks that I missed out on "RED").

I've never been a big shopper so no I'm not out engaging in black friday consumerism, not for any "high minded" reason just because I don't have any real need to go shopping. I don't have the discretionary cash right now to spend so why waste my time window shopping. I have nothing against window shopping but why do it on the shopaholics palm sunday. Folks are out there with spiked hammers, battle axes and full on plate armor out there, if you ain serious about a need to get something from the store today stay home.

Yes part of the issue is me working, but I COULD if I felt froggy hit a store, I just ain gone do it. If I feel I need something late tonight or tomorrow I will go but you super consumers can be my guest, I like life.

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My problem with the ending of "Skyline"

I said I would do this after a couple of weeks It's been 2 fridays(almost, it's been two movie openings Harry Potter and Faster) so lets get to it.

My problem with skyline is simple:the human race all dies except for 1 female(I guess), really the "hero" gets stuck into an alien body in "stills" you see the hero in his new alien body put the SMACKDOWN on a few alien creatures and run away with the girl. Umm really you've just shown basically a desolate planet earth, and we don't even know if her baby is gonna make it. how is she not only gonna survive 9 months on her own (even if dude is there in his alien body to protect her) but you know RUN THE WORLD. I mean think about it:

Everybody else is gone, bodies piled along the floors of alien ships. So there will be no power, or if there is some power still on the first time it breaks down, does she know how to fix it? Is it something she can fix on her own? How is she gonna grow her own food? I mean ladies and gentleman it's not like we are this Renaissance society a bunch of well rounded men and women nope we basically have folks who grow the food, folks who fix our infrastructure, folks who push paper, and people who do various other things and RARELY do our jobs intertwine past using what someone else provides for us.

I mean I thought MAYBE an ID4 would happen we escape to some underground bunker, you figure out how and why Jarrod is how he is you regroup, come back and kick alien butt. Nope the human race is gone pimpin, and the aliens they don't waste time they blow up your skull and use the brain to stick into a new "hive mind" friendly body. Due to multiple "broken" exposures Jarrod was the only human who still had a mind of his own. Oh wait before I forget yeah the aliens do this thing wear they get the brain perfectly away from the skull and use it to power the big uglies, flying uglies, whatever ugly is in front of you right now is powered by a brain, and if you kill that brain it will just take another one, yeah absorb that.

Now if him escaping is supposed to set up a sequel okay um HIS SKULL WAS DESTROYED. it's one big alien ugly versus however large the armada was, and it's not like he can get his body back so um whats the point of showing "alien jarrod" getting away? This ain like Avatar where at the end dude changes body and now has working legs again. There is a future and a sequel on Pandora(I mean potential sequel but come on as much dough as it made it's getting a sequel probably two sequels) how will humanity come back now that they have been kicked off world, possibly is there a way for a truce to be made(you blew up a sacred tree I'd say no, but I mean you could try it). Again the end of the movie was main character opening his eyes in his new body the end. He's alive though, and there are others like him that he can start to rebuild his new home world with. But in skyline um dude if this was to keep them from trying to force you or write a sequel with or without you it's Hollywood if a movie makes money they will figure out the sequel.

So yeah bad ending, thats what I didn't like you kill the hero and don't really leave much hope for the partner/sidekick/love interest going forward. I mean what is she supposed to repopulate the planet all by her lonesome? yeah poor planning


This isn't a heroic story, this isn't a movie about redemption or even ascension. This movie is about death, all who wronged this walking wraith have death coming down the highway at them. Driver isn't trying to be saved, he isn't trying to be forgiven. He doesn't want to hear your tearful begging for your life.

He wants you to die, quickly. .38 justice is coming your way and if you haven't made your peace with whatever you pray to, he doesn't give a damn. From the moment the story opens you kind of realize a pent up cat is about to be released, the way he drones the warden out as the warden tries to convince him basically not to do what he can see in his eyes. His only question after the wardens impassioned speech: "Where's the exit".

And when he steps out of the jail is anybody waiting for him, no

Is his ride late, uh uh

He's got a nice long hike in the desert sun to get to a junk yard, with a black and white old school chevelle in it, with a note and a 38 waiting for him. You don't know why the first man dies but those parts of the story are filled in by flashbacks. What you do know, there were no words exchanged. And the men who died all deserved it, while it may look random now (since this revenge was 10 years in the making) these men all have an interconnected history dating back to one fateful day.  As one character says "we make our own hell in our lives".

Yes these men all share one day in the past. Lives were lost, destiny was set in motion and the bill has come due. Now one of the men with this outstanding balance they kind of feel a little antsy so they hire Killer to head driver off before he gets down to the end of their list. Killer is an interesting character he is driven by issues from his past to do what he does, it's kind of impulsive he appears to be good at what he does but is he really ready to stop driver in his tracks.

If you have death of course you have to have police or in this case Cop, he's a few weeks from retirement and a complete screw up. He is basically circling the bowl and trying to do right by his ex wife and kid. And here comes this case, a bunch of random people popping up dead no theft, no arguments just dead people. The deeper you get into the movie there is a lagging question that keeps coming up: How did they all happen to meet together on that fateful day, what unfortunate soul is Driver looking for to finally bring all debts current. 2 of those on "the list" have been expecting this day for a long time, when you give birth to a demon he always comes home, 2 I guess never gave a thought to it and one of course called Killer.

So hop in the chevelle, buckle up, and hold on tight because it's time to go Faster

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I would love to lie and say I am in a really festive mood, I'm not. A little rain is sitting on my parade today not for this holiday but for the next couple, so no I'm not real cheery. But I hope everyone is having a great day and is enjoying themselves.

For those who wish to take advantage of black friday deals enjoy for those observing save ya dollars day I commend you, I have my own opinions on single day boycotts but hey you are doing something you believe in so do you.

Happy Holidays

The trailers of "Faster"

Martin Lawrence is back in another "let's throw a comedy star in a fat suit movie" reprising the role he's played twice before. This time dragging Brandon T. Jackson along(percy jackson, tropic thunder). Brandon is Martin's son in this movie he witnesses a murder and is forced to wear a fat suit and attend an all girls school in an attempt to hide from the thugs.

I'll probably watch this one when it comes out on cable like I did Norbit, THOUGH I have yet to watch a single previous Big mama's house all the way before. I mean it was him and I believe Nia long in the first one and I STILL didn't watch it even though I like them both. And since the first one didn't keep my attention the second one came and went without registering.

I know its fun to make fun of fat people and with my extra pounds I make fun of myself and other hefty people. But just like race jokes I have a rule:the jokes must be funny. Now maybe part of the reason why I don't get the Big Mama jokes is because I never had a grandmother, so I can't appreciate the humor in something I longed for but never had. Grandfather movies though I got you, hell give granddad from boon docks a mustache and he kinda looks like my grand father. My Pop Pop was cooler though(I'm just sayin) and my dad's father too

Unknown space movie

Okay this one Looked Awesome, but as you see what I called it that's their one major mistake.

What is it? 

You had mist, you had smoke, you had guns blazing, you MAY have had some robots walking around, it was a quick cut away. I definitely saw what appeared to be space ships flying through the air. Its coming out in 2011, I just don't know what its called. For real I kept saying cool ID4 2 in my mind while watching it, but NOPE no title unless I blinked. I shouldn't call it a space movie actually its "Unknown Earth Invasion" movie. But for real WTF, you wanna create a buzz leave me a link, a name something.

The Rite

Anthony Hopkins in some exorcism movie. Starts off with some fade outs to some white writing, pictures of churches, cathedral music playing. But really ANOTHER exorcism movie? Could it be cool sure, it looks like they are going to go on this whole demonic conspiracy trek, but that's like 2 a year for the last 3 years now ain it.

I mean yeah you could make a Robot Fight movie argument but Iron Man ain Transformers ain GI Joe ain Avatar ain Iron Man 2. Yes more than one dull or shiny metallic butt has danced across our movie screens but its like Bond and Jason bourne yes they can put the smack down on you and are good with a gun but the difference in accents is just the start of the divergences.

Yes the trailer had enough jump in your seat scenes in it to possibly justify bringing a date so that you could play her big, strong, brave, fearless hero but I'm gonna have to see more than just the basic "cookie cutter young possessed girl bending her body at odd angles and throwin up strange unexpected objects" in this trailer she threw up spikes. I guess to signify disdain for Jesus' crucifixion. Possible date movie.

The mechanic
Jason Statham in a car movie, nuff said(yeah yeah, marvel blasphemy but in this cause the term fits). Okay its not really a car movie per se:

Jason Statham plays a "mechanic" which in this movie is code for hitman. He's the best he is at what he does and works for some "mysterious company" possibly CIA or some other letter agency but not expressed in the trailer. It opens with Statham talking to Donald Sutherland about him taking Sutherlands wayward disappointing son under his wing.

Not long after that conversation Sutherland the mentor is killed by the company. And as was foreshadowed by the titles popping up, its just business UNTIL its personal. So basically the bad guys are about to get FUBAR because now Sutherlands wayward son and Statham are coming to kick booty. Big explosions, stuff done with cars like its a ballet, guns, bullets basically all the reasons you go to see a Jason Statham movie thus NUFF SAID.

Okay at the house time to edit and call the wife

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I just found out that "the mechanic" is a remake of an old Charles Bronson film, hmmm does this mean Statham might remake a few more Bronson classics?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On a quest to get "Faster"

Yeah yeah, I may(but doubt) change that title later for now I'm walking to the theater to go watch "Faster" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Now I'm going to try something new for this blog I'm gonna type to my little hearts content get to the theater and HOPEFULLY take a photo of another one of Memphis Tn's local dieing malls. Now I've never been in Raleigh Springs mall proper, just into the movie theater and usually for the last or second to last showing.

My mall of choice for most of my time in Memphis was the now MOSTLY defunct Hickory Ridge mall. For most of my time in Memphis it was the mall right down the street now yes I had been to the Mall of Memphis before it shut down(and was then knocked down) but for the majority of my original 6 year stint I was at hickory ridge with brief junkets to WolfChase Galleria(though the only Gal anything mall with a hug place in my heart is the Gallery in Philly).

Call it my "Harbinger of a Declining Economy" but as the entire premise(to my understanding) behind a mall was: enclosed, weather proof, one stop shopping and close proximity for the convenience of consumers with concrete ideas of what they were looking for AND extra discretionary funds in case something shiny caught their eye. Now while walmart may have cheaper pricing on SOME items, some things only helped you if you were a cookie cutter consumer(at first I admit walmart steadily improved itself in the minds and hearts of consumers) so certain things the mall still had them beat on:shoe selection, plus size clothing, electronics selection, tools, automotive, toys, books, etc. Wally world was working its way UP to being your true one stop shop but they weren't quite there yet.

Even in 05 before I left to go to Atlanta the super walmart had just opened down the street so walmarts dominance of my area had not yet begun. After a while though being a second shifter (past 5pm til 1 am or later 3rd shift usually starts after 10 or 11 pm)

Okay at the theater movie about to start about to silence my phone and record the trailers on faster for my walk back. See ya in 2 hours

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Holiday Travel reminder

Hey everybody as I just saw another wreck please slow it down and pay attention. I understand how it feels not to be near the one(s) you love(hell wish I could get on the road tonight) but storming through while everyone else is on edge trying to rush is a recipe for accidents and unnecessary pain.

I've been there, and trust me rental places ain got no sympathy on you. If you need to rent a car and have to go home those rates will be a back breaker. Your vacation means nothing to them, you need wheels and you gotta pay them, that's all they know. (And I say this while riding with my speed demon cousin and knowing how infamous I was from Jeruz to DE speed limit pfft starting point ;) )

So yeah everybody have a great thanksgiving and arrive safely. I hope moms, grandmoms, auntie, whoevers cooking remembers your favorite dish and your favorite dessert and that you get some before its all gone. Send ya boy a plate and if you got sweet potato, lemon meringue, Pecan, or some banging chocolate pie Holla at ya boy.

I'll see if I can get my wife to send me some photos of her, her mom and her sisters.

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I'm sleepy as hell right now. I slept last night but I guess I slept wrong or just didn't really rest because I'm still tired, not "I'm a gremlin I hate daylight" tired but I haven't slept in X amount of days tired(and I've been there and done that. A few times for work, a few times goofing off).

Welp I just got hit by "smelling salts" so the tiredness is gone. Yup I need a vacation, to hell with nobodies business I'm telling the world I need a vacation. I need to go enjoy some Georgia thickness and Carolina hospitality. I wasn't in any mood before but now I'm annoyed.

As "personable" as I keep my blog I really don't "spill" so while I won't give the reason for the trip I'm glad my wife arrived at her destination safely(I may add a picture of her later). She may be planning to do a much faster turn around than I would like but if I want to be all preachy and concerned I should be there to give her another option right, right. I ain so I can just stick that in my pipe and smoke it.

Another around the M-town day I guess, I'm supposedly going to be dropped of with cuz so we'll see how my day shakes out

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I thought we already did the Dr. Strangelove thing

I mean isn't that image burned into all of our minds if nothing else dude riding the missile off into the sunset before it explodes(I have actually never seen the whole movie but I know every time I hear about stupidity in the nuclear age I see that picture in my mind) and it had the subtitle of "When I learned to stop worrying and to love the bomb". I don't love the bomb, hell not only that but I just spent a good 20+ years of my life hearing about how we had to beat back the red menace, and keep a handle on Russian Nukes.

So what do I hear on the news since the election: Senator John Kyl of Arizona is blocking the new S.T.A.R.T treaty. To quote a popular twitter phrase "Where they do that at", these are the russians you know the guys back in 2008 we had to hear about Putin, the KGB in his eyes and how we had to be tough on him. I'm wondering if that good old adage of "do as we say not as we do" needs to start being floated around, actually it's "neither do as we say or as we do". I'm sorry maybe I don't see the big picture but as an American first(I may have dash status but I was still born here) and a democrat second as long as the plan is solid stopping an enemy OR preventing cheating or "loose"(lets be real they aren't loose they are missing) nukes is a good deal all around.

I mean I don't want to test the Nuclear Winter theory, I don't want to see if there really is a John Connors out there who can save us from the machines(or our own stupidity for short term political gain), how many times do we have to see, hear about and read this story. When you get too drunk with power you allow your enemy to overtake you from without. I know conservatives are the masters of the Pyrrhic Victory but damn, exactly what do you have to gain but going on overdrive to destroy the country? Did you forget you only had 1 house of congress and that there is still a president and a senate. Hell if we can get an up and down vote even if it's 50-50 we hold the white house let us go ahead and have Biden put us over the top.

I mean I didn't forget the Clinton years so I guess Obama better be honest about his damn Golf Score and make sure he has his toes behind the 3 point line. He better be ready to not only produce his birth certificate but show that he didn't have gay sex with that dude he was high and SURE he had sex with Obama back in the day. I know that the whole Impeachment Proceedings were tainted last time because they impeached Clinton over a blow job(I don't care what you say a man not wanting to talk about his infidelity towards his wife ain new in Washington, if you aren't going home every other week and you have young attractive MALE or FEMALE staffers and don't have a HIGH air plane ticket bill you stickin SOMETHING local), making it seem like the FORMERLY dire and solemn duty of the congress to police the executive could be used to basically just drag a political opponent through the mud.

Really I mean that's what people elected to office, a bunch of folks who want to really live out the Jerry Springer show in DC. Is it because in your Brewster's Millions future you just know if you punish the "liberals" when you get you comeuppance your life will be all milk and honey and you want have to pay a dime for money YOU didn't personally work to own but will hopefully be given.  What happened to all that talk about boot strapping and pulling yourself up and working hard for your own success, oh wait that was just towards everybody else.

I'm sorry but while MAD is supposed to be this BIG deterrent and you know I'm gonna die, your gonna die it's a tie/stalemate/we're all screwed HELLO it probably has nothing to do with me, it's a diplomatic pissing contest in which 9 times outta 10 if it was a regular person on the street somebody would have gotten their butt whipped and we could have called it a day and got some damn drinks. Again the idiots who push the button yes they are gonna die, but they are gonna take the rest of us with them. How is that you know SMART? You don't like somebody else's politics so you see this "Big Evil" over on the other side of the world that you SWEAR it is in our best interest as a country to keep our eyes on and not give them an inch and you just wanna leave the damn door open and say "Clean up when you're done, I'd watch you but *snap* I just remembered this 2 for 1 sale at the local mega mart" O rly? 0_o Hell anybody who played call of duty Modern Warfare 2 there was a nuke in you could get 25 kills in a row and if you were on the losing team but you could rack up those 25 kills in a losing effort, guess what you could blow everybody to kingdom come and get a medal for basically stopping the bleeding. In Black Ops you just gotta take it, I've administered so 4000 point butt whoopins, I've had to take a few too where you just couldn't get your bullets on somebody's behind(or you semtex arrow, damn I need to finish that other Black ops blog). You die, they die game is over and whoever had the most kills when the bomb dropped TECHNICALLY gets the win, but guess what WE ALL DIE. I personally REALLY don't want to see the real life version of that, I haven't ever wanted to see the real life version of some of the "never gonna happen" scenarios that have happened in both recent and distant history.

Now yeah I could link the hell out of this and get a whole bunch of data to support you know "Why NOT to play around with a nuclear arms reduction treaty" but if I really gotta go into that much detail to get you to understand NUCLEAR WEAPONS are a bad thing, is there really anything we COULD talk about. I don't want to glow in the dark, I don't want the sperm I shot on my last masturbating session to glow in the dark, not my brothers or mothers dog, not little Timmy's fish, not Suzies cat, Not Lenny's frog, Not Randy's ferret NOTHING should glow in the dark unless it's a damn glow in the dark shrinky dink(brings back memories right, yeah yeah I'm old


They still make SHRINKY DINKS, I'm talking little pieces of whatever fabric that is cook them in the oven SHRINKY DINKS, nah I ain sleep, this ain bizarro world and no I can't fly Okay, wow man shrinky dinks I thought those things would have been dead in the Digital Age.

but yeah I don't want to glow in the dark. I mean why can't they move on to the next thing, where's our plasma powered weapons and engines at, where's my dilithium crystals at. Why aren't we trying to hit WARP 9 Mr. Sulu, where are my Photon Torpedoes and our Phasers set to "stun"(set yours to stun all you want me and Eddie Griffin are of like minds, if you're the last alien and you acting all hostile your species is now extinct). I know there is a lot of money to be made sitting in the now(because you know we have already figured out how to do this, so even though I might make LOADS more money doing something new up front I'm lazy, I don't want to have to pay for it) I'm not some clueless ideologue I just know that just like I prefer my tiny blackberry as compared to that HUGE mobile phone with the attached shoulder bag, or my flat screen TV, Flat screen monitor with my computer 250 GB hard drive(Which is small if I'm willing to shell out the bucks I can get a 4 TB, just saying ain technology grand).

It is time to move on people, lets get this treaty done and fine new and more EFFECTIVE ways to lay each other out. Sad ain it, but at least THAT might peak some interests peace, nah peace isn't a good incentive not enough MONEY in peace for some

Been playing gopher for most of the day

And I was working on a blog about Smallville(which I'll add the links to later) thus why this blog is being kicked out so late. It was a pretty ho hum night, shot a few people, watched some anime, watched some porn, washed my clothes and hit the sack.

Mundanity in my life looks like that, yes I usually get dropped into hilarious situations due to my current occupation, as well as hit some off the wall locales but when its boring its boring. I tend to see some of the weirdest things and here some of the lamest excuses. It seems in these hard times not only are more people resorting to larcenous acts(if it ain a word it is now keep up) but senseless violence is also up. A guy begging for money got shot in the back at a site I'm banned from.

I'm banned from a site? Yup, why no clue don't ask me what dude thinks I said or did to him, but I don't give a damn if you're not man enough to speak to me when there is a potential misunderstanding I don't have time for your petulant outbursts. Banning me from your store is usually a bad idea as I'm the tech, there are only 2 of us. And 95% of the time if it all goes south at your store I'm the one who does the incident CD's.

Now as I know who I am at work(as long as you don't try to act like I'm dumb or piss on me and try to pretend its raining) thus my professionalism in MOST CASES is undeniable. Especially between me and him, I've never said a sideways word to him. I guess he thought he heard, he said/she said, who knows what and I don't care. You wanna wait wait, that is fully your right and choice but don't get mad when you are low man on the Totem pole.

I have no clue how the rest of this day is gonna play out and as thanksgiving is in two days I seriously need burn calories before I stuff my face. I hope everyone has a great holiday and that your loved ones arrive safely to good food and better memories

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Smallville 10th season Final villain

I missed the season opener so I didn't see how it all began with the season premier but I now know the climax:Darkseid(lol damn near said Apocalypse but that's marvel, their damn near the same character though). In "Abandoned" Granny Goodness and "her girls" showed up(no Barda though so that kinda sucked. They did have Lash and the Knife girl though).

They have also shown that Superman(not yet in name and no flapping cape yet but damn near) is not immune to his abilities. Superman and Darkseid always have knock down, drag out battles. Darkseid is the iron fisted God of(I'll look it up later, I think the planet is called Apocalypse in DC, nope its Apokolips just looked it up) and with his servants he often rains pain onto earths heroes.

Its the last season, who knows how many episodes left so I doubt they will get into as much depth with the characters as they could have if they decided to say go for 3 more seasons. I just finished the "Patriot" episode and saw them "create" Deathstroke(as I mentioned in the previous blog the character upon which Marvel Fan Favorite DeadPool was based) though from what they showed he looked more like cartoon networks Slade more than the classic comic book costume but you only get to see the riveted in eye patch on his left eye, and his shoulders. Of course since Smallville tends to use darker colored costumes so the deep/burnt orange and black leather probably works better than the spandex black and red.

So yeah as far as villains are concerned they have done damn near everyone one:Zod, MXYZPTLK, Brainiac, Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Doomsday and I think they also did a few magical enemies as well. They've introduced a bunch of heroes Zatana, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Impulse(not yet the Flash), Cyborg, Supergirl, Jonn Jonz(martian manhunter), Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and a few low level heroes. We've seen Jimmy Olsen, Lana Lang, Perry White, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor, Tess Mercer(I don't know if Tess is supposed to be Lex's assistant/personal Bodyguard Mercy from the cartoon series). Over the course of the series though they have done a pretty good job of making sure any and all characters introduced not only fit in the storyline but for the most part made sense. A few looked a little out of sorts outta costume and the "wonder twins" were just a waste. If you are gonna use two characters EVERYBODY KNOWS just use them and don't worry about the silliness of their powers and who they are.

I like the way they are winding it down though can't wait to see how long before the Red and Blue is finally being Worn by Tom Welling.

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I'm going to give them a pass on the wonder twins(if you ever wonder why there is writing BELOW the sent via it's because I'm adding something I learned later not doing the original typing of the blog. I don't count spelling checks I admit I need to do in the blog or link addage to the blog as "new content") in like season 4 or 5 there were two bald headed mutated twins who 1 of the on screen baddies called "The Wonder twins" and like the ACTUAL wonder twins they had to touch together for their powers to work. But it seems Zan and Jayna the way I expected to see them made an appearance in season 9(I have to go catch up on my box sets) so again they get a pass on Zan and Jayna until I see the Wonder Twins as claimed to BE the Wonder Twins

Monday, November 22, 2010

Its monday *grumble* pass the grande, nonfat, 2 hit, blah blah blah

Okay I'm teasing I'm not a coffee person so I really have NO CLUE how that order really foes. I'm a Tea or Hot chocolate kinda guy, coffee is just too bitter for me and always has been.

Two prime time games in a row, against dividion opponents and we kicked butt. 3 great QB's in a row and we still come out on top(Donovan Mcnabb is a great QB, he doesn't get his due because for some even though he had inferior recievers for MOST of his career no superbowl no respect) our defense bent, didn't break and we played some damn good exciting football.

I have no clue how today is going to go, I'm thinking of going to see "Faster" with Dwayne Johnson. Baby Bro has been going in on The Rock because of:"The Gameplan"(the green Leotard hurt his soul), "The Toothfairy"(yeah a "freakishly large" human being in a TuTu is a NO NO) and "Race to Witch Mountain"(I guess he didn't like the original) but I'm gonna say one thing on that YOU CAN'T BEAT DISNEY MONEY $$$ cha ching.

I'm saying when's the last time you hurt Kurt Russel having money problems, Jodey Foster, or Julie Andrews(Mary Poppins)? Exactly Disney money never runs out(which is a good thing for Marvel Comics, please get the DeadPool movie right).

Speaking of DeadPool the character who was the inspiration for the merc with the mouth Slade Wilson was on Smallville Friday so I can't wait to watch the episode online tomorrow. Yes I am a Smallville fan it now has to rank as the best superhero TV show it has outlasted "The Flash", "Heroes", that mutant show on fox, "birds of prey", "The Mantis", "The Incredible Hulk", "Spiderman", "Doctor Strange" and I believe the original Adam West and Burt Ward Batman Series(of course I will have to check on that and will adjust this comment accordingly). Now some have mentioned they don't like it because the "symbolism" is off. Every Superhero has a trademark(or 3) spiderman has the Red spider, the mask with the white eyes and black outline, the webs; Batman has the bat, the cape and cowl, the batarangs(which are usually bat shaped but are still seperate items). Superman has the Spit curl(which you know Tom Welling has yet to sport), the blue and red tights, the red and yellow "S" on his chest, red and yellow cape. And as I have mentioned before I felt it was short sighted for the creators to say in the first season you wouldn't see Tom Welling running around in Blue and Red tights.

Um Hello! Sooner or later IF the show is a success and goes on for more than say 4 seasons(Smallville starts With Clark Kent in high school) he is going to BE the hero. And I know how comic fans could be, the statement was made I'm sure to make it seem like it wasn't going to be a cheap costume show where it was all about drawing in comic fans seeing the symbols while not paying attention to the story. Thing is sooner or later he has to fly and he has to become superman. Now they have cheated Clark Kent as "the Blur" is running around in the Black and Silver Kryptonian costume from right after the "Death of Superman" , but it wasn't red and blue tights.

Anyway back to slade wilson he was on the show friday, supposedly Slade Wilson is a character named Death Stroke(again will be checking this, I mean I could just tweet Rob Liefeld, DeadPool's creator he is awesome and responds to you most of the time, but I can just google it) I forget how he starts out but I think their origins are similar so I can't wait to see how he translated.

I haven't caught the new Bleach episode, or the latest Naruto Shippuuden(Hurricane Chronicles) so I need to catch up on that today. I might go ahead and pick up another anime, I just have to find some place that has all the episodes and can play them without any hiccups. You have any suggestions feel free to leave them.
Aiight bedding this one I hope everyone has a great monday

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Hey you find out something new everyday Slade from the Teen Titans (successful Teen Titans I should say) Cartoon network show was actually DEATHSTROKE I guess the name DeathStroke was a little strong for a kiddie show so they just called him slade, hell I didn't even think to place the costume.

And after a back and forth battle in South Philly

The Eagles are now in sole possesion of first place in the NFC East and all I can say is WOW. If you would have told me over the summer that we would:
1. Trade Donovan Mcnabb 
2. Still have a winning season through week 10 and 
3. Be tops in the division

Could I tell you I would still be on the ground right now laughing at you, belly laughs with tears in my eyes because that would be asking too much. I mean yeah for the better part of the last decade, it was a given but that was with Donovan at quarter back and with all the flack he gets let's be real here Donovan Mcnabb knows how to win football games, now yes Mike Vick knows how to win football games too Donovan has just had more success for a longer stretch of time.

And this game had me on the edge of my seat, if you were to tell me that we would drop 4 pretty much guaranteed TD passes, give up 14 straight points and the lead as well as get a field goal blocked and we would still win. Man I wouldn't believe you, but they pulled it out. As I said in the post I made at half time those two missed touchdown catches hurt and then the third drop by Maclin this was wacky world tonight. Jackson, Avant, and Maclin all dropped or missed passes that they are usually money on, nobody could have foreseen that and we still get a win. I can tell you one thing I know whats gonna be the focus in practice this week lol.

And our DEFENSE was awesome yes they gave up two TDs late one of them was after a penalty and the other after a turnover deep on our side of the field but they got five take aways and only turned the ball over once. Huh what do you mean the defense only turned the ball over once? Our second give away was on a Fumble by Asante Samuel after he had intercepted a pass by Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw got his helmet on the ball just before Asanted was touched down. We got the ball back a few plays later but man was that a wacky game.

So Philadelphia Eagles, Number 1 in the NFC East for now next week Chicago

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday night football

Man this week we are outta sync. Desean Jackson misses two catches that would have been definite TD's, then Avant misses a wide open TD. Man its a 10 point lead but I would prefer the 18 point lead, or a 14 point lead. The more points you have the less you have to worry about later on in the game. I mean we are moving the ball at will against the giants defense and with 2 turnovers NOOOOOOO a blocked kick.

Okay this game is turning wild, we should be up by about 25 points right now, this is a game of dropped passes and Missed opportunities, at least we get the ball to start the second half. But this game is starting to worry me we are starting to play sloppy and we aren't finishing plays. But a lead is still a lead and I hope we can hold on to it.

Aiight so half time is almost over I'm bedding this and getting ready to watch the second half
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The end is nigh Mr. Potter

For those like me who have followed Ms. Rowling's tale of young Harry James Potter from young scrawny unsure little boy to the final book where he is a young man while not fully sure of himself he is sure of his task in life. The books have brought us all into a rich world of magic, muggles, and that which resides between the cracks.  I have always loved how should would explain away how a world of such power and majesty has been able to hide in plain sight, especially in a place as self contained as Great Britain you would think that a school of magic people would trip over that every other day. And yet she brought such rich visuals, amazing expanse and intimate detail to this magical world, which is probably why I was so mad at so many of the movies.

Lucky I had not been doing this blog nor these reviews as long as the Harry Potter series of movies had been out. Because movies 4 & 5 would have gotten hammered. I did not like how it seemed that the directors were taking short cuts with the story just to fit it into an artificial time frame of how long people who had sat down and read the books all the way through and had been such obvious fans that they already knew the fan base to which they could expect to sell tickets and yet would not sit down to watch a long movie about characters for which they felt so deeply.

I would like to say that the Deathly Hallows does not make this mistake. Maybe it was because hey this is the last movie and we won't be able to feed off this money train much longer, maybe it's because of the travesties that have been released earlier in the last two years which basically were lampooned for ruining well known characters with HACK directing. But they decided for the deathly hallows to make a two part movie, and part one was MAGNIFIQUE.

Now yes they did add and take away some parts(as the whole Bill and Fluer meeting was ignored in the half blood prince as well as the fight that ended up with Bill being scratched by Fenrir Greyback the werewolf who had also gotten Lupin) to try and catch up to all of the story lines that were shredded in the past because "it didn't fit directorial vision". But I like the way they did it, for the most part it is true enough to the book that I could follow mentally where something fell in the book, and what they added in didn't cause a hiccup to a story that was already well paced. Kreacher, Dobby, and Griphook all make their triumphant(okay maybe not triumphant for griphook as this is just part 1.) returns and you start to see how a newbie to the wizarding world sees things. Harry not growing up solely amongst wizards does not understand how "magical creatures and non human magical folk"  should be viewed because it is all new to him and thus to him all to be respected. While they didn't show Mad Eye dieing (they just described it in the book) they gave it the correct weight, like the man who had sank thousands of dark wizards, whom most would have probably considered the best fighter amongst them was gone.

As this was the movie audiences first introduction to Mundungus Fletcher I would like to say I love the casting job. He may not have been as thin as described in the books but he definitely portrayed that shady, keep an eye on your wand and wallet look that had been described since The order of the Phoenix. I also like how they portrayed the frenetic and harried way that Ron, Harry and Hermione had to fight now that the wizarding world was once again in the throws of Voldemort's terror. Like most people even the best of wizards shy in the face of what is thought to be ultimate evil. So the fact that people kind of stood to the side and no one got in the way now that the natural order seemed to be twisted around.  I loved the scene with Dolores Umbridge, maybe you aren't supposed to take revenge but that "stupefy" was well earned.

I also like the kind of "Nightmare before Christmas" way they told the tale of the Deathly Hallows, the three brothers who had made the deal with death. Now being that I read the book I already know the FULL tale of the deathly hallows, as well as whom each item belonged too and the irony of when Harry puts the three parts together. The foreshadowing is great though, An unbeatable wand, A rock that can bring back the dead, and A cloak that can even hide from Death itself. I also like that they preserved the entire meaning of that moment in the story showing exactly what Voldemort's ways would lead people to do, even people who were admirers of Harry Potter and who STAUNCHLY supported him even in his darkest days.

I mean honestly while a lot of the previous movies threw in all of the explosions and the bangs they kind of forgot the STORY, yes you can nicely visualize what it is Ms. Rowling's wrote and have a nice CGI budget but if your translation of the story sucks, so does the movie. Unless in your translation of the movie that which you add better enhances said story(say like Percy Jackson the Lightning thief where Percy's final blow was dealt with a trident made from water he called to his hand instead of his pen sword. That I liked) or else is an understandable we can't do this but we will allude to it as best we can. As a friend reminded me not everyone enjoyed the books so yes in the movie you kind of have to pick what you are going to force people to wrap their minds around. I mean come on I know it's "magic" but how is a house just going to appear out of nowhere? How is somebody going to be standing right there INCHES from your face and yet not see you just because you cast a spell(and of course it shows that while outstandingly prepared even Hermione Granger doesn't think of EVERYTHING). Being the last it was also the heaviest of all the Harry Potter books, yes there has been loss before AND there has been great pain, but in this book Harry Potter is fully broken down and shown just how important it is he know his responsibility as the Hero and not just the accolades and the acknowledgments. In the first half of the book HP7 fully broke Harry down, for a time harry was starting to become overly confident and outrageously upbeat for what was to be his final battle with Voldemort, the first one with no Dumbledore at his back to give him a steadying hand.

I love how they treated the necklace that we discover had been in their possession all along, that was pretty much exactly how it was in the book and I appreciate that they didn't touch it at all. The Nagini fight was better than I had imagined it when I read the book so that was a definite bonus. I loved this movie I actually hated Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the theater there were so many things that they just pissed on for no other reason then "well I'm the director and this is how I see it". The fact that this director stuck so closely to a story that didn't need his help was wonderful.

Go see it I mean my wife was mad that it was a part one and not the full story but even she liked it. And when it is sci-fi/mystical usually she is only there because I want to go with my Grown behind not because she wants to see it this was the second time she went to a sci fi movie of her own wanting.

My plans for the day

It's Sunday(I have the date tucked away up top so I'm not gonna post the date in blog) I was planning to watch football, do the Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows blog, and play black ops but it seems we have the night game so I guess I'll play black ops and do the potter blog first. No biggie at least I know I will be able to watch the game since it's sunday night football and as it's for the division lead it's a pleasant surprise from where I expected us to be.

Not to poach from the potter review but I liked the movie, I appreciate that they are FINALLY giving the story the time it needs to properly develop. A lot of the previous LONGER Potter books kind of got truncated in hopes of fitting the "directors vision" and supposedly fitting in to the audiences attention span. People have watched long movies before, if they like the subject matter and how you treated it they will sit their butts down and watch the movie. Hollywood needs to remember this, we watch long presentations all the time, the important thing is to keep up entertained. That's Hollywood's sole job and many times a job it is clearly deficient at.

Anyway off to play black ops, I got myself in a bit of trouble last night because I went a little crazy with the cross bow, okay a lot crazy I think I had like 15 or 20 sticky's last night, I had one sequence where I killed almost the entire team with bolts. Needless to say sometimes you have to be aware of your surroundings and if you see the guy next to you die, MIGHT wanna turn you head and see if somebody is about to rape you from the back.  I thought it was funny so I uploaded the sequence.

Now it was a COINCIDENCE that the last two shots were but shots, no offense but if I'm firing a crossbow bolt the main thing I want to connect with is somewhere it will stick. So anywhere along your back is fair game, my brothers have been joking that my last 10 game heat map has a lot of crotch shots in it, hey I stay crouched down and sometimes people fun into leaden death. Crossbow bolts usually catch your leg though as I fire them. Now if I EVER decide to break out my sniper rifle my head shots will go up It's just hard to catch a head shot with an automatic rifle sometimes small target lots of kick. Even when your ADS(Aiming down the site) bullets can go astray.

Hit me up on twitter or respond here I will get back to you between matches

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long night mildly early morning

As those who have been reading know I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night. I caught the 10 pm show(wasn't crowded but then I wasn't at the busier theater), I had a good time, came home and started fragerging people. It was a fun night of (ball shots as my brother would say hey I walk crouched, so if it lights ya waist up dead is dead) bullets and crossbow shots into my enemies(I usually get the crossbow bolt in ya leg. I love seeing the person hobble away before they explode) a few folks froze the game or just kicked us all out but it was still a fun overall night.

As always you win some ya lose some but overall you have a good time (granted going 12-1 and 15-2 ANYBODY would be having a good time). I was in the zone for a few matches just lights out if I saw you it was just a bloody stain. Got a bunch of medals, completed a few challenges, edited my player card. It was lots of fun.

Today for now I am doing a card upgrade(yep just like yesterday hopefully without the "droid madness" issues. Meh more droid madness sokay at least I can explain what went wrong) it has gone pretty straight forward so I'll be calling the bossman soon. About to write out my receipt and collect, I love it when a plan comes together.

As for the rest of my afternoon hit the bank, probably hit best buy and get a new controller, I think mine has been beaten up so maybe that's my issue, so let's see if a new game, I mean controller can fix that(remember when controllers used to be like 10-20 bucks what happened to those days) we shall see.

Anyway bedding this one so that I can move on to other thought processes

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The trailers HP7

Green Lantern- Hal Jordan test pilot comes across a strange alien vessel and is bequeathed a ring and the responsibility as guardian of this quadrant.

I've already seen the lantern trailer, or should I say the much maligned lantern trailer and yeah its a little blatantly CG but so what. I can recognize core characters, while they have changed the lantern a little I see the lantern now no the trailer isn't giving away the whole movie: is it supposed to?

I mean isn't that why people are panning Jonah Hex, all the cool stuff came in the trailer? Its getting my money because its a ryan reynolds action flick and I'm hoping DC has another potential winner on its hands(I'm a marvellite but good competition breeds good movies) this was my first time seeing the trailer in theater.

Season of the witch - Nicolas Cage and Ron Pearlman in some mideaval crusade flick. I don't know it might be kinda cool, looks action packed a little spooky but we'll see. Sword fights and bloodshed USUALLY sell well. First I've seen of the movie so who knows.

Basically Cage plays a well known hero charged with taking a witch to some far off land to be judged and burned. Hero sees something everyone else doesn't see, lines are drawn Butt Kickery ensues.

Tron:Legacy- yeah I know softball. Tron Legacy, the movie I hope is AWESOME just like the original. A sequal over 20 years in the making. Jeff bridges reprises his role from the original tron and has once again been sucked into the computer

But things have changed the world of the constructs has been given a SERIOUS upgrade. Deadly Discs, Light Cycles, Deressing OH MY!
Unless life goes seriously wrong the next flick will most likely get destroyed head to head.
Yogi Bear- Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear, unfortunately the studio and producers ain. If there was a week to skip a head to head fight with another studios movie for me tron week would have been it. That's just me though..

Yogi bear and Boo Boo's hijinx in yellow stone park. Pick a nick baskets will be snatched, the ranger will scream himseldf hoarse and chuckles will be had, when it comes out on DVD.
Yes I'm a child of the 80's

Yes I grew up on Hanna Barbera

Yes the Yogster and Boo used to give me belly laughs as a kid, tears, runny nose and snot yes.
I'm still going to see tron opening night.

Red Riding Hood- now this one is a little unexpected. There is a werewolf in town and it strikes at night. I know you see Red Riding hood and you think grandmas house, little girl, basket in the forest, yeah all that.


Girl check

Basket check

Forest check. 

Wolf okay werewolf its from the director of twilight what do you want. BUT it might be fun, hey Gary Oldman is in it. It seems to have taken the old spooky kids story and made it teenage fare. It might work I mean Alice in wonderland was decent as a dark more adult tale(granted that was Tim Burton and Tim knows dark, Tim knows dark very well) so I'll give red a shot here. As long as its more about story than gimmick who knows.

Okay almost at the house those were the trailers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Anybody interested in any of the films up there, or did you get something different with your potter experience?

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Friday, November 19, 2010

To the Hallows I go

I may not have gotten to the midnight opening or copped any of the swag that goes with it, but for me that's not what movie watching is about. Its about walking and smelling gas leaks and hoping nobody gets the urge to light a fart. Nah I'm playing(I just happened to smell gas walking down the street) its about the memories and the moods. I'm a grown kid I still enjoying escaping into a world far away and for whatever amount of time just enjoying being there in that moment.

As a child and young teen I used to obsess about all the negatives in my life. Weighting them as if those were my most important moments, those were the things I would be remembered for. But some sage advice from a man I may not always agree with but I love dearly got me to change what I gave prominence to. Bad things happen regardless of income, intelligence level, athletic ability, artistic merit or charm. You can harm no one and inconvenience no living thing(damn again with the gas is the world about to explode around me) and still run into hardships from time to time. Innocence does not inoculate you from life's trials it just says that you do not deserve such a harsh taskmaster.

Its kind of one of the reasons why I like Harry Potter the story so much. From the beginning he had done nothing a newborn babe, just enjoying what it means to be alive:air, food, the touch of those who love you. Yes he had the potential for great things but we all do, that's why its called POTENTIAL. We might be great, we might be average, we might be boring the only definite is that we will be. That in 7 years(in terms of the story) harry has gone from a shy, unsure, shadow just happy to not be noticed to a young man with the weight of the world on his should who still refuses to break is a great tale.

GRR I hate people who know they are speeding, see you crossing the street, know they could let up on the gas but instead mash on the horn. Its pretty simple hit me with my 260 plus frame and you ain driving far I will jump so I roll over you hood smash your windshield and then you can explain why you have a HUMAN BEING sized hole in the glass. And nah it didn't end well for the little old lady either.

Back to the story so Harry has grown to have great friends(a love that they ignored in the last movie), power, compassion and a small bit of respect for the task at hand. I see the theater but I know I'm earlier so I'm stopping for refreshment first. If this works, I hope such heavy stories like this in the future, if the character already has a big following trust in them to make the movie a success.

Look at Star Wars and Star Trek the first a movie that none that had a chance the second a TV series that aired for what two and a half years MAYBE 3 tops think of the dough those franchises have raked in from 1980 on. How about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, cult classics are just that. Okay about to go buy my ticket so bedding this one

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Friday's plan

Okay as I'm in one of the few areas where there wasn't a midnight Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows screening, I will be going tonight. Hopefully I like it as I said in last nights blog(that will be completed later and than posted in the timeline at its proper spot) the two movies to tell the whole story works.

I feel "Order" and "half blood Prince" could have benefitted from the two movie strategy. As could the Last Airbender (that and a different director) each book 2 movies to show the depths it took to get Ang past learning the element and for character development. A lot of the Harry Potter movies cut out vital scenes, characters, and events for expediency even though said events helped shape who the beloved characters would become.

Ron Weasley's courage when all hope seems lost

Hermione's slight touch of vanity which shows that she's more than just a wanna be authoritarian

Neville's pride

Dobby's resourcefulness

Kreachers deviousness

All of these characters played vital parts and roles in the books, Ron and Hermione of course are the Main characters, Dobby, Neville and Kreacher are second line characters who always seem to come through when needed. Even Kreacher(he may have come through 1st for the bad guys but as Olivander said "Great things, may have been terrible but great none the less"). Sometimes I think Hollywood forgets how we got here, how as long as you give us a good story we will sit and be amazed.

This ain a Hollywood critique blog though so let me cut that short, I could go on for hours on that subject. As far as today is concerned its work, pizza, movies, Black ops and a little bit of alcohol. Again nothing earth shattering, just me remarking on my day. Sometimes I'll wax poetic but most times its just me running my mouth.

Questions, queries, opinions you see the contact information drop me a line. I have no problem taking on subject matters, I just for the most part rarely start my day out with some outline of what's going on. Something catches my eye though and I can be off and running. Aiight had some subway and now I'm sitting behind the head shop about to go do some work. I hope everyone is ready for the weekend

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The best laid plans

I was planning to go watch Harry Potter at the midnight showing, but the one down the street didn't have the midnight showing posted so I'm going tomorrow night, oh well I got to wait a day to see a movie "Oh the HORROR".

I got to level 33 in black ops and earned my cross bow, and since I had the cross bow I decided to compete in a few wager matches just to see how the entire "wager" process works. I mean the basic premise is pretty simple you go into a match, put up as many bucks as you feel you want to risk and go in and try to place in the top 3. 2 out of the 3 wager matches I played in, I placed in the top 3. The first one I place 3rd, the second one I didn't place(somebody tomahawked me and erased my earnings near the end), and the third and final match I placed 1st. Sounded like I was playing with some international guys who thought I was either white or a little kid because after the match where dude hit me with the tomahawk they started trash talking, like I hadn't just placed 3rd in a previous match. Well now that I knew what the tomahawk looked like, was a little more familiar with its aiming, understood what HITTING someone with a Tomahawk would do as well as had gotten pretty good with the cross bow, you know how the last match ended right?

With Ol' Primal at the top of the list not only in the money but winning, I didn't give a USA chant wasn't needed. You're only poppin off about the Ol' US of A because we tend to waste what others would give their left nut for. So I can understand a little trash talking, even the comment about them thinking I was some white little kid pffft please I'm an american we talk about tea bagging each other(and actually do it on screen if we have enough time to get over your decaying carcass) as almost a right of passage, Newbie lol hey I can't argue with facts now could I my first 3 Wager matches and for the record I think I averaged about a 3rd, high 3rd but as my second match I was out of the money at 4th I'll take that for my first time trying out a wager match. So again I felt it was a good attempt, I still prefer Team Death Match or Ground War.

By the way I LOVE THE CROSSBOW, there is evil and then there is the crossbow an aim-able explosive dart that you can stick in somebody (anywhere) and let them see the "STUCK" symbol on their screen KNOWING they are about to die PRICELESS. Even better I can just put it near you, if you can't move in time I still get the kill. And if I can get you to run near a teammate or two I'll take that "Double Kill" any day. So I still got my walk in to hit the bank real quick but after that it was back to shooting people on black ops. I should have had a drink but meh I got in a zone and just kept going, tonight though it will definitely be some MR. Potter going on, then some more black ops and THEN some drinking.

I still gotta finish my second blog on black ops but hey I finish it when I finish it, this just allows me to get more info about it the game so that I can better express what I love about it and POSSIBLY help those who are either new to shooters or were wondering was it really a worthwhile purchase.

I will say this there are server issues sometimes there is a little bit of lag, and yes there are still cheaters there are some folks out there with serious connection issues, I do not know if they are deliberate or accidental but they do exist. Okay hitting the sack I hope all have a great friday and a great weekend

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blanket over the City

The M-town is covered by a blanket of fog today, low visibility. That's kind of how I woke up though, mind in a fog consciousness hazy. We gotta head back out to where ever we were yesterday to finish up. I mean I could go like a week without dealing with dude again. I hate people who act like your dumb, especially when you try to pull the "I'll be nice to you cause I think you're in charge, but I'm gonna talk down to the 'help' like their garbage".

A) I already told you ONE of them was my little brother so talking down to him WILL piss me off.

B) we work together, so fam past you few sheckels, dinars, green backs, or somolians once we done with your store I still gotta work with them.

C) you ain gonna wanna pay anyway so trying to get extra equipment, services, or work out of us isn't gonna fool anybody. We are gonna inform the boss, we are gonna have that added to the bill.

Enough about yesterdays aggravation, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 comes out to night(speakin of let me hit up Bay Bro and see if he wants to go tonight, 0_o he's talking crazy back to the blog). I think they should have done the last 3 books in two parts. There was enough Vital material to justify it. The amount of crap they cut out JUST to fit it into the "under 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minute" format was a travesty.

Rolling 3rd seat with my younger brother and cousin so once I get done with this card upgrade guess what I'll be doing? Not a damn, well that ain exactly true I'll help as best I can same as last night. I'll be thumbing them in too though. Like I told my cuz before I do everything on this berry and I'm not even really all up on my JO yet when it comes to my blogging and tweeting. I'll be honest I'm still kinda lackadaisical with it.

Now I know some will say "with all the content you've been kicking out lately THIS is lackadaisical". Folks if I actually do this, I mean for real do this just unleash all the pent up stories, anecdotes, jokes, flights of fancy, opinions, and observations. Think of how much I type now, now imagine how much I must have pent up if this is the stuff I find TIME to get off my chest with my busy schedule. This E-mail blogs let me spit ponderings I usually lose while I'm on the road when it was in my head all day til the work got started.

Whole car rides full of detailed thought processes that once its not foremost in my mind are gone until they wind back up. So now that I can text them in, e-mail them in or type them up on the desktop while I may have to do some editing later its so much easier.

Well cards in, both of his monitors are up, one of the cameras that were down is now back up so I guess its just the last camera and done. This might be a quick stop, I don't plan to do any fragging, but I may go home and do some more blog tweaks, I want to work on continueing to provide a better experience for all. I MAY add some games or something later, MAYBE, just gotta do some research.

Okay morning edition is being sent to bed before its time to do the afternoon edition, this is mildly extra rambley but eh, at least I'm consistent

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I keep forgetting I set this up for "cheapo update posts to edit later" for if a topic comes to mind that I don't want to lose. Need to start using it more
See this is why I hate having nothing to do on these long trips bleh. I'm just sitting her bored outta my mind, falling asleep. Of well a cheapo !UPDATE!

Happy humpday

I'm on a long distance ride waaay past jackson tn. Again RIDE thus my fingers are doing the walking. I still haven't done that follow up blog to black ops I guess I'll do that on this ride. I'll flesh out all the details later, but I can give the basic framework on my phone and link to everything(like I still haven't done in the original).

I'm with wire team Bravo, all I have to do is swap out cards and do a basic upgrade. So a who knows how many ride to do MAYBE 45 minutes worth of work. Oh well, I sat on my keister for most of yesterday so a long trip that doesn't involve shooting people meh okay.

I have to see what's coming out this weekend to see if I'm hitting the movies. As my local multiplex doesn't use all of its screens anymore(its attached to a mall in a dwindling area, should have walked to the good one when my fat tail had the chance oh well) it doesn't get all the new releases just the ones it expects to get butts in seats. And they don't hang around too long either. But hey if I get there the initial friday I'm all good and what good is a movie a 4 weeks later?

And yes I say that KNOWING I have done late reviews, I'm allowed to make jokes its my blog. I have never suffer from that huge ego that requires me to you know be taken so seriously. But as I'm just doing my thoughts not claiming to be an "industry insider" just a movie fan I'm having fun with it.

Hmm nothing else really comes to mind right now so bedding this one and starting the COD:Black ops Laced up, Locked and Loaded review. See ya on the next blog

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The day that wasn't

I have spent more time today fragging people then I have working. I won't lie I love days like this, its causing me to have to go to a site at o'dark 30 but oh well. This will be fun though, somebody either pulled a Jennifer Walters or a Bruce Banner on a PC based DVR.

Destroyed the monitor, performed a bam bam on the PC, MAY have damaged the pigtails and showed a serious need for anger management classes. I have pictures but I'm not gonna post them I figure meh for once I tweeted them that's enough.

Oh well the load is done, the pc is packed up into the rental and off we go

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Okay This was originally sent back at 7 something but I am going to add this in. The pigtails may be damaged or else we have a case of bad T-taps, either way your warranty does not cover DOMESTICS. Days like this I wish I had a camera in the OFFICE, there are times when you really want to see what set somebody off or when they were set off exactly how they went about venting their rage.  I have seen the after effects, but I want to see that blow by blow, cause this is one of those see it to believe it moments.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whew and I thought last week was awesome

59 points, let me let that sink in for a second 59 points through 3 quarters. So the fact that we just cruised through the 4th quarter wow.

333 yards passing, 80 yards rushing, 4 TD passes, 2 rushing TD's. For those who say Mike Vick isn't a QB put that in your pipe and smoke it. We did it with long passes, long runs, Defense all we would have needed was a special teams touchdown to have made it a complete all phases of the game victory.

Yes we gave up 28 points, but it was garbage time for a good 50 minutes. I mean when I say we jumped on them in 16 minutes Philadelphia had scored 35 points. I'm sorry 35 UNANSWERED points. It seems yes we can be susceptible to the long pass but first Peyton and now Donovan has seen how well our secondary can lock down. Whew, I mean full throttle 45 minutes football. I can't say 60 minutes because the 4th quarter we were just cruisin basically spending time off the clock.

Everytime you turned your head the football was crossing into the endzone I mean 8 touchdowns scored by Philadelphia WOW, my wife will love it she has David kers on her fantasy team 11 points for akAers tonight. Plus a touchdown for Lesean McCoy I think she got 18 points but needed 20+ though so it was bitter sweet for the wife.

I love an eagles win, I love when we avenge losses but man this one was just wow. I hope we can play within ourselves come sunday when we play the Giants.

I was only gonna watch the first half of the Memphis Miami game but its turned into a great game. So I think I will stay up and watch the rest of it. Hope everyone is having a great night

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow what a way to start a game

The eagles score 35 straight and now the redskins have score 14 straight. Washingtons defense has tighten up now let's see if philly's defense can do the same.

Wooo interception. Philly's defense showed up so now its second and goal for philly Vick in for the touchdown. So it's 42-14 now, this game is wild I swear I'm loving how we are playing this game we took our foot off the gas for a second but that 14 points have made us go ahead and start scoring again.

A potential 31 point lead going in at half wow, what a game sacked Mcnabb to end the half so yep 31 point lead. I mean yes it looks like they have now locked down Desean Jackson after his long TD pass, and after Jeremy Maclin's long TD catch he's been locked down. I hope we run more in the second half to eat up the clock but a 31 point lead gives you some breathing room.

Okay I'm gonna watch the second half here's hoping for an injury free half and an Eagles Win

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Monday morning

Its another monday, just sitting back not doing anything the system I had to load is up and running so I feel rather accomploished right now.

I have a mild dilemna who to believe google analytics or my Blogger stats. Now I've had google analytics up since last week, it has me recorded with a good 45 unique visitors, 79 page hits, and a decent average pageview. It say people from 4 countries and provinces have visited my page and that I've gotten a few visits from various referral sources, directly, and search engine.

Thing is in that same time period blogger stats has me at like 300 pageviews, it has me getting hits from about 15 countries, twice as many referrals, more of my pages getting read.

They agree mostly on the search engine. Now I don't know if google analytics has to load a certain way on someones device for it to be seen(because I visited from my blackberry and that didn't register so maybe that's part of the issue). But hey it does give me more in depth info for the folks it does count. It seems for my site size(noo clue who's range I'm in, a little guy though just starting out haven't really hit my stride too well yet) I'm leading on most benchmarks so "yaaay me!" just gotta keep the content creation up.

Yeah I do like a little bit of site feedback, it kind of let's me know what interests the few people who do visit. I'm sure folks notice the counter at the bottom of my page, it isn't flying up there but its moving. And that's all a blogger can ask right? Come by, read, possibly comment and comeback again later.

I'm going to do a follow up "weekend thoughts" to my blog on Call of Duty: Black Ops(damn forgot to link to the game in the original blog aiight will do that today) the awesomeness remains. Love the game, I blew my first contract last night but that's what I get for picking a 75 kill requirement contract when I haven't be racking up straight double digits on average yet. But I did get half way there.

I actually like the contract system, the reason I failed is because it was a contract with kills ONLY with a certain gun. Now as any good FPS player knows in the heat of the game your using your gun, you knife, grenades, kill streak rewards, whatever to reach the kill count first. Sometimes you mash your opponents other its a foot race and in comes down to a lucky grenade, a stray bullet, who knows.
Okay let's stop before I go too deep I've been having a blast playing Black Ops this weekend. It may have been an interrupted blast but it was a blast. Okay one last thing

The flamethrower is evil, I killed a few people with it, but put it away because it can become addictive but wow. Just painting someone with flames wow.

So far today is not too eventful, but that's just so far this morning. Hopefully I get my new phone sometime next week it will be a royal pain transferring everything over but new phone is new phone(bye bye trackball). For those wishing to leave them, or curious to know my random thoughts on some subject drop me a line my info's on the contact page.

Aiight putting this one to bed to be edited later

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I almost forgot

Yaaay my blog has recently gotten 1000 visitors, while I still do have a rather high bounce rate(basically people who find the blog realize how crazy I am and run away screaming) but people are coming, people are reading, they aren't commenting but meh it's all good. When you find something on the site that you like you will come through read and comment. I may add other crap to the site later, maybe time consuming things to keep you around a little bit longer but for now the content I want you either paying attention to or decide no it's not your cup of tea is the blog.

So thanks again for stopping by and reading, and I hope everyone had a great weekend

Movie Review: Skyline

Now some might wonder why I didn't say "It's a bird it's a plane", "up in the sky", "Here I come to save the day" or something along those lines, well it's simple. Another superman movie is due out soon, so I don't want to waste an easy superman reference, at some point in time I'm sure Mighty Mouse will get a movie so I don't want to wast his, but on to the review.


Jarrod and Elaine arrive from NY for Jarrod's friend Terry's birthday party. The party is epic, new opportunities are on the horizon and basically just when a guy is getting a chance to enjoy "the life" what do you know a bright blue light strikes the ground and ruins everything. This is another movie along the lines of War of the Worlds, the day the Earth stood still, and Independence Day. There is a lot of action, there is a lot of suspense what there isn't a lot of is humanity kicking bootay.

Let me be honest while I vividly remember this movie I do not like the ending, Now I don't put it up there with War of the Worlds "we are space travelers but didn't know to wear an enviro suit of some kind to protect us from Germs so we won't DIE, or even TEST for said GERMS before we expose ourselves to the environment" no it's not that bad. I just don't like you know the hmm can I say it without ruining the ending, It's a Neoish ending as in the Matrix.

The special effects were great, the aliens were big and awesome this movie should give you pause about investigating a weird light in the future. I kinda like how they handled the whole "nuclear option" ploy in this movie yup aliens arrive, act rowdy, you drop a nuke on them aaaaaand "Yaaaay we wooo, damn is he getting up really, he's getting up damn, um okay I'm out of ideas." This was kinda like the "friday the 13th" of sci fi thrillers, no there is no escape, please quit running I'm still gonna get you, oh look a blonde. I like this movie I'm trying not to give too much away because up until the ending that I don't like they did move the story along at a nice pace. What happens when it all goes to hell and you are thrown together with a bunch of people you barely know and are most likely going to die. This was no "bunch of meddling kids" here they didn't all get along and the many different ways people got taken out was jump in your seat shocking. (I was gonna say something about my wife and horror movies but she may one day read this blog and I don't feel like getting hit in my sleep) I don't really think this movie is set up for a sequel(which is the other reason I don't like the way they ended this movie, unfinished business but not a clear path on how to finish said business) this may have to be my first two part review I may wait a few weeks to go ahead and discuss WHY I don't like the skyline ending. There are a lot of explosions, a lot of bullets fired, some nice looking vehicles, pretty women(but then again the movie is set in LA), I mean in the flashback sequence you would almost think this was gonna be a buddy movie. But the only things there are about to become friends are the aliens foot and humanities behind, there are going to meet early, they are gonna meet often and yes humanity is the one picking up the tab.

I mean if you like suspenseful movies yes go see it, you don't have to stay through the credits on this one I did there is nothing there, but again I don't like this ending, if in a month it's still rattling around in my head(or I come back here reread this and decide to go down that path) I'll say why

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