Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where is the love

Soooo I'm checking my voice mail today right, and there is this message for deletion that needs to be re-saved(yes I have been that gully in not checking my voice mail) and it's from one of the times that my mom was visiting my sister at the hospital right. I'm guessing since I hear myself on it that it's my moms phone in her purse. The thing is I had called my sister before I got in the room to pick my mother up and I guess when my mom saw my name pop up in my sisters phone it wasn't one of my normal nick names, noo it wasn't T, or Tom Jr, Older brother, Awesome older brother or even T2. Nope see that would be too much like right, what does my dear sick sister call me, who I was coming up to the hospital to see:

DARTH DRUNKARD oh yes, not only am I a dark lord of the sith but I am so NOTORIOUS for my love of the liquid courage that instead of some TERRIFYING name that will strike fear in the names of the galaxy I am called Darth Drunkard. Like I take a few shots of the old synthehol and I start

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November, the stretch run

Yup it's time to put away your scary or silly costumes and turn those jack o lanterns into pies. Another year is coming to a close and for many it has been a hard bitter journey. Before it ends though it is of course the time here in America to prepare to give thanks for all we have had, seen, done, those we have known, lost and will never forget. Depending on your outlook on life this is either a somber or joyous time, hmm I guess it could be just like any other time. I am talking about my personal bias when mentioning somber or joyous but then what of those who either don't celebrate, have no one to celebrate with, or else it isn't even their holiday?

For me it's about family, good food, usually pretty good memories and a time to reflect. It also happens to be the time before my mother and I's birthdays(Ancient lady, she was mentioned in the LTBL post), so usually it's pretty up beat time of year around these parts. Plus you get great food: Turker, Sweet potato pie, Mashed Potatoes(love potatoes any way ya serve them), candied yams, cranberry sauce, stuffing. Man the dishes about to be placed in front of us in a few weeks are going to be awesome, not that my life is ever all fun and games but really if you do not put the good times versus the bad in perspective you will always have problems.

I had so much on my mind when I started this blog earlier in the day and got side tracked, so this is where I will end it a quick update and so Holiday wishes.

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