Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its a nice and sunny Tuesday morning

I'm working on a post about yesterdays barbecue it was immediate family only, I have more pictures than the ones I'm adding to that blog but hey you only want to see the finished product right. Short week and of course today I should begin writing the Hangover 2 review. I'll find some time later that is always my issue with sunday movie viewings writing the review duringh a busy week.

Its magic week by the way, yup marvel is about to pin themselves down again. Like Wolverine Origins they are about to finally MOSTLY tell the tale of how it all began in the X-universe. Now some of the things I have already voiced displeasure with some changes(Havok being on the team instead of older brother scott, Banshee being a founding member), I guess if I ever want to see these characters on the big screen I'd better be happy they are there. I'm more fond of Havok as the leader of X-factor those were some damn good story lines and I've been waiting for to introduce Banshee. I guess I should be happy Banshee is getting a better intro than Colossus got, man was that a major rip off(armors up, chucks some guys through a wall and  doesn't return until X-3, yeah good job there Singer) but he was a part of wolverines team, not the first class.

I'm also glad they are introducing the Hellfire Club, if this is a total X-series reboot I could live with this if they plan to do more along comic story lines adaptations in the future. Of course how they plan to reconcile a fully grown Emma Frost and no Scott or Jean Grey is beyond me, but hey I'm just a comics fan and movie goer what do I know. 2 weeks to Lantern now so june looks to be an awesome month.

Still have the "save no future phone access of blogs" glitch going on so I'm bedding this and will start another one later I'll edit and add the jump later

Monday, May 30, 2011

The trailers for The Hangover 2

The Debt

What really happened when 3 celebrated Mossad Agents tracked down Vogel waaay back in 1966, this suspense filled espionage thriller takes place between two time periods 1966 and present day. Lots of sneaking around, some fast car chases, the prerequisite man tied to a chair and either being question or tortured, and some tense moments with drawn guns. The 3 Mossad agents are played by Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinsonand Ciaran Hinds in the present, and Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas, and Sam Worthington in 1966. Looks like its a good spy flick if your looking for one

The Change-up

Dave is your average guy, he's married, with kids and goes to work every day to provide for his family. Dave is settle in his routine and while he wants a little bit of excitement is happy with his life, Mitch is Dave's friend and he has a way with the ladies. Mitch is living the dream life Dave is missing now that he has the alternating early morning diaper and feeding shifts. Hot babes, casual sex, yes Mitch is living the life except sometimes Mitch wouldn't mind having a little more to his life than just random hot babes. One night while out drinking Mitch and Dave approach a public fountain, and like all SANE people do decide to pee in this fountain and they both say aloud "I wish I had your life", lightning flashes, the statue has an ominous look(by the way it's a statue of a female goddess looking type, so I don't know if it was pity on them not seeing how great they had it or vengeance for despoiling her waters) and Dave wakes up in Mitch's apartment, in Mitch's Body after staring in the mirror for a few seconds he answers the door to find Mitch behind it in his body. So now the buddies get to walk a mile in each others shoes, Dave takes a shot dating a coworker who he always wondered "What if" and Mitch gets to have the family.

This looks like the classic buddy movie with a Freaky Friday twist, and since it's staring Ryan Reynolds quip machine it should be funny as hell.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

You must find your path to inner peace

It is ancient china, Kung fu is the art that protects the land. The furious five the renowned masters of their styles Tiger, Monkey, Viper, Crane, and Mantis each style tailored to their unique abilities and body styles. Tigress her quick ferocious strikes shattering all that stand in her path, Monkey his acrobatic, sweeping strikes can come at you from any angle, Viper she can snap, bind, and grab you from almost anywhere can your eyes keep up or will you be staring skyward by the time you realize she was even there, Crane he will swoop in from the sky wings blowing you aside talons leaving you seeing starry skies, Mantis small in stature but by the time you train your eyes on him this master will have spun you like taffy and darted through the nearest crack to waylay your next compatriot. Yet the furious five are not all that defend china, full of energy, deceptively built, eyes full of wonder and yet fists, belly and feet full of black and white justice He is the Dragon Warrior, Po the

Kung Fu Panda 2

We open over a wondrous city tall buildings, bright colors and then we look to the sky and see Fireworks. It seems the king and queen of the realm have discovered this visual treasure and planned to use it to bring joy to the people. Unfortunately their young son and heir to the throne Shen, sees a darker future for these magical lights and after consulting a soothsayer the king and queen learn of his diabolical schemes. "Shen will rise in tyranny and power, if he continues along his current path he will be struck down at the hands of a warrior in black and white", unbeknownst to his parents Shen had overheard the soothsayer and took his wolf troops to a near by valley filled with panda's. Shen was not foolish, a warrior in black and white could ONLY be a panda and he would destroy them all fire, swords clashing and screams could be heard coming from the valley and when he returned his evil dead done the horrified look on his parents face cut Shen deeply. Upon asking if his actions has changed a thing the soothsayer shook her head gravely informing Shen he had sealed his fate, banished from his parents kingdom Shen vows to return and fulfill his destiny.

T-minus *bleep, bleep, bleep*

At the moment I am starting this post I have 6 hours 53 minutes before I plan to walk and go see The Hangover 2, this is important because I STILL have yet to write the KFP2 review. It's started(well I have the title and the first line, though I may change the title no make that I am definitely changing the title) and I want to completely have every last word written before I go see the next movie and get on the clock for that review. I also need to clean the grill today, I may not stoke the flames tomorrow but I need to be prepared for it just in case. Especially if the weather is nice, what because of all this annoying weather we have been having down in the midsouth lots of rain and win, very little sun it's hard on a charcoal enthusiast(Nothing against you gas heads, I just like the conquest of just getting the coals to stay hot and lit, completely personal) to get his fix of soot in his facer and good smells in his nose.

I still need to go out and purchase a new grill, I really do envision some side by side action, one grill fired up for the burgers, dogs, chicken sausages and pineapples possibly even the pounded chicken breasts. The other for the ribs, maybe some brisket,  little shoulder me, my parents and siblings(except for the girl, we have crazy nicknames let it go) may be on a pork light diet but the rest of my southern relations are of no such compunction. Plus as I NEVER saw my chicken last year at the family reunion I would like to have more than one dish available so that I can track it as well as taste my own food. Luckily I had gotten a few pieces before the pan disappeared again, the chicken breast bandits strike without mercy, I'll get the empty pan back but if I don't make sure I stake my plate out first I will be a non chicken breast eating sole. I also have a few tricks I want to pull out this year POSSIBLY, I have just over a month before the contest and still no grill these are big plans for equipment I don't have yet.

The Trailers for Kung Fu Panda 2

As this is Memorial Day weekend and the movie industry is trying to get more bang for it's buck there are two releases this weekend, this is my first movie of the weekend(and since Lank has a habit of flaking I will probably do the review for KFP2 tonight and walk to The Hangover 2 tomorrow) I missed most of the first trailer but meh, it wasn't really a movie I want to see anyway. Looks like because this was an animated movie they decided to do all the "kiddie/family" trailers on it oh well, you go see an animated movie you take that risk, well away we go to the trailers from Kung Fu Panda 2:the search for more Kung Fu AWESOMENESS

Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer

A movie along the lines of Superfudge(and something else that slips my eclectic memory, I swear when this wave crescendos in I'm gonna be pissed) young precocious kid, annoying sibling, wacky hijinx either during the school year or during the summer. It seems Judy's parents are going on some trip out of town and Judy has this "summer of thrills" things planned with the other girls in her school. Problem is she's been stuck with Stink(her little brother, I don't know what it is with giving younger siblings messed up nick names, stops talking before I incriminate myself) and has very few "Thrill coins" stocked up so she is waaay behind. Enter Aunt Opal, untamed curls, somewhat distant ding batty look to her eyes and the fun begins. Yes when I was younger movies like this would have appealed to me my sense of wanting to escape from the apartment and go out and explore the world, but now I'm good this is too kiddie even for a walk down memory lane.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

By Jove I think he's got it

Sooo its seems the last update allowed for my "Official Blogger App" saves to be stored both locally AND on the phone, the glitch it seems is once again accessing them from the phone. Its an automatic force close, which is annoying especially since I can't then use the web on my phone to update any blogs, this phone sees the text box as one solid entity so I either type from the beginning or else I publish whatever is already there.

Not cool, now if they ever get it fixed it will be awesome to start on my pc, save the draft, come back to my phone, make further entries or adjustments and then go back to my computer for linkage(though there is a new link button on the app now) and or pictures.  I haven't tried a reinstall yet, but seeing now that older entries were saved to the web I am less tentative so why no give it a try now. For those wondering I have the Motorola Backflip with version 2.1 firmware. I do lament some of the issues of this phone at times, but some of these apps are growing on me.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, my cousins wife's birthday is today but as I'm still way out here I don't know if I'll make it. I will give it the old college try though, I've been a shut in for most of this span in Memphis after being the type to hop up and go play cards with family and friends. I have a valid excuse this time as I'm definitely working, but previous times it was just a matter of not feeling social. Lank has been informed of me bouncing to the movies most likely without him tomorrow(he has already leaked his "man I was coming but" excuse list), so save the two entries on  Kung Fu Panda 2 I'm all ready to go see The Hangover 2.

Yes I hate not having the Trailer blog out there but this time it couldn't be helped, I think, there was some decent content creation last night. I just know I like getting the trailer post out the night of, so I'm a little disappointed in myself. Things I wouldn't mind the blogger app supplying the "read more" button, or else Html editing so I can do it myself, I believe the wordpress app has it(and if not I will come back and edit the line accordingly) so it can be done.  Okay almost at Middleton, Tn everybody have a safe Memorial Day Weekend, I'll post again soon

What in the hell?

After working pretty well for who knows how many weeks now the "official Blogger app" is now acting like a buggy mess. I don't know if its the "update" I just did but where before it was working fine now everytime I go to access a list of previously written blogs(that I may have as a draft) it Force closes. Which is annoying to me because I have a blog I'm trying to finish oy vey, oh well let's see if this save works and if not I'll try a re install(which of course will flush the blog I was trying to access anyway but hey what can I do wait for a new update?)

Mack's Birthday

Loud music, smokey rooms, and plastic cups filled with some concoction by the mad scientist(in this case me, but I've known plenty of other Mixologists in my day) this is what parties always were when I was in my late teens and early 20's. I can still feel those carpeted speakers, wobbly crates, and suffocating dance floors. Elbow room always at a premium, ladies either pretty by nature or by the sixth drink, fellas throwing money at the bar like confetti, and my dog Breeze  on the 1's and 2's controlling the flow.

Last night was cuzzo's 27th birthday party, whether child or adult hosting ones birthday bash during the week tends to be a logistical nightmare. I will say that social networking did its part though, while all but his brother and sister in law were fashionably late(bows head in shame, yes including the bartender) we were there and it was a nice party. The DJ in this case was a dvd player with a few of the speakers placed strategically to send sounds throughout the house. Now the party goers bristled slighty at the music he chose to begin the party: Johnny Taylor, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Parliament and quite a few other old school classics played as the first bottles were opened the sound of rolled over bubble wrap in the air.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Item 1 of the weekend agenda is completed

This will be a busy weekend, Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Hangover 2 just hit theaters, my cousins birthday party is tonight, and its Memorial Day weekend which means I may char and smoke some flesh. Its a daunting line up to say the least, I just got done watching Panda and I'm writing this entry walking so thing one is in a box and thing two is in the reticle.

My cousins birthday party, now to some this may seem silly, but as I usually Bartend his parties its a little more involved than just that of a normal party goer. Now the usual toast of the party is a Tequila sunrise, made with pineapple not orange juice. A few Amaretto Sours may touch some lips and maybe a Buttery Nipple or two. I may shake up a martini or two who knows I'll write a blog from the party and let y'all know how it went.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I guess it was bound to happen, two movies that I want to see coming out the exact same week. Now we know I hit the movies I do a review and keep it moving, thing is to watch 2 movies in a premier week I would have to amend my 2 days after schedule, I might have to actually do them the night of. Which is an interesting precedent, 2 reviews including trailer recaps, on two nights. Hmm could I pull it off, actually the way this is setting up I could possibly do my 2 days between.

Today is thursday both Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Hangover 2 came out today, IF scheduling permits and I get home before say 6:30 pm I could walk to the theater, catch one and have til Saturday night to complete my review. Then on Sunday I could go check the other one out and have til Tuesday of next week to complete that review. I won't lie this is a good dilemma to have, I know next  week its all about X-men first class and I'm mostly prepared for that but this week is a happy shock. I won't lie I was too busy to hit theaters when part one of these movies came out and Ero Kitsune had to damn near tie me down to get me to watch the first Hangover.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another storm has passed

 Now that it's over I can laugh, it was kind of comical riding in the car listening to the local weather persons having to constantly revise their statements and since for at least myself in my neighborhood there appears to be no major damage, lights are on, internet and cable too, it may have been wet but it was mostly just loud not too big an inconvenience. Not what this does for the river draining they have been trying to do is anybodies guess. I have some during the day pics too so you could see how it looked as the weather was first pulling in to town, lots of high winds plenty of on and off rain showers, the ground has been wet for most of the day, luckily not enough to really add to the misery or at least not the misery we had out here. nothing special about this one just popping in to say yes I'm still here, and I can charge my phones and eat whatever I want come morning(unless a freak overnight storm comes through to cause another ruckus)

The one downside to blogging on a cell

No autosave so if your droid freezes, or your blogging program force closes Ooooooh Nooooooo, yup every keystroke, picture and anecdote is gone. Which is okay if you hadn't hit your stride yet, but sucks if you're say in the 3rd or 4th paragragh. I think the basic rule of the computer age has been "save early and save often", because if something goes wrong its better to lose a line or two than the whole blog.

Luckily it was just a flight of fancy, nothing major I was basically gonna write it and "publish" it as a draft to smooth the rough edges later on tonight. As its el flusho now, I gotta start from scratch(and yes as annoying as the go in and out may being I'm saving this one every few sentences) so blogger-droid, official blogger app either way ya still gotta save early and often, cause the bad boys don't include "autosave"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exactly when was our name legally changed to Dorothy

Why am I watching MSnbc and I see more tornado warnings for Memphis, not only Memphis but Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis and surrounding areas. I know this is my no cursing blog, and I'm gonna try hard to hold on to that but Dude no Friggin way. Its only been a little more than a month since that last severe wind storm(you know the one NONE of y'all heard about) that cause the Muddy Mississippi to rise to damn near record levels and left many parts of the midsouth underwater.

They haven't even finished draining the damn water yet, who do I need to whoop for pissing mother nature off this spring. She ain quitting, she's finding new reasons to "make it rain" on us mid southeners(I ain from here but I got a decade in the tank shut it). I can't get Jiggy with this yo, I'm not looking forward to the potential of more dark days, of deluges of rain, the river and its tributaries swelling even more. To those poor folks below us in Louisiana I'm sorry for those who were flooded to give us relief but this next storm ain my fault. I was hoping no more rain til June(that ain happen), and I was completely happy to NEVER hear another tornado siren but looks like tomorrow I'll have to hope I'm "still in Kansas".

Monday, May 23, 2011

"You will die at the hands of a one legged man"

The sea calm and clear on a moonlit night. Two fisherman pull up their net and find a man, what they think is a drowned man until he gasps for air while saying something in Spanish.  We are whipped to the Spanish court, it seems this man claims to have been aboard the ship of Ponce De Leon, which the men say is impossible because Ponce was lost 200 years ago. But the King looks at the book in the mans hand a orders a close figure to leave immediately for the new world. We are whipped to a courtroom in England a hooded man is being brought to trial. The man Jack Sparrow, pirate, looter, thief he will hang for his crimes against the crown, except when the hood is taken off it's Mr. Gibbs who is pleading the case for him NOT being jack sparrow. All rise, a gloved hand is seen handing a bag of money to a court officer and the Judges name is cried out. Under wig and powder is a familiar face, he questions the NOT Jack Sparrow about the conditions of him being in his presence that afternoon. After being bludgeoned a few times, and the Judge threatening him with another bludgeoning for claiming he could point out the REAL Jack Sparrow the Judge demands a verdict, without a trial. Drooling for their entertainment the court room onlookers scream "Hang im, Hang im" to which upon hearing the guilty "verdict" the Judge says "Mr. Gibbs you have been convicted of the crime of NOT being Jack Sparrow and will be placed imprisoned for the rest of your natural life". The crowd screams bloody murder, they wanted their hanging, they had a pirate in their midst and they expected a throat stretching, aaaah justice how fine she be.

Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides

The New "Hot Thang" in the M town

We've got a Five Guys now, and as you can see from the photo the line is out the door. Now as I have MOSTLY kicked the fast food habit, I don't really do the big chains too much anymore, lots of grease, sugar and salt usually not a lot of nutrition. So you know if your trying to eat healthy a big ol fatty McCellulite is not who you wanna go talk to. I still eat it from time to time. 

Well the new spot dujuor here in memphis is that five guys, around the corner and out the door 2 weeks in a row are those crack burgers you selling. I mean yes I'm as curious as the next person but if everyday I walk in you're packed pimpin im gon stop checkin for you after a while I got other things to do. Now my mother(the person who I most likely got my culinary adventurousness from) wants to try them, but as we have yet to catch them at a light time hey we go get the basics pimpin. Subway, taco bell, BK, McD, backyard burger or wendies Subway is usually my choice though if you don't glop on 2 pounds of mayo its pretty healthy.

Oh well this was just a "spur of the moment" so posting and tagging online as well as linkage to come

Working on the Pirates blog

I started it, hey it's Sunday night Monday morning I usually don't start the blog until sometime Monday night but I decided to get a jump on it so that later on I can just start inserting links decide where my "break from the story" will be and my opinion will begun, bring up the actors and parts they play and then send it off to you fine readers out there in bloggy land.If you looking at the dial yes it is almost 4 am central which means I'm about to hit the sheets, I could stay up later but I was typing up/editing some things over on Wordpress and didn't really get a chance to come back here and work on Pirates anymore. Now if ANYBODY has the AUDACITY to come over here and talk about UNPROFESSIONAL, or LACKADAISICAL, I'm gonna laugh you right off of my blog, this ISN'T a pro blog, it's mine I'm enjoying myself and NOBODY is forcing you to read. I thank you for reading but this ain school and it ain required reading.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another rainy day

I hear the thunder, have stood outside to see the rain drops and the clouds. Luckily whatever flash floods may have occured today has skipped my neighborhood (which as a few blogs back of course shows that ain always guaranteed). So far no plans for the day, and as its raining even if I was so inclined to wanna fire up the grill, I ain got no cover. I need a new grill anyway, actually just another one so I can work side by side and get things done faster. Have one for burgers and stuff and another one for ribs, brisket etc that I want to cook way slower for a longer period of time.

We are raptureless it seems, we suck. I mean seriously how many times to people have to prepare us for the end of the world and we still don't do it right? I mean that bought bill boards, radio time, gave interviews and even made youtube vids(probably) and what do we humans have the AUDACITY to do? Why we treat it as another day and keep on living. Hmm maybe he was right just for the wrong multiverse like on some doctor wh, oh shiiii doctor who is one right now "Gooooooooooing"

The trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides

As the world DID NOT END, I am here after my 7 pm movies to give you the trailers included along with Pirates of the Caribbean:on Stranger tides. These were MOSTLY some new ones(Real Steel I have done before but this was a new trailer for real steal, showing more of the NON just rock 'em sock 'em robot action) and as usual if you got something different please let me know 

The Muppets from Disney

Needless to say Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzy and who knows who else are back in an adventure under the Disney logo I kind of walked in halfway through this trailed was walking up to my seat as it was playing behind my head but Yes there are muppets in this movie, yes it looked crazy, and yes it was a little bit of my childhood returned. A muppet movie, since it's from Disney it probably won't suck I mean, how hard is it to make a kids movie if your name is Disney, yeah yeah adults might also wanna tune in but it's SUPPOSED to be for kids why else would it be full of puppets?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Further along the path

Like any endeavor in life you have to have milestones, land marks, routes, goals and the ability to reroute yourself if an obstacle pops up. Well I have reached one of my goals. While I know I often lament over the fact that "Google Analytics" doesn't always satisfactorily count all my hits, it does count a fair enough share of them for me to gauge progress as I go along. Even if my blogs internal stats give me say 5-10 hits for the day if I see a 2 hit from analytics, I know there were definitely some hits that day.

Now yes I am saying that versus blogger/blogspots internal stats Google Analytics tends to give me 1/4 - 1/3 recognition, which I'm sure for most of my fellow bloggers would be maddening, but is shows me some things that the internal stats don't. Like how long people were on the site, how many pages they visited, what search terms brought you to my page, what pages you found me through. This may seem a little anal, but as a semi social, mostly daily journal/perspective blogger its nice to know which subjects and the amount of detail included in the subjects is appreciated. It seems I get a lot of visits when I blog about the trailers before various movies, and a few hits on my movie reviews. Sometimes I get hits on sporting event blogs, I got quite a few hits after the storm that precursored the flooding down here in the midsouth.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me

So we have a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie out, supposedly a stand alone, they've killed off Will & Elizabeth (okay they aren't dead Will has taken Davey Jones place and Elizabeth is his Baby Mama raising their young son) and have Jack Sparrow and Barbosa running off to find the Fountain of Youth.  And being a sci fi fan I'm going to go and watch it, I've watched most of them usually on cable, but sometimes in the Theaters.
Before I forget, tomorrow somebody has SWORN that the world will end that's it, its in the bag infinitum has become finite. Harold Camping(thanks The Last Word) with his old dusty behind has SWORN on everything that is Holy and Crackpotty that on May 21, 2011 yes Saturday(echo, echo, echo). Pffft dude did I win the lottery recently? Has anybody rolled through and fixed everybody's problems? Nope, so at the moment the world sucks for the MAJORITY of its citizens and you really think its all gonna end? Please where's the false feeling of euphoria, the wool being pulled over our eyes right now the world seems to be going down the crapper.

Just wanna say, on Sunday I'm making drinks for everybody who DIDN'T drink the kool aid saturday night. BUT if it is all over I wish that I would have watch Pirates tonight so that tomorrow I could have been working on the review

Bless me father for I have sinned

In the beginning there were humans and vampires. The vampires were fast, powerful, and vicious, but the humans had one weapon The SUN, but it was not enough. The wars ranged on for centuries until the humans fell back into cities under the protection of the church. The church then trained a new secret weapon to combat the vampire. They were trained to fight like vampires swift, merciless, powerful under the command of the clergy they were the Priests


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking in a little piece of midsouth history

I often admit to kind of being captain oblivious at times. Yes I live in Memphis, Tn a music, food, and sitting along the muddy Mississippi part of the Soul of the South. Now if you read my twitstream you may notice me check in around Beale street, or in/near various other midsouth Landmarks but here's the sad part. I've rarely actually enjoyed them I've always been working. Yes I've been on Beale a million times in the last 4 years but except for a few times at the Pig or Rum Boogie rarely do I eat down there. And I haven't been to a music spot since 04.

I laughed I had passed by Tom's BBQ a million times and never set foot in the door until recently(yet when I lived in south jersey I used to visit all the famous philly spots), fixed the printer at the Mesquite Chop house but never sat down for a drink or meal. So today, just to settle my rumbling stomach(since I forgot to eat more than a box of raisins and a banana last night) I decided to get lunch while working off front and Monroe. One of the attendants at the garage I was working at suggested a little deli within walking distance. "The Little Tea Shop", I actually didn't notice the name at first I just saw the sign that said lunch. Looked around not sure if I should just sit down anywhere or if I should wait to be seated(I hate being presumptuous, my mother taught me manners), was directed to sit anywhere and was waiting on by a well informed server. I've actually worked in a few restaurants in my day and I like waist staff who are not only personable but also give you the days special without trying to order for you(unless asked, some days I do take recommendations). He joked about the soup of the day(Lentil)he said "we have a soup of the day but its too hot for soup" took my order(chicken salad sandwich to go with potato salad) and offered me water even after I declined a drink.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Humpday, hmm did I forget something last night?

Yeah last night I was supposed to do the "Priest" review, I got a little side tracked so I'll do it today. I'm on my way oy to Turrel, Ar so I'll have some keypad tapping time, not a lot but some.

Okay break in my blogging buffering

Turrell is done, so we're headed back to Memphis it didn't take too long, but its still the boonies. May eat lunch ain sure yet, the sunrise omelet from subway was pretty good. Yeah have to do priest, may start it as a draft in Blogger-droid then finish it on my desktop. This is random and discombobulated I know but its a quick shot. More to come

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Welfare Queen" Thou art Loosed

Just to get this out of my head so it's not rattling around all day, there is an article flying around from Psychology Today(in this case is was yesterday ;) but I digress) piling on black women and while I know my sisters are rightly enraged, I'm hoping it doesn't burn out too fast because this is just the begininng. See that article, it was a job application. Wait, a job application? Yup see in hard economic times(for the masses, not the mighty) while it would be more beneficial to make things better for the masses so that all could live better it's far cheaper and expedient to create or recycle some mythical boogie who's name and face everybody knows(or vaguely remembers) so that when you bring it up poor memory but "not wanting to seem uninformed" will buttress your non existent argument. Somebody is going to have to give those arguments some validity so they can't just be chalked up to hatred and bigotry, it always sounds more official when a learned person chimes in and agrees with your that or somebody who likes like who you are talking about in a less than polite manner.

People are hurting right now and for many it isn't their fault it's just that they got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe they did miss a few signs that could have helped them prepare a little bit better but they don't want to hear that, they want to know who to blame. They want to know who's fault it is they can't feed their families, and why all this time they put it "doing it the right way" isn't being rewarded like they had been hearing about since they were a little kid in school. And of course you already  had this GREAT patsy lined up too but all the sudden out of no where he opened his shirt and exposed that "S" on his chest and your reeling.

In support of the "30 day Erotic Challenge"

Now let me reiterate before we even get started "I am not personally participating in the 30 day Erotic Challenge". I'm good but I am not metaphorically gifted enough to do 30 days about sexual topics without using a cuss word. On top of that at this moment in time my "erotic offerings" number as 1(and that was more suggestive than erotic) as well as one in draft. So since I am woefully underskilled in this event I am going to point you to some ladies who are inspirations to me when it comes to blogging.

Almond Joy

Kween Kiwi

Mahogany Dymond

Diva Processor

Now if any of my other friends are also doing this I will either update this blog or add them in the comments later, trust me take a moment to read their offerings you won't be disappointed they have some wild topics set up for this challenge. Good luck everybody and enjoy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Contemplating on a quiet day

As is customary I haven't typed word one on my "Priest" review, no not even the title(though I will admit it will be a little cliched) doesn't mean I won't do it tonight I just haven't as of 4:45 central. Today was a lite day for me all I've done is dig up some crap in the shed, slap a card in a puter and let it run. We've just gotten a new "shop" computer, haven't transfered any data over to it yet but its just a matter of time.

I've done a little bit of "house cleaning" on my blog adding jump breaks to some of my screen eaters(and thus cutting down some of my feed sizes) and hopefully making my blog more reader friendly. I apologize like I said I kind of stumbled into this, yes 6 years ago I started my blog on 360 but even then I was catch as catch can inspiration as it came to me. I'm thinking of looking up the GN/Manga for priest to see what they cut out for the movie. Theirs was a slightly different take on vamps, not unpleasant some of the basic vampire abilities and weaknesses were still there just different. This isn't the review so I'll get indepth there.

Trying to keep this as a quick shot I've gotten a lot of views the last few weeks so thanks for stopping by.

Oh I've found my first "issue" with the "Official Blogger App" no drafting.  If I post it its posted, no pauses for HTML edits, picture placement, nada so it seems blogger droid still has its uses. If its a quick shot il do it here, if I feel wordy blogger droid til they update this one just glad it posts to my blog 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Devilish grin

Oh before I act all innocent on my way walking home from priest I happened to notice a gentleman walking up in front of me, he had to be a good 30 yards ahead of me, I only barely noticed him when I got to the top of the hill. Now me being me and a little competitive as well as to see if I could catch up without getting winded(and thus show me that this cardio is working). So I upped my pace a little bit and slowly overtook him.

The reason I am smiling devilishly though is a good 4 streets before mine(even though I took the long way and went around) I guess the dog still barking after he had walked past made him curious or something because he turned around with me about 8 feet back noticed me and then started stumbling. It has often been said that I can move with both ninja swiftness and silence sometimes and it seems this was one of those times. I played coy when he tried to get my attention and said "hmm oh sorry I had my headphones on and was just playing my music" but in all honesty I did that on purpose, I was actually hoping to see him jump when I popped up next to him and then walked past. Yeah yeah evil I know, sometimes I can't help it though boredom sets in, I see an unsuspecting victim and what can I say the little devil wins.

And yes I'm terrible because if dude woulda fell I would have been laughing hysterically the rest of the way home

The Trailers for "Priest"

I was slightly gipped AGAIN by the Malco at Raleigh springs mall I only got 3 trailers for my movie this time. Priest had a few people in it, nothing like my 7 ish viewing of "Fast Five" which was packed for my dieing local theater but this one kinda looked like dandelions on the lawn people here and there. Amazingly I actually got my hot dog and a Blue and Red everything was actually ready this time, it's been so rare lately that I don't have to substitute green for one of my preferred slushie flavors.  Okay enough dallying here are the 3 trailers I saw prior to my viewing of Priest

On my way to the "Confessional"

Its a lazy sunday evening, dusk is setting in, the parking lot is empty here at the Raliegh Springs mall the carnival is over. I'm here to see Priest I got here early and brough cash due to the "Fast Five" credit card debacle. I don't want to miss the trailers again. Its T-minues 20 minutes and counting, I already purchased my ticket but im waiting on the hot dog and blue and red because I don't want the hot dog cold or the slushie watery. What can I say thinking ahead.

Do or die today

I'm determined now while I loathe watching movies on Sunday because it forces me to try and write a review during the week when my time is usually limited. But I'll suck it up, hell I might write the review tonight (breaking my usual reviewing tradition) just to get it out since I will have more time on a Sunday night than I will on Monday or Tuesday due to work.

Now if your wondering why I'm not at the movies now it's because I am watching game 7 between the Grizzlies and the Thunder. Now technically I really don't have a dog in the hunt anymore, I'm a die hard 76ers fan have been for years but Memphis is a basketball town. Granted it's usually COLLEGE basketball with the Memphis Tigers, but this run for the Grizzlies has been insane. Not saying that I am enjoying the game, I am a basketball fan and nothing I hate more that the "favorite son" treatement.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The more you know

As of late I have been feeling a little subconscious about the length of my posts when it comes to you know how you see them on the web when you first log in, well a little something I had been ignoring: the jump break. I know other bloggers who say after the jump, and I see it(of course USUALLY I have gone to their link directly so I rarely notice it) and I'm like umm what jump. They meant this jump

Plans for the day

As it is a normal saturday here at BTMS I'm off to do some system crap and hopefully not be stuck in the boonies til the crack of dusks butt crack. Now while I say this I know MOST Saturdays I am stuck in the boonies til dark(annoying) now I want to go see "Priest" tonight I'm hoping its going to be good.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bloggie are you ok

Checking out a few things and of course it wouldn't be life if things weren't going weird, thats okay though I will have time to figure them out and if this is still working until I get them fully figured out what can I say I will take my sweet old time to do it.

Not a lot to say more of testing the waters oooh I need to make a SLIGHT adjustment to a previous blog so BRB

First using the "official" Blogger app

Now I read the reviews, I know "glitchy" is supposedly an understatement when it comes to this app, I saw maybe two positive reviews. Most said it locked up, it mirrored pics, it crashed, it wouldn't publish. Basically by most peoples estimation it was "crap"(and that is being nice) but hey some apps work for some and not for others. But hey its the "official" app and hopefully its just like the official wordpress app(which I love) because that gives me some functionality that "Blogger-droid" lacks.

Today is hopefully a movie night, we'll see though, gotta see when I get done working. I'm also thinking of buying my "address" it seems .com is in use, which sucks but some others aren't, granted SOME of the site names were less than palatable. Its like" O rly" these are the "site names" you have as alternates, wtdta on some of them. I'll put them on WP so y'all can laugh too.  Well this is really another "digital toy" update waiting on the Boss so I can melt in the heat again (yay me).

Actually it went from hot to drizzly this is becoming super awesome day, aiight let's bed this and see what happems

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oops did I do that

Looking at my "Networked Blogs" page I noticed a huge goof. As I was going back through some of my recent "raw blogs" I noticed how HUMONGOUS some of the pictures had come out, messing up the whole flow of the page. Granted these were raw, I knew they were raw, many of them came from days when I had no electricity so that I didn't have access to puter or internet to resize them. Thing is that isn't the "goof", the goof was that after I edited said blogs I forgot to check the "post preferences" at the bottom.

What's "post preferences"(which understand if that ain the right name it will be edited out and I'll floating text said changed) you may ask, it allows me to choose the date and time a post will appear INCLUDING leaving a post to be added in to a previous months register. This is good if you just wish to edit typos and aren't doing a whole new blog. Now I have to go back and re edit posts and HOPE I can remember what days they were originally posted. Some were within the last few days so its going to be annoying but not impossible(especially since most of my posts DON'T have comments), but certain ones(like the warriors way blog) I know the exact date of (12/5/10 had to go back to that date too many times to answer responses on it, which was AWESOME).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whosoever holds this Hammer

The Uru Hammer, the original super weapon commissioned by Odin to be built for his heir. Forged in the heart of a dieing star, by the dwarven blacksmiths, infused with the Power of the All Father. And who wields this mighty weapon non other than the Odinson the Mighty


We open in the norselands upon a Village appear the frost Giants with their mighty weapon the casket. After freezing all the villagers solid and appearing to be on their way to conquer the planet earth and leave it a frozen mass. To help defend planet earth come the Asgardians lead by Odin himself. The war rages all the way back to the Frost giants home world of Jotunheim. The losses on both sides were many but in the end Odin defeats Laufey and takes the frost giants casket.

I blame it on the Grizzlies

I was trying to complete the Thor review but I turned on the Grizzlies game and as they are now in their second overtime its being put on hold til the games is over. Now the grizzlies have proven they can win one in OKC, can the Thunder win one in Memphis.

Make it now a 3rd overtime, wow and to think a rookie is running the point right now. Mayo is out, Conley is out both fouled out in the 1st overtime. It seems that foul shots are hard to come by for the Grizz lots of contact and ticky tack whistles for the Thunder but as its now 3 overtimes it seems the Thunder can't find a knockout punch. I guess it comes down to star power OKC are the new darlings of the league.

4 calls/no calls are the difference a Harden travel that was called as a foul, Durant falling out of bounds and it was called a foul, a lot of contact on the final Grizzlies possession of the 2nd overtime. As for what is now the final overtime quite a few push offs as well.

Series tied 2 games a piece. Can the grizzlies get hungry and win another one in OKC and win it in Memphis in game 6.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Trailers for THOR

X-men First Class

The characters I know from their powers DEFINITIVELY

Charles Xavier-Professor X. The worlds greatest TELEPATH(I'm capping and bolding that because somebody else may be stronger all around but this is Charles claim to fame), the man who runs the school, the man who began the X-men.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr-Magneto. The master of magnetism while he and Charles are great friends he sees the only path to the safe future for mutants coming from a different path.

Henry "Hank" Mccoy-Beast. Agility of an acrobat though surpising due to his huge size(though he seems a little smaller in this movie) Hank is one of the most intelligent men on the planet, especially in the realms of biology, physics and literature. Hank speaks many languages, is known to quote great authors at the drop of a hat and is a fierce fighter alongside his comrades

Emma Frost-The White Witch. While not shown YET in the trailer(nor in X-men origins-Wolverine) Emma is also a pretty good telepath in her own right. But for now we see her SECONDARY mutation the ability to become living diamond.

Sean Cassidy-Banshee. Banshee releases a sonic scream that can stun, incapacitate or physically harm his opponent. He can also use his ability to emit said scream to fly up to the speed of sound. He was an on again off again X-man and should be recognizable to most X-fans

Raven Darkholme-Mystique. The mutant shapeshifter mother of Kurt Wagner, "foster" mother of Rogue Mystique is known for espionage and deception. She is often seen as a companion of Magneto and normally in the X-world if somebody isn't acting how you expect expect her blue hide to shift in sooner or later.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A rarity for me

I'm sitting in the backseat as my youngest brother's girlfriend drives us to the movies. Now I've rode in the back seat with friends, I let the bredren have the front seat 9 out of 10 times when we ride somewhere. Dunno I don’t mind the back seat if its more then two people in a car I just lean my head back and zone to my music.

So as Lank flaked(you read this and disagree were you with us? No. Was is some flakey excuse, yes) but we straight sometimes life just works out. Thor is on deck even if SOMEBODY didn't check the movie times(he won't get plucked because this is his moment so I'll let him have it) but knowing malco there should be one at like 10 something and that's perfect for when we will get there.

*inhales A deep breath* Smell that it's officially summer movie season, I'm here about to enjoy it. And I love the first two movies of the season Thor and Priest(next week) I am so geeked right now, yes it was a long day but I should be good. As for the title, hmmm as its Thor I think the ONLY title that blog can have(if I like the movie) is Mjolnir's inscription "Whosover holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor".

Yes I will probably chop it at Hammer, but still some blogs come with titles given to you, Thor is one of them.
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Raw postings lately

Some of the raw posts you see popping up from me as of late are because I was doing it from my phone with no net access or power. Others are because I want it at least up first just in case there is an issue I'll fix it later.

Now for those wondering what I mean by "raw" is basically as is when created. Photos all clumped up at the top, no links, possibly no labels, no further info than what was in my head while I was tapping my keypad. I "borrowed" the term from the anime sites I'm known to visit. When an anime is first uploaded and no subtitles have been added the anime is posted with the caption *Raw*, that's a warning that if you don't speak Japanese or the native language of the show you just gonna have to wait. You can watch to see the action but you'll have no clue as to why things are popping off.

Lake Oh Come on we just got power back

This was the front yard last weekend. We were planning to go out and do some work on sunday but er umm there was no road. I was standing outside because there was flooding in front of the fire place. It was an interesting way to wake up sunday.

So after kitsune went outside and cleared the leaves out that were blocking the hole in the fence through which water escapes(and fell in the raging waters that went rushing from captivity) I decided to walk out front and see what the world looked like. And as you can see the world looked WAY different. Thankfully the flooding fixed itself after a few hours when the rain stopped but thus normal and Lake "Againy 'gain" photos. I wish I had my phone in hand in time to photograph the truck that rode up to hit the intersection and then realized "what intersection". The day was comical most of these photos were uploaded to FB that day and that was as far as I could go with it cause damn.

We had just gotten back power, just got back cable and whoosh here comes the next one. I think I'm gonna get more vigilant with taking pictures cause this year has had so many eye opening moments. I've seen a lot in 36 years, and yes I know I live in "the alley" but come on nobody has wished, hoped, begged or prayed for this much rain all at once. And if this is one of those "catch up moments" than for the whole mid south I'd like to say "Mother Nature Hold up Shawty we good, things are nice wet and feeling nurtured now". Whew I've seen what I thought was the Mississippi high before but this spring has opened my eyes for real.

But still had power, still had internet, just a little surprised to have "Lake front property"
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More clouds, more rain really. "You Suck"

Yeah this one is just a little something to clear my head as I look out at the skies emptying its bladder on us again. Taking a quick look at the paper it seems that some of folks have had to clear out of some spots in the midsouth.

As I've mentioned(but forgot to photograph) the "Muddy Mississippi" has been rather high since the storm that tore through and wiped out the power. Especially since said storm continued to bring more rain with it(Hell I think I'll blog last Sundays photos, especially of the cars and driveway) and while there were complaints previously of droughts and water shortages I don't think we needed it all back in like a month.

The areas around me are okay, but as future pictures will show anyday you can walk out to see a lake on the front lawn. And there really is only one face you can make when looking at Lake "But that's my Car" a cheerful smirk. Cause you ain going nowhere til that water recedes. As a matter of fact let me do that blog now, so stay tuned.
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The fine gentleman from Davis H Elliot

I know I mentioned either here or on wordpress that ever since the initial power outage and the the lack of internet or cable I've felt a little shell shocked. Well on the day we got our power back I had wanted to write a blog thanking the electricians out of Texas who got our little neighborhood back up and running

I took plenty of pictures, as we were hoping beyond hope that the evening would bring a return to normalcy:hot showers, a refrigerator, lights, TV, clean clothing, and AC. And the gentleman in the Altec trucks sporting the Elliot logos definitely did the job. They put up the new poles, strung them, replaced the fence they had taken down, tested their work and then, light.

My immediate next action will be my next blog adventures in cleaning out the fridge. I don't know about you but after 18 hours, food starts to be suspect, after 24, its a problem, and after 36 the only question is when are you gonna clean it out not if. 3 days and nights without power food was done I don't care if it was in the freezer it was already thawed out and spoiling.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's enough to piss off a goat

Me and the bredren(I may add a picture to this later if I can talk my mother into making them stand for a photo Muahahahahahaha, yes I will use my mother to further my blog. I'm the oldest that is only mildly EVIL) want to go see Thor tomorrow, Kitsune has yet to set up an e-mail so he can't complain on this blog about being forced to take a picture now that he's all anti social, now me and Lank(celebrating his 24th year last week) have never been to Imax before and were hoping to catch one of the Summer blockbusters on Imax. And with the way the trailer looked we hoped it MIGHT(y) be THOR(yeah yeah, marvel homerism in effect), but unfortunately DENIED, now maybe it will be brought to Imax later but for the sake of this blog I want to see it opening weekend(even if the review is still a day or two late. What I'm human) so we will probably hit the Paradiso tomorrow, unless Lank flakes and then I will have to try and hit The Malco 12 at the Raleigh Springs Mall for the last showing(at 7 something, seriously somebody needs to talk to them about that) Kitsune might join me he's a pretty good movie buddy, even if more mercurial than myself(and that is saying a LOT).

But Thor will happen tomorrow,  I mean I guess it sad really and being the oldest some of the blame could fall on me for us NEVER going to an Imax showing, I mean I don't really know where the Pink Palace Museum is and the regular theater was always so much closer especially for us tended to procrastinate souls. But I guess as a bonding moment we wish to experience the GLORY that is a 300 ft screen(I just want to say if I ever make it OBSCENELY rich, I'm renting it out for a few days to watch the full Star Wars saga and possibly Lord of the Rings, yes the rest of the tickets will be given to some of the local area schools so the kids can watch too if the teachers allow it, but I want to see booty kicked that tall). I don't really have a bucket list in life simply because meh I'm too random I trip over crap I want to do anyway, I've gone deep see fishing, been to Disney World a few times, been to Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Philly, NY, etc. I mean I guess I'm so used to just ending up places that I don't plan for it I just let it come to me. But this would be a good one, so hopefully one of the summer block busters this year(hmm maybe Harry Potter since it's the last and it has been epic) and to share it with my brothers would also be good.

So anybody out there been to an IMAX viewing, how was it? Any tips on how NOT to get a crick in my naked staring at such a huge screen

Hidden Treasures

In working with electronics every once in a while you find out something that completely changes your life that is a complete accident. One of those items is the Seagate Free Agent Goflex, now no it isn't the cheapest 1TB drive out there, and the drive itself isn't what is so awesome it's the base. See you can remove the base and get a standing Sata HD docking bay. Yes for 80 bucks(less if you are a reward zone member with points stored up) whether it be desktop or laptop if you have a sata drive that you aren't sure if there is data left over on you can just pop the top of the drive off from the bottom and boom the base is free to plop any sata drive on it you wish.

Now for those who don't speak geek Sata stands for Serial Ata or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment so if you have a computer that seems to be kaput but have access to another pc or laptop, and also just so happen to own a free agent go flex(with a base similar to the one up above) just patiently pull the base straight down and it should pop off. and look like so

Make sure you got your FUNderwear on

Look I'm probably botching the hell out of that line, but with the amount of money Fast Five made this weekend  I believe it is safe to say Vin Diesel and crew definitely packed theirs.

Fast Five starts out where "Fast and Furious" ends(you know I wish they would leave the sites for the old movies up, just for us folks who MIGHT want to link to them, just saying) Dominic Toretta is in a court room about to be sentenced to 25 years in jail. though Brian O'connor has spoken up for him and Toretta has helped to bring down a heroin king pin his favorite judge can't wait to throw the book at him. Behind the bus taking Toretta to prison pulls up 3 cars, one driven by his sister Mia, one driven by O'connor, I forget who was driving the 3rd car after pulling a bus escape that would make Reggie Hammond have a flashback they escape from LA and we see Mia and Brian pull up in the 70's Charger in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's here, it's here

Summer movie season has finally arrived(though Fast Five, review to come later, has already jumped out to a first weekend box office hit) and this weekend I'll be damned if the best comic company in the world(Marvel Comics, I'm a Marvel Maniac admitted it a million times DC homers suck it)  doesn't have the first official offering of the season.

Now yes I know summer doesn't start for a few more months but basically May is when kids start to get out of school, so from May til September Studios put out there(HOPEFULLY) creme de la creme, the best they have to offer in hopes of sucking up date, allowance and chore money from teens and young adults with plenty of spare time on their hands. I mean yes they love holidays, but a holiday weekend might give you 3 or 4 days with kids with free time, summer that's everyday. Friday's offering is Thor, one of Marvel's big characters yes I know he is from Viking Mythology but The Mighty Thor has been running since before I was born, and we all know the name of his mighty hammer Mjolnir(but not how to properly say it until much much later) because of Marvel. I'm hoping this is a big summer not only are new characters gracing the silver screen for everybody(marvel is sending forth Thor and Captain America, DC is putting the Green Lantern on patrol) we're also seeing directors use some of that good will they got by making previous blockbusters to bring pet projects to life(Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens). Of course the end of the Harry Potter series of movies is coming this summer, another Transformers, the guys from the Hangover are coming back, as well as a certain fuzzy panda, Pixar even has a new cars on deck(Screw cars where's the Incredibles 2 I wanna see Jack Jack kick butt) in other words if you have a DIME in your pocket the movie theater is out to get your butt in their comfy stadium seats.

I really am going to try to get to the movies every week this summer to catch all the new offerings. Thor looks good(even if we made fun of how the costumes looked at first), Captain America looks like it could be good but as I'm in my 30's forgive my skepticism Steve but I've had to grab the hurl bucket many a time for what they put out with you name on it. Transformers I am going to watch even if at the end of the released trailer it looks like they just let Prime be evil. How you kicking but all trailer long and in the last 8 seconds you get decimated, just a red and blue flash of decepticon butt kickery. Of course Cowboys & Aliens is on my list I get James Bond and Indiana Jones in the same movie, it's a 90's wett dream come true I mean no it's not Sean Connery but Daniel Craig has done a good job as 007 and well Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford. There are a couple of not so well known projects that I am thinking of seeing too Lank wants to see Real Steel, the robot ultimate fighting movie. While it looks okay, meh I want to see Optimus kicking giant robot booty.

There is also a new pirates movie this year it's supposedly a stand alone so we will see how that works out for them, the new Spiderman and Fantastic Four reboots are in the works most likely to premier next year. I've heard that there is another wolverine story coming out as well, so as long as the world doesn't end anytime soon there will be plenty of movies for me to go and see for the next 14 months.

Okay time to do the fast five review and welcome to all new readers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Trailers for Fast Five

You will have to forgive me it seems as of late the weather here in the mid south has been wreaking havoc in our lives, that havoc includes gipping me out of all but the newer Cowboys and Aliens preview on the movie Fast Five THOUGH, the projectionist did tell me X-men was supposedly also included.

Cowboys & Aliens

While I only saw the back half of the theatrical trailer this one seems to get more in depth into who everybody BESIDES Daniel Craigs character is and why they are fighting so hard against the alien menace. Now IF when I check this trailer on the site I see old strong Jawed indy taking and throwing punches I'm gonna be PO'ed at the credit card machines delaying my entry into the theater. It's cowboys, it's aliens, it's Harrison Ford in a freakin Fedora what more do you need?

X-men first class

I will not link this one because it's word of mouth not official.

Basically this trailer blog is gonna be a little skimpy because well I didn't see the trailers, but I did go to the movies and I can at least confirm 1 trailer for my fellow movie goers.

Next week summer movie season starts in full, lets hope it takes our breath away.

So supposedly he's dead

I'll weave my tail of my funny adventures on the way to the movies later, but it seems after 10 years, 2 wars, thousands dead and 2 presidents Osama bin Laden is dead. For the longest time he was a punchline, this person could find him, that person could find him. A few had a joke about him being Hide and Seek champion of the world. For a generation Osama Bin Laden is the name of the Boogey man, he or his subordinates are the ones who are going to come get you in the night. In the political discourse in this country because our presidents last name is so similar to bin laden's first there is a rather "quaint" poster that floats around sometimes that says "Obama Osama the differences is BS".

The pain and devastation that Bin laden introduced into our lives has been so far reaching that "before 9/11" became a catch phrase as to why we would never be innocent again, why certain simple freedoms we had come to enjoy were gone forever. For a while the events on that day united us and later divided us because not everything about the whole incident smelled right. But 1 group claimed responsibility for giving us that scar. And one man was the face of that group, Osama Bin Laden. He had struck at us a few times, but nothing every so big, so bold, or so successful. And the pain wasn't just that he hit us, no people had struck at America before, thing is we always got up and put you in the dirt afterwards. For the longest though he was not on that "we got him list", Saddam got him, Noreaga got him, Capone got him, looking back at that day if you would have asked me I would have said Bin laden would have been a dead man in a year or two. I figured he would run to ground but that we would not rest until the person who hit us so hard was a smudge.

8 years late but a smudge he is, the next question is now what. 2 wars are they over? Can our soldiers come home, those liberties we gave up because "things are different because of 9/11" can we get some of those back? Conspiracy Theories abound about what really happened that fateful September morning. And while the "head" of the snake may be dead this serpent is more hydra than boa constrictor. We have many more cells to break up, copy cats to rub out, and ambitious 2nds and 3rds in command who will hope to take his place. But we can now say this "take his place if you want to, but just like him touch us and justice will be served"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I just missed your Heart

The scene is a snow covered forest, you see grayish eyes looking out between some furlined hunting clothes. They appear to be watching some of the fauna in the area, a bow is pulled taut and she releases her arrow into the neck of a tall buck the runs off staggering across the field.

The young archer walks up pulls her fur scarf away from her face and says "I just missed your heart" pulls out a gun and shoots the buck in the head. After shooting the buck and killing it she pulls out her knife and starts field dressing it. Cutting out the intestines, heart, while she is cutting a voice comes over her back "You are already dead". The young girl seems angry they begin to fight, tussle, and wrestle while the young girl appears to at least give up a foot and 60 pounds to the taller bearded man she seems to be holding her own. Near the end of the fight she is on the mans back with him in rear naked choke, she seems to hesistate. The man throws her off and says "you hesitated, for that you can drag the deer back alone".

The young girl is seen trudging along with the large buck in a make shift sled, she gets home appears to have cut more off the dear and walks in to a wooden house. The man starts speaking to her first in english, then german, then french, and then in spanish. Where she asks perfectly "Father did you really expect me to snap your neck" in an exasperated tone.

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