Monday, February 29, 2016

Everything wrong with "Green Lantern"

It all starts with an oath, an announcement of a calling, a drive, a determination. Their power is will, and with this they proclaim it's power, is unwavering discipline, and the brotherhood of which they have sworn their allegance.
In brightest day in blackest night No evil shall escape my sight.Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!!!
They are the core, the Green Lantern core warriors who defend the 3600 sectors of the known(or at least considered under the jurisdiction of The Guardians of Oa) Universe. Now the name of this blog is "everything wrong with" and it was hinted at in my "We are the Core" throwback blog that was lost to some weird technological fluke. The sad part about Green Lantern is that the movie would have been just fine if somebody didn't decide the rush in the last 30 minutes. This movie was like a tall show cake or a sugar sculpture, it took its time, it had a vision, and it was trying to come on down to the presentation.... And somebody got antsy. I will cover a lot of what was right or at least serviceable first, while I haven't seen the movie in years the problems that it had still haunt me to this day. Because I really wanted this movie to work, even though this movie was delaying my ability to get a Deadpool movie(which, have you seen it DUDE when you get it right you get it right) it had the right actor, it had the potential to open up DC's movie universe to include other characters that Superman and Batman(which is sorely needed) and it would give more people a look into a pretty cool comic book character, and then the last 30 minutes happened. So lets get on in to it

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I made it a double(2/22/12)

Tuesday night since I had access to a vehicle, was off work on the early side and had a few shekels to rub together decided to hit the movies. This won't seem to new or out of the ordinary for most folks who read in 2010 or 2011 since I went to the movies almost every week. Unfortunately my normal movie viewing destination has closed and my old Friday habit of hoofing it the 10-15 minutes it was to make it there for the last show is no more.

So I went to the Paradiso, a Malco Theater(one of these days I'll take a pic of the sign) and decided to take in Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance. And as I got out around 9:30 I decided "hey why not go ahead and watch Safe House too, just in case my brothers Welch on movie outings again."  I wasn't paying attention but GR was in 3D and I don't know about the rest of the glasses wearing movie public but the glasses over my glasses always give me mild eyestrain and a slight head ache. It was much worse during the old "blue and red paper throw aways" days, now its not every but a few GR falling into the few category. So i forked over my 12 buck(my poor wallet) and sat through the flick, got 5 trailers, that blog coming soon, and watched the movie. Review MAY be coming later, afterwards since a showing of Safe House was coming up within a few minutes I hopped back in line a paid for my ticket(don't give me that*yeah right* look I actually have the stubs to prove it) and enjoyed the 9:30ish showing of Safe House. I got 5 trailers with each movie I'll try and get those in today and possibly clean my review slate up for at least 2012.

If you aren't having a good week so far, hey it's Thursday tomorrow night begins the weekend


I know Spirit of Vengeance pretty much buried the series, I forget if I did a review for it or not but I hated how they just tossed aside the Penance Stare it was awesome in GR. I understand that they wanted to show a little more conflict in SoV but you don't change what works. Safehouse was interesting, Ryan and Denzel put in good performances. I am cleaning out my drafts folder and this is turning out to be pretty fun. As I go through and show off either old blogs or old "blogs in the making" you will get a better idea of where I start or how I go about writing, I can tell you most of it is chaos, I will ask you to forgive my spelling errors in these throw back posts because I do that at the end and of course these are as is(thus why you got the blank "we are the core" Blog)

The trailers for X-men:First class(6/5/12)

I caught the 10:10 Showing of X-me:First Class last night, theater was packed even for that late showing, granted I was at the Paradiso it tends to get a lot of traffic anyway. So here's what popped up when the lights went down

Spy Kids All the time in the World

Jessica Alba as a retired spy


This will be a double post, because I think I started this and somehow it double saved so I have the one with the Link in it and the one without. I guess I never did the trailer blog for first class

The trailers for X-men:First class(6/5/12)

I caught the 10:10 Showing of X-me:First Class last night, theater was packed even for that late showing, granted I was at the Paradiso it tends to get a lot of traffic anyway. So here's what popped up when the lights went down

Spy Kids All the time in the World


Yeah this is the other one, I have no clue how I got two of them but I did, and somehow here they are.

I don't even remember what the other movies were that played. I could find the text I sent myself but again as is

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Well at least I'll be clean

I know, it looks like I'm OCD right(then again, they aren't really symmetrical are they) but while I was taking my sister to Rite Aid I remember, "Damn I'm out of body wash" so I roll in and what do you know, bogo don't know about you but two for one is right up my alley. What I didn't know was my sister was gonna be nice and buy me some as well, so now I have soap for who knows how long. My preferences are the outside ones, but hey free soap is free soap. I'm all about a clean booty and I hope you are too.

So now I am the king of body wash, I knew I wanted a bottle didn't realize I was gonna end up with four. Anyway this is a throw away blog, if you like Irish Spring body wash, and you live near a rite aid, and have a rite aid plenti card I say stock up. They have quite a few Buy one Get one free items. Otherwise I will create a real blog later. I don't know if I want to share my concerns about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie(which yes I have quite a few, I know I wrote that I wanted to see a justice league movie but I have concerns), I also know that I put up a TT blog about Green Lantern(yeah the one that got erased) and I actually want to go into what was wrong with that movie, because the whole movie wasn't terrible, Like Daredevil it had a lot of good going on with it, it's just some of the delivery that fell short. For Daredevil it still made quite a bit of money, for Green Lantern it was just a terrible taste in peoples mouths. I also want to get into my hopes for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, how I feel about DC picking a second Flash for their movies(and them not making it Wally West, that way you could tie the two universes together or hell make one Earth 2), my hopes for the Suicide Squad movie and what I think of the supposed Harley Quinn controversy.

Like I said this was just a "Hey cool deal going on til Saturday" type blog but I'll get to the real ones shortly.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's beginning to feel a lot like springtime

Which if the weather man is to be believed is a lie, because it's about to get cold again. I'm out here on the road and have a free minute waiting for someone to get done with a long line. I am a little groggy, a little tired, but I'll be alright. A little butterfly told me that "Race" was pretty good(The Jesse Owens story), so IF I can muster up the energy later I will go and check it out. I think another big comic book movie is coming up soon as well(no not May/august soon That's Civil War and Batman v Superman) I will have to check, thanks to Deadpool the bar for 2016 has been set reasonably high, which is awesome. To have a movie break 190 million, when A it was so unbelievably screwed up the first time you saw it on the big screen, B was in development hell for so long, and C given a shoe string budget to work with just wow.


The day turned out to be longer than a giraffes neck so I may put the movies off til tomorrow(don't you love when out of nowhere I just change directions), but my day is over (Yaaaay, *kermit the frog hands*) and I'll probably kick back with some fallout or rainbow six siege(or both). Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and that you find a way to get out like I probably won't

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hee hee hee, I almost forgot to title this thing, welp this will do it

Enjoying the great outdoors, okay no I'm not. I'm just outside the shed goofing off while allowing electronics to not be annoying. It's Friday, it's going to be a LOOOONG Friday. Me and the highways are going to get familiar again today, why cause life said so(I almost want to make that polysyllabic so that I could get a little "cause STONE COLD said so" going on, cause that used to be hilarious). This Friday isn't as major as last Friday, no immediate birthdays, no HUGE superhero movie openings. You hear that Deadpool has mad so much money people now have to consider what that means for the Comic Superhero Movie Genre.

No seriously, Deadpool has damn near quadrupled it's budget, they got 58 million to make it, blew past that by Friday evening. You know that Friday when the mean people made us wait an extra two hours to enjoy the extreme opposite of Fantastisuck, literally like there is an Ultimate comics joke, that invented a word, that perfectly described the last Fox fantastic 4 movie. And will they learn the right lesson, get COMIC FANS, who are talented, in the writing and directing field, GIVE THEM MONEY, leave them alone, AND RAKE IN STACKS AND STACKS OF DOUGH. And also Marvel, if  we could get a viral Spidey marketing campaign SIMILAR to Deadpool, no no fourth wall breaking but lots of: Spidey pops up, wise cracks at some annoying figure(bringing back DB Sweeney would be nice, hell put him in the Farmers commercial that would rock), mysteriously webs them up.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Comic Book movies I want to see made DC: Wonder Woman(2013, I forgot to copy down the date on this one) Throwback Thursday

Yes, I want to see the Themysciran on the big screen by her lonesome. Wonder Woman is one of the few female lead characters to have her own book and not require a male lead of similar or the exact same powers to take charge. Batgirl is an off shoot from Batman, Mary Marvel is Captain Marvel/Shazaam's , Supergirl is Superman's cousin most of them have the same weaknesses(though some were given such extremely lame weaknesses that calling it sexist is being generous) as their male counterparts but Wonder Woman has no XY peer in DC ville. Now especially in her current iteration(she has had a few reboots) her main peers are real heavy weights, she has strength, speed, and flight abilities similar to Superman, and her mind has been put on the level with Batman. Yes the paragons of the DC brand Batman's brains, Superman's strength and all within a curvy and yet steel willed body.

Depending on which Wonder Woman you were first introduced to she has gone from the JLA secretary(I will cite this later on in the blog put the knives and arrows away, I myself was surprised), to a pretty smile with some damn good reflexes and great lasso skills(Super Friends). Then you have the Justice League era(if there was one between it I will do more research and amend this in the piece either in this first overview or in the second my reasons why) Wonder Woman where she was the Ambassador for Paradise Island the Amazon homeland, skilled warrior, power house, with a pro female mindset. I don't want to call it hyper feminist or feminist because in a sense where she was from it's as normal as our patriarchal societal view, women were always in charge, they handled the majority of business, defense, and learning, men were around but for the most part they were for breeding. Now I am not forgetting about things that have been raised in the DC new 52(I understand that I probably need to update my former Justice League piece since the New 52 had just started and I had kind of gotten lost in it. I want to catch up and then give more details) but I will address that with other things like the Linda Carter live action TV series from the late 70's. While there are Marvel Female characters that she is similar to(strength, speed, flight) she is a lot like Captain America in the fact that a lot of her back story was heavily based in WWII. Add into that her attachment to Greek Mythology(it's still Greek Mythology even in the New 52, I wondered if they would switch it to Roman but I like that much of the adherence to her pre New 52 past). I am also fond of the new direction they have taken with Wonder Girl, and possibly Donna Troy/Troai though Donna has not shown up as of yet, but as I got through different books there are hints at a previous Teen Titans so she may be a part of that.

Knock Knock, is this thing on?(4/8/13) Throwback Thursday

I looked in the mirror and I am not liking what I see lately. And no it isn't that my weight has yo yoed up and down again, pfft I ate those pastries, drank that soda, coffee, and parked my ass in the drive thru at those fast food restaurants. That I can deal with, what I can't is that I have had a few things too say over the last few weeks and you know what you have gotten out of me? A big fat nothing.

Now yes, this weekend I have a valid excuse: The flu, so even last nights erased offering still falls under that purview but I only had the flu for 4 to 5 days(actually may still have it but dammit I'm tired of being confined to my room, walking around staring at the four walls and the sun coming through the blinds) not 4 to 5 months. Life is an active thing, until it is over for you it is constantly in motion life never stops you do. Even if I were to sit here in this chair all day, not voluntarily moving a single muscle I would still notice programs changing on the TV, time would pass, the fire behind me would either spark back up(making me happy) or it will continue to smolder, smoke and piss me off(Grrrr).

The why, really don't know probably just being human. I get in, I'm tired, I sit down and while my mind is unwinding instead of opening up my blog I just sit there letting the ideas brew but never adjusting the heat of the pot or pouring a cup. There are a few things I really want to talk about, Like Manti Te'o seriously people why are we letting the media and ourselves pretend what happened to him is NEW, ODD or even SURPRISING? Hello, are you forgetting about the girl who was Cyber Bullied by the mom of one of her classmates. How about the old joke that 90% of all women on the internet are really men? Let us not forget about multi user ID'd trolls. It's the internet a good half of the people who are on the internet are pretending to be someone they are not, but I will get into that later(I hope). The Wayne Lap(really don't care how his name is spelled) rant screaming for attention realizing that his gun manufacturing buddies are going to get a cut in the profit margin. I have nothing against profit, but ladies and gents if criminals aren't having a hard time getting their hands on


Obviously I have often had issues with take long hiatuses from blogging, As this throwback shows it is a constant fight I endure. Like anyone else if a malaise hits, I may just not sign in. Not that I have nothing to say, but I may not be in the mood to put the effort in to say it. 

I mean seriously, who hasn't taken a day or three and just said to hell with it. Well with me it can be weeks, months or years. As just like I am a "strike when the iron is hot" kind of guy, I am also a "don't force it to fit" type of guy. I hate drudging through anything just to say "I did it." If I don't want to, then I won't and we all will be better for it. Hell on my wordpress blog I had actually finished a story and just needed to edit it but completely forgot about it in draft. It's actually gotten a few views, warning It's adult content little kiddies need not read it, at all.

I'm not kidding, that really is nothing short of raunchy and it was just sitting there languishing because welp I just didn't get around to it. Somedays I just type the story out, how ever the words come out, and then PLAN to go back later and whip it in to some type of legible state. Punctuation, paragraph structure(which I really do suck at, but I at least make an attempt), grammar, colloquialism, dialect and even pacing if a story is just pouring out of me I will go back and add them later. I have a few friends who come through and help me out. Tell me if my spelling is off(me and homonyms ain friends, nor are me and spelling sometimes. And my typos yeeesh), give a grammar critique here and there and for that I truly appreciate them. Some even help me to re-edit or re-imagine endings that I feel are tortured. Because sometimes a hard stop sucks, but a soft skid is amazing.

Anyway I actually have a few more throwback posts to get ready but this one I think is definitely relevant.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Walls, where we're going we don't need walls

10 years, 10 years it has taken to get this movie. 10 years 2 footage leaks, who knows how many trailers, teasers, viral campaigns and, lots of crotch shots later and we finally get


It's kind of funny, everything about Deadpool screams money and at the same time not big screen friendly. He's the lord of toilet humor, he's irresponsible, immoral, you know all those jokes people tell in quiet company? Dp screams them in the middle of a church with a bullhorn, WHILE lifting up the nuns habit. I'm kind of stalling, I won't lie the rules are simple I wait a few days and only talk about what is still burning brightly in my mind. The essence of the movie, the thing is the Essence of this movie was ripped from comic book pages. I literally lost a bet to Eikichi for something that really should NEVER have happened. It's a movie adaptation, as a rule, movie adaptations take those cool, chotcky looking, fun, inane items that we all fall in love with about any piece of pop culture and toss them away because they don't have time. Well the lie is they don't have time, honestly they just don't care it's about quick money and merchandising.

I had a few ideas on how I wanted this blog to go. I know I don't usually say more than whether or not

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trailers for: DeadPool

It's been a while, an I think I even have one of these in draft and make break it out for throwback Thursday, for those new here this is how this goes: I give you a clip of the trailer, tell you what I think about it, say whether or not I'm interested in seeing it(and if my brothers were at the movies with me their thoughts on if they wanted to see it), and then I move on. Now I don't know if the Dolby Atmos trailers were different than the regular trailers, but these are the ones we got down here in my viewing in the midsouth.

This doesn't mean I'm doing a review of Deadpool, it's just means I'm gonna give a trailer summary and a yeah or meh.

but without further adieu

Trailers for 2/12/16:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tonights the night

Watching the clock contemplatin mutiny
It's Eikichi's 27th(I think, my age minus irresponsibility, carry the one yeah 27) birthday and of course that means it's Deadpool day. From what I have heard so far it is a tremendous success. No I am not looking up other reviews or reactions yet, I tripped over some on tumblr of course, plus somebody spoiled the after credits scene(which may mean a certain X universe character with heavy DP ties may have already been cast). It seems to have been a Jeanine moment, and it could not have happened to a better character.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday, if you have a Valentine take her/him to see this and then if this isn't their cup of tea something else and have a wonderful time. I'm on the countdown clock, hopefully Eikichi hasn't been drinking all day(he claimed to have errands, but come on who does errands on their birthday?) I guess it would help if I looked up movie times. I'm a little pissed at Fandango it's only partially their fault I put in an alert for Deadpool months ago but our local theaters refused to put tickets up for presale before Monday. And of course by Monday I'm in "just get them at the theater" mode.

So if you see me at the theater wave, otherwise hopefully I am here Sunday with my brand of a review.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

We are the core(6/26/11) Throwback Thursday

In Brightest Day
In Blackest Night
No Evil shall escape my sight
For those who worship Evils might
Beware my power ... Green Lanterns Light

Green Lantern

Sequels vs. Remakes(6/18/11)

As "Summer Movie Season" is in full swing we are getting some new entries as well as a case of the "going back to the well/golden goose". What I mean by this are sequels and remakes, movies that either already have an invested audience or that were winners in the past and thus a new reimagining with an updated cash could wring a few more dollara out. The most successful character for sequels has to be James Bond, he may not always knock it out of the park but as for the entirety of my 30 plus years I have seen james bond movies being made (and I think Daniel Craig is the 7th or 8th bond now). The most successful Remake is probably Batman Begins with Star Trek(2009) being a close second(Kitsune feels that The Karate kid is a better remake then both). Enough of the preliminaries let's me go on and dig on in


Studios and movie chains love sequels because in MOST causes you have a guarenteed audience. If you fell in love with the characters the first time, even if the movie appeared to be a sleeper at first(say Bourne Identity) if it gets legs and people fall in love with the characters they will most likely come back to see them do it one more time. Usually studios lock in the cast for 2 or 3 movies in hopes that if it is a blockbuster you don't have to too much worry about scheduling concerns, renegotiations, or fan gripes about continuity(though a few recent sequels in the last decade have worked around that issue and come out mostly unscathed). The most popular sequel of all times and I don't think I'm going out on a limb with it I feel is :

Episode V the Empire Strikes Back
To say this sequel sucked in its fans and their friends, as well as shaped sci fi for years to come(hell scientists still to this day do "Debunking the science of Star Wars" shows) is such an understatement. Star Wars was such a moment in movie history that most people can remember their first viewing, as well as their favorite scenes.

Second is probably a newer film The Dark Knight. Now while the first one falls in the "Remake/Reboot" category the sequel was movie theater gold. It didn't hurt that Heath Ledgers Joker face paint became some type of political football with pictures of both Barack Obama and Fox News host Glenn Beck showing up as the
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This one was originally being done on either my phone or my tablet way back in 2011, I think I had the thrive back then but maybe not. SO it could have been on the Galaxy Note One, or even my motorola Backflip. Fun times. I may revisit this subject later especially with Even more remakes, sequels, and rehashes being released in the last few years. But whatever my thoughts were on this June day I never got back to finishing them. Yes I see the spelling errors that would have HOPEFULLY been caught when I finished writing and went to editing, but I am human I do miss things

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Behold the MorningStar

Finally Lucifer has been released from it's TV embargo, don't ask me what it is about faux religious people and their inability to control their urges but when I heard it got pushed back til 2016 because "a group of concerned citizens felt it made the devil look too relate-able," part of me said, "this is why you should read not THUMP your bible."

Seriously people, while I know the scary imagery of the devil sells well would you sell your soul to Golem? How about Pyramid head? Freddie Krueger? Jason Voorhees? Of course not, first the Devil used to be an angel, everybody agrees right? Then the devil USED to be the most favored angel, again everybody agrees. So other than the fact that if they showed you a handsome charismatic devil you would probably just sign up to toss the draws at him thus the scary visage do you not understand. The devil has a crappy job, we get it. He deals with all the dregs of humanity once we leave this mortal coil, who wouldn't want to dump that job? Hell most of us don't have a job even remotely as bad but if we have to deal with other people on a daily basis we are screaming Calgon take me away(does that even exist anymore, like when I was a kid that was every 5th commercial). So yeah the premise of the show is hilarious, the devil has called it quits, opened a night club in LA, and basically opened up shop to keep up his naughty ways

Monday, February 8, 2016

How you playin Fallout 4, but didn't play Skyrim

Eikichi hit me with that the other day, as if because a game uses the mechanics of another game you are committing some sort of Gaming blasphemy if you don't play them both. I mean I've watched him play Skyrim plenty of times, wasn't really my thing. Is it because I don't like bow and arrow or sword and sorcery games, nah. Seriously, do you not know how long I have been gaming I've seen damn near every game that came down the pike. Played most of them, like Dragon's Lair for those who thing Skyrim is all evil and devious with how it kills you dig the emulator up. That was evil, you didn't even get a chance to be in the fight sometimes you just turned a corner and *doh*. This is usually about when you got slapped in the arcade if a parent was around. I mean if you want to understand why your older siblings look at you on some of your death sequences like "pfft amatuer" this is why, when we say quarter eaters/vacuums THIS is what we mean. Somebody turned a choose your own adventure book into a game, sounds cool right. Then obviously you never read a choose your own adventure book.

Okay sorry, got sucked down the anger of games past moment, so to Skyrim first off it isn't online multiplayer, ding for me. While you can create stuff a lot of your creations aren't as fun in the sword and sorcery era(at least in gaming, flaming sword of ultimate evisceration sounds fun in theory but you don't really get it), where as I get all kinds of cool grenades, automated gun emplacements, laser rifles, gatling guns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, Gauss rifles, as well as machetes, swords, crow bars, and tire irons. Now yes if this game(or Skyrim) came out 30 years ago first it would have been a quarter vacuum(cause you are a death sponge, quicksave is your friend actually it is your master. Think I'm playing, aiight walk around that corner and fall to those zombie hordes after you had just found cool weapon number 15, leveled up and completed a mission if you want to(and yes I have).

Friday, February 5, 2016

Call of Duty:Black ops III

It's been a few years since I talked about the games I am currently(or recently) playing, and while I know I talked about playing the original(aaaaah my lovely and dearly missed crossbow, I knew you well) I skipped over the second black ops. This one is more of the same, but with the added twist of some of the mechanics of Cod(Call of Duty for casual and non gamers) Advanced Warfare, which I didn't actually play. I think at the time I was either CoD burned out, or else I just wasn't in the mood yet. Anyway kind of fresh off the presses(It came out November 6, 2015), I pre-ordered it, picked it up day one, did the day one software update(I don't know why every game has one now adays but they do) and booted it up.

Now I know I have mentioned it before but I don't really play these games for the story mode, some of them are fun, and nice, hell you can even get a decent understanding of how to play the games from them, but honestly I am here for on-line play. Both major systems have adequate multiplayer set ups so this isn't like X-box vs Playstation 2, regardless of system you can get your frag on. Anyway

I decided to do a more expansive blog about the Deadpool movie

Of course, since it is an R rated movie I really can't express my complete and total joy over here about it. So yes that means I am sending you over to my wordpress blog (like so) *ding*. Yes it may be a slight bit of self promotion, but I promise I added trailers and everything, you'll have fun really.

You don't even have to read anything past the Deadpool post, which thinking back I may have forgot to add categories too so I will be updating it shortly but that's it. You want to see something else on there go ahead but this post is Just about talking about Deadpool. I find Deadpool hilarious, I actually wish Disney Marvel would pony of the dough so we could get a Spideypool movie and trust me you want a SpideyPool movie. No no, don't argue you will thank me later, I know Disney is rolling in the bucks after Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America Winter Soldier, and Now Star Wars the Force Awakens, yall have dough and you have been selling Merch likes it's been going out of style buy back X-men give the fans what they really want:

Spider-man, Deadpool, Hulk and Wolverine all in a movie together. I mean if I had people who comment on my posts I could guarantee you it would be a deluge of "take my money NOW" gifs, memes, money tear emojis, and rawkus hallelujahs for something they didn't even realize they needed until I just said it was might be possible. But only if you do this for us Disney, isn't one of your theme songs "when you wish upon a star" unfortunately it's day time, then again it's night time somewhere and we are wishing

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I didn't mention it because I was hoping it would GO THE HELL AWAY(throwback Thursday 2014)

If you have been observing the weather channel as of late you will notice that the devil appears to be enjoying a nice long vacation. By that I mean down here in the midsouth hot is a damn understatement, it was 106 yesterday, let me repeat that it was ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES yesterday(yes for only like 2 hours between noon and 3 pm but ahem the 104 it was residing at for the rest of the damn day was no freakin' peach either) now I don't know about you but last time I checked this wasn't the Mojave and I was trying to enter the world of Rango. I know this used to be the doorstep to the old wild west but that was then and dammit this is now, Land of the AC home of the slushie. I shouldn't walk out my front door and immediately begin sweating like I just ran 2 miles.

There's warm

There's Hot

There's too hot

And there's "I'm not that idiot who doesn't believe in climate change, global warming or that we are damaging our planet so could you please quit playing and turn the air back on"

When charging ports go bad(throwback thursday)

As you all know last year I got the Galaxy Note one, a phone I love dearly(of course a few months after I got it the Galaxy note II dropped but that Motorola backflip was killing me), for work. The phone works great, everything I need to do for work I can do(granted when the Galaxy Note 3 comes out you will see a new hotness post) and have even shown my boss the beauty of doing more on the cloud using the phone(since he has one too). As an admission of jealousy Eikichi recently left the cult of Blackberry for a Galaxy Note 2 and he loves it so getting the three is a SLIGHT imperative since he can not have the faster phone. This is not to say that everything is hunky dory, most likely because of how I yank the thing off the charger, as well as beat up the cords the charging port is not working so well. I can get it to work but it requires a bit of ingenuity

Something new

It's Thursday, and while I'm not a huge fan of posting old pictures(mainly because a younger me was not too fond of taking them) I figure I could do something equally crazy, I could go through and post old drafts from this blog, as is. A few will pop up today

Whoop dee, who cares about a few posts that didn't make the cut right. Well that isn't really how writing works with me, sometimes it isn't that an idea didn't make the cut it's more that: I got busy, lost my train of thought, swore I would get back to it, and then a bunch of weeks passed and whoops you are forever languishing in the drafts folder.

The Lord of the Changa

It's February, for many that means you are scratching your pennies together and trying to take that special someone out on a date so that on March 14th you've earned that steak and BJ. No I'm not being cynical some of yall are really that shallow, I'm not saying I would turn down a nice thick cut of beef, or a mouth hug but I'm hoping to get those regularly(diet permitting on the steak). For the rest of us, it means a certain movie that probably seemed like a pipe dream, and sadly that some have grabbed the pipe over.

That's right I'm talking about Deadpool, no not the guy at the end of Wolverine Origins. That looked like Fox kidnapped a Mortal Kombat character and couldn't afford his speaking fees, yes I'm still bitter. This movie holds slightly more significance for me because one of the bredren gets to see it as a birthday present. It's close enough to his birthday that this time he isn't just mooching a movie(yes he has done that before, no I don't care if he reads this and gives me a dirty look). Deadpool being who he is, usually sparks a little bit of controversy and of course this time is no different.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Once again into the breach

Hi, once again it's been a while. Something about blogging from a tablet wasn't appealing to me. I had a keyboard for my tablet I just never used it. Kind of like my Sketchbook program for my tablet.

Plus I cracked the dang thing, twice. Yes I said twice, new super hero movies are coming up and hopefully I get to go see most of them. It's February so if you don't know what movie is coming up, shame on you. I actually do plan to give the DC movies a chance, will reviews be coming, who knows. I gotta be in a certain headspace to do reviews, plus I have to fight against my need for perfection. Which is why my last few reviews didn't come out before my previous blogging device gave up the ghost.

There will be no jump with this one, I don't EXPECT to type that much this time. I've got two blogs I have been neglecting, and I don't know about you but that takes a special amount of negligence to ditch two blogs, but hey I ain no quitter. For those who checked in my absence thank you, hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment, complain about my writing style or even my subject matter. I'm not gonna change a single thing but I will respond

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