Thursday, June 2, 2016

I think we can all agree, the third movie is always the worst

This tongue in cheek exchange between Scott Summers and Jubilation Lee(yes, I know her ACTUAL full name, not just what they call her. Granted as she is a vampire now I may mumble it under my breath minus Blade's gear) as they walk out of Return of the Jedi may prove to be a bridge to far. It's meant as a shot at X-men: The Last stand, but if these box office numbers hold it may also apply to the THIRD in the period X-men movies. From the initial "Not a reboot" of the X-men movies they have been taking a story arc/graphic novel from famous X-men lore using it as the movies title and then warping the Teams, story lines, and driving forces to try and tell more cohesive and compelling X-men stories. In X-men first class, we were introduced to The Hellfire Club, Emma Frost, and Sebastian Shaw. Well technically RE-introduced to Ms. Frost because for WHATEVER reason she as a young girl was in X-men Origins:Wolverine, with her Diamond powers instead of her telepathy, because:to hell with continuity. First Class took place during the 60's and the Cuban Missile crisis, with Charles Xavier, Eric Lenshurr, and Raven Darkholm amassing a team of potential young mutant hopefuls trying to learn how to use their powers, and Stop Sebastion Shaw from ushering in WW3.

In X-men Days of Future Past we are shown a Dystopian future where due to a decision made by Mystique in the past, all mutants are damn near exterminated. This one is the CLOSEST parallel to the comics, and also the best received. As we all know MOST marvel stories are huge crossovers which basically have characters bumping into each other, causes chaos that someone else has to clean up, read about, or at least be inconvenienced by every day or so. The funny thing is, Fox actually owns the rights to Fantastic Four and COULD have done a more faithful adaptation, but the one they did is fine. Yes they send Wolverine Back instead of Kat(no longer Kitty) Pride, and there is no Rachel Summers, but since Wolverine is as old as dirt it's not a bad idea to use him for your period movie as the Time traveler PLUS it gives you a look into who Logan was while he was staying as far away from other mutants.

And now we have Apocalypse

It's a few days late

As the trailer blog came through on Sunday I guess its to be expected that everything else would be late. Excuses i could make plenty, Memorial day weekend, trying to hit  2nd prestige in Call of Duty:Black Ops III, manning the grill Monday, or even just enjoying the long weekend. All of which are things that I did, but it's done now so *happy dance happy dance*.  One of the issues is that since I was on a blogging hiatus when First Class and Days of Future Past came out I couldn't compare the Movies to the story arcs/graphic novels the titles came from. So of course mentally I tried to do that first so I had to revamp that blog, then I had just spent like an hour an a half writing out that one so after editing it and deciding to break that thought process into 3 pieces. I had to go back and write a review for JUST Apocalypse not the entire soft reboot.

So yeah, I finished it up last night so it will pop sometime this afternoon because meh why the hell not. Also June 6th is almost upon on so it's "Spoiler Review" time, that will probably be on the press. Mainly because I do want to gush about how great a movie civil war was and not have to watch my language. So as always thanks for stopping by, reading, and enjoying my random offerings, pull up a chair, have a cuppa, and gone ahead and speak up, I d't bite much.

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