Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breaking in the new toy

 as we all know I recently got a new work phone and while I have mostly used it for work I have tried out some of the new features that I found in it. As my youngest brother has a note 2 and the program isn't on there I want to talk about an app called Sketchbook. Sketchbook allows you to take your S pen and basically drawn on the screen like it is a piece of paper. It gives you quite a few different "writing" utensils to choose from and even some photoshop like brushes. Which is right up my alley, a few years ago(around the time I got the targus case for my laptop) I also bought one of those old composition books, oh you know the one. If you're steadily inching closer to fogeyhood(shut it), it was one of those splotchy covered black books with the wide lines every teacher wanted you to have(that you would RARELY freakin use. That could have been video game money teach) or currently multicolored splotchy covered book. My plan was to write, sketch just do whatever came to mind while I was going about my day and fill in the book so that I could come home and transfer it to the blog or keep working on it later.

As my blog has been mostly empty for the last two years that OBVIOUSLY went swimmingly. one of the main problems was that while I wanted to do stuff with a pen in my hand I usually didn't have a damn pen. And those books I borrowed from the library, yeah I didn't have half the art supplies I needed to attempt the drawings and you can only go so far with a pen and and number 2 pencil. So that was such a screaming success that I kind of forgot all about it.

I'm a strike while the iron is hot kinda guy

I know some of my posts can seem kind of moody, thing is they don't always reflect my actual mood. I may just get a thought and let it play out, it can be somber, it can be cheerful, hell it can be all over the place. The thing is if I don't at least write/type it out then who knows when it will circle back up to the surface, I have issues with that. Having a great idea and then allowing the monotony of the day drive it out of my head and completely forgetting about it.

Hell I may start typing out a post, get to a point where the thoughts have run out of gas come back and finish them later. Some ideas have more gas then others, if I am near my laptop or a computer I just might let them play out I just ain sure. Hell I try to tag the damn posts sometimes but since my mood may not fit the post my mind is like ummmmmm which way did he ......

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Mirage

I see it there, I see the tops of it's gleaming parapets over the next rise
It's bright lights gleaming seductively, calling to me, just a few more steps
Sometimes I think I can make out the name, a fuzzy H maybe is that a P I think I see an S too
My lungs burn with the effort
My legs on fire, jellied by my constant trudging
I'm this close though, I can swear I hear the hustle and bustle
Mr Softee tilting address
The sounds of summer, giddy children
Dogs are barking, cars humming and life continuing on
my windburned face and sun baked visage an unnoticed stranger
I'm on the road not yellow bricks but blistering asphalt
but that's progress. First it was dirt, then gravel and now pitch
already I imagine the errands I am about to run
first I need to find a comfy seat with some good food
a tasty beverage to kick the dust bunnies out of my dehydrated throat
You know a new pair of shoes would be nice
as trust worthy as my current foot wear has been it is just as travel weary as I
I can make out the sign better now
I almost thought it read peace but no
It reads happiness and I am almost
the wind blows dust into my face and I sneeze violently
my eyes close and my head starts ringing
I wipe and open my eyes ready to continue my joyful thoughts
only to see
to see
a ghost town laid out in front of me
I still hear the sounds, I even have the smell of some good pie in my nose
but the town I am on the road for is no longer happiness
happiness it seems is still in the distance
this town is despair
I look around me, blink a few times, even shake my head in case it is a trick
My feet still ache
the jello attached to them wobble slowly forward
and my lungs belch dusty pain
but I do not have time for despair
I started this walk to happiness and dammit happiness is where I am going to be

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comprehension is the thing

I don't know if any of you have notice, but the farther I get away from something mentally the clearer I see it. Now let us make a few things crystal clear, for what I saw of the NFC championship game I thought it was the worst officiated debacle I had seen in quite some time. Hell right before "the play" I was in a hang out with some friends talking about how if Kaepernick did lead that comeback he would be legend(even if you don't win the Super Bowl come back victories like that are discussed for years, 4th and 26 anyone?). So honestly I thought the game was going to go a different way

But then, as happens so awesomely in football, a player made a play. Not only did he make a play but he found a way to make it when he looked out of position, beaten, or even a step late. Richard Sherman deflected the pass in the end zone that Earl Thomas intercepted. The Seahawks won the game and then all hell and stupidity broke lose

Monday, January 13, 2014

the once and future case

I mentioned I was gonna get a new otterbox for my phone and here it is
Now there are differences and similarities between my first and this otterbox. The similarities are of course they are bother pretty damn snug to the phone, which I like. Also with the new thinness of the GN3 the otterbox case really doesn't bulk it up to much. just like the case for my note one it comes in 4 pieces

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New work phone part Deux

It finally happened, kind of hilariously actually. The ONE time I do not attempt to juggle catch my Galaxy Note One when it is knock out of my hand I don't hear the tell tale *clack* but a somewhat muffled *crunch*. I know there is a post on here a few years back showing my Note 1 in it's Otterbox, and I sung the glories of the Otterbox case. And still will, I mean back in the summer I dropped it off the top of a 12 foot ladder into some turf and it survived unscratched. Well the phone was unscratched, the case has slowly but surely been showing the wear and tear of being owned by me. The difference between this time and that is simple, any Otterbox user will tell you the ONLY weakness in the case is that if you catch a corner in the center the phone is toast. as you can see from the picture it's got a big white scratch in the center. so after a few days of mourning(I really did love that phone, it was finally beginning to show it's age) I had to figure out what I was gonna do next. I have two phones for a reason, after 7:30 I'm not picking up my work phone for anybody. I like to keep business and personal firmly separated. So since I didn't want to start giving out my personal number to clients for anything, they meant I had to get on the ball about getting a new work phone.

Now if you have read this blog lately you know my birthday happened recently(yes I broke my phone AFTER my birthday, aaah the irony of life) so I couldn't just turn around and put up some puppy dog eyes and be like "it's my birfday could you please buy me expensive piece of technology so that I might geek out?"

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I don't know what you heard about me

But ya can't get a

I'm not actually listening to PIMP by fiddy but it is going through my mind right now. New year, same ol me, same attitude, same stable convictions, and damn sure the same guy who used to run his mouth a lot on this here blog. Things I don't do though are New years resolutions, I mean if you ask me I can whip up a list of things and CALL them new years resolutions but they are really just plans that I already had in the works. I am not downing anybody who makes new years resolution, I have plenty of friends who do and they seem to be pretty good at keeping up with them.

My thing is since I do tend to thing to much I always go along with the whole "if plan a-d or whatever letter I got to didn't work let's start with the next one." I feel that each new year is a new chapter in your old book, not a completely new book and as such I were to completely start over I would get lost. I mean how the hell did I get to where I currently am? Am I lost, or am I late for some appointment, how did the last book end? So yeah new chapter and whats up with this chapter hmm let's see

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yearly House cleaning Blog

ugh, I can't believe something I used to do all the time is now like pulling teeth. I mean I actually already had this blog half way written and I deleted it.

Okay time to put that 30+ word a minute typing ability to use.

2013 what the hell was I doing

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