Friday, January 28, 2011

Wild and wacky day

I began my day with an early service call and a customers site where basically it appeared that his computer had died, I take that back it wasn't appeared the computer refused to boot up at all, it ignored his hard drive, his cd rom drive any attempt to use that PC was met with a system reboot. I removed the cover, and the extra airflow allowed me to boot to the CD-rom but not boot to the hard drive, so I did a visual inspection saw some bulging capacitors and gave the customer the bad news. I tried to reboot it again in front of him no dice.

Now like many of my customers this man was a muslim(he says devout, I'm just restating what he said I'm not judging the depth of his faith), he pulled out his prayer beads, told me that with the current economy he could not afford a new system, or even a refurbished one, and that if there was anything that could get him an extra 2 months of this system working he would gladly spend the money it took to get a new system in 2-3 months.  He had said that before with empty hands, but now that he said it(as well as a vow to his deity) with the prayer beads in his hands I rebooted it one more time because he asked me to, I even removed my boot disk as not to stress the system any, and

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leery site titles

Ladies and gents I deal with PC's on a damn near daily basis, I've see all kinds of bugs, trojans, viri and malware. USUALLY said culprits are dug deeep down into sub folders and are stored under fake names, misspelled names and coopted directories. It's also usually difficult to figure out where such insidious programs came from I mean rarely is somebody gonna name their site or pop up "computer destroyer as soon as you click here".

But on the off chance that you are the type to see the "long walk tour of the worlds shortest pier" sign and still sign up, just remember about ol' Curi and the cat okay. I mean come on "Foobar" aka Fubar, as in "Tango and Cash", as in F'ed Up Beyond All Recognition. I don't know what writer initial thought up that term but I remember how quickly it spread, everybody loves saying "FUBAR", it fits soo many situations perfectly. So if you in anyway name your site "Fubar" I'm not visiting.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy day in memphis

What can I say, they promised snow and they were right. And its a nice few inches too unlike the "Christmas Day dusting", of course some folks would have preferred clearer less treachorous weather. That ain what we got for the moment I am sitting around don't know how work is gonna go today if at all but im washed and dressed two layers of socks on(doesn't feel like enough though).

Okay I've joined tumblr another in a long series of joins to be able to keep up with and talk with friends, especially some of my 360 crew. After some deep think I decided to make it an NSFW tumblr. A few times I'm gonnsa say or show some off the wall things and I want the freedom to do so, so if you stumble upon it dont be surprised if you see my hairy sack(because I actually do have a post involving my currently hairy sack I'm going to shave them later) it may just be up there.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Riding around the mid south

While this wasn't my first stop of the day it was the first place i actually put any work in at(i think i will edit this later since blogger droid dont believe in autotext). Im still driving but as both techs are together i dont actually have to work at every site some sites im more chauffeur than tech.

So what have i been up to working, a littlr drinkin, a lot of flirting, havent hit the movies since tron, which if you look at my last 2 months is like whoa. But its been cold and i havent really hit my 2011 stride yet. So ill still be scarce as i try to get myself back into the swing of things.

Oh speaking of getting back in the swing, both "Season of the Witch" and "The Rite" look a lot cooler with some of the new TV trailers that have come out. Im actually thinkin of trying to go see "witch" tonight. Depends on the temp when its time to leave. Hell i may drive there type up yhe blog and then go in the theater cardio be damned its cold and i hate the cold. I may do a "E-mail vs. Blogger droid" comparison discussing each from the other medium later.

They both have their benefits and detriments, granted im still a rookie on this here droid. So E-mail is gonna have an unfair advantage(though just like for E-mail this does have a leave as draft setting, problem is i leave them as draft too long) but i do know enough about both to give my general thoughts.

Still havent done a blog about my new phones yet, ill probably do that one the same as the other. The Bold review from the droid and the Android review from the berry. Okay enough of my random thoughts for now il check back later
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Hey folks I know I haven't been blogging much this month mainly it's because I have been doing most of the driving in the new year. I get most of my blogging in from the passenger seat or when I have a free moment at a site, not too many of those lately.

Momentous occasion though *blows vuvuzela* 2000 hits so yeah to those who have come through. Yeah hit off running thus I am scarce for now, but as last year showed it never lasts long. This is actually my first blog from the desktop in a while. And I want to thank a good friend of mine for @msjaydubya for the electric blanket I love not having icicles for toes anymore.

This is another quick blog so said "Hi", marked the 2000 visitors, and now often to take my vitamins, wash my rear end and head back to work.  Need to work out tonight too I actually had gotten myself down to like 260 lbs and now I've blown up to 285 again it's called lack of motivation. I'm never in denial about things like that I know when I'm just feeling lazy and worn down. Thats what the vitamins are for, hopefully I get can myself back to a more level feeling, need to drink more water too.

So anyway happy new year to those who have yet to read one from me, I hope you aren't being like me an dragging ass, get after your goals the sooner you start on them the further along you will be before you run out of gas(I'm already out of gas I have slowed down yet, I'm just trying to get either my second wind, a tail wind, or POSSIBLY coast to the crest of the hill I see the sign for the gas station just gotta get there).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first of the year

Good day my fellow netizens lend me your eyes and spare me a keystroke or two, a new year has begun I hope the year finds you in good spirits and if not that tomorrow you find your reason to smile(mine is many miles away).

So its 2011 I wonder what this new year will bring, the last one brought some good memories, some cherished thoughts and a few heartbreak(yes I have a heart). I'm doing this one from blogger droid so i can continue to watch the "Doctor Who" marathon, I love this show I've watched the show off and on for years. I have a few BBM buddies who like it too.

I know I have been scarce since I went to see Tron:Legacy, I didn't fall off the face of the earth i just wasnt in a big bloggy mood(capricorn perogative it happens). Blogs I've skipped:Birthday blog, Tron blog, Christmas thoughts(this one covers new years). No real clue what I want to talk about yet so *bows* for now this is adieu
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