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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Lazy Blogger's 2018 trailer Master Post pt.1

Yup, you see the title I still do what I always do at a movie: I buy my hot dog and EITHER the accompanying cup(I got Chewie AND Han for solo. Deadpool and Avengers were sold out DOH) or else a blue and red mixed slush. I then silence my phones, make my posts to social media, and THEN I wait trailers to roll across the screen. I type the title of each into my phone and send it to myself so that IF I so decide to blog about the movie or the TRAILERS of said movie, then boop I don't have to rack my brain. I haven't done them in a while BUT I still know what trailers went with what movie and have the lists, which of course does provide me with an interesting Opportunity, this MASTER POST.

Yup I can go through put up the trailers attached to each movie, and THEN say if said trailer was repeated at all in any of the SUBSEQUENT movies I saw later in the year. I will figure out how long to make this and exactly how detailed. I MAY include a different trailer if a later one dropped or I might attached a different trailer later on in the description with the other movies the trailer played in. Now most LIKELY movie I saw the trailer in will come up later since I have been going to the movies all year long which means movies I have seen recently were probably preview in movies I saw earlier. Nothing wrong with that, hell may actually add to fun... So without further adieu...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Movie Trailers for: The Dark Tower

It has been a rather good Summer Movie season so far, I have been to the movies at least once a month this summer which is why it is kind of sad I haven't done a single movie review this whole time. I am trying to get my life together I swear but at least while it is a few days late I am getting the Movie trailers post out for a RECENT movie for once(woohoo), I may go ahead and do spoilerrific reviews for the older movies(if I can get around to them) while taking more time with Dark Tower. I hear it was the number one movie over what was the SLOWEST weekend of the summer, probably stings. I mean, it is a Stephen King movie, but if you didn't choose to read the books it may not have the name recognition as some of the others.

Enough about the movie itself though, that (hopefully comes later) this is about the trailers of which there were 5, hmmm I actually think I left one of these off of Spidey's because I wasn't as shocked at seeing one of these trailers oh well, I will fix it this time. Without further ado

The trailers for Dark Tower

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Primal's "L.A.H" Movie Trailers: Spider-man Homecoming

You had to know I was going to see this one, Spider-man is one of my ALL TIME favorite comic book and cartoon characters, I have DECADES of fandom in the webhead. So of course I went, Opening Night too(that was Eikichi's doing) and we all had a blast, Smooth didn't make it(or am I calling him MonkeyHand today since he didn't show up hmm) I know I have heard SOME people trying to call the Web Heads Marvel entry a flop it's been a month and has made over 294 million it still has some legs so 300 million is well within his grasp over 600 million world wide, it has also made more than each of the PREVIOUS Spider-man reboots(The Amazing Series) unadjusted for inflation of course, I think tickets were a dollar or two cheaper back then. So I am wondering if that was just wishful thinking, or were they trying to sell the super hero fatigue narrative and spoke too soon hmmm.

Anyway this isn't the Spider-man review this is the trailer review. Unlike the PREVIOUS Entry only one of these movies has come out(Dark Tower) and I will check it's opening weekend shortly. But enough with the stalling

The Trailers for Web Head

Monday, August 7, 2017

Primal's "Late as HELL" Movie Trailers- Wonder Woman

Needless to say, most of these movies are out, some have bombed, some are still on the way and the movie review WHEW that is so far in the ditch but I will try to get my behind in gear and pump these bad boys out. Since these are late I will add a little extra commentary for SOME of them. I was just in a blogging funk and couldn't get out of my own head for a little while. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer movie season so far we have gotten some good movies, a few movies have underperformed GREATLY(two are on this list) and we still have a few to come.

It was a nicely packed theater for the first Lady of DC comics, and most of us enjoyed the movie to the fullest, these were the trailers that greeted us way back on Opening Weekend(Before she raked in almost 400 MILLION dollars). If you haven't seen it yet "baby what is you doing?" We have to support the GOOD DC movies so that they realize who not to hire(People like Zack Snyder or Brian Singer) in the future, we love these characters because of THEIR stories, sometimes the director's VISION needs to take a hike. If you want to make a movie with a specific cast but they  won't give you the budget for it, that should tell you something BUT I digress so without further ado or stalling by me: Your Trailers for Wonder Woman(2017)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(delayed)

Yes, it is Friday. In case you are wondering we saw GotG V2 on opening weekend, I just was out of it this week. So yes, the trailer post is late, the movie review is late it's just a whole round mess. We are gonna get through this though.

Over there at the Malco Paradiso we got 5 trailers with Guardians, 3 sequels, on Tie in movie, and a period piece. The period piece looks crazy and depending on what else comes out around it I may or may not go see it but the other 4 are all on my list for 2017. Enough stalling, here are the five movies let me know what you are interested in.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Trailers for Power Rangers(2017)

Yes, yes we went to go see the Power Rangers no it wasn't as fluffy as the after school TV show, we did enjoy it but of course the review comes later. This is the up and coming movies for the rest of the year, there were some animated numbers, we had a fantasy offering, a "kids/coming of age movie" but enough of the Jibba Jabba here are your trailers

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Trailers for Logan

Yesterday was an early day for the movies, as the previous post states Eikichi had a baby sitter for Saturday, Smooth was trying to fill EVERY second of the day with "structure" and I was just trying to see a movie dog. It was almost a complete disaster, Smooth was late and Eikichi was grouchy but we got the movie in the review for which is now due Tuesday(two days, even for a Comic Book movie). It was a relatively packed theater, the lack of an after credit scene may not generate the need for constant rewatches like Avengers or even Deadpool did. That ain what we here for right now though.

So here they are your 4 and a half(I'll explain at the end) trailers/coming attractions I often wonder if they are the same for everyone or if it's just random but it all begins with those fateful guitar licks

Monday, February 13, 2017

The trailers for John Wick Chapter 2

Today is Eikichi's birthday so we had an early movie day. We went to see John Wick(and if you have Amazon video the first one is on sale for 5 bucks), I was a little late again(traffic and watching Legion, I apologize) so I didn't catch all the trailers and Smooth being who he is refused to tell me what he saw(cause taller siblings act like that). So for this Sunday February 12th of 2017 these are the trailers I got at my theater.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl 51 movie trailers

Since I personally feel I shorted you by not giving you all the trailers for Resident Evil the final chapter(plus the trailers I did have save one I have already discussed) I have decided to look up all the Superbowl movie trailers and talk about them. I don't know what I am going to find, I don't know if they were all awesome but I do know there seems to have been a lot of them.

Yes this will follow my normal format of "Title of the movie linked to the trailer, followed by a short bit of personal commentary" so, you ready? Let's get this popping:

Transformers: The Last Knight

I don't know what it is with Micheal Bay and killing off everybody's favorite Transformers but it seems like he is at it again, and this time it looks like the world's favorite VW bug turned Camaro is in his sights. We may finally get the answer to why Transformers keep coming to planet Earth, unfortunately it seems our favorite human saving Autobot has decided he ain for us fleshlings no more. That's right ladies and gentleman Optimus Prime appears to be in league with the Big Bad this movie, that is if he ISN'T the actual big bad. Something is talking to him about redemption so I think he is being mind controlled doesn't matter though if he is roasting his fellow autobots on a spit. Optimus you better than this Bro, I know Micheal Bay is telling you that you have to do it but nah dog don't go out like this.

The Trailers for Resident Evil The final chapter

Due to a series of extremely unfortunate but hilarious events I got to the movie theater later than expected. No seriously it was like something out of a cartoon

  • I couldn't find the car keys
  • I had to give the dog water
  • I get to the gas station because I was on E, I got the slowest teller ever
  • I get behind a car and even though no one is in front of him 10 miles under the speed limit
  • Did I mention he finally sped up when I went to pass him
  • I go to park and somebody can't decide if they want to leave or stay
BUT I got there, I made it in time to see a few of the trailers before the movie(probably would have seen them all if I sacrificed my blue and red but traditions must be upheld) and here I am to tell you what I saw and what I thought about them. So without further adieu I made it in time to catch 3 trailers and they were as follows

Monday, January 23, 2017

Trailers for Underworld: Blood Wars

Welp I made it to the movies on time, huzzah as such my movie was of course underworld review to come in 2 days. I got 5 trailers with Blood Wars a decent smattering of genre's and I also got to see that SOMEBODY forgot when springtime started because Sleepless is out in theaters now but the trailers all said spring(unless somehow someway the MIDDLE of January became Springtime).

As for this set of trailers 3 could count as sci fi, one counts as a Video Game movie, 2 count as monster movies, 3 can count as Horror movies, and 2 are newbies I never heard of before with interesting looking casts. I know some of yall are doing the math saying, "he said 5 trailers, how he get so many of each type?" Mainly because a lot of these movies are cross genre and as such you could go see them as a few different types of fan. But without further adieu the first trailer after the jump

Saturday, January 14, 2017

My favorite trailers of 2016

2016 was an interesting year for movies, we had a lot of blockbuster I believe 2016 was a record breaking year for the movie industry(I know Disney made it to 1 billion faster than anyone else, granted they did have Zootopia and Civil War to start out the year with), it also saw some monumental flops, as well as the first flop that technically made money, but disappointed almost everyone who watched it. As such you know what interests some people in a movie: A mean trailer, like if you can sell your movie in a trailer that might lead you to a decent opening weekend. My favorite trailers technically weren't in 2016, they were the Deadpool trailers and 90% of those were dropped in 2015. We also had an interesting trailer war going on between Marvel and DC, I think Marvel won the MOVIE war this year, I definitely know Disney did, Civil War, Finding Dory, Zootopia, Rogue One and I am sure I missed a few(Since everybody has under studios that count towards their year) but I think DC had a few good trailers too, especially for Suicide Squad.

Now to do this list I am not just going to talk about every trailer I saw, that would be too easy. I am going to go through the trailers that I saw in theater of course you are going to wonder, "how is he going to remember all of those movies?" Well for those who have been reading this blog for a while you will remember my method for doing the trailer blog before the reviews I text myself the trailers for each movie I see during the year. So I am going to go through each movie text, rewatch the trailers and then decide which were my fav's for the year. And yes I will do them just like I usually do the trailer blog by linking you to said trailer. Now it may or may not be the first trailer but I will try and give you the one that really got me hyped for the movie.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Trailers for X-men: Apocalypse

It was a weekend of a major movie premier so me and HALF of my siblings went, somebody had a baby to watch. Oh well. Now while TWO movies came out Friday night but I only went to one(and as Ninja Turtles comes out next week the other May 27 movies may have to wait til video), and while I don't think I ever owned the T-shirt you know I always Make Mine Marvel. So I went to go see another "new continuity" X-men movie, as you may have heard these seem to be period pieces now. First Class was the 60's, Days was the 70's, and Apocalypse takes place in the 80's.

BUUUUUT before every movie you get trailers to tell you what movie you SHOULD be coming to see in the next few months so that the theaters and Hollywood need them duckets. X-men Apocalypse had 5 trailers, some I had seen Elsewhere, one Marvel Trailer, and a few I had already seen. I know I am a day late with this(I usually do it the day of, but I was really close to prestige 2 on CoD so ahem yeah I did that) but without further ado here we go

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Trailers for Captain America:Civil War

On this fine Friday evening we got 5 trailers, from all over the spectrum of movie delights. Some remakes, some new offerings, some sequels but all before Captain America:Civil War. Most of these trailers I have seen on youtube so I will dig them up for you and as always give my thoughts as to whether or not I think the movies will be worth seeing and if the trailers intrigued me at all.

In case you ever wonder I put them in order of appearance, not worst to best, favorite to least favorite or vice versa. How ever they came at me while I was in my seat is how I give them to you. So without anymore stalling(because at this point it really is becoming stalling), your movie trailers:

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After the total fail of Friday nights movie going attempt I used my fandango app to go ahead and buy us 3 tickets to see DC's latest offering, and hilariously enough somehow DC got TWO Marvel Previews before their movie. Now I am slightly upset that I still haven't seen any teasers for Doctor Strange but I guess I'll just have to wait til the heart of Summer movie season, I mean it comes out in November yall can't hold on to it much longer. Since we didn't go until Saturday night I will have to rush through the review on Monday(cause I have a jobby job). You got 5 trailers before Batman v Superman, Warner Bros got two in there, Marvel got two in there and then well let's stop stalling.

X-men: Apocalypse

20th Century Fox's SECOND Marvel movie this year, their first one is a smash hit(lol) and this one hopes to follow in it's footsteps. It is suspected that the first mutant was born thousands of years ago, and that people treated him as a God. He had 4 horseman that traveled with him everywhere, and he believed that ONLY the strong should survive. Charles Xavier now has a new class of mutants, that he has been training to help protect the world, but he was searching for man made or mutant threats not Godlike ones. Can Charles Xavier and his students possible defend the world from this awesome power as well as a few old friends, and possibly some new ones.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Who ya gonna call, now

The new Ghostbusters trailer has officially dropped here's the link. So obviously the question is, what do I think. It looks like it will be funny, but it kind of looks like a parody instead of a full on reboot. Like silly things happened in the original Ghostbusters movie, but they took capturing paranormal phenomenon seriously. If I'm gonna to be honest, two skinny white women, one chubby white woman and a black chick okay yes it looks like the gender bent ghostbusters. Since none of the names are the same I am a little disappointed that they aren't the daughters of the originals, a passing of the torch would have been nice. Even some sort of tortured legacy(see what I did there, oh come on Ghosts, tortured legacy, whatever it's funny) that the only pick up because the city is in danger would have been a nice romp. Doesn't mean it won't be good, just means its not the sequel/reboot I was hoping for so far.

Now I'm not naive, I know that most of the more recent reboots focused less on being serious and more on making fun of the source material. And the last movie to try and seriously recreate the original(Man from U.N.C.L.E) had lukewarm success at best, I don't think it was because the source material is bad. I think it was because you needed to make it more in line with the times, actually upgrade and modernize the characters, if people wanted to watch the original that's what netflix, amazon prime, hulu, and a million other streaming services are for. What they can't do is pull a Bourne Identity out of their butts easily, the director of the Bourne Identity was brilliant, we were once again hearing tell of shadow government programs of rendition, black ops programs, and possible brain washing. So instead of rehashing a cold war story and putting it on the screen verbatim they tweaked it a little. Even the A-team movie(which I feel should have gotten a sequel) gave you the team, a few of the old cast members, and a story that was believable if a little over the top(which for the A-team is par for the course).

Can these ladies handle their proton packs, maybe and honestly I hope so at first blush it isn't terrible but as a fan of the original I really wanted them to go ahead and admit:This has happened before, things kept going on, but now we have some new blood in the game. The actresses involved(that I know) have been pretty good in past movies, and they might even have good chemistry onscreen(which the original cast had in spades, granted they had worked together in who knows how many movies), but can they be good in this role, treat it with a level of respect AND make us laugh at the same time. I mean they started off with a sliming, and the "every crack" joke was decent(wasn't out of the park, maybe a swallowing joke or a ectoplasmic pregnancy test joke SOMETHING, you got ghost splooged run with it), and it was awesome to see Slimer again.

I plan to see this movie, I want this movie to be good, I want more Ghostbuster movies. They were fun, they were silly, and they were something you and your parents could enjoy without one of the other having to spend half the ride home explaining "what were they talking about" I want to scream GHOSTBUSTERS when Ray Parker Jr. comes on, but at least with this first trailer you don't have me completely sold. My interest is still piqued, but I'm not checking fandango yet for ticket preorders

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trailers for: DeadPool

It's been a while, an I think I even have one of these in draft and make break it out for throwback Thursday, for those new here this is how this goes: I give you a clip of the trailer, tell you what I think about it, say whether or not I'm interested in seeing it(and if my brothers were at the movies with me their thoughts on if they wanted to see it), and then I move on. Now I don't know if the Dolby Atmos trailers were different than the regular trailers, but these are the ones we got down here in my viewing in the midsouth.

This doesn't mean I'm doing a review of Deadpool, it's just means I'm gonna give a trailer summary and a yeah or meh.

but without further adieu

Trailers for 2/12/16:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trailers for Chronicle

Wrath of the Titans

As a sign of ULTIMATE AWESOMENESS for this movie the official site didn't want to work for me, yup that's right, they have a site, it is up and I can't see anything but the 3D advertisement for Divx. I'm not big on this movie only because the premise and the name sound a whole lot like the Percy Jackson
series of books. The basic premise as shown in the trailer is that the Gods are losing their powers and the Titans are returning, so since the Gods can not do it they need the Demi Gods lead by Perseus to defend the world against their assault. SO Perseus once again grabs IO and a rag tag bunch of other demis to show the Titans what for and hopefully save the day, because by being half human the demigods may be stronger then they think.

Now yes I know it took all 5 books for them to get up to the actual God+Demigod vs Titan War, but it was still the Gods plus their DemiGod children versus the Titans, and oh what do you know there is a son of Poseidon on the quest too. The trailer looks to have a lot of action in it, many people did not receive the first movie too well but it did make enough to warrant a sequel so this one might do well, I just think they should have found a different premise. They are other quests the could have undertaken, I mean Perseus is a son of Zeus couldn't they have him undergo some kind of trials of Hera, could he have assembled the Demigods on a quest to restore humanities faith in the Gods? I liked the first one I will probably like the second one, that just sticks in my guy a little that it seems that ripped off the running plot from a teen fiction novel minus a few character and plot points that would have been chopped down in the movie anyway(as a lot of them were chopped down in Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief) but enough going off on this movie, it's only one of the trailers I saw Wednesday night(yeah yeah I got side tracked).

21 Jumpstreet

Ladies and Gentleman I like Channing Tatum, I like Jonah Hill(I still need to see The Sitter), and as both a rap and movie fan Ice Cube is the man, I hate this movie. No I'm not giving it a chance, I'm not saying this because I was a huge fan of the show, meh it never really appealed to me even with Holly Robinson in it and Johnny Depp. The show looked interesting but the movie looks like a train wreck waiting to happen, it's almost like the said "hey we have this old TV show that did kind of okay, and while we haven't had much luck with movie to TV translations at all why not brush the dust off this one and give it a shot?" I am not saying the premise is unbelievable, I know plenty of people with young faces who could pass for high school students, I know plenty of places where some intervention may be needed when it comes to curtailing the flow of designer drugs in the schools, and I am sure the police would love to have some eyes and ears inside. Unfortunately the Hollywood approach is making this movie a farce, I don't buy either of these guys as high school students.

And the worst part about it is JONAH HILL IS FAMOUS FOR PLAYING A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, hello SUPERBAD that's where I first saw him, dude was hilarious he sold the kid who was amongst that whatever percentage of people who drew pictures of big veiny penises. And it introduced us to McLovin(come on twitter you know how many times you have used McLovin as a TT) come on now how can you take a guy who has the whole awkward outsider thing on lock, straight typecasting no matter what he tries and turn him into a joke in his signature role. And Channing Tatum is playing a jock role, that should be a cake walk too and he looks ridiculous, how could you screw that up? I mean how can you take two people who should easily be able to handle the roles and at least in the trailer make it completely un-entertaining, that has to be a talent, a skill, you had to mean to do that. Jonah's movie The Sitter had me dieing to see it, I just didn't get a chance, yes I called it "Adventures in Babysitting the redux" as a compliment, that was one of the movies that was a cult hilt when I was younger. It was that type of silly, mindless, unexpected fun that create cult classics so them remaking it isn't a bad thing in my mind nor something in that same vein.

Oh yeah the premise of the movie:two young undercover officers are sent to 21 Jumpstreet to go undercover in a high school to find a new designer drug that is making it's way around the campus. They get into ridiculous hijinx as they have a hard time fitting in as high school has changed so much in the few short years since they graduated.

The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is a child of The Seam, the 12th district on the outskirts of the Capitol. Everyday she climbs under the fence to hunt with her long time and partner Gale but today is a special day it is the day of the Reaping. Today all children between 12-18 will be gathered together and 1 boy and 1 girl will be selected to enter the Hunger Games. The hunger games is a gladiatorial contest where 24 children a boy and girl from each district fight for survival in a tournament for the pleasure of the Capitol. For Katniss this year was the worst ever her sister 12 year old Prim was selected, each year you get one entry and somehow against all the odds Prim's name was selected and the only way Katniss can save her is to volunteer in her place. And now Katniss has to enter the Hunger games and hope to survive against all odds with a boy who she must kill but really doesn't want to.

I loved the books and I hope to love the movie to. As I have already done a review of the Book I don't want to mix the two together so I am gonna leave it off here, I can't wait to see this movie and hope it can at least capture the heart of the books.

3 Stooges

This movie follows the Hijinx of Larry, Moe and Curly 3 brothers who were left on the steps of an orphanage as children and are now out making their ways in the world as grown men. Yes this is the movie adaptation of the Slapstick comedy troupe from the 1930's-1960's, unfortunately reading the synopsis they are getting sucked into the reality craze I was kind of interested in seeing this movie but the trailer and the synopsis killed it for me. Hell color me crazy but the whole "to save the orphanage where they grew up" plot sounds a lot like the original Blues Brothers, without the good music or the funny.


They went out looking for our beginning and what they found may be our end. Prometheus is a prequel/reboot of the Alien series once again we are about to find facehuggers, spitters and aliens on a distant barren world. In space No one can hear you scream

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Trailers for Underworld Awakening

John Carter

An arena in some desolate location two beings are brought into an arena filled with a blood thirsty crowd. One is a tall, green, four armed alien, the other is an athletic man with scruffy brown hair, they are chained to a rock in what seems to be some sort of punishment/execution. A 6 legged beast is let loose and the brown haired man jumps at least 10 feet in the sky and moves like lightning. He lands grabs and weapon and slays the beast in one blow, his name is John Carter he is a stranger to this world but it will not beat him. It seems John Carter is from Earth but found his way into some strange new world, John has landed in the middle of a war, that he did not start but he seems fully equipped to end. The green four armed aliens may have thought they had a captive, but now they know they have a Champion.

Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance

Johnny Blaze is a former stunt rider who lives with a curse, no not alcohol, drugs, or women no his curse is the spirit of the Devils Bounty hunter, the Ghost Rider, who is locked within him and pulling at his very soul. Johnny has sacrificed a lot to bear the spirit of the rider and keep the devil from using him to hurt innocents but now he faces a big challenge. The devil is looking for a new form in the body of young Danny Ketch, and if the rider doesn't save him he will become the Anti Christ. So once again on his Hell Bike the rider is coming, and all those in his path will know no mercy, they will feel wrath, they will feel pain, they will know penance and they will suffer vengeance.

Resident Evil: Retribution

I want to say I love this trailer, it isn't long it starts off looking like a Smart phone commercial and ends with Alice kicking major butt as she fights off the zombie hoards and takes the fight to the Umbrella corporation(AGAIN). It seems that a lot of the characters from the game(in the actual outfits) were shown in this trailer. Oh I did find the "Official Sony Site" here, I guess since it doesn't come out til Sept they haven't really fleshed it out yet. Hoards of zombies and zombie hybrids, Alice and her friends and lots of innocent humans trying to escape and lead a normal life. Unfortunately when the rest of the world is full of zombies, exactly what is normal anymore?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Trailers for Conan the Barbarian

Red Tails

The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black fighter group in the history of America who fought during world war II. This is not the first movie about the Airmen, but this does appear to be the first big screen telling of the tale. The name of the movie comes from the fact that the pilots painted the tails of their jets RED so that when people wondered what squadron escorted their bombers to their targets and backs you would know with absolute certainty who to ask for. In the end credits of the original movie it claimed the  332nd fighter group never lost a bomber, which has been disputed and it is said that the 332nd lost 25 bombers over the course of their missions which was an equally impressive feat as compared to their white counterparts. I don't know but I am putting both numbers out there out of fairness, it was an inspiring story then and hopefully it will continue to be in this new telling.

Since Lucasfilm is involved I know the special effects will be spectacular and I hope that the story matches.

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