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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Primal's "L.A.H" Movie Trailers: Spider-man Homecoming

You had to know I was going to see this one, Spider-man is one of my ALL TIME favorite comic book and cartoon characters, I have DECADES of fandom in the webhead. So of course I went, Opening Night too(that was Eikichi's doing) and we all had a blast, Smooth didn't make it(or am I calling him MonkeyHand today since he didn't show up hmm) I know I have heard SOME people trying to call the Web Heads Marvel entry a flop it's been a month and has made over 294 million it still has some legs so 300 million is well within his grasp over 600 million world wide, it has also made more than each of the PREVIOUS Spider-man reboots(The Amazing Series) unadjusted for inflation of course, I think tickets were a dollar or two cheaper back then. So I am wondering if that was just wishful thinking, or were they trying to sell the super hero fatigue narrative and spoke too soon hmmm.

Anyway this isn't the Spider-man review this is the trailer review. Unlike the PREVIOUS Entry only one of these movies has come out(Dark Tower) and I will check it's opening weekend shortly. But enough with the stalling

The Trailers for Web Head

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm not that guy anymore

James Howlett has had a hard life, it is obvious he is old but in his waning years all he wants to do is drive his limo and collect his pay. Unfortunately his nap is cut short by a few young hoodlums trying to steal his tires. He stumbles out of his car, and tries to ask the men to leave the car alone that they are just going to strip the chrome lugs somebody pulls out a shotgun and shoots the goofy looking old man.

Now NORMALLY that would be all she wrote, but surprisingly the old man stumbles to his feet and asks the young men to stop again. Well if we can't shoot him, let's beat him up. And that, my dear friends, is where they messed up because that shaggy bearded, weird haircut having old man used to go by ANOTHER name there are a pair of dog tags sitting somewhere that say Wolverine. And while the song warns you about tugging on Superman's cape it should also have a verse about pissing off the canuckle head. While baseball bats are weirdly clanging off of his flesh and bones a visceral growl can be heard and out of nowhere a slow sickening *schlikt* can be heard. Adamantium claws are loosed from their sheaths and men are sliced into like butter. One looses a leg, another an arm, and the survivors run from the crazed beast who appeared out of some beaten down old bum.

James then gets into his cab and drives to pick up his riders for the evening, some old Gambler, Some young men partying out on the town, a bachelorette party, and in the morning a funeral. While he stands away from the mourners a woman runs up and calls him by that OTHER name, Wolverine. He doesn't know her and goes back to his latest fare, telling the patron "I don't know who that crazy lady is, she confused me for someone else." Later on, while sitting in front of a hospital a strange blonde headed man hops into his car to ask him some interesting questions and calls him by yet another name:


Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's movie day Bub

Yes you read that right, movie DAY. Eikichi obviously has a hot date tomorrow so he asked that we go to the movies today, and Smooth is trying to jam everything into his Saturday possible.  So we are headed to go see Logan for the 4:30 show, like literally the second this posts I am headed out the door to get Eikichi. In the age old parental tradition of dumping your child off on the grands so you could get a moments piece the Moose(my nephew) is out with his grammy most likely terrorizing both his grandmother and aunt. He is a ball of energy, and that is probably an understatement.

Anyway I'll probably do an in/at the theater post if not you know movie trailers will be up tomorrow and the movie review SHOULD be up Tuesday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My movies of 2016 pt. 2

As you can see the first half of my list had up and downs it was almost like if I watched a good movie the next one was crap. Now I didn't plan it that way(because NO ONE plans it that way, who wants to waste money on crappy movies), in the second half of the year though I had much better picks granted I didn't hit every movie I planned to hit but I got 3 good ones and one decent one. It was much better than the movie that culminated the last list but it wasn't the high point of the second half of 2016.

2016 also see me hit the drive in again for this first time in years, which redeems the drive in because if I'm not mistake my last drive in movies was The Hulk(yeah yeah get your HOOOOEMYGAWDS out of the way). It was a nice date night with an old friend and while the slush machine was a little bitter we enjoyed the movie, which was

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I think we can all agree, the third movie is always the worst

This tongue in cheek exchange between Scott Summers and Jubilation Lee(yes, I know her ACTUAL full name, not just what they call her. Granted as she is a vampire now I may mumble it under my breath minus Blade's gear) as they walk out of Return of the Jedi may prove to be a bridge to far. It's meant as a shot at X-men: The Last stand, but if these box office numbers hold it may also apply to the THIRD in the period X-men movies. From the initial "Not a reboot" of the X-men movies they have been taking a story arc/graphic novel from famous X-men lore using it as the movies title and then warping the Teams, story lines, and driving forces to try and tell more cohesive and compelling X-men stories. In X-men first class, we were introduced to The Hellfire Club, Emma Frost, and Sebastian Shaw. Well technically RE-introduced to Ms. Frost because for WHATEVER reason she as a young girl was in X-men Origins:Wolverine, with her Diamond powers instead of her telepathy, because:to hell with continuity. First Class took place during the 60's and the Cuban Missile crisis, with Charles Xavier, Eric Lenshurr, and Raven Darkholm amassing a team of potential young mutant hopefuls trying to learn how to use their powers, and Stop Sebastion Shaw from ushering in WW3.

In X-men Days of Future Past we are shown a Dystopian future where due to a decision made by Mystique in the past, all mutants are damn near exterminated. This one is the CLOSEST parallel to the comics, and also the best received. As we all know MOST marvel stories are huge crossovers which basically have characters bumping into each other, causes chaos that someone else has to clean up, read about, or at least be inconvenienced by every day or so. The funny thing is, Fox actually owns the rights to Fantastic Four and COULD have done a more faithful adaptation, but the one they did is fine. Yes they send Wolverine Back instead of Kat(no longer Kitty) Pride, and there is no Rachel Summers, but since Wolverine is as old as dirt it's not a bad idea to use him for your period movie as the Time traveler PLUS it gives you a look into who Logan was while he was staying as far away from other mutants.

And now we have Apocalypse

Monday, May 9, 2016

I have a dream, I want to see an Empire Fall

This is the year of the comic book movie, We are 3 down and we have 3 more to go(if you count Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who started out in a Graphic Novel). We have already gotten 3 movies from two of the biggest names in Comics, Two from Marvel and one from DC and this review is about the latest offering from Marvel:

Captain America:Civil War

The latest Captain America sequel is based on a comic book ark by the same name "Civil War" and for the most part follows a SIMILAR path. In the comics a villain named Nitro decided to explode next to an elementary school in Stamford Connecticut while in a "reality TV"style fight with the New Warriors. In the Marvel universe super heroes basically grow on trees, and it isn't exactly cheap so when one of the lesser known groups decides that they need an "edge" they decide to crime fight for the TV,(just like cops) bring along a camera crew, and duke it out for ratings. Unfortunately, thanks to Nitro, it becomes such a focal point that most of the new warriors as well as the villains who were with Nitro die(except for Speedball who's powers saved him) plus a bunch of innocent civilians including that elementary school full of children. In the Comics Tony Stark was ORIGINALLY in Washington DC to try and delay the Super Hero Registration Act, but seeing the horror of the explosion as well as a few angry parents who shoved pictures of dead children into his face causes his resolve to falter. It splits the super hero world in the Marvel Universe asunder, some heroes side with Iron Man as Pro Registration feeling that with some proper training, government backing for insurance purposes, and accountability while they couldn't prevent every disaster people would at least know who they were and realize that they were just regular people. Captain America on the other hand felt it was too risky, all those heroes who fought so hard to protect the public only to now have to worry about protecting their families. If you had a secret identity(which Technically Captain America doesn't everyone knows that Cap is Steve Rogers) it was for a good reason and NO ONE should be allowed to usurp that reason. While there were Many Avengers who sided with Iron Man the ULTIMATE tipping point in the comics was Tony Stark convincing Spider-man to unmask. In a Press conference Peter Parker reveals that he had been Spider-man since he was 15 years old, and that while he always tried his best he understood that his wearing a mask sometimes sent the wrong message.

It's a really good story ark and worth a read, but while there are PLENTY of similarities with the comic story Captain America Civil War is a beast all it's own. For a few reasons, one unlike in the comics where Marvel owns the rights to ALL of it's characters, in the movies they currently own HALF(thought with the deal with Sony and rumors of a possible deal with fox that HALF may become all) which still gives them a lot of leeway but they've only been making movies in the MCU for about 10 years so they really haven't had time to build up a 100 hero plus roster. Plus unlike a comic book or comic books movies have to be around 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and you really can't just pick it up and come back next month for the next segment. So without further ado

Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's here, it's here(5/4/11)

Summer movie season has finally arrived(though Fast Five, review to come later, has already jumped out to a first weekend box office hit) and this weekend I'll be damned if the best comic company in the world(Marvel Comics, I'm a Marvel Maniac admitted it a million times DC homers suck it)  doesn't have the first official offering of the season.

Now yes I know summer doesn't start for a few more months but basically May is when kids start to get out of school, so from May til September Studios put out there(HOPEFULLY) creme de la creme, the best they have to offer in hopes of sucking up date, allowance and chore money from teens and young adults with plenty of spare time on their hands. I mean yes they love holidays, but a holiday weekend might give you 3 or 4 days with kids with free time, summer that's everyday. Friday's offering is Thor, one of Marvel's big characters yes I know he is from Viking Mythology but The Mighty Thor has been running since before I was born, and we all know the name of his mighty hammer Mjolnir(but not how to properly say it until much much later) because of Marvel. I'm hoping this is a big summer not only are new characters gracing the silver screen for everybody(marvel is sending forth Thor and Captain America, DC is putting the Green Lantern on patrol) we're also seeing directors use some of that good will they got by making previous blockbusters to bring pet projects to life(Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens). Of course the end of the Harry Potter series of movies is coming this summer, another Transformers, the guys from the Hangover are coming back, as well as a certain fuzzy panda, Pixar even has a new cars on deck(Screw cars where's the Incredibles 2 I wanna see Jack Jack kick butt) in other words if you have a DIME in your pocket the movie theater is out to get your butt in their comfy stadium seats.

I really am going to try to get to the movies every week this summer to catch all the new offerings. Thor looks good(even if we made fun of how the costumes looked at first), Captain America looks like it could be good but as I'm in my 30's forgive my skepticism Steve but I've had to grab the hurl bucket many a time for what they put out with you name on it. Transformers I am going to watch even if at the end of the released trailer it looks like they just let Prime be evil. How you kicking but all trailer long and in the last 8 seconds you get decimated, just a red and blue flash of decepticon butt kickery. Of course Cowboys & Aliens is on my list I get James Bond and Indiana Jones in the same movie, it's a 90's wett dream come true I mean no it's not Sean Connery but Daniel Craig has done a good job as 007 and well Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford. There are a couple of not so well known projects that I am thinking of seeing too Lank wants to see Real Steel

This one definitely needed a little editing, but as we are almost to summer movie season again and the movies mentioned here have risen or fallen, I figure why not. By the time this posts I will have seen Batman v Superman, Civil War will be on it's way, and oh yeah DEADPOOL was already awesome. I swear if I could have only told me then that this day was coming. That Barrakapool would not be the end of our favorite Merc, that Ryan Reynolds would rise from the ashes of a failed Green Lantern movie to create Super hero movie GOLD. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Why Amazing Spider-man 2 failed

Talking to my friend BeLauriette earlier about all this amazingly painful "BvS Rants" that we stumbled upon yesterday got us to talking about comic book movies, reboots, and the myriad reasons why people think some of these movies succeeded or failed. And in the conversation we got to one of my favorite comic book characters Spider-man and the back story of how Spider-man went from just Spidey, to being Amazing. Let's be clear, I actually liked Amazing Spider-man 2. They got the characterizations of almost everyone used perfect, but it failed and it forced Sony to turn make a deal with Marvel to share the web head's rights but for a movie franchise that has made so many billions of dollars I think we all agree that Sony was forced into that decision. The question is why. And the answer is quite simple, impatience.

Spider-man 3 came out, and it was going to be Sam Raimi's last movie with the Spider-man cast. He had a good run, had a multi billion dollar franchise under his belt and COULD have rode off into the sunset not unlike Christopher Nolan when Dark Knight Rises rolled the closing credits. The problem is Raimi didn't want to leave, Spider-man was his baby and he wanted to stay on board. So he did the most petty thing in movie history, he killed off not only a good future villain, but the next potential franchise inn the same movie. I am a Spider-man fan with over 35+ years under my belt(yes I fully admit to owning Spidey PJ's and Underoos), I have seen MANY iterations of the wall crawler, his villains, and many art styles. I have seen him animated many different ways, Saw Tom Hammond don those awful tights, and even watched a few live performance versions of Spidey at the mall.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Do blind men bluff

For those of us with Netflix subscriptions this weekend has probably turned into a binge watching of the newest season of Daredevil, and a little treat once you finish:The teaser trailer for Luke Cage(series drops Sept 30th, 6 months really Netflix?). I shouldn't be dropping any spoilers by saying Kingpin, The Punisher, and Elektra make an appearance. I wish we got more than 13 episodes a season though, yes I know the shows run roughly 52 minutes no commercials but you can't give me 17 or 20 episodes? As we all know the series old Big Bad Wilson Fisk is in Jail, tossed in the pokey after our hero dons his costume for the first time. And just like last season, you may HEAR of a big bad but you don't really get to see him til 5 or 6 episodes in or did you. One of the things that I came to enjoy this season is that with Kingpin out of the way our hero finds it a lot harder to pin down who is or isn't really behind the strife in the kitchen.

Of course with the Punisher in town, we aren't just gonna be able to get out of this thing without some blood being spilled. Frank Castle isn't one for speaking softly, and his idea of a big stick is a .50 cal, a gatling gun, or anything that will put a HUGE hole in you. The devil of hell's kitchen may be an altar boy but he has some competition, or is it help in our gun toting vigilante. He also has issue with the visit of an old flame, especially when Matty is trying to keep his fledgling or more like flailing law practice afloat. He's got his best bud at his side, a pretty babe and a heap of trouble because it seems the DA is not to fond of vigilante justice and she is AIMING to do something about it.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hey Everybody

With these simple words Marvel has restarted their hype engine and completely stolen the Thunder from DC. Honestly, I know the thunder god  is one of their characters but this was supposed to be DC's month. No longer fighting Civil War in May, right after Deadpool's momentous winter opening this was supposed to be the sweet spot, but I guess Marvel wasn't in the sugar sharing mood. It also may hilariously be a shot at Joss Whedon, because having a trailer with:iron man, War machine, vision, black widow vs captain America, hawkeye, scarlet witch, winter soldier and adding in the black panther on Tony's side, Antman on Steve's with some awesome fight sequences can be considered an embarrassment of riches, that was honestly enough....

Until it wasn't, I already said this on wordpress but Tony Star screaming "underoos" was the cherry, pineapples and whipped cream on top of my already free awesome sundae. It harkens back to Tony's irreverence, it jokingly talks about Marvel's history as the home for spandex(vs DC's love for cowls and capes), and it allows the wall crawler to show up in a flashy, wacky, cocky, and ridiculous way. This is almost as awesome as Chris Evans pretending to be Loki, pretending to be Captain America. You take a tense scene and toss a fart machine in the middle of it. And it lends itself to such awesome parody, as both the webslinger and the merc with the mouth often do because what is a Spider-man or Deadpool cameo without some existential moment of either seriousness or ridiculousness.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mutant and proud (6/18/11)

X-men First class is a break from the previous X-men movies, yes there were explosions, yes there were special effects but no it wasn't this polished old soldier against old soldier slugging it out in the trenches type of movie. In actuality First class even with all the "line up" changes was like watching an Xmen comic brought to life. While Charles Xavier is the most powerful Psychic mutant first and foremost he is a TEACHER, he wants to help mutants learn to harness their powers and become not only masters of themselves but also positive members of society. All the other movies there may have been a classroom here or there thrown in, but the lessons seemed unimportant. It was as if they were treating them like you treat schools in other movies, the boring part just thrown in so that the kids can relate. While yes sometimes the mutant kids got bored with their regular school assignments Professor X wouldn't allow them to not equate one with the other. You actually get to see him taking each mutant past his fears to a more positive center.

Eric Lennshur is a complicated man, he was at the concentration camps in Warsaw. One of initial manifestations of his powers was seeing his parents taken away from him when they were separating the parents from their children. I think as far as raw emotion is concerned the scene at the beginning of X-men 1 where you see young Eric grasp the iron gate with his fledgling mutant abilities and be immovable by 8 Nazi soldiers before being knocked unconsciously was epic. So the fact that for X-men:First Class they revisited that scene and went in depth as to "What happens next". You wonder why Magneto hates humans(Thoooooough technically Shaw isn't human more on that later), how would you feel if just to see you special abilities again somewhere hurt a relative? I mean in X-men you just assumed the Nazi's killed his parents and while he didn't see how it happened it was enough to be angry. In First Class it no longer is a guesstimation you see how and why, you see his "Virgin Vader Moment"(yes I mean the scene at the end of  Revenge of the Sith NOOOOOO! scream) and exactly how much power his anger releases. You see the beginning of his quest for vengeance and his distrust of homo sapiens sans superior(marvel has been known to call mutants Homo Sapiens Superior) due to his dealings with the Nazis as a young Jew.
Read more »


I forgot I didn't finish this blog, I really did like First Class, no it wasn't perfect but it focused on more than just the relationship of 3 characters. It showed you that while powerful these people are still fragile, that their decisions aren't just straight, direct, and without doubt. I also like how they continued it in Days of future past, I don't remember Mystique being so prominent between Charles and Eric but they really are two brothers fighting for a cause in different ways. One looking at a more peaceful, steady, progression into a harmonies future while the other does not wish to wait. HE wants your action right now, he believes the slow way allows too much pain and if his choice is for the pain of HIS people or the pain of YOURS, yours can suffer until hell freezes over(which depending on if he has somebody mind controlling Bobby Drake may or may not happen quickly).

I love how they showcased Hanks intelligence, I don't think they really did Alex justice but it's hard to explain somebody's motivation when you didn't introduce it. Alex Summers is an orphan, to his knowledge a lone orphan and when his powers manifest he meets his older brother who is already this awesome super hero. Alex and Scott summers are one of the best Sibling Rivalry stories out there but since there is no Scott there really can't be a full Alex. This movie's Angel was a push, Darwin was a semi let down. Seriously the dudes powers are that he can evolve to survive anything, as a matter of fact if the Hulk is coming he evolves teleportation powers and gets outta Dodge. The bad guy played by Kevin Bacon was perfect, I liked their Emma Frost even if somehow she becomes a member of Magneto's Brotherhood instead of the leader of the Hellfire club.

Anyway rules are rules I still have fond memories of this movie and I might revisit the series once Apocalypse drops

Monday, February 15, 2016

Walls, where we're going we don't need walls

10 years, 10 years it has taken to get this movie. 10 years 2 footage leaks, who knows how many trailers, teasers, viral campaigns and, lots of crotch shots later and we finally get


It's kind of funny, everything about Deadpool screams money and at the same time not big screen friendly. He's the lord of toilet humor, he's irresponsible, immoral, you know all those jokes people tell in quiet company? Dp screams them in the middle of a church with a bullhorn, WHILE lifting up the nuns habit. I'm kind of stalling, I won't lie the rules are simple I wait a few days and only talk about what is still burning brightly in my mind. The essence of the movie, the thing is the Essence of this movie was ripped from comic book pages. I literally lost a bet to Eikichi for something that really should NEVER have happened. It's a movie adaptation, as a rule, movie adaptations take those cool, chotcky looking, fun, inane items that we all fall in love with about any piece of pop culture and toss them away because they don't have time. Well the lie is they don't have time, honestly they just don't care it's about quick money and merchandising.

I had a few ideas on how I wanted this blog to go. I know I don't usually say more than whether or not

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trailers for: DeadPool

It's been a while, an I think I even have one of these in draft and make break it out for throwback Thursday, for those new here this is how this goes: I give you a clip of the trailer, tell you what I think about it, say whether or not I'm interested in seeing it(and if my brothers were at the movies with me their thoughts on if they wanted to see it), and then I move on. Now I don't know if the Dolby Atmos trailers were different than the regular trailers, but these are the ones we got down here in my viewing in the midsouth.

This doesn't mean I'm doing a review of Deadpool, it's just means I'm gonna give a trailer summary and a yeah or meh.

but without further adieu

Trailers for 2/12/16:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why everybody going Batfleck is a little misguided pt 2

Yes I know that wasn't the other title, I don't feel like retyping that whole thing(call me lazy on this one, that definitely earns it). I personally feel that there are a lot of similarities between the characters of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Daredevil/Matt Murdock. Even Aesthically, if you look at their costumes both of them have assumed looks that are menacing and meant to draw on your fears. Once DD got over his color blindedness (I will joke about that later) and donned his Blood Red Spandex those who broke the law in Hell's Kitchen really did see the devil. As for Gotham's underworld I give Nolan a huge nod in Batman Begins for having his caped Crusader glide overtop of the city during it's build to the climax while the entire city was under the influence of Scarecrows toxin looking like a nightmare instead of a savior.

Similarities of the Characters

Why everybody going Batcrap crazy over Ben Affleck as Batman is a little misguided pt.1

Let's be honest here a few of yall are mad because you don't like Ben Affleck as an actor, those folks hey if you don't like somebody you don't and nothing the person does will EVER be good to you. I'm not talking to you, because you are allowed not to like who you don't want to like. I'm the same way with Dane Cook, dude just isn't funny to me. While there are roles where I say okay, yes Dane Cook worked in that, they are few and far between and I ain searching out a Dane Cook movie JUST to see if he worked in it. We could get into how I LOATHE Jamie Kennedy ENTIRELY but you know what that is a blog in itself, when he came out he was like a poor man's version of Dane Cook to me so yeah he had no chance.

Some of you guys are basing your dislike for Ben Affleck as Batman because you disliked the Daredevil movie, I am partially talking to yall. Mainly because you are mad at Ben Affleck because you were expecting a Blind Spider-man which is YOUR fault not his. Some of you really don't read Marvel Comics, don't understand where MOST of their characters come from, and thus when you come at it from the ORIGINAL DC stand point you get some chapped hides. From a guy pushing 40 let me give you the basic breakdown of DC vs Marvel: when I was younger MOST of the DC characters were models of perfection, yes they had the normal super hero mishap Superman his planet was destroyed. But his life:he was a kid who had almost perfect Step Parents(John and Martha), was raised on a farm with love and caring, and while he had a few issues tamping down his powers as a child(well not really in a lot of the early comics he didn't get his powers til his teen years so he had a mostly normal life) for the most part he had it pretty steady. The Flash: was a pretty decent police lab tech(don't know if they called them csi's back then but normally he worked in a lab doing work for the police), a lightning bolt hits some chemicals he becomes your faster than life speed demon. Oh wait I should pause I am doing the comics from MY Childhood I understand there was a flash before Barry Allen I just didn't read him that much, the Magical Ring green lantern either. Even Batman Rich kid, having a pretty good time then he's parents are killed after a pretty good night and while still privileged he is tortured for the rest of his life and goes out to fight crime. Early on he actually used guns, was less of a fighting specialist and more of just a brawler, and while he had gadgets he wasn't as super prepared as he is now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comic book movies I want to see made Marvel: X-men Pt. 2

The Why:

Everybody takes their bumps and bruises in the hero game, X-men actually takes the time to try and train the NEXT generation. They show young kids having to go through school, dealing with normal kid behavior, while sometimes enjoying throwing their powers around. One of the oft repeated panels are various games of baseball, where in the rules it's supposed to be POWER FREE and yet somehow somebody always catches a snowball, a shock, sometimes a psychic flutter. You also get to see the X-men being normal without having to wonder which one is the mask. I mean Cyclops wears red sunglasses when he doesn't have his visor on but no matter what he is Scott Summers he has a code name but he always has his powers, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett III always has that adamantium skeleton and healing factor. Kurt Wagner is always blue with a tail, I know in one of the shows they gave him a holographic projector(and yes he has had one from time to time built by Forge the mutant with a power that lets him invent almost anything he puts his mind to) but around the team he is who he is tail and all, hell wolverine calls him a blue Elf half the time(which is hilarious since wolverine is shorter than Nightcrawler when he stands to full height instead of doing his demonic/gargoyle crouch). You also see that for the most part the Mutants at Xavier's school for Gifted Children accept each other for who they are, disembodied brains, blue furred beasts, demonic looking priests, Bugs, lizards, whatever if you are a mutant all are welcome and if somebody dares tease a fellow mutant for their mutation somebody comes to their aid.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comic book movies I want to see made Marvel: X-men

I know somebody is gonna say but they made an X-men movie, they made 4 of them. No they made ONE First Class, but that isn't the X-team we marvel fans Know and Love. As for the Crap Brian Singer put out, yes it was nice to see SOME of my favorite mutants on the screen but he constantly Pooched everybodies abilities. Storm was a flier and so was Jean Grey, always having them on the ground when they were teachers at the school was an insult. If you wanted them to be just learning how to use their powers you should have reduced their ages to teenagers. Bobby Drake could "Ice Up" since he was about 12 years old, depending on which continuity you listen too Bobby Drake/Iceman is an omega level mutant who's powers manifested pretty damn early. So for him to ONLY Ice Up one time in the last movie for a 2 minute fight(which versus Pyro was 1:30 secs too damn long) was not only a waste but an insult. Hell he didn't even freeze anybody and HE WAS ON AN ISLAND. Bobby Drake can draw the water out of a fellow human being to create his ice, on an Island Bobby Drake is surrounded on all sides by water, you are pretty much fighting a God right about them he has all the ammo he needs. Hell it was one of the reasons why I couldn't stand X-2.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Comic Book movies I would like to see made.

Doing my little rant about all those DC fans Screaming "Young Justice" as an answer to Disney Marvel's the Avengers got me to thinking, "exactly which comics would I like to see translated into future movies from EACH company?" And you know what that is a valid question, not only is it a valid question but it is an excuse to release the entirety of my Comic Geekdom just for the out and out hell of it. Now I am saying BOTH but I may add in Image, Dark Horse and Top Cow comics as well. But much later down the line because there are PLENTY of DC and Marvel characters I think can do well on the big screen.

Okay so I'm saying I want to do it right, next is the how. The how will be a post on each comic, for each company and possibly on or at the start of a certain story line. In certain cases say like New Mutants/Xforce and Teen Titans/Young Justice (or even X-factor 1 and 2) I may do a couple of posts because I would like to see a sequel of movies. Also in the case of young Justice and X-force since there are a few iterations of each I also plan to make a case for each iteration. Now some may know about the Young Justice Cartoon having a different line up then the comic. But how many remember that the ORIGINAL X-force was not Cyclops' personal black ops team but Cable's mutant soldiers in training. Which is kind of funny since Cyclops is Cable's dad, whew the drama in that family I tell ya.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Young Justice, really DC fans? pt.1

I know my first blog in who knows how long and it's title is a question. Yup and shamelessly at that, I am a well documented Marvel Maniac I have been one for well over 3 decades. So after seeing the Opus that is The Avengers I have heard something coming from many DC fans that has to be considered laughable at best. They feel that DC's response to Marvel making a movie about their PREMIER super hero team should be to make a Live Action movie about the 3rd Robin's super team.

Yes I am calling you out, I should do this on wordpress so I can curse but no, I really do want to call you out here on the Ponderings. The Avengers is about Earth's Mightiest Heroes(in the Marvel U), that means their best of the best. The roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Hawekeye, and Black Widow with SOME involvement by Nick Fury and his buddies at SHIELD. Now yes there are plenty of Roster changes that come along with The Avengers, quiet a few team members that I wish had been able to make it into the first movie but you have to go with characters people know about. Black Widow was introduced in Iron Man 2, Hawkeye was introduced in Thor(not as Hawkeye but as Clint Barton Hawkeye's real name, and yes I did a huge girl cheer when I saw him grab the bow in Thor). Now for me Hawkeye was the guarantee that yes an Avengers movie is coming, Hawkeye really doesn't exist anywhere else in the Marvel Universe except for in Avengers titles, so you see Hawkeye you know Marvel is about to bring out the big guns. And they did to what is apparently going to be Box Office Record DESTROYING results(again it's THE AVENGERS yes they could have screwed this up royally, but something tells me Disney, Marvel and Joss Whedon wanted this one badly) so if I were to bring out my big guns I would of course expect you to bring out yours.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sequels vs Remakes/Reboots: Spider-man Pt. 3

Live Action

For any comic book fan live action has always been either feast or famine. Of all the characters who have gotten a Live Action version the most popular seems to be Superman, the Man of Steel has had 8 live action incarnations. From Movies to Broadway Plays and TV shows, Superman is to date the most successful Comic Book Character to be translated into Live action. Now to be fair I am not just talking about money made off of said property I also mean the dutiful translation of the character and his villains, If I was just talking about money Superman would still be up there but especially including recent box office success the list would probably be:Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Superman and The Incredible Hulk(mainly because of his long running TV series and made for TV movies). The problem with most live action attempts is that the medium of Comic book and cartoon allows you to create a world where physics don't matter, you can create whatever look you want and since it isn't "real" you tend to get a break on the look of things. With live action if it doesn't look right people will be disappointed.

The 1970's

Peter Parker got a live action TV show in 1978 called the Amazing Spider-man starring Nicholas Hammond
Okay, as a 4 year old at the time this show came out I would like to say as BAD as it looks now hey everybody looked like that back then. Those extra shiny costumes, the cheesy special effects, the bad wire work there was no cgi back then it was all rotoscoping, stop motion camera work, and picture flipping. As a little kid just happy to see Spider-man on my TV screen I ignored the fact that the webbing came out as a Nylon string or else a premade net, I also ignored that I guess Mr. Hammond had never done any rock climbing because it always looking like he had just bent over and dog walked up the sides of buildings. Nick Hammond had the look of peter parker though, yeah yeah those weird eye screens were always kind of silly but I guess back then it was the only way they were able to let him see. It ran for about 2 years and while today's standards relegate it to the campy-ness of the original Batman live action TV show or maybe a step below the Incredible Hulk TV show for believability. The Transformation from Bill Bixby to Lou Ferrigno worked because of the difference in stature of the two men even if since then live action hulks tend to be CGI and stay away from purple pants hood.

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