Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(delayed)

Yes, it is Friday. In case you are wondering we saw GotG V2 on opening weekend, I just was out of it this week. So yes, the trailer post is late, the movie review is late it's just a whole round mess. We are gonna get through this though.

Over there at the Malco Paradiso we got 5 trailers with Guardians, 3 sequels, on Tie in movie, and a period piece. The period piece looks crazy and depending on what else comes out around it I may or may not go see it but the other 4 are all on my list for 2017. Enough stalling, here are the five movies let me know what you are interested in.


In the summer of 1967 Snipers were terrorizing the city of Detroit. It was a hot summer, in the middle of a stand off between police, the snipers, and the national guard, a group of young black kids head to the Algiers hotel to blow off some steam. Unfortunately one of them has a starter pistol and jokingly fires it off which of course brings all the attention on them instead of the actual snipers the police are looking for. This movie is about the stand off and the friction created by high temperatures, race relations, and a crazy situation when you just want to bring craziness to an end but don't care how you do it. John Boyega stars.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When we last saw Egsy, he had avenged the death of Lancelot, taken the spot of Arthur, and saved the world from Valentine's evil plot the kill off the poorer part of the worlds population and leave it JUST for the wealthy *SPOILERS* though you should have seen the first one by now Kingsman: The Secret Service. So you think it's all simple spy stuff from this day forth, save the world, keep things safe for Queen and country and maybe go back to that bar and kick the crap out of a few local toughs again. Except somebody blows up your headquarters, and your training estate can't a Brit catch a break, and to make matters worse a bunch of Statesman(I guess their American counter parts) are running around in silly looking hats and spitting everywhere. Fine, when he took on this job he KNEW it wouldn't be easy, he just didn't realize he was literally gonna have to start from scratch.

Wonder Woman

Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, Princess of the Amazons. A young girl from a world of the Gods, Magic, and Mystery but her world is about to change when the America Steve Trevor breaks through her magical veil. The world of man is at war, and as an Amazon it is her duty to bring mankind together. Her eyes are fresh and new, what seems mundane and normal to us is exciting, boring, depressing, or awesome to her but she has a job to do. She believes she knows the cause of this Great War and she is going to put a stop to it, she isn't going to be quiet or hide and she damn sure ain gonna hide behind some man. She is going to show the world EXACTLY how to fight like a girl, well an Amazon

Star Wars the last Jedi

Luke Skywalker has been found, Rin is trying to be trained but just like young Skywalker during his training she sees visions of an uncertain future. While the rebels may have put a dent in the First Orders plans no military unit would be worth it's salt if a SINGLE defeat would make it come undone. They have licked their wounds, they have regrouped, and NOW they want to have a word with those who destroyed their Super weapon a bill is due, plus tax, late, and disposal fees. Not to mention Kylo Ren has spent time with his master and is rededicated to crushing the legacy of the Jedi. And it appears that even Luke Skywalker believes that the way of the Jedi must be no more.

Thor Ragnarok

Thor, Odin Son, Warrior of Asgard, Protector of Asgard, a hero of the battle of New York AND in the fight against Ultron. With his trusty Uru Hammer Mjolnir he is preparing to look for the rest of the infinity stones though he may have to do some work to repair ties between his friends the Avengers. Or he Would, if some crazy woman in a green outfit(Loki, brother is that you? did just DESTROY HIS HAMMER. Wait, what. My enchanted hammer, weapon of the God of Thunder is undone, yup worst day ever for the Thunderer and it's just getting started, Asgard is sacked, he is dropped on a strange world captured AND somebody has cut his wonderful locks. Oh great they have thrown him in some coliseum to fight some great and terrible beast and he without his ham.... Hulk my good friend, let us away and have revels.

No seriously, the shocked face of the ground when the Hulk tears through that door and Thor is cheering happily, I don't know how long the Hulk had been their champion but I do no this NOBODY CHEERS when seeing the Hulk running at them looking for Blood. And why does the hulk need Body Armor, no seriously who is A gonna get close enough to damage the Hulk and B gonna get a second shot after he slaps them into another dimension. Nah, nah, seriously it's the Hulk you give him weapons and armor ARE YOU CRAZY. I mean not as crazy as Thor happy to see said Monstrous Green Heavily Armed Rage Monster but crazy none the less.

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