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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heavy Work month, Slow on the movies

I know I have been absent so far this April but work has been hell. Lots of driving, lots of crazy electronic mishaps, but haven't really gone to the movies. There really wasn't a "Gotta see it" I thought about going to "Ghost in the Shell" but the more I heard about the movie the less it appealed to me. From what I can tell GitS is apparently the most unselfaware but best example of exactly what every one is complaining about movie out there. It's basically White Washing, the movie. Scar Jo, plays the title character, has many of the scenes from the original Animated Movie that started the craze, when then sparked an animated tv show.

I'll probably watch it when it hits the streaming services. Then of course as my brother volunteered to go on the long distance trip this month we've got the munchkin for the weekend. And let me tell you this: Always buy a MOUNT for a TV Larger than the one you are trying to install. I mean I'm gonna spin the whole tale of Friday Nights hilarity, just not here, but when I tell you that if you ain got access to a young child's favorite digital distraction in this generation AIN NOBODY getting to sleep. Man that boy ran us all ragged, it was my fault I believed the box (NEVER BELIEVE THE BOX), the box LIED to ME. Smh and that boy refused to go to sleep in a quiet room. He had a tablet, his Lightning McQueen bubble shooter, a little Led wall light that we gave him as a night light and his own Dory Themed bed set. If I didn't know better I would swear his father gave him 24 hour delay no Doz he had so much energy. His bad butt Friday night seemed like vengeance for all the times I SUPPOSEDLY took him out to hang out with his uncle and POSSIBLY plied him with sugar. There is also an accusation of him drinking my coffee one time(never happened to MY knowledge, I think Eikichi just made that up to make me seem like a horrible older brother.

Yes I buy the munchkin Starbucks, BUT he gets the cookies(loves the snowmen, HATES the Brownies), is okay with the cake pops, and is agreeable to their Hot chocolate. What, I'm his uncle he hangs out with me from time to time. Anyway, HOPEFULLY lazy Sunday ahead.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday(Non Traditional)

Since I have actually been writing quite a bit lately I don't have as many posts sitting in draft here or on Wordpress as I used to. So I decided to grab an old post from here for there and I guess I can grab one from there for here. I just gotta decide which one. The issue is of course THE CURSING, oh I let loose over there, it's my vent blog or should I say my FULL VENT blog I vent over here I just don't let it all loose like I do over there. So anyway since this blog tends to be PG-13 I will endeavor to:

  1. Warn you if the Content is above PG-13
  2. Make sure that I keep the Clip of the title I choose PG-13
  3. Pick a post that is hopefully worthy of the trip to vulgar land
  4. Give you a non vulgar synopsis over here
I have chosen the post, in my current state of employ we used to do a lot more work on computers and laptops. I am pretty sure this experience is similar for anyone who works on peoples personal devices and is most likely everyone's worst fear to find(to quote NPH) someone else's love juices on the device they ask you to repair. Oh yes, it's true I can't remember who gave me this piece of defiled electronics but I know for a full 6 months I was just like ugh. I ain even want to shake their hand no more, cause I don't care what you say you could have at least wiped off the screen.

  • The following Link is to a post that has content of a Mature variety
  • Image(s) on said post may be offensive in nature
  • Language in said post will be offensive in nature
  • Mind bleach may be required after reading

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