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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dear Readers

Hey, this week has been a bear. Finishing up a large site at my day job so the Power Rangers review is coming. It's just gonna be a couple of days late, it was basically get home, fire up my laptop type a few sentences and crash, yes even the night owl is human. For those who want a quick synopsis: Go see it. It's a fun movie, it takes great care to balance the weight of the responsibility with the fun of first finding out you have super powers.

Yes there is teenage angst, yes THIS is the Power Rangers team Zordon ORIGINALLY asked for in the show. They aren't you perfect paragons, they are basically the breakfast club with super powers(yes that will be in the review). Some people had a problem with the Megazord (Eikichi, BUT I will back my youngest brother on this it's not exactly the classic) but the team was fun and the actors did an awesome job.

Next up SHOULD be Ghost in the Shell, I don't know if Smooth will be there, he kind of flaked on us last weekend(work related though) but we are all anime fans and Westernizing anime characters aside it will hopefully be a fun romp. And I may get into that in a later blog, because it does beg for a certain amount of discussion because if you have ever WATCHED an anime, characters tend to be Racially Ambiguous or else have features not regularly seen in Asians(Blond Hair, Blue eyes, Orange hair, Red Hair) but again that will be discussed later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I blame it on the Grizzlies

I was trying to complete the Thor review but I turned on the Grizzlies game and as they are now in their second overtime its being put on hold til the games is over. Now the grizzlies have proven they can win one in OKC, can the Thunder win one in Memphis.

Make it now a 3rd overtime, wow and to think a rookie is running the point right now. Mayo is out, Conley is out both fouled out in the 1st overtime. It seems that foul shots are hard to come by for the Grizz lots of contact and ticky tack whistles for the Thunder but as its now 3 overtimes it seems the Thunder can't find a knockout punch. I guess it comes down to star power OKC are the new darlings of the league.

4 calls/no calls are the difference a Harden travel that was called as a foul, Durant falling out of bounds and it was called a foul, a lot of contact on the final Grizzlies possession of the 2nd overtime. As for what is now the final overtime quite a few push offs as well.

Series tied 2 games a piece. Can the grizzlies get hungry and win another one in OKC and win it in Memphis in game 6.
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