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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dear Readers

Hey, this week has been a bear. Finishing up a large site at my day job so the Power Rangers review is coming. It's just gonna be a couple of days late, it was basically get home, fire up my laptop type a few sentences and crash, yes even the night owl is human. For those who want a quick synopsis: Go see it. It's a fun movie, it takes great care to balance the weight of the responsibility with the fun of first finding out you have super powers.

Yes there is teenage angst, yes THIS is the Power Rangers team Zordon ORIGINALLY asked for in the show. They aren't you perfect paragons, they are basically the breakfast club with super powers(yes that will be in the review). Some people had a problem with the Megazord (Eikichi, BUT I will back my youngest brother on this it's not exactly the classic) but the team was fun and the actors did an awesome job.

Next up SHOULD be Ghost in the Shell, I don't know if Smooth will be there, he kind of flaked on us last weekend(work related though) but we are all anime fans and Westernizing anime characters aside it will hopefully be a fun romp. And I may get into that in a later blog, because it does beg for a certain amount of discussion because if you have ever WATCHED an anime, characters tend to be Racially Ambiguous or else have features not regularly seen in Asians(Blond Hair, Blue eyes, Orange hair, Red Hair) but again that will be discussed later.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Games I'm playing: Magic Duels

Now way back yonder in the 90's a card game came out called: Magic the Gathering, it is in the line of the Pokemon card game or Yugioh(well maybe not Yugioh, I think you can just play cards period regardless of mana costs in Yugioh), you buy a started deck(usually about 30 to 50 cards), a few booster decks(around 15 cards per pack), you arrange the best cards you find into some semblance of a fighting deck depending on what creatures you have. Many I day did I spend playing this game, Magic is slightly different than other card games in that it is built with a potential cooperative mode from the start. Magic uses 5 different "magic types" white, black, red, green, and blue, if you look at the back of a card the line up in a pentagram pattern:
Like so, and per the old rules who ever was diagonal from you was your enemy(so for white it was red and black, for green blue and black and vice versa) and directly next to you was your friend. Now some of you might be looking and saying, "wait what, but that means both of your allies are also allies with one of your enemies!" yes, yes they are. Which makes for an interesting bit of diplomacy, because sooner or later you are gonna want to go for a kill shot and are going to have to make a request. for black to win white and green have to die, for red to win blue and white, and so on and so forth.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tonights the night

Watching the clock contemplatin mutiny
It's Eikichi's 27th(I think, my age minus irresponsibility, carry the one yeah 27) birthday and of course that means it's Deadpool day. From what I have heard so far it is a tremendous success. No I am not looking up other reviews or reactions yet, I tripped over some on tumblr of course, plus somebody spoiled the after credits scene(which may mean a certain X universe character with heavy DP ties may have already been cast). It seems to have been a Jeanine moment, and it could not have happened to a better character.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday, if you have a Valentine take her/him to see this and then if this isn't their cup of tea something else and have a wonderful time. I'm on the countdown clock, hopefully Eikichi hasn't been drinking all day(he claimed to have errands, but come on who does errands on their birthday?) I guess it would help if I looked up movie times. I'm a little pissed at Fandango it's only partially their fault I put in an alert for Deadpool months ago but our local theaters refused to put tickets up for presale before Monday. And of course by Monday I'm in "just get them at the theater" mode.

So if you see me at the theater wave, otherwise hopefully I am here Sunday with my brand of a review.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Call of Duty:Black ops III

It's been a few years since I talked about the games I am currently(or recently) playing, and while I know I talked about playing the original(aaaaah my lovely and dearly missed crossbow, I knew you well) I skipped over the second black ops. This one is more of the same, but with the added twist of some of the mechanics of Cod(Call of Duty for casual and non gamers) Advanced Warfare, which I didn't actually play. I think at the time I was either CoD burned out, or else I just wasn't in the mood yet. Anyway kind of fresh off the presses(It came out November 6, 2015), I pre-ordered it, picked it up day one, did the day one software update(I don't know why every game has one now adays but they do) and booted it up.

Now I know I have mentioned it before but I don't really play these games for the story mode, some of them are fun, and nice, hell you can even get a decent understanding of how to play the games from them, but honestly I am here for on-line play. Both major systems have adequate multiplayer set ups so this isn't like X-box vs Playstation 2, regardless of system you can get your frag on. Anyway

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yearly House cleaning Blog

ugh, I can't believe something I used to do all the time is now like pulling teeth. I mean I actually already had this blog half way written and I deleted it.

Okay time to put that 30+ word a minute typing ability to use.

2013 what the hell was I doing

Friday, April 15, 2011

Running, running, running

Hello my dear readers I know I still have yet to do the "Hanna" blog it has been a hectic week. I will do it tonight(possibly on this car trip since I'm gonna miss Smallville), I've had to deal with a hack attempt on my computer(which failed mostly, they fried my safe mode I haven't had time to find the registry prompts yet to repair it), had a few late nights, still haven't gotten over my Collergy, but I did find my backflip(it was in the damn front yard).

I've been rained on a few times this week, I've read a few blog entries by others, I have mildly been getting my tumble on. I have gone back to my sporadic Tweeting(and killed my cousins car charger). I am pondering giving Ero his own section of the ponderings, I want to nurture my baby brothers wit and curiosity. He'll just have to obey the rules if he wants to do it. Posting only,(means I'll have to start editing for real) its still my blog he wants to do it, likes it and wants full control he'll have to start his own blog.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I did say I get flakey this time of year

And with all the added disappointments of where I ain and what I can't do sometimes these pages are more like a weight than a release, but there on some things I wish to get off my chest, some fantasies I wish to type out so I won't be gone next longer and no this blog is not see you next year(yet) whether it will be tonight or tomorrow I will start cleaning up old business I'm not sure, but I will.

Each year one should reflect on who they are, where they have been, and where they want to go I'm going to do that, as the sang go fear don't leave here, and regret was drunken away so long ago that all I have left is reflection. Whether it be the mirror, the bottom of the glass, or the front of my mind it is what it is. What is yet to come I do not know, what I have already gone through I can appreciate, dark times have past and more will come but until I don't tomorrow I will wake up and face the day anew. Not bright and shining but determined to move a few steps closer than I was yesterday.

For those wondering where I have been, just staring out the window watching the clouds go by(or teeth chattering in a sheet as the heater broke thats another story that needs to be told), I'm here, there and everywhere. And I will return I talk to much not to ;)

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