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Friday, August 4, 2017

Get out the DAMN CAR!

The scene: A warm August day, sun is shining folks are going about there business. A young lady in a yellow shirt is about to enter the store,
"Shawty, hey you there damn you look good with your pretty chocolate skin. I don't mean no harm I mean do you got a man or something, can I get your number"
The "suitor" is a guy in a Bright Red(but clean) Dodge Nitro(no I'm not a car guy but I remember when Dodge introduced that boxy thing. While he did get her attention he didn't get a phone number, she turned around shook her head and went in the store. He continued to yell compliments about her as he pulled into a parking space, along with the words "hey, it might have worked." There are MANY things that can be said about the BEGINNING of interaction between the young lady and captain Nitro but "it would have worked ain one of them. I don't know, I think that if you are trying to make a POSITIVE first impression you have to put some effort into it. Yes Maybe he felt like today was his day, he was feeling himself he felt like he was in his groove, who knows WHY he thought he should attempt to get this young ladies attention today, but especially in that manner. Let's us look at his approach in further detail shall we

Friday, February 10, 2012

Impatience thy name is Primal

 Now you can say it and you are absolutely right: "Didn't you say you would hold on to buy the 32GB microSD card with the Adapter because the 16 would be fine?" and yes I did say that. Here is what changed as sometimes happens in my day to day travels I happened to hit a few electronic stores looking for various parts, and while there I decided to check out things that just hit the shelves that I might want later:Phones, Sd cards, Games, Gaming Systems, newer versions of the tablets coming out, new laptops, what have you. The reason being is simple if I know what a customer may be about to purchase I at least can get a heads up on any issues that may run into either from trying to get the it to do something it can't or because they didn't read the instructions on how it can. So while making these rounds I happened to look in the Sd/flash memory section, remember I really wanted a 64Gb but the highest I saw on shelves was a 32 and I was noticing a pattern.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I didn't mention it because I was hoping it would GO THE HELL AWAY

If you have been observing the weather channel as of late you will notice that the devil appears to be enjoying a nice long vacation. By that I mean down here in the midsouth hot is a damn understatement, it was 106 yesterday, let me repeat that it was ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEGREES yesterday(yes for only like 2 hours between noon and 3 pm but ahem the 104 it was residing at for the rest of the damn day was no freakin' peach either) now I don't know about you but last time I checked this wasn't the Mojave and I was trying to enter the world of Rango. I know this used to be the doorstep to the old wild west but that was then and dammit this is now, Land of the AC home of the slushie. I shouldn't walk out my front door and immediately begin sweating like I just ran 2 miles.

There's warm

There's Hot

There's too hot

And there's "I'm not that idiot who doesn't believe in climate change, global warming or that we are damaging our planet so could you please quit playing and turn the air back on"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my barbecue on 3/27/10

Why this blog has been languishing in draft for the last 16 months is beyond me. It's just a blog about a barbecue, with pictures to show you exactly how I roll when it comes to throwing meat on the grill and getting it that nice smokey flavor. I didn't even notice that I had turned my grill around(I do admit to sometimes missing out on subtle details). I haven't even really decided on pic placement yet because I started putting pictures in this blog and then just forgot about it. I'm human it happens, I may come back later and go ahead and place the rest of the pictures from that day in this blog, it will just have to be one of those I sneak in hurriedly dumb a blog and then sneak out.

Since I have barbecued a few times since then of course I have a lot of pictures to go through, I actually think I have gotten a lot better in that time. I'll post this as a current post instead of sneaking it into last years count because that just wrong and while SOMETIMES I have been known to do that in this case I will bite the bullet and say yup I goofed. So enjoy these few pictures and if you're ever in the neighborhood and smell some good food come on by and get a plate.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Into every life a little rain must fall

That was the view from the shed the earlier this week. It started out as a normal morning, sun was shining mildly cloudy and then out of no wear *BOOM*, sky got dark, rain came down, and almost as if this is now a running Memphis theme:The power went out. Yup that's right we had no power again, it was only for like 10 hours(7 at the first clip then 2 shorter stints of about an hour or so each) which to some might be a lot but after being without power for days(and knowing folks who went weeks) a few hours was barely an annoyance.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The New "Hot Thang" in the M town

We've got a Five Guys now, and as you can see from the photo the line is out the door. Now as I have MOSTLY kicked the fast food habit, I don't really do the big chains too much anymore, lots of grease, sugar and salt usually not a lot of nutrition. So you know if your trying to eat healthy a big ol fatty McCellulite is not who you wanna go talk to. I still eat it from time to time. 

Well the new spot dujuor here in memphis is that five guys, around the corner and out the door 2 weeks in a row are those crack burgers you selling. I mean yes I'm as curious as the next person but if everyday I walk in you're packed pimpin im gon stop checkin for you after a while I got other things to do. Now my mother(the person who I most likely got my culinary adventurousness from) wants to try them, but as we have yet to catch them at a light time hey we go get the basics pimpin. Subway, taco bell, BK, McD, backyard burger or wendies Subway is usually my choice though if you don't glop on 2 pounds of mayo its pretty healthy.

Oh well this was just a "spur of the moment" so posting and tagging online as well as linkage to come

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another rainy day

I hear the thunder, have stood outside to see the rain drops and the clouds. Luckily whatever flash floods may have occured today has skipped my neighborhood (which as a few blogs back of course shows that ain always guaranteed). So far no plans for the day, and as its raining even if I was so inclined to wanna fire up the grill, I ain got no cover. I need a new grill anyway, actually just another one so I can work side by side and get things done faster. Have one for burgers and stuff and another one for ribs, brisket etc that I want to cook way slower for a longer period of time.

We are raptureless it seems, we suck. I mean seriously how many times to people have to prepare us for the end of the world and we still don't do it right? I mean that bought bill boards, radio time, gave interviews and even made youtube vids(probably) and what do we humans have the AUDACITY to do? Why we treat it as another day and keep on living. Hmm maybe he was right just for the wrong multiverse like on some doctor wh, oh shiiii doctor who is one right now "Gooooooooooing"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking in a little piece of midsouth history

I often admit to kind of being captain oblivious at times. Yes I live in Memphis, Tn a music, food, and sitting along the muddy Mississippi part of the Soul of the South. Now if you read my twitstream you may notice me check in around Beale street, or in/near various other midsouth Landmarks but here's the sad part. I've rarely actually enjoyed them I've always been working. Yes I've been on Beale a million times in the last 4 years but except for a few times at the Pig or Rum Boogie rarely do I eat down there. And I haven't been to a music spot since 04.

I laughed I had passed by Tom's BBQ a million times and never set foot in the door until recently(yet when I lived in south jersey I used to visit all the famous philly spots), fixed the printer at the Mesquite Chop house but never sat down for a drink or meal. So today, just to settle my rumbling stomach(since I forgot to eat more than a box of raisins and a banana last night) I decided to get lunch while working off front and Monroe. One of the attendants at the garage I was working at suggested a little deli within walking distance. "The Little Tea Shop", I actually didn't notice the name at first I just saw the sign that said lunch. Looked around not sure if I should just sit down anywhere or if I should wait to be seated(I hate being presumptuous, my mother taught me manners), was directed to sit anywhere and was waiting on by a well informed server. I've actually worked in a few restaurants in my day and I like waist staff who are not only personable but also give you the days special without trying to order for you(unless asked, some days I do take recommendations). He joked about the soup of the day(Lentil)he said "we have a soup of the day but its too hot for soup" took my order(chicken salad sandwich to go with potato salad) and offered me water even after I declined a drink.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Humpday, hmm did I forget something last night?

Yeah last night I was supposed to do the "Priest" review, I got a little side tracked so I'll do it today. I'm on my way oy to Turrel, Ar so I'll have some keypad tapping time, not a lot but some.

Okay break in my blogging buffering

Turrell is done, so we're headed back to Memphis it didn't take too long, but its still the boonies. May eat lunch ain sure yet, the sunrise omelet from subway was pretty good. Yeah have to do priest, may start it as a draft in Blogger-droid then finish it on my desktop. This is random and discombobulated I know but its a quick shot. More to come

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plans for the day

As it is a normal saturday here at BTMS I'm off to do some system crap and hopefully not be stuck in the boonies til the crack of dusks butt crack. Now while I say this I know MOST Saturdays I am stuck in the boonies til dark(annoying) now I want to go see "Priest" tonight I'm hoping its going to be good.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lake Oh Come on we just got power back

This was the front yard last weekend. We were planning to go out and do some work on sunday but er umm there was no road. I was standing outside because there was flooding in front of the fire place. It was an interesting way to wake up sunday.

So after kitsune went outside and cleared the leaves out that were blocking the hole in the fence through which water escapes(and fell in the raging waters that went rushing from captivity) I decided to walk out front and see what the world looked like. And as you can see the world looked WAY different. Thankfully the flooding fixed itself after a few hours when the rain stopped but thus normal and Lake "Againy 'gain" photos. I wish I had my phone in hand in time to photograph the truck that rode up to hit the intersection and then realized "what intersection". The day was comical most of these photos were uploaded to FB that day and that was as far as I could go with it cause damn.

We had just gotten back power, just got back cable and whoosh here comes the next one. I think I'm gonna get more vigilant with taking pictures cause this year has had so many eye opening moments. I've seen a lot in 36 years, and yes I know I live in "the alley" but come on nobody has wished, hoped, begged or prayed for this much rain all at once. And if this is one of those "catch up moments" than for the whole mid south I'd like to say "Mother Nature Hold up Shawty we good, things are nice wet and feeling nurtured now". Whew I've seen what I thought was the Mississippi high before but this spring has opened my eyes for real.

But still had power, still had internet, just a little surprised to have "Lake front property"
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More clouds, more rain really. "You Suck"

Yeah this one is just a little something to clear my head as I look out at the skies emptying its bladder on us again. Taking a quick look at the paper it seems that some of folks have had to clear out of some spots in the midsouth.

As I've mentioned(but forgot to photograph) the "Muddy Mississippi" has been rather high since the storm that tore through and wiped out the power. Especially since said storm continued to bring more rain with it(Hell I think I'll blog last Sundays photos, especially of the cars and driveway) and while there were complaints previously of droughts and water shortages I don't think we needed it all back in like a month.

The areas around me are okay, but as future pictures will show anyday you can walk out to see a lake on the front lawn. And there really is only one face you can make when looking at Lake "But that's my Car" a cheerful smirk. Cause you ain going nowhere til that water recedes. As a matter of fact let me do that blog now, so stay tuned.
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The fine gentleman from Davis H Elliot

I know I mentioned either here or on wordpress that ever since the initial power outage and the the lack of internet or cable I've felt a little shell shocked. Well on the day we got our power back I had wanted to write a blog thanking the electricians out of Texas who got our little neighborhood back up and running

I took plenty of pictures, as we were hoping beyond hope that the evening would bring a return to normalcy:hot showers, a refrigerator, lights, TV, clean clothing, and AC. And the gentleman in the Altec trucks sporting the Elliot logos definitely did the job. They put up the new poles, strung them, replaced the fence they had taken down, tested their work and then, light.

My immediate next action will be my next blog adventures in cleaning out the fridge. I don't know about you but after 18 hours, food starts to be suspect, after 24, its a problem, and after 36 the only question is when are you gonna clean it out not if. 3 days and nights without power food was done I don't care if it was in the freezer it was already thawed out and spoiling.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's enough to piss off a goat

Me and the bredren(I may add a picture to this later if I can talk my mother into making them stand for a photo Muahahahahahaha, yes I will use my mother to further my blog. I'm the oldest that is only mildly EVIL) want to go see Thor tomorrow, Kitsune has yet to set up an e-mail so he can't complain on this blog about being forced to take a picture now that he's all anti social, now me and Lank(celebrating his 24th year last week) have never been to Imax before and were hoping to catch one of the Summer blockbusters on Imax. And with the way the trailer looked we hoped it MIGHT(y) be THOR(yeah yeah, marvel homerism in effect), but unfortunately DENIED, now maybe it will be brought to Imax later but for the sake of this blog I want to see it opening weekend(even if the review is still a day or two late. What I'm human) so we will probably hit the Paradiso tomorrow, unless Lank flakes and then I will have to try and hit The Malco 12 at the Raleigh Springs Mall for the last showing(at 7 something, seriously somebody needs to talk to them about that) Kitsune might join me he's a pretty good movie buddy, even if more mercurial than myself(and that is saying a LOT).

But Thor will happen tomorrow,  I mean I guess it sad really and being the oldest some of the blame could fall on me for us NEVER going to an Imax showing, I mean I don't really know where the Pink Palace Museum is and the regular theater was always so much closer especially for us tended to procrastinate souls. But I guess as a bonding moment we wish to experience the GLORY that is a 300 ft screen(I just want to say if I ever make it OBSCENELY rich, I'm renting it out for a few days to watch the full Star Wars saga and possibly Lord of the Rings, yes the rest of the tickets will be given to some of the local area schools so the kids can watch too if the teachers allow it, but I want to see booty kicked that tall). I don't really have a bucket list in life simply because meh I'm too random I trip over crap I want to do anyway, I've gone deep see fishing, been to Disney World a few times, been to Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Philly, NY, etc. I mean I guess I'm so used to just ending up places that I don't plan for it I just let it come to me. But this would be a good one, so hopefully one of the summer block busters this year(hmm maybe Harry Potter since it's the last and it has been epic) and to share it with my brothers would also be good.

So anybody out there been to an IMAX viewing, how was it? Any tips on how NOT to get a crick in my naked staring at such a huge screen

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The morning after

You've seen me post pictures of the surrounding area around my house before. Its a normal neighborhood, just people who live in close proximity to each other going about their daily lives. As happens from time to time rain falls and slightly messes up the scenery. Well last night there was nothing slightly about it

About 10:15 the storm hit, hit hard and fast at first the lights just flickered off momentarily, which has happened before hell in my previous weeks blog(the one where I have all the rain pictures) I told you about the mini blackout that I missed. This time I didn't miss anything first there was the flash of light and then there was the boom the knocked all the lights out. It seems that during the commotion a power pole and powerline were both snapped. A transformer must have blow somewhere too because too many spots have no lights for it to be a single line doing all this damage. I would like to think that in our modern age we don't have all our eggs in one basket like that.

Its kind of funny I had a late night anyway due to a failing hard drive in byhalia and had only been home for a good 20 minutes before the power went out. Now understand I am an admitted digital junky, I have these two phones, I have a desktop, when I surf I tend to have at minimum 5 windows up at all times and said 5 window always have at least 2 tabs open on them. So while yes I do eventually sleep I am the king of digital overload

I had plans to do lots of stuff on facebook, possibly finish up a few blogs, tumblr a few things, watch the latest smallville episode that I missed, watch bleach(latest episode would have been posted this morning) and prepare for a normal workday. Now I'm stuck trying to charge my phones using car charges and watch the daylight vanish to return me to darkness. Which being the gremlin that I am, I love the darkness, I just don't love the quiet, I have become partial to the humms, buzzes, shifting and settling of our digital companions. It used to be the street noises, but I have long since gotten over my dependance on them for a good nights sleep.

At least in this iteration the blackberry bold whoops the motorola backflip when it comes to battery life, at like 75% with me talking on it for hours last night and texting for hours today the blackberry didn't run out of juice for over 12 hours. Sitting there with me just deleting a few items off of it the backflip barely lasted 3. Battery life has always been my issue with this phone, I love the features and the abilities im trying to figure out why its been so glitchy since the firmware update, but for the most part it had always been serviceable save battery life. And never had its lack of battery life been so apparent as it was last night.

I've loaded my android with a handy flashlight app(that came in very handy during the storms aftermath), and it has a little battery life digital indicator on it as it quickly ticked down last night it reminded my how dependant we have become on our digital devices. Mainly because they keep gettint lost I don't have a "normal" flashlight in the sense of that big battery operated single beam of

Well I'll be gosh darned after already being washed back into the stone age what is this I hear above my head? Why its the patter of more ran drops, if anybody says the universe doesn't have a sense of humor I wish to point you to this day. As I have no desktop I will post this "raw" now and adjust the photos and add any html linkage that I feel appropriate when power is restored.

Ol' Primal is still here and plunkin away, I just can't make use of all my toys(at the moment)
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Running, running, running

Hello my dear readers I know I still have yet to do the "Hanna" blog it has been a hectic week. I will do it tonight(possibly on this car trip since I'm gonna miss Smallville), I've had to deal with a hack attempt on my computer(which failed mostly, they fried my safe mode I haven't had time to find the registry prompts yet to repair it), had a few late nights, still haven't gotten over my Collergy, but I did find my backflip(it was in the damn front yard).

I've been rained on a few times this week, I've read a few blog entries by others, I have mildly been getting my tumble on. I have gone back to my sporadic Tweeting(and killed my cousins car charger). I am pondering giving Ero his own section of the ponderings, I want to nurture my baby brothers wit and curiosity. He'll just have to obey the rules if he wants to do it. Posting only,(means I'll have to start editing for real) its still my blog he wants to do it, likes it and wants full control he'll have to start his own blog.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Riding around the mid south

While this wasn't my first stop of the day it was the first place i actually put any work in at(i think i will edit this later since blogger droid dont believe in autotext). Im still driving but as both techs are together i dont actually have to work at every site some sites im more chauffeur than tech.

So what have i been up to working, a littlr drinkin, a lot of flirting, havent hit the movies since tron, which if you look at my last 2 months is like whoa. But its been cold and i havent really hit my 2011 stride yet. So ill still be scarce as i try to get myself back into the swing of things.

Oh speaking of getting back in the swing, both "Season of the Witch" and "The Rite" look a lot cooler with some of the new TV trailers that have come out. Im actually thinkin of trying to go see "witch" tonight. Depends on the temp when its time to leave. Hell i may drive there type up yhe blog and then go in the theater cardio be damned its cold and i hate the cold. I may do a "E-mail vs. Blogger droid" comparison discussing each from the other medium later.

They both have their benefits and detriments, granted im still a rookie on this here droid. So E-mail is gonna have an unfair advantage(though just like for E-mail this does have a leave as draft setting, problem is i leave them as draft too long) but i do know enough about both to give my general thoughts.

Still havent done a blog about my new phones yet, ill probably do that one the same as the other. The Bold review from the droid and the Android review from the berry. Okay enough of my random thoughts for now il check back later
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Friday, December 17, 2010

*Ahem* 1+1=2 and if the sign says 3.75 thats what I'm paying.

!!Alert this is a comment directed ONLY at the Subway in the Pilot Travel Center at 1100 MLK blvd in West Memphis. I happen to like the rest of my Subway's here in the mid south but I would like to alert folks to some shady dealings that isn't distinctive to just Subway but that if you walk off before doing the math might cost you!!

Anyway on my way back from running a few errands for the boss I was a little hungry now it was like 3:50 and today is pizza day so I wasn't going to be starving long but I've been pecking all day and my stomach was grumbling. So on my way back from west Memphis I decided to stop at the Subway housed in a Pilot that is like the stop before it's straight highway to the bridge. Now as I said in the alert I love me some Subway, there is one right around the corner from me on Austin Peay that I go to all the time. And because I go to subway all the time I know what my usual subway meal costs(a $5 foot long oven roasted chicken sandwich with my preferred fixins) it's usually between $6.89-7.15 depending on the state and sales tax. I know this I had my local owners either a 5 and 2/3 ones or a 10 and know that I getting change back. I also know that if a sandwich is a $5 foot long than the 6 inch version is 3.75, no it's not exactly half but so what they are charging me a 1.25 not to make them slice the bread in half and potentially waste supplies. I can feel that MOST nights, again this was pizza night and I would be getting pizza in like 3 hours plus, I also know how much my cookies cost. Yup that's right I get a 5 dollar foot long and some cookies every time I hit subway. Do you know how much 3 cookies(two macadamia nut 1 chocolate chip, you know just in case we EVER bump into each other at a subway and you want to have the perfect ice breaker, just sayin) cost?

$1.39, always $1.39 the sales tax may differ but that part is steady so I know that if I order a 6 inch sub for $3.75 and 3 cookies for $1.39 then my initial ticket before tax should be $5.14, I mean that's pretty basic math right there. No we haven't gotten to the tax yet but for the basics that's less then 6 bucks. And PRIOR to the payment for my foot the server was great, she tried to upsell me to the 5 dollar, didn't want it, offered me double meat(nope costs too much for what I was getting), Offered me bacon(I have been eating healthier so bacon not made from turkey tends to skip my food now), asked me the bread I preferred and my cheese double toasted it like I liked.  So up to the payment phase we was cool, we was buddies and then she told me my bill $6.55, 0_o.

Now yes in my head I am adding it up because I was handing her 6 bucks quick cause I was like yeah this should be less than 6. I didn't cause a scene though I mean I'll get the receipt and can go ahead and see where the error was. So I look 6" 4.50, 3 cookies 1.39. whoops here's our problem. "Hey you charged me 4.50 for my 6 inch it's supposed to be 3.75" her response "yeah the sandwich costs 4.50 thats why I was trying to get you to buy the foot long". Me" yeah um no on the sign this sandwich is 3.75 see right there", she proceeds to point to the sandwich NEXT to mine that says 4.50(mine was the only sandiwich on that particular advertisement that was 3.50 so it isn't like I could get confused). "see look mine is supposed to be 3.75". Then(and I really love this move) a coworker of hers walks up and says "yeah but you have tax"

"okay I feel the tax but the tax will not change the INITIAL price of the sandwich"(and her next response tells me A they pull this gag all the time and B she thought I was slow)
"yeah but you know there is double tax"
"Even if there is double tax it doesn't change the PRE TAX RECEIPT PRICE of the sandwich" 

Okay now that tweedle dee and tweedle dum realize you ain gonna get me to walk away without returning the difference for the price of my sandwich they call the manager. She looks breaks out a calculater hands me my 86 cents and I roll out the door(after picking up a bottled water from pilot proper).

I know what they expected to happen in this situation:I pay, I get my change I walk off and I don't look at my receipt. Maybe because there are at a truck stop they figure they won't see folks that often and they can get away with pulling that. I live across the bridge I make this trek all the time, I have EATEN at this subway before. And like I said subway isn't the only place that tries to pull that, I've had folks at Taco Bell try to overcharge me for a burrito, I've had folks at Mickey D's hand me a medium soda when I paid for a large. Some folks try to get over, as they are standing right in front of you preparing it at subway RARELY do you get the USUAL food abuse that we all hear horror stories about(and that if you know the employees they will admit to some of them), but USUALLY it is directed at bad customers. But then there are also bad employees and that's what I ran into. It may have been slightly less than a solid dollar but I counted up how much my meal was supposed to be, less the 8 bucks since the bottle water at pilot is a little higher than the circle K near my house(1.29 vs .75 at circle k). 

It's one of those bang bang situations you know how we all check our bags before we leave the drive through and our receipts before we drive off, yeah this little "tricks" catch the folks who don't do that. And by giving me some BS story about TWO taxes(yeah um the sales tax is at the bottom NOT added in to the price of the sandwich and then taxed again), which would sound very official especially in this age of HATING TAXES they probably got plenty of folks to walk out there grumbling about the government bleeding them to death NOW by double taxing their food. Thing is I can read, and I can add(and do some quick subtraction on the fly, I knew there was a .75 discrepancy in the price of my sandwich) so blowing smoke up my crack isn't going to work. I didn't go off on them, no need it was like .75 cents hell with the extra like 9 cents for the tax I paid on it I still couldn't buy that bottle water(unless I was at circle k near the house) so why blow up. No matter what they were trying to pull a customer dispute about their receipt REQUIRES them to call the manager. I could talk to her, unless she plans to remove that sign then my sandwich is LISTED where all can see for $3.75, if you don't give it to me for 3.75 that's false advertisement and really lose customer goodwill for less than a dollar? What sense does that make? Though to be fair after hearing frick and frack try to convince me that my math was off I don't care how hungry I am I'll drive to the subway near my house or to one of the other MILLION and a HALF subways on the way home from where I am before I will ever eat at that one again. I'm just saying of all the BAD CUSTOMERS I see out there to try and flim flam a decent customer who just wanted to make sure he wasn't over charged nah I'm good your sandwiches are okay but your customer service is severely lacking

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow who knew

Tom's(no relation) BBQ

Hmm I've ridden past this place a million times when me and my dog gotti used to work for Fedex  (actually it was Fedex Trade Networks to be exact) and he was staying off tula. I'm looking at the posters with Guy Fieri on it like wow now I still haven't eaten here(the boss waited til AFTER I ate lunch to tell me I was coming here, Thanks Dad) but I guess this wraps into more famous places I've only gone to because I'm working.

Its sad really I'm probably living a few tourists dreams hitting all these famous Memphis eateries and rarely am I there to get a plate or have I tried a single dish. I mean the Mesquite chop house I'm always there (just rarely when they are open so nope have tried a dish), Papa Pia's(good pizza, I wanna try the calzone though), Pig on Beale(great BBQ there I had some before they won memphis in May), Kings palace(never ate there), Rum Boogie(great chicken), Handy Park(always working I ain even heard a note played there).I've also done some of the bars between King's Palace and Rum boogie(never been in those "after hours" either, if I ever get bored I'm gonna start taking photos in these various memphis hot spots downtown.)

I MAY buy dinner from Tom's BBQ since I have to go back, hopefully I can leave it in the fridge without it being attacked(I know who my siblings are a fridge play is fair game regardless of what you write on it). Like I said I just ate so my stomach is full, not super full but enough that I'd just feel bloated if I ate anything else.

Tomorrow is Tron:Legacy day, yes it will be epic yes its in the run up to my birthday it is Disney Marvel's present to me, not YOU ME(hey sometimes you gotta claim stuff as your own when there's no party). So I'm going to enjoy myself baby bro MAY walk with me we shall see. I'm wondering who will be a trailer for TRON (I'm hoping since Marvel is now disney's that I get some Marvel trailers you know Thor, maybe Cap) can't wait til I see it that blog will be epic.

I wonder if Disney is running Tron on the the Disney channel today, I gotta check that out. Hmm oh well quick update "how's it hangin" style

Catch ya later on tonight

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Monday, November 29, 2010

And just when it looks like a dull and dreary day

The sky opens up and says "whatcha got for me". And it was an off and on rain, one of those "I've stopped whoops nope caught you out in the middle of the street with no umbrella" type showers that get you sick.

I got wrapped up in work so I really couldn't do this blog like I wanted to earlier. It was just one of those days, starts out slow and I'm not doing anything ends in a rush. We're just leaving the smoke shop now, so its a late night for me, no I'm not fond of late nights because I still get stuck with early mornings. Blows Donkey balls, but hey I'm grown I gotta do what I gotta do.

Still a wet night luckily its monday not friday not in a movie mood so I won't get soaked. I can take the caddy to wally word later for wifey so that her playonline is okay. I want to get into Final Fantasy XIV but I'd need a new PC. Desktop laptop don't matter, either way I want something THIS generation PC wise. Call me a gaming snob, but why be on the sucky computer if you don't have to be?

But that's something far off, I know I started rambling but hey I said from the start I'm rambly. So its not like I didn't warn you, and from my bounce rate I see many of you have decided to jump off quickly, whoops this guy is a loon let me get up out of here. (I mean some of yall bug out in less than 10 seconds that's a miracle, I never leave without reading a page or two unless its a gay/femdom porn site then its "aw hell naw" *click*)

For those who have stay around and enjoy my craziness thank you from the bottom of my heart 700 hits last month and damn near 2000 over. Google analytics may not count all of you but if you are here you are welcome(until you piss me off)

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