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Saturday, January 14, 2017

My favorite trailers of 2016

2016 was an interesting year for movies, we had a lot of blockbuster I believe 2016 was a record breaking year for the movie industry(I know Disney made it to 1 billion faster than anyone else, granted they did have Zootopia and Civil War to start out the year with), it also saw some monumental flops, as well as the first flop that technically made money, but disappointed almost everyone who watched it. As such you know what interests some people in a movie: A mean trailer, like if you can sell your movie in a trailer that might lead you to a decent opening weekend. My favorite trailers technically weren't in 2016, they were the Deadpool trailers and 90% of those were dropped in 2015. We also had an interesting trailer war going on between Marvel and DC, I think Marvel won the MOVIE war this year, I definitely know Disney did, Civil War, Finding Dory, Zootopia, Rogue One and I am sure I missed a few(Since everybody has under studios that count towards their year) but I think DC had a few good trailers too, especially for Suicide Squad.

Now to do this list I am not just going to talk about every trailer I saw, that would be too easy. I am going to go through the trailers that I saw in theater of course you are going to wonder, "how is he going to remember all of those movies?" Well for those who have been reading this blog for a while you will remember my method for doing the trailer blog before the reviews I text myself the trailers for each movie I see during the year. So I am going to go through each movie text, rewatch the trailers and then decide which were my fav's for the year. And yes I will do them just like I usually do the trailer blog by linking you to said trailer. Now it may or may not be the first trailer but I will try and give you the one that really got me hyped for the movie.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hey Everybody

With these simple words Marvel has restarted their hype engine and completely stolen the Thunder from DC. Honestly, I know the thunder god  is one of their characters but this was supposed to be DC's month. No longer fighting Civil War in May, right after Deadpool's momentous winter opening this was supposed to be the sweet spot, but I guess Marvel wasn't in the sugar sharing mood. It also may hilariously be a shot at Joss Whedon, because having a trailer with:iron man, War machine, vision, black widow vs captain America, hawkeye, scarlet witch, winter soldier and adding in the black panther on Tony's side, Antman on Steve's with some awesome fight sequences can be considered an embarrassment of riches, that was honestly enough....

Until it wasn't, I already said this on wordpress but Tony Star screaming "underoos" was the cherry, pineapples and whipped cream on top of my already free awesome sundae. It harkens back to Tony's irreverence, it jokingly talks about Marvel's history as the home for spandex(vs DC's love for cowls and capes), and it allows the wall crawler to show up in a flashy, wacky, cocky, and ridiculous way. This is almost as awesome as Chris Evans pretending to be Loki, pretending to be Captain America. You take a tense scene and toss a fart machine in the middle of it. And it lends itself to such awesome parody, as both the webslinger and the merc with the mouth often do because what is a Spider-man or Deadpool cameo without some existential moment of either seriousness or ridiculousness.

Friday, February 5, 2016

I decided to do a more expansive blog about the Deadpool movie

Of course, since it is an R rated movie I really can't express my complete and total joy over here about it. So yes that means I am sending you over to my wordpress blog (like so) *ding*. Yes it may be a slight bit of self promotion, but I promise I added trailers and everything, you'll have fun really.

You don't even have to read anything past the Deadpool post, which thinking back I may have forgot to add categories too so I will be updating it shortly but that's it. You want to see something else on there go ahead but this post is Just about talking about Deadpool. I find Deadpool hilarious, I actually wish Disney Marvel would pony of the dough so we could get a Spideypool movie and trust me you want a SpideyPool movie. No no, don't argue you will thank me later, I know Disney is rolling in the bucks after Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America Winter Soldier, and Now Star Wars the Force Awakens, yall have dough and you have been selling Merch likes it's been going out of style buy back X-men give the fans what they really want:

Spider-man, Deadpool, Hulk and Wolverine all in a movie together. I mean if I had people who comment on my posts I could guarantee you it would be a deluge of "take my money NOW" gifs, memes, money tear emojis, and rawkus hallelujahs for something they didn't even realize they needed until I just said it was might be possible. But only if you do this for us Disney, isn't one of your theme songs "when you wish upon a star" unfortunately it's day time, then again it's night time somewhere and we are wishing

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Something new

It's Thursday, and while I'm not a huge fan of posting old pictures(mainly because a younger me was not too fond of taking them) I figure I could do something equally crazy, I could go through and post old drafts from this blog, as is. A few will pop up today

Whoop dee, who cares about a few posts that didn't make the cut right. Well that isn't really how writing works with me, sometimes it isn't that an idea didn't make the cut it's more that: I got busy, lost my train of thought, swore I would get back to it, and then a bunch of weeks passed and whoops you are forever languishing in the drafts folder.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why everybody going Batcrap crazy over Ben Affleck as Batman is a little misguided pt.1

Let's be honest here a few of yall are mad because you don't like Ben Affleck as an actor, those folks hey if you don't like somebody you don't and nothing the person does will EVER be good to you. I'm not talking to you, because you are allowed not to like who you don't want to like. I'm the same way with Dane Cook, dude just isn't funny to me. While there are roles where I say okay, yes Dane Cook worked in that, they are few and far between and I ain searching out a Dane Cook movie JUST to see if he worked in it. We could get into how I LOATHE Jamie Kennedy ENTIRELY but you know what that is a blog in itself, when he came out he was like a poor man's version of Dane Cook to me so yeah he had no chance.

Some of you guys are basing your dislike for Ben Affleck as Batman because you disliked the Daredevil movie, I am partially talking to yall. Mainly because you are mad at Ben Affleck because you were expecting a Blind Spider-man which is YOUR fault not his. Some of you really don't read Marvel Comics, don't understand where MOST of their characters come from, and thus when you come at it from the ORIGINAL DC stand point you get some chapped hides. From a guy pushing 40 let me give you the basic breakdown of DC vs Marvel: when I was younger MOST of the DC characters were models of perfection, yes they had the normal super hero mishap Superman his planet was destroyed. But his life:he was a kid who had almost perfect Step Parents(John and Martha), was raised on a farm with love and caring, and while he had a few issues tamping down his powers as a child(well not really in a lot of the early comics he didn't get his powers til his teen years so he had a mostly normal life) for the most part he had it pretty steady. The Flash: was a pretty decent police lab tech(don't know if they called them csi's back then but normally he worked in a lab doing work for the police), a lightning bolt hits some chemicals he becomes your faster than life speed demon. Oh wait I should pause I am doing the comics from MY Childhood I understand there was a flash before Barry Allen I just didn't read him that much, the Magical Ring green lantern either. Even Batman Rich kid, having a pretty good time then he's parents are killed after a pretty good night and while still privileged he is tortured for the rest of his life and goes out to fight crime. Early on he actually used guns, was less of a fighting specialist and more of just a brawler, and while he had gadgets he wasn't as super prepared as he is now.

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