Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Trailers for Captain America:Civil War

On this fine Friday evening we got 5 trailers, from all over the spectrum of movie delights. Some remakes, some new offerings, some sequels but all before Captain America:Civil War. Most of these trailers I have seen on youtube so I will dig them up for you and as always give my thoughts as to whether or not I think the movies will be worth seeing and if the trailers intrigued me at all.

In case you ever wonder I put them in order of appearance, not worst to best, favorite to least favorite or vice versa. How ever they came at me while I was in my seat is how I give them to you. So without anymore stalling(because at this point it really is becoming stalling), your movie trailers:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Our favorite shell rockers are at it again. With the backdrop of "No sleep til Brooklyn" this is supposedly the second trailer for Michael Bay's TMNT sequel. You see Aliens come from the sky, Beebop and Rocksteady created, Baxter Stockman(I don't know if that is the guy who played the shredder in the last movie), Casey Jones, more of April O'niel basically it looks like Micheal Bay wants more people to come see his movie so he is throwing EVERYBODY from the cartoons and games at you. and I do mean everybody. Seriously Beebop and Rocksteady, didn't Amazing Spider-man 2 just fail at getting you to love a Rhinocerous bad guy(what too soon, dang) and The Warthog you say that people start looking for Master Chief. It looks like it is going to be a lot of action, a lot of fun, and a lot of butt kicking. Eikichi just wants to see Tyler Perry's head get cut off, it happened to Baxter in the comics and the cartoons so yeah that Tyler Perry signed up for that is a bonus in his eyes.

We also have Stephen Amel added to the crew better known as Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow on the CW. That also looked like Seamus from the WWE playing one of the iconic pair of the turtle enemies. Hell in the comics they are famous for doing something BIG(no spoilers). No I don't know if that is ACTUALLY Krang, but that spinning body might have been. SO Micheal Bay is either pulling out all the stops or else is just spoiling the waters for the next director by grabbing all the hot Turtles Material now and throwing it on your screen. Eikichi is a huge turtles fan so we will probably go see this one.

Jason Bourne

Matt Damon is back, ooooh is he back. The baddest living weapon on the planet is back and he is about to take more names. After what seems like forever(probably a good 5 years, and Jeremy Renner taking over the starring role) Jason Bourne has once again surfaced, he now appears to have all his memories back and he is on the warpath. Jason Bourne never denies that he volunteered for "The Program" the problem is, the story he was told to get him to volunteer seems to have been a lie and now he wants answers. There is no more bluster or false confidence that you will be the one to take down Jason Bourne, many have tried and died in the process. You also can't openly support him because the secret just goes too deep, too much money, too much power, and too many protected people who don't want to be exposed. And if the "Boogie Man" isn't alive they for now aren't worried about skeletons.

It's seems the boogie man is alive, buts are being kicked, Nicki is helping him and a whole bunch of people hiding secrets had better get their houses in order. Oh and whoever that big guy is in the desert, did they not WARN YOU WHO HE WAS, one punch KO wow and you did all those push ups for what again? Tommy Lee Jones has been added to the cast which is awesome, I can't wait to see the latest Bourne installment.

The Legend of Tarzan

Yeah yeah, Lord Greystoke and his parents plane crashed in the middle of the jungle where after his parents were killed Tarzan was adopted by the apes and raised as one of their own. I think there are more Tarzan movies than I have spent years on this planet, the CGI looks okay but I really don't see any reason to check this one out in the theaters AGAIN. They do this like every 8 years remake Tarzan and it is getting pretty old. I don't think I watched the last Tarzan Remake and I'm not planning on watching this one, it screams Lone Ranger to me, and I didn't like the latest remake for that either.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It always starts with a girl. A feisty girl, a strong willed girl, a girl who doesn't want to just give in to the way of the world(or in this case the Galaxy). She has been captured, brought to the heart of the Rebel base and been assigned a mission. It seems the Galactic Emperor is up to something, something big and the Rebels want to know exactly what that is. Our heroine is good at one thing REBELLING, with a minor in forgery, piloting, butt kicking, and causing epic levels of havoc. I know Episode 8 isn't for another two years, but this will definitely give me my fix for a Galaxy Far Far Away this holiday season.

It's in the trailer so I can say:They Are Building THE DEATH STAR. So I guess we finally get to meet those Bothan Spies who died to get us those plans. I don't know who else from the Star Wars universe we are going to meet, but this looks like and epic ride and I can't wait to get on. By the way anybody who wants to argue me down bout it not starting with a girl: Leai, Amadala, and now Jin if they didn't decide they wanted to resist this would have been the shortest 9 part story ever.

Doctor Strange

Let's get it out the way, yes the Ancient is being played by a bald white woman because older Asian men have gone extinct. I mean they have gotten so many other things on point: The overturned car, the destroyed hands, the formerly golden boy surgeon going to pot but for whatever reason there is an extreme lack of Asian Men in this movie.

Doctor Stephen Strange is a successful Neurosurgeon but after a horrific car accident he has lost the fine motor control in his hands that allow him to practice his craft. In despair Stephen strange travels the world looking for someone to help fix his hands. Until he learns that there is more to the world than he ever imagined. Stephen Strange is a man of Science and yet he is about to find that the world of Mysticism has need of him. For what I can tell we have Baron Mordo, the Ancient and somehow his NOT Asian Man Servant who watches his house while he protects the world from mystical terrors. Visually the movie looks great, I just don't understand some of the casting decisions. I am going to see this movie, it just has me shaking my head a little.

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