Monday, May 30, 2016

The Trailers for X-men: Apocalypse

It was a weekend of a major movie premier so me and HALF of my siblings went, somebody had a baby to watch. Oh well. Now while TWO movies came out Friday night but I only went to one(and as Ninja Turtles comes out next week the other May 27 movies may have to wait til video), and while I don't think I ever owned the T-shirt you know I always Make Mine Marvel. So I went to go see another "new continuity" X-men movie, as you may have heard these seem to be period pieces now. First Class was the 60's, Days was the 70's, and Apocalypse takes place in the 80's.

BUUUUUT before every movie you get trailers to tell you what movie you SHOULD be coming to see in the next few months so that the theaters and Hollywood need them duckets. X-men Apocalypse had 5 trailers, some I had seen Elsewhere, one Marvel Trailer, and a few I had already seen. I know I am a day late with this(I usually do it the day of, but I was really close to prestige 2 on CoD so ahem yeah I did that) but without further ado here we go
Free State of Jones

This looks to be a period piece. I don't know how historically accurate it really is, in the middle of the war a confederate soldier decides he has had enough. He is tired of dieing for the whims of the rich on both sides of the war. So after gathering together his family, and a lot of other tired farmers, some runaway slaves, and other people locked in a war that while it is supposed to be for the nations heart just seems to be for the coffers of the well to do.

It looks like it's got an anti government flair to it, a war within a war. The mind of the people not exactly being aligned with the minds of those in power. Personally I'll wait for it to come out on cable/streaming services.

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange is an Amazing, talented, cocky, and arrogant Neurosurgeon. That is of course until he has a tragic car accident that costs him the use of his hands. In a downward spiral the good doctor seeks out treatments that get sketchier and more expensive as time goes on. That is of course until he hears of ONE MORE LONG SHOT, the Ancient one. The problem is, she wants to talk to him about things that the Learned Stephen Strange doesn't believe in: Chakras, Chi, the power of positive thinking. He believes in science, in logic, in the world he can see that is until his mind, eyes, and understanding is shattered by what the Ancient One is about to teach him.

As a Marvel fan I can give you an almost complete synopsis of Doctor Strange, I won't though. What I will do is say that Marvel is using Stephen Strange to introduce Magic into their universe, because Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, not "Super Science" as Thor spoke of in his movie but actual full on Magic. The stuff that Loki uses, there are beings from other realms who wish to destroy this one, and the sorcerer supreme is the only one who keeps them at bay.  By the way, YES that is a cape he is wearing, that is a part of his iconic costume just like the Incredible Hulk and Purple stretch pants.

For now we seem to be getting a lot of Inception type imagery, we haven't seen any of the fighting yet so while it looks interesting not really much to go on yet.

Legend of Tarzan

Lord Greystoke, his wife, and young son are lost in Africa after a plane crash. The husband and wife are killed by gorillas, but the young son is saved by a female gorilla who heard his cries and treated him like one of her own. The young boy, Tarzan, is raised by the animals, he swings on the vines in the trees, he dives from great heights, he is uncommonly strong, fast, cunning. The White Hairless ape, the jungle legend, the lord of the beasts.

As I've previously said my favorite Tarzan is still Christopher Lambert's, I think he did an awesome job at it. I think most people favor the Disney version so I don't know where this one falls.

Assassin's Creed

Many moons ago, there was a game, Ubisoft created a revolutionary game. It followed the story of a criminal's ancestor back in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. A device called the Animus allowed a secretive organization to tap into his DNA and see the world through the eyes of that ancestor as they looked for an ancient artifact to help them rule the world. This game spawned many sequels and now they are bringing the original to the Big screen.

Micheal Fassbender plays the title character as they send him back in time to the Spanish Inquisition. There will be no lawyers, no police, no appeals, he is already dead or so the world thinks. He is a man that no longer exists going back to a time when Assassins worked in the shadows to support the light. The game is about a fight between the Templars and some sort of Illuminati type group(I never played the games so I am not sure. I played maybe 30 minutes of unity, this would be an Eikichi or Smooth/Monkeyhand question). Smooth said they at least got the pose right so while he may not be keen to go see the movie he at least agrees with the imagery. There is a lot of fast paced action, plenty of parkour, and lots and lots of assassinations. While I don't remember seeing Eikichi with TWO blades in the first game, I don't know if they possibly got them later(cause again, I never personally played it). So welcome to the Spanish Inquisition, you're still here so I guess you ancestor never ran foul of the assassins, or at least didn't before your sire was born.

Independence Day: Resurgence

It's been 20 years since we fought the aliens off. We have co-opted their technology to make us better, stronger, to prepare just in case they come back. We have wisely used that 20 years, or so we hoped, we have prepared our children for a war that we hoped was not coming, but we were too afraid to ignore, and yet we forgot one important thing: The Aliens had 20 years to prepare too.

It is once again Independence Day, once again the human race is on the brink of extinction, can we come together like we did the last time and show them that the Earth is NOT for the taking, and the Human Race a species NOT to be trifled with.

It looks like they got a lot of the original cast back(but not all), dead folks are still dead, and Will Smith's character is POSSIBLY dead. Humanity vs the Aliens round 2, and once again on Independence Day(well June 23, I don't think either movie premiered on Independence Day, that holiday period but not the day) will we once again survive or have the aliens finally gotten our number.

So those are your five trailers, I have history with 3 of the five(Strange, Tarzan, and Independence day) I am thinking of seeing 3 of the 5(Strange, Assassin's, Independence Day) not sure if that will be a solo affair though, since Eikichi wasn't there so he hasn't expressed interest in anything but Strange, plus Turtles comes out this week(gotta see if he wants to see it). I'm about to light the grill up and afterwards I will write the Apocalypse review.

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