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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In this life, there are 2 rules that must not be broken

Rule #1 Every Marker must be honored

Rule #2 No blood will be shed on Continental Grounds

John Wick, the Baba Yaga the Boogie Man. When we first met John Wick he was a simple man. He had recently lost his wife, and in an attempt to help John recover his deceased spouse, Helen, had him sent a dog. A small, cute, and playful puppy. It was not easy, but John came to love that puppy for it was a connection to the women he loved, until one fateful day when he went to the store and met a young Iosef Tarasov. Iosef liked John's classic 1969 Mustang Mach 1 coup. Iosef is the spoiled son of a Russian Mob boss, he does not hear no often so he asked John how much for the car of which he was told "No Deal"

Iosef should have accepted that answer, because the night he broke into John's house, knocked him out, stole his car and killed his dog would have deep repercussions. It would also cost Iosef his life, many of his father's henchman their lives, and his very father's life. All because he stole the car of a man with a dog, or should I say the Devil. Because the car he stole belonged to the retired underworld hitman John Wick, a nightmare feared by all EVEN Viggo Tarasov. Before Viggo meets his untimely end, John checks into a hotel in New York called the Continental, an apparent Howard Johnson's for the criminal elite. They give him a car, a 2011 Black Charger LD we will get back to this car Later

Helen is dead

Iosef is dead

the puppy is dead

Viggo is dead

So where is John's car?

Monday, February 13, 2017

The trailers for John Wick Chapter 2

Today is Eikichi's birthday so we had an early movie day. We went to see John Wick(and if you have Amazon video the first one is on sale for 5 bucks), I was a little late again(traffic and watching Legion, I apologize) so I didn't catch all the trailers and Smooth being who he is refused to tell me what he saw(cause taller siblings act like that). So for this Sunday February 12th of 2017 these are the trailers I got at my theater.

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