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Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy Friday all

The Power Rangers review just dropped. It is a stuffy day, with heavy sneezing, and light tearing(my folks with allergies will understand) it's mildly sunny and cool actually. I will TRY and get into what I was talking about yesterday afternoon with my post about anime and the slight westernization of the characters, I may have to head to Barnes and Noble first to do a little bit of research into how characters are drawn in Mangas, because I am not much of a manga reader. I understand HOW to read Manga, at the moment I just don't want to read that way fucks with my immersion I am not saying anything against Manga readers Eikichi loves Manga, I am just not with that "wave" at the moment.

But yes as an Anime fan and a fan of Super Hero movies it is an exciting time, it is also time to take a good look at our favorite characters/stories/franchises/media and critique them honestly when they tell bad stories, make bad casting decisions, make obvious cash grab movies, or possibly tell less than fulfilling stories with our favorite formerly counter and now popular culture icons.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I made it a double(2/22/12)

Tuesday night since I had access to a vehicle, was off work on the early side and had a few shekels to rub together decided to hit the movies. This won't seem to new or out of the ordinary for most folks who read in 2010 or 2011 since I went to the movies almost every week. Unfortunately my normal movie viewing destination has closed and my old Friday habit of hoofing it the 10-15 minutes it was to make it there for the last show is no more.

So I went to the Paradiso, a Malco Theater(one of these days I'll take a pic of the sign) and decided to take in Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance. And as I got out around 9:30 I decided "hey why not go ahead and watch Safe House too, just in case my brothers Welch on movie outings again."  I wasn't paying attention but GR was in 3D and I don't know about the rest of the glasses wearing movie public but the glasses over my glasses always give me mild eyestrain and a slight head ache. It was much worse during the old "blue and red paper throw aways" days, now its not every but a few GR falling into the few category. So i forked over my 12 buck(my poor wallet) and sat through the flick, got 5 trailers, that blog coming soon, and watched the movie. Review MAY be coming later, afterwards since a showing of Safe House was coming up within a few minutes I hopped back in line a paid for my ticket(don't give me that*yeah right* look I actually have the stubs to prove it) and enjoyed the 9:30ish showing of Safe House. I got 5 trailers with each movie I'll try and get those in today and possibly clean my review slate up for at least 2012.

If you aren't having a good week so far, hey it's Thursday tomorrow night begins the weekend


I know Spirit of Vengeance pretty much buried the series, I forget if I did a review for it or not but I hated how they just tossed aside the Penance Stare it was awesome in GR. I understand that they wanted to show a little more conflict in SoV but you don't change what works. Safehouse was interesting, Ryan and Denzel put in good performances. I am cleaning out my drafts folder and this is turning out to be pretty fun. As I go through and show off either old blogs or old "blogs in the making" you will get a better idea of where I start or how I go about writing, I can tell you most of it is chaos, I will ask you to forgive my spelling errors in these throw back posts because I do that at the end and of course these are as is(thus why you got the blank "we are the core" Blog)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November, the stretch run

Yup it's time to put away your scary or silly costumes and turn those jack o lanterns into pies. Another year is coming to a close and for many it has been a hard bitter journey. Before it ends though it is of course the time here in America to prepare to give thanks for all we have had, seen, done, those we have known, lost and will never forget. Depending on your outlook on life this is either a somber or joyous time, hmm I guess it could be just like any other time. I am talking about my personal bias when mentioning somber or joyous but then what of those who either don't celebrate, have no one to celebrate with, or else it isn't even their holiday?

For me it's about family, good food, usually pretty good memories and a time to reflect. It also happens to be the time before my mother and I's birthdays(Ancient lady, she was mentioned in the LTBL post), so usually it's pretty up beat time of year around these parts. Plus you get great food: Turker, Sweet potato pie, Mashed Potatoes(love potatoes any way ya serve them), candied yams, cranberry sauce, stuffing. Man the dishes about to be placed in front of us in a few weeks are going to be awesome, not that my life is ever all fun and games but really if you do not put the good times versus the bad in perspective you will always have problems.

I had so much on my mind when I started this blog earlier in the day and got side tracked, so this is where I will end it a quick update and so Holiday wishes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And back to gaming, Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

This isn't a new game, it isn't even really a popular game it's just one of the games I'm playing at the moment when I'm bored and putting flame to incense.  Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is based on the Naruto Shippuuden anime and thus the Naruto manga and as with many anime based games there is an option to have the audio in English or in Japanese(being a HUGE sub fan, I of course opt for Japanese with english Subtitles), mainly because they usually get the actual voice actors who play the characters to do the voice overs. So it's pretty much a seemless immersion into the anime. NS2 is along the lines of a fighting RPG you have to walk around and do quests to help you get items to get strong but for the most part the story moves along once you go and have certain fights. You don't really level up though in this one, you get new versions of the character as the story moves along and you get past certain chapters of the story, that coincide with things that happened in the anime. In this case you get regular Naruto who just knows how to use the Rasengan, then you get Naruto who knows how to use the Rasen Shuriken, then you get access to the "sage mode" Naruto who also uses the Rasen Shuriken but it's alot stronger. There is also an "unlockable" Naruto if you beat the game.

Fighting Role Playing Games also differ from normal RPG's in the fact that your main goal is to get characters, items, and abilities to use in the actual tournament or P v P action outside the main story. You really don't have to play the Main story at all and can just fight with friends using the characters unlocked when you first open the box, there is also an online component. If you are going to play online though, I recommend you play out the story otherwise you will be catching a few Sasuke Uchiha Kirin, and Naruto Rasen Shurikens to the face. If you are a fan of the anime you will recognize some of the locales and the epic battles. In some of the fights there will be added "interactive sequences" where you can use button combinations and directional pad presses to attempt to earn stars. The faster you enter in the combinations the more stars you get(if you fail you will be sent back to the beginning of the sequence), you have the chance to earn what is called a secret factor. Which is usually a scene from the show itself or the Naruto anime in a kind of faded out 2D. It makes you want to fight harder and pay attention more, while it adds to the story it's unnecessary to go ahead and finish out the game. For those who have to have absolute 100 percent "gotta catch them all" completion of the game there is an option to go back and attempt to earn those stars later in a game. In the Hokage's(or Kazekage later in the game) office there is a ninja who will offer you the chance to go back and refight battles. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lake Oh Come on we just got power back

This was the front yard last weekend. We were planning to go out and do some work on sunday but er umm there was no road. I was standing outside because there was flooding in front of the fire place. It was an interesting way to wake up sunday.

So after kitsune went outside and cleared the leaves out that were blocking the hole in the fence through which water escapes(and fell in the raging waters that went rushing from captivity) I decided to walk out front and see what the world looked like. And as you can see the world looked WAY different. Thankfully the flooding fixed itself after a few hours when the rain stopped but thus normal and Lake "Againy 'gain" photos. I wish I had my phone in hand in time to photograph the truck that rode up to hit the intersection and then realized "what intersection". The day was comical most of these photos were uploaded to FB that day and that was as far as I could go with it cause damn.

We had just gotten back power, just got back cable and whoosh here comes the next one. I think I'm gonna get more vigilant with taking pictures cause this year has had so many eye opening moments. I've seen a lot in 36 years, and yes I know I live in "the alley" but come on nobody has wished, hoped, begged or prayed for this much rain all at once. And if this is one of those "catch up moments" than for the whole mid south I'd like to say "Mother Nature Hold up Shawty we good, things are nice wet and feeling nurtured now". Whew I've seen what I thought was the Mississippi high before but this spring has opened my eyes for real.

But still had power, still had internet, just a little surprised to have "Lake front property"
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