Monday, March 27, 2017

The Trailers for Power Rangers(2017)

Yes, yes we went to go see the Power Rangers no it wasn't as fluffy as the after school TV show, we did enjoy it but of course the review comes later. This is the up and coming movies for the rest of the year, there were some animated numbers, we had a fantasy offering, a "kids/coming of age movie" but enough of the Jibba Jabba here are your trailers
Spark:a space tail

Spark is a young primate who has lived on a planet conquered by Emperor Zong 13 long years ago. He showed up, sucked off a good portion of the atmosphere, stole the royal family and left the people to scrape by on their damaged planet. Spark is like any other kid, he goes about goofing off all day with delusions of grandeur. He has a pet bug thing, and he hopes one day to see the hero who is going to give Zong whats coming to him and save their planet. That is until one day he is eating with an old timer and shows him the mark on his hand, to Spark it was just a weird birthmark but to everyone else it is the Royal Seal and now the Hero that he has been waiting for, has been waiting for him in the mirror.

This is not to say that Zong is unconcerned with the emergence of a Royal Heir, he thought he was dead and now he is going to find him, squash him, and then go about ruling the universe, Zong is a busy ape so why dally.

Cars 3

We all know Lightning McQueen, the fastest car on the track. The problem for Lightning is that father time is undefeated, yes he was an up and coming race car back in his day, then he was the Gold Standard, and now, now he is just that old timer coughing down the track. The next generation is here, and they have been built to a demanding standard, Better Than Lightning McQueen. He will never be the racer he used to be, you can't turn back the clock.

But you can wind it back up again.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

There's a new wimp in town, and he is about to go through the worst summer of his life: A long family Road Trip. Basically the parents want to go to one destination, the kids found a comic con 2 inches away(on the map) and some how someone they are going to get to SOMEBODIES destination, may the hilarity begin.

King Arthur:Legend of the Sword

In the style of a Knights Tale, you have a more visceral almost rock and roll style fantasy movie. Young Arthur is spirited away from the castle as it is under siege and grows up not knowing his TRUE identity: The Born King. He rides into the city of his birth, to fulfill the prophecy.

Pull Sword from Stone
Assemble his Knights
and take back his kingdom.

So these are the 4 trailers I saw with power rangers, I don't think I missed one but hey we had issues with the tickets and the snacks so we did get in there after the the trailers initially started.

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