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Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy Friday all

The Power Rangers review just dropped. It is a stuffy day, with heavy sneezing, and light tearing(my folks with allergies will understand) it's mildly sunny and cool actually. I will TRY and get into what I was talking about yesterday afternoon with my post about anime and the slight westernization of the characters, I may have to head to Barnes and Noble first to do a little bit of research into how characters are drawn in Mangas, because I am not much of a manga reader. I understand HOW to read Manga, at the moment I just don't want to read that way fucks with my immersion I am not saying anything against Manga readers Eikichi loves Manga, I am just not with that "wave" at the moment.

But yes as an Anime fan and a fan of Super Hero movies it is an exciting time, it is also time to take a good look at our favorite characters/stories/franchises/media and critique them honestly when they tell bad stories, make bad casting decisions, make obvious cash grab movies, or possibly tell less than fulfilling stories with our favorite formerly counter and now popular culture icons.

Monday, April 4, 2011

2 years in the making

I am marking the 2 year anniversary, 2nd birthday whatever you would like to officially call it of the ponderings by of course giving it notice on all my various social networking haunts(something I need to start right now). As mention the start of my journey here on Blogspot(when I started here it was called blogspot now it's blogger) was not as a blogger as it was as a reader and a commenter. If you check back on some of my favorite blogger haunts you will notice that I used to fill up a lot of comment space. If I have an opinion I am going to give it in full, damn the torpedoes or somebody else who was afraid to fully express themselves for fear of being ridiculed as a dork, nerd or geek, or that someone may accost them because "they were wrong". Could I be wrong, sure I'm human, are you gonna have to prove it hell to the yeah. At the time I started this blog I already had two, one on Yahoo 360 and one on multiply that I was pounding away on at a rather regular pace(if you dig into the archives you will notice quite a few instances of me mentioning how I abused this blog, much like you will see now on wordpress though honestly wordpress is getting a lot more love then blogger did in the beginning). Now yes Yahoo 360 is gone and while multiply still exists I really haven't posted on there in any capacity in months(I may again, just hmm I've been busting my behind here, somewhat), I had blogged a few times on myspace haven't been there in ever, black planet either. So as far as active blogs are concerned you have here and you have Wordpress.

When I started this blog I made one firm rule:No cursing. Which to any who know me and who stumble upon this blog going forward will appear to be an impossibility "Primal not curse, please he enjoys those foul invectives too much to write a post without peppering a few in here or there", so yeah the fact that I have over 200 posts with nary a cuss word(I have allowed a few in here and there) will be shocking. I also said that as is my nature to be random and in the shadows so will be my blog, if you find it so be it, but there will not be a lot of "hey I'm primal come to my blogging" going on. 2 reasons most peoples blogs I find, I find by accident I see them somewhere else and explore, I like to find out more. And if a subject interests me I comment, I kind of want to meet more people like myself. Now I may not be overflowing with visitors(especially if you go by my google analytics stats) but I have had quiet a few onlookers. Second especially in the beginning as I wasn't posting with any amount of regularity I didn't want to create some type of  "eye grabbing campaign" which would force me to artificially create content just so that I had an excuse to draw people to my blog. If you came then you came by way of the ether, as many of my great childhood adventures did by simple chance, my friend Joy of Almond Joy's Sweetness as well as Let this BE a warning (a play on one of her internet nom de plumes of Butterfly Effect, go by and give her a hug for me) did give me a shout out once on her facebook page and I want to thank her for that, got quite a few hits that week.

Also of my 468(as of this writing trust me it will increase going forward, actually as I have been going through still reading others blogs while typing this up I should just say as of this moment 8:28 pm on April 3rd 2011) Disqus comments(and the inspiration for me adding it to my blog) the lions share are on my cyber brother Rippa's blog The Intersection| Madness & Reality from every topic including politics, music, and my love of the Bootay. To tell you how lousy a cyber brother I am Rippa and I live in the exact same city, hell 2 years ago we probably lived within 15 minutes of each other, and me Mr. busy and lazy has never met him face to face(Yes I R the suck, I admit it). Rippa recently had surgery so if you have a thick enough skin drop by say hello and possibly join in on the conversations(rippa has at least 6 other blog authors as well as allows people to submit posts for his blog, no I myself have NEVER done a post for his blog I just read and respond to that which tickles my fancy). Oh word of warning Rippa sometimes uses some wild pictures along with the blog posts to catch you off guard, if you can keep your wits about you I recommend definitely adding him to your reading list. One of the best black bloggers in the game.

Through my blogging travels I have met many different people some of them shinig stars(or shining stars in the making) others normal eclectic folks like myself, some average everyday people who you would think "why would they interact with him". As the world wide web was young when I left jersey I have met quite a few folks who I was already sharing time zones, stomping grounds and area codes with folks like @kinkycourtesan of and The Trippie Hippie a fellow jersey alumn, @yagyrlr of yagyrlr this harlemite drags me to every new social networking iteration there is I may not stay but I can't say I haven't heard of it, Keys of Passion's Fruit and Thee~~Kween's~Kaleidescope could probably tell you how annoying and long winded I could be. There are many more and I'm just going to link to my various friends lists(and you can also check my blog roll to see who I read) many of them I don't always see eye to eye with, doesn't make either of us bad people it just makes us intelligent folks who understand that not seeing eye to eye on a matter doesn't make the other person evil, just the owner of their own opinion. And while my amount of commenting may have tapered off as of late(and quite a bit of my reading) many of these folks have done all you can ask a blogger to do, open my eyes to a different perspective on this wonderful world we share. I have also found some awesome tweeters and bloggers who cover sci-fi and the realm of comics like @thinkhero of the also named Think Hero blog and youtube page and @geektyrant and GT on various occasions I have mention both, so obviously I like their work.

In the 2 Years I have been operating this blog I have gone from having no clue what I was gonna blog about, to offering philosophical laments about maleness, to talking about some of my favorite sports teams, to discussing video games, comic books, sci fi, and movies. To date I believe my most read post here on the ponderings is my review of "The warriors way", whether it is the way I titled the review(I don't always come up with snappy titles, as in the case of "Warriors Way" it was the opening line) or the fact that people had heard about it missed it in theaters and were wondering if it was worth a rental or purchase(yes, yes a million times yes) I don't know but save now a few views on the "Sucker punch" review(I'm gonna need to start recording links for my damn posts or else remembering exactly what I titled them for the purpose of relinking them cause yeesh). I have gone from posting maybe 1 a month or every other month to several times a day(during the last quarter of  2010), to now posting a few times a week. My post count my improve I mean already I have almost surpassed 2009 in posts again, and for the most part until October 2010 was well behind my current pace and this summer block buster season there are a lot of movies I want to see. Yes even Captain America, as a person who has been alive these last 36 years I have seen all the pained attempts at bringing captain america to life. I have seen the sad Beach Ball shield, I have seen the well intentioned, completely to the comic book but cheesy looking attempt in the 90's(Somehow no matter how hard they tried it just didn't come off on the screen as well as we had all hoped, and I paid to go see it) and as much as I have voiced my fears I plan to go see Chris Evans' attempt now that they have jettisoned him from the role of the human torch(why I have no idea he so nailed that part it was like, "what more do you want? Him to actually spout his own flames"). The 21st century has brought us comic and sci fi fans so much joy that many times we don't know how to act, even the less popular low budget offerings that we are getting at the box office are coming through with such stunning visuals that its like "yes, maybe my favorite non main stream comic has a chance". We may not all agree on some of the movies that come out, but the arguments are less based on how "Low budget" the look and more along the lines of if we liked the casting, or the accents of the portraying actors(and honestly when you start complaining about a characters accent as a main focus for it sucking, that means you nailed pretty much everything else).

Now this is not to say EVERYTHING has been golden we have still gotten a few flops, a few times when people have told us all "Damn continuity, the story or the source material, I'm gonna do what I want and make some style piece". It will happen, but now it happens less often and we have so many nice surprises. Animation has also come a long way and has given those of us who grew up with it as a steady companion some adult guilty pleasures to plunk down 8+ bucks for.

I've also made VAGUE mention to my personal life, I think I failed to mention last week that I had canceled my vacation to see my wife for her birthday, things happen the best laid plans of mice and men and all. From time to time I have posted pictures, one of these days I will post a video(probably after I add a new HD to this computer or else buy a new passport drive upon which to save said video or both), have never done a podcast so that would also be a new something I would have to look into. In the last two years I have severely changed my diet, I eat fast food a lot less, especially fried foods(I'm still in lust with french fries so when I creep on my healthier eating habits you know french fries are involved), grease has become the enemy. Or at least is being treated as it right now, of course as a kid from the north east there are probably *Screeching tires* right now. I know I used to eat pizza damn nearly daily, cheese steaks too(especially since living in jersey there were spots to get both within a 5-15 minute walk, ahhh the good old days), I cut down on my indulgence of sweets as well, I'm still a chocoholic I just have better control over it.

Now in this past 2 years there are still a few things I am shall we say deficient in, I haven't gotten into any of the millions stories that have been bouncing around my head since high school, I have yet to buy myself a new notepad or sketch book and begin writing silly limerics, short stories, or even sketching oddly shaped figures. I'm afraid to think what my first sketch will look like, it's been so long and I used to have soo many characters I used to do. Like any other jr to high schooler I had sketched comic book covers(got pretty damn good at it too), a few comic panels, had drawn scenes, as a north east kid had even invented my own stylized graphiti.Maybe one of these days I'll sketch a few of my old logos, scan them in turn them into a gift and use them as the Logo for my blog. Though it's been at least 18 years since I did either one so they won't look right and I'm going to be pissed, I already know it. But since I know it it gives me more reason to go ahead and if nothing else get those right. I may be able to draw nothing but my old Logo, but I want to get that right. Probably need to pick up a few drawing books just to give myself a refresher course, I haven't picked up pencil or pen in that capacity in years. Maybe try to do some coloring on them as well, but drawing first.

Oh well thats going into the future. For those who have read, and are coming back and reading some more I say thank you. This day has been 2 years in the making(of which I have been paying absolutely no attention) and I hope that I keep doing this for another 365 days at least, if not longer.

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