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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hey Folks, Sorry for the delay

The weather has been crazy, stuff in the midsouth has been running rampant and I owe you a few blogs, I just posted the trailer blog for guardians vol 2, At some point in time today I will do the trailer blog for Wonder Woman, and after that I will work on the reviews for both movies, I know I need to get on it it was just a lot of work the last few weeks and we have all been really drained.

I'm back now, and no I wasn't going to do a cop out and not finish the trailer blog(even though I have been gone over a month but hey E3 is coming, which of course will be blogged over on Wordpress just in case I want to curse a few times) and just leave it as a throwback post, which I don't have as many old unfinished posts as I used too. which is good. Anyway I need to do a few blogs about new games I am playing, Need to do the reviews for those, talk about books I'm reading (American Gods, the show is good the book is better so far), as well as maybe a few Season Finales of some of my current favorite TV shows.

Anyway as I have dropped one hopefully I have a few more in me before I fall into another slump, hope you've been well, thanks for stopping by, oh and hey Leave a comment here and there, take a poll, have some fun, I know I will.

Monday, January 23, 2012

12,550+ hits wow where have I been

I know usually I commemorate every 1000 hits to the ponderings but as is known to happen I got a little tied up, a little busy, a little bored with writing and I hadn't been paying attention. So as I look through my published posts I noticed that hey the last one I recognized was the CLIMB up to 8,000, now I don't know about you but I remember the first few months and years if I got a hit or two a week I was happy. So to go from September having just under 8,000 to here in January(yes near the end but still impressive) have over 12,000 thats a little over 1,000 hits a month. Now to be fair a lot of these hits have come when I really wasn't creating any content people have pretty much been reading a lot of my old offerings, which is fine. I mean the fact that you see something I wrote in the last 3 months and decide, "hmmm I want to see what he was talking about 6 months ago, or what else has he tagged with this label" I personally find that awesome. I mean I do this as a hobby, for fun just to get random

Sunday, June 5, 2011

MAY be I will

Wow looks like May was the second most productive month to date here on the ponderings, 50 posts wow I wasn't really keeping count I like it though. Its X day, whether with my brothers or solo I'm going to see X-men:First Class today. Now being a comic book movie of course X-men has a built in fan base AND the highest knowledgeable critic base possible. You want to know why The Last Airbender was panned so quickly, EVERYBODY knew how the story was supposed to go save M. Night Shamalan.

Now sometimes you can get a MINI pass if you can touch a part of a comics/Cartoons fan base that has seen an older or DIFFERENT version of the story before(yes I'm talking about Schumacher's Batman Forever), but even that will only get you so much rope(thus Batman & Robin being so hated). I understand its Hollywood, and that Hollywood Conventional Wisdom is different than everyone elses but hey Dragonball Evolution don't you think if you take a property with a 20+ year American fan base that you should at least WATCH THE SHOW. I mean I know there is no idea like a well worn proven idea(*cough* Transformers we think we have sucked the life out of every animation style and possible story reboot possible*cough*) mmmm scuse me ah ah ah (*achoo GI we don't know how its possible but we took a cartoon about a high tech military special forces group and made the new cartoons suck oo* *sniff*), wow excuse me my allergies must be acting up.

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