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Trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After the total fail of Friday nights movie going attempt I used my fandango app to go ahead and buy us 3 tickets to see DC's latest offering, and hilariously enough somehow DC got TWO Marvel Previews before their movie. Now I am slightly upset that I still haven't seen any teasers for Doctor Strange but I guess I'll just have to wait til the heart of Summer movie season, I mean it comes out in November yall can't hold on to it much longer. Since we didn't go until Saturday night I will have to rush through the review on Monday(cause I have a jobby job). You got 5 trailers before Batman v Superman, Warner Bros got two in there, Marvel got two in there and then well let's stop stalling.

X-men: Apocalypse

20th Century Fox's SECOND Marvel movie this year, their first one is a smash hit(lol) and this one hopes to follow in it's footsteps. It is suspected that the first mutant was born thousands of years ago, and that people treated him as a God. He had 4 horseman that traveled with him everywhere, and he believed that ONLY the strong should survive. Charles Xavier now has a new class of mutants, that he has been training to help protect the world, but he was searching for man made or mutant threats not Godlike ones. Can Charles Xavier and his students possible defend the world from this awesome power as well as a few old friends, and possibly some new ones.
I'm kind of looking forward to this movie, they have gotten better with the story telling for the X-men movies, given the powers a little more respect BUT it's still always a threesome fetish. Initially it was always about what was going on between Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey then when there was no Jean or Scott they decided Magneto, Charles, and Raven would work too. Of course with Magneto and Charles heavy bromance(which is actually IN the comics, probably why it doesn't chap my hide as much) you get more of the rival dynamic than you did in the first 3 X-movies.

Also the more I watch these trailers I think many of us are misleading ourselves the last movie was Days of Future Past but THIS ONE isn't Age of Apocalypse, I think this is just their first run in with him. Which if so, while I still would have liked a bulkier Apocalypse I can accept it for what it is. I think Fox's movies suffer a little because since they are pretty much by themselves, every MAJOR VILLAIN has to be a first. Like they can't remind themselves "oh cap fought the red skull, way back," or "Whew Thor and those Dark elves boy. I hope we don't ever run into anything that crazy but let me train for it just in case." I still have to check the comics for when Psylocke(played by Olivia Munn) ever had a GIANT PSY KATANA, but hey her outfit is right. I applaud Miss Munn for putting her glutes up to this epic level of scrutiny.

Captain America:Civil War

This one seems like a low blow, I mean seriously Marvel? Not only is it the Civil War trailer, but the Spidey Civil War trailer. I swear this feels like rubbing it in, almost as if somebody is saying, "Hey just in case this movie doesn't meet you expectations don't worry, Disney Marvel got your back with this giant warm and comfy hug right here."  Something stinks in Avengers Mansion(shut up, I know it's a headquarters. Give me my comics reference) Tony and Steve seem to be at odds on how the team should be governed going forward. There have been steadily growing body counts, Super Powered people popping up all over the place, and a certain bionic ex War hero turned assassin to discuss.

Throw into the mix FORMER General turned Secretary of State Thaddeus (Thunderbolt) Ross, no friend to super powered people(especially if they are radiation powered, strong, with unkempt clothing), who decides that HE needs to reign our heroes in. I almost want to grab that Syndrome scene from "The Incredibles" where he captures the family in Zero Point energy, cause this is just too good. By bringing in Thaddeus Ross we might be getting a nod to soo many things going forward. I mean Ross and Banner eventually meeting up AGAIN, possibly Hulk Buster gear(which is of course provided by STARK, and after age of Ultron ahem), or even a Crimson.... okay getting ahead of ourselves but at least it further connects the MCU to the Incredible Hulk movie. Now if somehow DB Sweeney could make an appearance... I want to use an old wrestling term but I know Infinity War is coming up so I don't want to say Grand Daddy of them all, cause a bunch of Grand Daddy's are about to pop off. Governments around the world want our Superheroes to have to answer to somebody, it also seems like in some cold remote venue they are holding a certain frosty warrior and his old Spangly buddy wants him freed. Problem is, what side is the Winter Soldier on and how much of Buchannan Barnes is still in there vs whatever programming Hydra has been filling his head with.

We saw in the winter soldier just how often Bucky got mind wiped and sent off on an assassination. We also know that at some point in time the two soldiers face the Scientist and have an all out war. Add in the Black Panther, who thanks to some kind of attack on the UN now wants to have a few words with Mr. Barnes, And we also have Scott Lang around to help Falcon and Cap. Didn't Joss Whedon complain about an embarrassment of riches? Then you just throw Spider-man in there, all cool, and flipping, and stealing caps shield, like this is not how you get released from purgatory is it? I mean you were the largest character, the one everybody really wanted Marvel to get back and you just bust on the scene like a 90's Wutang song. Okay let me table this til another blog, probably on Wordpress so I can curse lol.

The Lego Batman Movie

Now this trailer right here, not only was it unexpected but they are also probably the only ones who EVER brought up Batman forever or Batman & Robin like it was a good thing. Like bruh, I thought WB wanted us to burn those travesties from memory, but nope there they are front and center. In what is obviously meant to be a tongue in cheek send off of one of comicdom's most iconic heroes(you think I'm playing watch this teaser here) Lego Batman shows our blocky hero saving the city, running around with the Justice League and enjoying some Lobster Thermador. It also seems that the caped crusader likes the song Black and yellow, no clue why(yeah yeah I know he's wearing a send off of Keaton's costume, I actually get it).

So after Lego's last movie I guess they want to have fun with an animated version of Batman. If you liked the other Lego movies you will probably love this one. It will probably be a great time for all, no I can't tell you anything else about it. I showed you both trailers that I found, do you see any plot involved besides that being Lego Batman is awesome sauce? Come on, I'll wait? I ain think so. So Lego Batman movie, coming out sometime next year, be there losers. Okay he didn't actually say the losers part but he is playing enough of a douche at least in this trailer for it to be believable that he would.

Central Intelligence

To hell with tongue in cheek, these guys are going full on Deadpool. Sometimes it takes a little Hart and a Big Johnson, really? Like just slap folks in the face with it and get all the Rock inspired fan money. I personally think Kevin Hart is hilarious(yes he grew on me) and The Rock getting a chance to ham it up is always fun(hell I'm surprised we didn't get the gratuitous pec shot). Okay that isn't actually the trailer I saw in the theaters, but it does have the little hart big johnson joke.

Basically former Shower singing fat kid(yup burned into my memory again), searches out and finds the former most popular kid in school(which since he hasn't grown since grade school Kevin Hart didn't need any CGI for) to help him save the world. I'm probably going to see this just because I know it's going to be stupid. Seriously, the Rock is standing there in a Rainbow Unicorn shirt you know they are going overboard for no reason. Plus if you have seen any of the viral advertisement for this movie you know that the Rock and Kevin Hart have this crazy chemistry thing going. It's like they are the actual odd couple. So yeah yeah, I'll be buying a ticket and probably in tears halfway through.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Welcome back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, not that we can expect to see Ron, or Harry, Or Hermione(though somehow a Longbottom may be involved if the EPIC FAILURE of why we are here is any indication). Somebody walked into New York with a suitcase full of magical creatures, and SOMEHOW some of them escaped(see what I mean about a Longbottom possibly being involved tell me this doesn't scream YOUNG Neville) leaving a HUGE mess for the Ministry of Magic. Now I really can't tell what year this is supposed to be as far as when it happens in Harry Potter history(I have yet to read the book, guess I need to go find it) but it looks like it is going to be a wild ride. Wizards in New York city, oh my. But come this November expect a lot of Wand Waving, Memory Charms, and hijinx and I really can't wait.

Okay so these are the 5 trailers I got for Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, the stretch til the end(or damn near end of the year. At least til the end of Daylight savings time) looks like it is going to be a blast, and 2017 looks like it might be fun too. I will work on the Movie review later tonight into tomorrow. Won't be EXACTLY two days but it will be close.

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